Bernie Sanders’s Fox News town hall, annotated

Bernie Sanders’s Fox News town hall, annotated

-You ask me fair questions,
I will give you fair answers. -Thank you, sir.
-That’s a deal. -And, you know, not everybody
thought that I should come on this show. -We appreciate it.
-Alright. -Will you pay your fair share? -How can you challenge the idea
that socialism is bad? -Why do you believe
that the government can provide better healthcare
than the private sector? -How would you bring
back jobs in industry? -Now, you raised the issue
I am a millionaire. Well, actually, this year,
we had $560,000 income. That’s a lot of money. And that money in my case,
my wife’s case, it came from a book
that I wrote. Pretty good book.
You might want to read it. So if anyone thinks that
I should apologize for writing a best-selling book,
I’m sorry. I’m not gonna do it. I guess on Fox News, you said that I benefited
from Trump’s tax bill. Did you tell people that I voted
against Trump’s tax bill? -Sure, but you
did benefit from it. -But I voted against it. But whether it’s me or you
or anybody else, I think wealthy people
and large corporations that are making billions
of profits should start paying
their fair share of taxes. Why don’t you get Donald Trump
up here and ask him
how much he pays in taxes. -I will.
-You will? Good. I guess the President watches
your network a little bit, right? Hey, President Trump, my wife
and I just released 10 years. Please do the same. Let the American people
know how much… Whether you’re a conservative
or moderate or progressive, I don’t think
the American people are proud that we have a president
who is a pathological liar. If we spend all of our time
attacking Trump, you know what? Democrats are gonna lose. Alright. Our job — our job is to lay out
a vision that makes sense to the working
families of this country. And that’s kind of what
I’m trying to do. I believe that healthcare is
a human right, not a privilege. -A show of hands of how
many people get their insurance from work,
private insurance right now. How many get it
from private insurance? Okay. Now, of those, how many
are willing to transition to what the senator says
a government-run system? -We don’t need to
demonize immigrants. That we don’t need to do. What we need is comprehensive
immigration reform. That’s what
the American people want. -That is what
the American people want. -And if we had a president who believed in that,
we could actually do it. -You are looking to become
the first Jewish president. -Yeah. -You’re also a staunch supporter
of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. -I’ve talked to Ilhan
about twice in my life, so I support a Muslim
member of Congress not to be attacked
every single day in outrageous, racist remarks. -Sure. -I think that Ilhan has got
to do maybe a better job in speaking
to the Jewish community. If your question to me is,
do I think she is anti-Semitic, no, I don’t. It is not anti-Semitic
to be critical of a right-wing government
in Israel. We have a lot more in common
than most people think we do. Alright?
Poll after poll. Should we raise the minimum wage
to a living wage? Yes. Should we rebuild our
crumbling infrastructure? -Yes!
-Should we make sure that our veterans get the healthcare
that they have earned? -Yes!
-Alright. Should we make sure
that we do not cut Social Security
or Medicare or Medicaid? Should we give huge tax
breaks to billionaires? -No!
-You know, that’s how most people feel.


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  • So basically… If he makes money selling books he's entitled to keep the vast majority of that money,( well giving almost nothing to charity), but if anybody ELSE makes a lot of money with the labor of THEIR hands they are not allowed to keep the majority of that money…? WHAT A DAMN HYPOCRITE. The IRS will take any kind of contributions that he would be willing to send them if he really believed in what he was saying. Which he doesn't.
    Other than hot air and division, the man hasn't produced anything in his life….

  • Dino Falconbridge says:

    They should have run him instead of Hillary. As a Canadian its seems almost comical that America, which they consider themselves such a great country, is still debating whether they are going to look after their countrymens health. As time progresses Americas progress is so slow they are actually regressing. They promote hatred and worship death, until they turn that ship around it will only get worse there.

  • I applaud Fox News for hearing another side….. but i think they may have been regretting it when a majority of their audience were agreeing with Bernie and showing there conservative base that people on the "other side" are not the monsters they are made out to be

  • billl o'connel says:

    How can a man walk like that with such huge STONES. Way to go Bernie! Still undecided which Democrat I am voting for but I loved this showing by this man.

  • It's the sign of the government's crumbling morality when you have to stand up and spell out simple rights and wrongs. Bernie is a good man and I wish him luck.

  • Bernie would have helped put America back on that pedestal it was on. The US isnt perfect; no where is; but as an Aussie i genuinely think its constitution and bill of rights give it the best foundation to be the best republic one day.

