Bernie's Campaign Manager Calls Out Corporate Media Bias On CNN

Bernie's Campaign Manager Calls Out Corporate Media Bias On CNN

Bernie's campaign manager facha kir absolutely positively ran circles around CNN host brian Stelter they're discussing corporate media in the many ways they fall short doing their jobs this is really a glorious clip tensions between the Sanders camp and MSNBC have been especially high you might think those would be natural allies so let's find out more about these media biased complaints joining me joining me now is the campaign manager for Sanders 20/20 faster Kier great to see you oh you're in Detroit you're getting ready for the debate we're two days away do you have expectations for this debate versus NBC's debates were there problems with NBC other than those technical glitches for example Brian I'm gonna make a radical comment this isn't a criticism of CNN it's really a criticism of the media environment but I believe these debates tend to make the American people stupider they're performative theater and we don't end up having the conversations that people affect people's lives so I don't have super high expectations I think we're gonna try to go through it and answer the questions that respond to Donald Trump's tweets and all those kinds of things but at the end of the day this is and I think how you win a campaign how do you win a campaign then because y'all been complaining a lot about the media coverage don't you need journalists to be out there on the trail with Sanders covering the campaign you probably you know this well that Bernie Sanders talks to journalists all the time he talked to Rachel Maddow talks to George Stephanopoulos was meeting with a number of media outlets even this week on Jimmy Kimmel and others getting the message out but ultimately at the end of the day we know and we understand where a campaign that's built out of taking on power taking on established power arguing against the corruption of the political system the economic system and in many cases the media system and so in order to get that particular message out you got to go directly to voters and that's why you hear us trying to build these media channels talking directly to people and Senators have been doing that for decades you know going back to his days in Burlington with publics at public access TV the difference now is he can reach a lot more people on YouTube what is the the heart of the critique about what Sanders calls the corporate media what do you want people like me to do differently well Brian this isn't a personal commentary on you or any other journalist there's many wonderful talented journalists out there but in about you know minute or so or two minutes or so you're gonna cut to commercial breaks and you're gonna see some pharmaceutical ads you're gonna see a lot of ads that are that are basically paying your bills and the bills of of this the entire media enterprise and what that ends up doing is incentivizing you and others to make sure that you're asking the questions and driving the conversations in certain areas and not in certain areas right now you know what evidence do you have of that I don't actually know what ads run during the breaks I actually don't see the commercials I don't know what runs hey and I know I've reached out to Phil Griffin the head of MSNBC and I'm happy to talk to Jeff Zucker and others it isn't about you Brian but about how these media structures are set and operated and the biases that I believe are embedded within them it's worthy right hovering and what aren't so what do you think if you're not being covered that needs to be covered more what are those topic areas well I mean one one classic area of course is you know we're going across the board right now to talk about prescription drugs do you know why you pay so much more ten times more in America on prescription drugs than any other country does anyone know that or understand what do you know what the Trump administration is doing about that do you even know who the head of the Health and Human Services Secretary is do you know his background that he worked in the pharmaceutical industry I mean these like I think Donald Trump turns out these tweets and attempts to distract all of us and there isn't a basic conversation around the fact that he's betraying the working class by having selected a group a group of people to run his government who come from industry who benefit industry and that story is not told and why is that from the president you know all that from reporting no that's not how I know it I've done my own research and we've done our own research to know everything stories every segments yeah and I would argue too and you know this well Brian the TV is a certain medium that has an influential power and I and I'm making it more of a critique here of what media TV media decides to cover and it tends to be a game it tends to be a gotcha we're I appreciate that Donald Trump's tweets are important and we'll have a conversation about that but it also belies a converse that he doesn't want to have and and I think that that's what I think I you know me Bernie Sanders a lot of us feel yeah it gets obfuscated is that the things any worse Americans lives right many viewers agree with you did you have any objects the sensationalism it's a problem you know the question is whether it's I think effective for you all to call it out maybe it is Trump has won support in this band by attacking