  • Here in Canada, our socialized medicine is splitting at the seams! Older baby boomers are around 75 years of age right now and are requiring more health care services for sickness, new hips, knees etc. Hospital emergency waits are long, basic diagnostic procedures (MRI and colonoscopy) are months to year long waits and procedures such as hip and knee replacements are years long waiting times. This is just the tip of the iceberg. We pay about 42% (low ball) of our taxes on healthcare now, so I can't wait to see what happens in 10 and 20 years from now when the bulk of the baby boomer population reach the older ages. The healthcare system will collapse. Wake up to reality Bernie! Don't lead people on just because you either did not do your homework, or you decided to leave this little bit of information out of the utopian picture.

  • The Washington Post has done a tremendous job here painting the town hall as it was, focusing on Bernie's ideas instead of his age or other inconsequential details. Thank you.

  • All he had to do was volunteer and pay his 75% tax rate that he is running for and no body could say anything. But he obviously wants the money which he will spend and stimulate the economy more effectively than the government could ever redistribute.

  • Its a lot of money for you so you think , thats good for other people too.. What you think is write should be write for everyone

  • Um… if Bernie is now a millionaire, and STILL insists that millionaires and billionaires should pay their fair share, doesn't that make him an even stronger advocate for the issue? He is part of the group that he wants to put a dent into financially, and he's still willing to do just because he think it's the fair thing to do for the greater good.

  • If Bernie does win the nomination: Bernie/Buttigieg or Bernie/Warren. The former would be better for him since Buttigieg will command a lot of Biden and Beto supporters that just won't go for Bernie.

  • Saying that corporations don't pay their fair share of taxes is straight up naive. Corporate income, federal income, state income, local income, property tax, and payroll tax. That doesn't even include how much they spend in sales tax a year, or how much shareholders pay in capital gains tax. I mean, how much more do you really want a corporation to pay in taxes? You do understand that a corporation is a separate legal entity from its shareholders, right?

  • A lot of fine points were made here and I can agree with a lot of what he said but now I want to know how is he going to do it how will these things be implemented

  • christian gonzalez says:

    Lol theirs ppl that want the government to control our healthcare what a joke. That's how the government controls you and limits what you recieve.

  • THIS, is the type of "angry grandpa" we need in the W.H.!  Someone that's mature, wise, nurturing and fair.  Not this egotistical, racist, maniac who's in office now.  Mark my words, when 2020 comes around and these two go head to head in a debate, one will fire off facts and knolodge of the particular question asked and the other will make up a lie and start throwing out insults/name calling.  Guess which person does the one or the other…

  • Same as last time, Bernie's only opponent will be the ultra- wealthy/ultra-powerful 1%. Godspeed Bernie, Godspeed.

  • Disturbing Disaster says:

    Only a jew can get fox news to give him a voice honestly who knows he could steer the ship that is America from storm that is trump to clear and settle waters who knows good people should be respected and loved who knows what he might be I know trump has been relatively peaceful and less people died at his watch which I respect Obama however was a Disaster sweet to the ear but horrific foreign policy maker

  • Anything the government gets involved with is a disaster. See student loans, VA Healthcare, etc. The spending is out of control. We need less government.

  • Sploof Mcsterra says:

    'you benefitted from trump' s tax bill yes?'

    ' Yes but I voted against it'

    'but you benefitted from it?'

    Can this anchor not comprehend the idea that someone might not support something for greater good even if it benefits themselves?

  • I am from europe and although bernie is an old bloke, who has been sacked once and is a guy with a strange personality, i feel he would do good for the american people. I quite like the guy, he is straight forward and real, the first candidate in quite some time to give me that feeling. I didn’t like obama, i didn’t like bush, i didn’t like lots of former presidents, but i strongly respect and appreciate bernie. This guy got some balls, he talks the truth and for once it’s not about an ideology or the sensation of a black president (as ironic as that is, it should have happened a lot earlier. why even make this debate about skin color in the first place?!?!) he is just a man that loves his country, has some good ideas and wants to realize them. He is all that you as a nation could hope for right now so vote for him goddammit!!!

    Even the fact that he dominated the interview on this disgusting right wing propaganda programm, aka „fox news“ shows, that he is well liked all throughout the nation and that not even the clowns at fake news mediacenter can discredit him in any way, shape or form.