the media maybe that's what you think will work its way yeah I mean so we're not playing a game here alright it is it is truly based out of conviction and sincerity that we do see biases operating against the campaign but also against the issues we care deeply about you rarely see pundits on TV talking about the value of Medicare for all you see a lot of people criticizing Medicare for all you don't see the people talking about the value of canceling all student debt you see people criticizing it and why is that right just ask yourself it's you're taking on corporate power you're taking on the established you know establishment across the board and all we're arguing for is can we have a fair shake I am very very happy that foz is Bernie's campaign manager cuz I think he knows what he's doing I think as hard as in the right place and I think he's incredibly intelligent so let me jump in on this conversation a little bit here brian Stelter i don't want to say he's playing dumb on purpose but man some of those questions were so dumb just acting like he's never heard these criticisms before acting like okay so let me respond to brian Stelter first of all the issue is where they put the focus so in corporate media are you gonna get the front and center stories that you know you would find on this show for example we just covered the story about how bernie sanders highlighted the heartbreaking story of Amy vilela and chillin Amy's daughter chillin died because we don't have Medicare for all she was rejected from the emergency room because she didn't have insurance but she had a blood clot she ended up dying you know that's a story that we hear put front center and basically the whole idea is if people watch you there's a level of trust that you're filtering everything properly and that you're painting an accurate accurate picture of reality where you say hey here are the things that we care about now if you come to this channel you know what I really care about what happened Amy vilela and her daughter shall in that to me is a giant scandal giant scandal the thirty to forty five thousand Americans dying every year because they don't have access to basic health care is a giant scandal the deregulation and tax cuts for the rich inevitably leading to another economic crash is a giant scandal half of Americans making thirty thousand dollars a year or less is a giant scandal eighty percent of Americans living paycheck to paycheck is a giant scandal and I could go on and on the you know fact that we're bombing eight different countries and we're waging a shadow war in Africa um the fact that we're still in Iraq and we're still in Afghanistan and they literally are endless wars and we're trying to do regime change in Venezuela and Iran and John Bolton still in the government I'm giving you guys what I think our giant scandals and basically my criteria is how are people being impacted who's feeling the hurt who's you know where is their injustice happening let's talk about that that's where the focus is now you watch CNN where do they put the focus are they putting it on Amy vilela and her daughter shall in are they screaming that from the rooftops are they talking about how there's a war on the middle class that's consistent are they talking about homelessness with the kind of moral clarity that's necessary are they talking about the Wars no no you know what they do it's all about sensationalism and it's all about the horse race aspect of politics TV this person tweeter ders and then Trump tweeted now it's fine to talk about all that stuff I'm not against talking about alasa if I do it too but you should be clear as to what are the real scandals and where the focus should be in politics and what we need to fix and they don't do that not in any serious way so that's the problem Brian is that often times from new media outlets like this one where I make dick jokes and fart jokes and and laugh and joke around I'm still somehow more serious than you because I focus on real stories and put the onus on the real stories um the other point is CNN MSNBC and many traditional corporate media outlets they serve as gatekeepers they serve as they keep the Overton Window which is the spectrum of thoughts that are thinkable the spectrum of thoughts that are allowed they keep that spectrum significantly further to the right than it should be so in other words the furthest left you can go in mainstream media is you know center left center left you can be in favor of not hating minorities don't hate gay people don't hate black people but can you really be in favor of overhauling our financial system can you really be in favor of kicking the mafia middlemen in the for-profit health insurance companies to the corner no those voices are so more rare on those airwaves like the basically the only Bernie supporter that any of them have on is Nina Turner like that's it CNN has her on and then that's it like there's very few real Bernie supporters and Social Democrats who are represented and it gives a misleading picture because they try to make you think well the furthest left you could go is like Joe Biden or pee Buddha judge or Camille Harris and that is just they act they treat Bernie like he's a madman and when in reality according to the polls he's representing the will of the people way more so that's the other function of corporate media is to limit the Overton Window and serve as gatekeepers hey you can't legal you go this far left but no further you can't really question the fundamental fundamental underpinnings of the society you can't do that and the other point is Brian there's a reason why you were hired it's so it's not like Brian's interpreting this like foz is saying it's more conspiratorial than it really is like fossa knows Brian the people don't come up to you and say like you're not allowed to talk about XY and Z but the reality is you were hired because they thought more or less you're safe so you probably aren't gonna discuss XY and Z because you're not as interested in XY and Z because it just doesn't cross your radar as much and it's not a passion of yours you know um look at somebody like Wolf Blitzer there's a reason why he's on CNN 87 hours a day because he doesn't rock the boat he doesn't deviate too much from the status quo I always go back to that conversation that he was having a Wolf Blitzer was having with Rand Paul Rand Paul said hey we should probably stop arming Saudi Arabia they're committing a genocide in Yemen and wolf blitzer's response was well what about the jobs what about the profits of the defense contractors see that's why he was hired because you're only you're only gonna go so far in your criticism and you're not gonna rock the boat too much you're gonna more or less side with the establishment and not really overturn the applecart that's why they're hired that's why it's Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper and brian Stelter and Wolf Blitzer it's that they know you're relatively safe they know you're not Kyle kolinsky and then the final point is this when you talk about mainstream media there are various biases okay the three main ones I think our first and foremost sensationalism bias because they want people to watch so when you do a sensationalism bias they will take you know celebrity stories gossip stories Kim Kardashian shit Kanye West stuff the ASAP rocky thing with Trump and like they will talk about that way more than they should and care about that way more than they should because they think oh this is gonna get us better ratings that's the sensationalism bias really unimportant stuff that's put front and center because they think it'll get them eyeballs another kind of bias they have is the establishment bias the establishment bias is furthest right you could go is standard Republican politicians that's Fox News the propaganda armor the Republican Party for this left you could go is the Democratic Party that's MSNBC propaganda for the Democratic Party not pushing for leftism or social democracy no pushing for the Democratic Party and their philosophy of neoliberal centrism so that's the establishment bias they don't they color within the lines by and large and then the final one is the neutrality bias which is especially on CNN less so on MSNBC because there's just the Democratic Party's propaganda arm but on CNN on CBS ABC the nightly news what they have is a neutrality bias where they do their best to try to call everything 50/50 now they don't always do it sometimes they say hey Republicans are wrong and Democrats are right about this but they really do bend over backwards to try to act like the truth is 5050 between the two parties and we're gonna give you both sides of this hey you know Bernie says Medicare for all is good but all the Republicans say it's a it's an evil government takeover of health care that will create a death panel and kill your grandma so they try they they don't care about objectivity they care more about neutrality and neutrality is not the same thing as objectivity it's not a 50/50 proposition as to whether giving birth is because women give birth or the stork brings a baby you can't say Oh some people say there's some people say this that's ridiculous we know that there's an answer on that we know evolution versus creationism it's not a debate creationism is not true evolution is true so it's not 50/50 but oftentimes they'll present it as such they'll have a debate on CNN about climate change let's have Marcia Blackburn versus a climate scientists and see how that goes Marshall Blackburn's a Republican congresswoman it doesn't no Dickie mcgee-zax and takes money from fossil fuel industries so that's the other bias establishment by sensationalism buys neutrality bias and foz did a great job there brian Stelter seems like he's playing dumb on purpose which is kind of sad to see but yes there is a massive difference between a right-wing criticism of media and a left-wing criticism of media mainstream media Trump's criticism of the fake news media can basically be summed up like this you guys aren't doing enough propaganda for me and you dare to criticize me ever about anything I don't like that that's Trump's criticism of the media summed up that's what it is the left-wing criticism of the media is hey man you guys are not focused on the real important issues that you should be focused on and you guys aren't even hearing out in any serious way a social democratic position which represents the overwhelming majority the American people and you're not holding the powerful accountable that's the left-wing criticism now there's obviously a substantive difference there but if you notice that the end Bryce elder tried to conflate the two Oh a bash in the media work for Trump so maybe they'll work for you guys as if the criticisms are the same they're not remotely the same you guys know that but a lot of people are playing dumb and pretending not to know that