    I wish bernie all the best, the usa needs him right now. Maybe if he gets elected the us will be able to slowly restore the under trump lost faith with other nations and once again be respected internationally. Atm the us is a laughingstock in a crippling trade war with china, run by a corrupt government. Not to offend anyone, but living in mexico seems a lot more attractive than living in the us for a lot of people here in europe, as does it for me. Think about that for a second. The country which your current president spreads hate against is in favor with many nations compared to your country. They currently get all the trade deals that you could also benefit from. They receive support from other industrialized nations, audi, bmw, thyssen krupp and others expand markets and the us is down on everything, mercedes might even pull the plug on the wisconsin factory, boeing is going to loose billions on the 737 max, dhl might pull out of aircargo entirely in some places and ford sacks thounsands of people all over the world, meanwhile gm is the usual basketcase that it allways was, apple is struggeling to sell iphones, the list goes on.

    Things have to change for you guys and more guns, less immigrants and more hate won’t fix your problem. Believe a german for once, we might actually know what we‘re saying in this case…

  • He did a great job. No matter who gets nomination all Democrats must vote to end this daily assault on truth, objective fact and our Democracy. He must be stopped , indicted , tried and hopefully convicted for his many crimes. He is ruining the budget , destroying the environment, exacerbating tensions in Mideast, alienating allies, trampling Constitution, repeatedly tries to destroy ACA without any Plan , has created fewer jobs in his first 2 years than Obama did in his last 2 years, stock market is up 35 percent under Fat Donny at this point under B Hussein it was up 52 percent headed to a staggering 240 percent rise in his terms . O cut unemployment from GOP 10 percent to 4.5 percent. Let s see Chump beat that percentage improvement, no complaining no explaining no excuses beat B Hussein or shut your lying, coward, bank Trumping , pervert mouth .

  • Inside Barry's Mind says:

    A friend of mine said Bernie was talking about 60% taxes. If that is true, how would someone pay for the gas to get to work? Put a roof over their head? Clothes and food? It would be better for one to throw themselves out in traffic. Then they get to stay in a hospital their taxes paid for. Food, clothes and shelter all provided for.

  • Nice to see the world's richest man promote Bernie and his ideas in a neutral way. If Bezoz is happy to pay more in taxes then why can't others? Vote Bernie 2020


    As a Muslim I would have elected Bernie without hesitation and the first thing I would have asked him is if America stops the support of Israeli right wing terrorist and child killer govt, and to end illegal settlement of Israel in Palestine
    To bring Mohamed Bin Salman to justice for killing innocent people in Yemen and the killing of Kashogshi a poor journalist,
    To stop American support of Emirates and Saudis bombardment to Yemen.

    But here is America they want a liar, racist, fascist, cheater of his wife with a porn star,

  • I don’t like having a government but it is hard to deny that this person is the most qualified politician to be in any position of authority.

  • Bernie is a sensible politician with sound policies, who has been consistent in his message for 20+ years. That's why he'll obviously never get to become president of the USA. I'd love to be proven wrong though.

  • You guys cut out the bit where the moderators asked if he'd be willing to give more of his income to taxes……

  • Even though he is white and Jewish, Bernie Sanders once said "White people don't know life in a ghetto". Here are some excerpts from Wikipedia:

    The word "ghetto" comes from the Jewish area of Venice, the Venetian Ghetto in Cannaregio, traced to a special use of Venetian ghèto, or "foundry" (there was one near the site of that city's ghetto in 1516). By 1899 the term had been extended to crowded urban quarters of other minority groups.

    During World War II, ghettos were established by the Nazis to confine Jews and Romani people into tightly packed areas of the cities of Eastern Europe. The Nazis most often referred to these areas in documents and signage at their entrances as "Jewish quarter". These Nazi ghettos sometimes coincided with traditional Jewish ghettos and Jewish quarters, but not always. On June 21, 1943, Heinrich Himmler issued a decree ordering the dissolution of all ghettos in the East and their transformation into Nazi concentration camps.

  • Raising a minimum wage to a living wage doesnt make it better. Its called inflation and the prices of everything will continue to rise with minimum wage

  • Every Bernie Sanders follower better stop buying lottery tickets because hes just gonna tax all of your money and you will be left with a very very small percentage of what you were promised. But atleast you’ll have good health insurance. You will indubitably be poor and poverty stricken but atleast you’ll have insurance. ? that’s democratic socialism for you though.

  • This man is doing nothing but lying through his teeth. And these idiots just fall all over themselves believing him.

  • WP edited out a good number of questions, such as "Would Bernie send in more money to the government since he's a millionaire?" He scoffed at the idea. So…it's good for everyone else..just not him. This is why the WP is "fake news". Intentional omission of material facts and responses.

  • I see this channel cut out the part whether they asked Bernie why not lead by example and pay more in taxes instead of accepting the tax breaks and he dodged it and said to ask trump about his taxes

  • Bernie just throws everything out there but can't do any of it and shouldn't because it means bigger government and government is exactly the problem

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