39 thoughts on “Bernie's Campaign Manager Calls Out Corporate Media Bias On CNN”

  • If Brian Selzter was the type of guy to promote medicare for all, he wouldn't have a job at CNN. I learned that from a jaggoff comedian. So it's not like rocket science or anything.

  • Williamson reads. Williamson agrees that the one with the most biased against is actually right about his campaign main policy.

  • This was the most substantial video I saw all week along with your other great videos. Thank you Kyle. I love what you do brother and I am so grateful for the valuable information you provide to us misinformed Americans.

  • North American Ape says:

    It's all about trump , russia, trump , trump, trump. They constantly misinform and push half baked stories and NEVER PUT ANYTHING IN CONTEXT. They will never tell you why we're in syria, why we're in somalia, why we're still bombing 8 different countries. They only focus on the symptoms and never promote people to have solution based thinking. Just focus on the symptom constantly. Trump , trump, trump.

  • The dude is running circles around Brian, and the sad thing is you can tell Brian ACTUALLY THINKS his smug and condescending questions mean he is in the right.

  • Dear Kyle, thank you for doing silly voices in your videos. I need a laugh after watching that debate. It felt like I was watching Fox News…

  • North American Ape says:

    I swear Brian stelter makes me laugh because he always tries to feign ignorance as if he has absolutely no clue how shit works. As if he's some intern that has these high expectations of coprorate news but hasn't caught on to the game yet. I also go between that and the other case of him just bullshitting but idk. I can't tell if he's just one of those hosts that really believe that everything is all good in the hood and " we don't care about profit and ratings. " we do good reporting here".

  • Just because people are feeling the hurt doesn’t always mean they are in the right. It just hit me what’s been bothering me about this channel. I’m a left leaning independent. I see now that Kyle is just always going with whoever is “hurting” as the ones who are in the right. And that’s just not how the world works. It’s dangerously narrow minded on Kyle’s part.

  • Hey Kyle, would you be interested in talking more about your take on military foreign policy? Your quick recap seemed like an inaccurate lense of the world stage and I'm curious to hear more about your understanding of our strategic defense strategy as the wealthiest and one of the largest militaries in the world

  • Bernie: Then and Now says:

    "You criticize the news, yet you listen to the news…checkmate, leftist" – a very smart CNN "journalist."

  • C'mon Brian you KNOW that the health insurance industry & big pharma do advertise on your channel, c'mon now be real.

  • The Progresbyterian says:

    Technically, we progressives and Bernie Sanders are the true "center-left" if you look at international politics.

  • When he said the "oh yeah, criticizing the media. It worked for Trump." Line I just wanted to karate chop him in the throat.

  • Kyle, didn't you see the FEAR OF THE BERN in the eyes of that little shitgoblin? In fact, I think Bernie's fist glows around inhuman monsters! Aw shit, so Uncle Bern can't get any sleep, because he sleeps in the Dragon's Den…

  • Jay Rock Jinx says:

    If this asshole doesn’t know what commercials run on the network he’s on then he’s not much of a journalist is he.?

  • The media companies know that if we passed something like Medicare for all, they would lose BILLIONS of dollars in ad revenue from insurance and drug companies. They know that if we passed a Constitutional Amendment declaring that corporations aren't people, and that elections must be publicly funded, that they will lose Billions of dollars from political ads.

  • Canadian sellout like Jake!They for sure know about universal medical care that gave them birth in Canada.Understand nobody is charged a cent.Sanders knows better.Maga is a Hoax$

  • Jan-Willem van Dijk says:

    To be fair to Wolf on that defense contractor question, it was a journalistic trick to force Paul's hand to say: screw the defense contractors, we will not sell to Saudis. Not sure if that happened or not.

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