Bernie Sanders suspends 2020 campaign

Bernie Sanders suspends 2020 campaign

we are now learning that Bernie Sanders has suspended his campaign for the presidency this is Justin he just held an all staff conference call on that Colie announce that he is suspending his campaign for the presidency and we’re also getting words at about 11:45 a.m. Eastern Time this morning about 20 minutes from now he is going to address supporters during a live stream Bernie Sanders calm is going to carry those remarks we’ll see if we can have them here but Bernie Sanders officially suspending his campaign and that just a yeah very interesting he’s only a few hundred delegates behind Joe Biden but look for both of them this entire campaign has obviously changed it seems for the president United States too he can’t go out there and do those big rallies we saw the president doing a he’s focused on his job be you can’t have large gatherings of people and so Bernie Sanders has been struggling to get some sort of ignition to keep this going number one and number two you’ve got some states that have delayed their primaries they’re trying to figure out what they’re gonna do with voting whether it’s going to be voting by mail and all of the rest so the entire campaign has been upended and Bernie Sanders had been under pressure from a lot of Democrats to maybe step aside here but it’s interesting that he’s not officially ending it as you say he’s suspending it maybe he’s gonna see where all this isn’t is in a month or so certainly and that was in a phone call with staffers he’s going to be addressing supporters here a few moments from now and and you just think about what that message is going to be when you saw the enthusiasm behind his campaign what he will tell those supporters and where he will throw his support ultimately yeah look as a socialist Democrat remember there was a point in this campaign where Bernie Sanders was surging there are the others in the so-called moderate lane who were struggling to get traction you were and I were both on the ground in Iowa and New Hampshire and you remember how Sanders were doing so well and remember how back then Joe Biden was almost an afterthought he couldn’t get anything going in either Iowa or New Hampshire and then slowly but surely others like Kamala Harris and other candidates were dropping out Joe Biden started coming back because of South Carolina and suddenly Sanders stalled and so that happened before the corona virus really picked up steam but the combination of Sanders stalling on his own Biden surging and then this coronavirus completely changing the nature of the entire presidential campaign Sandra I was gonna say you know you flash back to us being on the ground with our Fox News colleagues and all the journalists covering these campaigns in Iowa New Hampshire and other places and you could have never imagined that we would be where we are today here in the beginning of April in an election year and dominating the news is a pandemic that has taken over headlines across the globe doesn’t it feel like a year ago that we were in New Hampshire together Italy genuinely there’s only a couple of months ago and you’re right it’s everything has changed yeah a lot of pain and suffering and you think about how the economy really has dominated a lot of the messaging from the campaign’s obviously as well as coming from president Trump and and and and where that economy is today as a result of this pandemic and where the Dow is today as a result of this pandemic yeah and on that note we are expecting to hear from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo he should be speaking a few moments from now to give an update on on the epicenter the coronavirus law and remember when the rest of the field was cleared and all of a sudden there’s going to be a one-on-one debate between Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders it was on CNN and all of a sudden instead of being in Arizona they went to Washington they were in a studio alone essentially with the moderators six feet apart and all the rest no crowd everything in this campaign has changed let’s


100 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders suspends 2020 campaign”

  • Father Gabriel Stokes says:

    I'm definitely no Bernie supporter but if Bernie truly wants to win, he needs to run for President as a third party candidate.

  • I came to hear what the idiot and Deplorables Trumptards are saying. Like they really care about Bernie. I was reading a Yahoo article on Sanders and Trump's supporters were dragging and hitting Bernie hard with negatives and nasty comments too. So stop being a bunch of hypocrites. And for those here pretending to be Bernie supporters saying you will vote for Trump? You were never loyal, an Idiot or another Troll Trump spy in Sanders camp. We know the tricks. Biden 2020!

  • sold out in 2016. sold out again. And you Bernie supporter's was gonna try to put a sell out in the oval office. That says a lot about the socialist mind set. An Anomaly Of Irony

  • Maquina Muerte says:

    Haha, now it's in the hands of Biden, and Biden will lose anyways, so Trump gets the potus chair for 2021-2024 aaaaaand Trump also gets the corona crisis hassle for the upcoming years, perfect, well deserved punishment for mister fake sun impersonator…

  • Wait; what do you mean 'epicenter of the corona virus? Have you never understood the realities of this universe we inhabit? New York is the center around which the entirety of the known multiverse revolves.
    Geeez, the things people don't know.

  • A SuperHero Kinda Guy says:

    Good . This man wanted to keep the boarders open during this pandemic when trump closed them ! 🤦🏽

  • I came to the conclusion awhile ago. BERNIE DID NOT RUN TO WIN. He ran to get campaign money and to sell books. He got his wife money being a media buyer and other family members rich in various ways. He is part of the swamp as well. He had a sure thing because he knows America can never be socialist!

  • Nacho Squeeze says:

    I just don’t get Democrats. You’ve been crying about Trump winning and talking impeachment since the night he won. For 4 years they blamed Russia, Ukraine, aliens and zombies for throwing the election and did everything to overthrow Trump. Then you get the chance to actually defeat him, you nominate Joe Biden. Dems are like a dog chasing its tail

  • If Socialists like Sanders are going to push for things like Medicare for all then they should have to have it too. For them it's about power not really helping people. If these agendas are going to be forced on us then congress should have to have it too.

  • I guess it's us "deplorables" who are "feeling the Bern!"

    Sanders and his Bernie Bros all Berned out! Cash and Bern!
    Berned to the ground!

  • Bluehealer100 says:

    I thought his little cocksucker socialist said they would burn down the cities if he didnt get the nomination, PUSSIES!!!!!

  • Bernie was the angriest looking MF I have ever seen. Always looks pissed off.
    And likes to shake his finger.
    Stick that finger……

  • glen scheulen says:

    Bye bye Bernie all of Bernie's assets should be confiscated and the money sent to all the healthcare workers

  • Rishav Sarkar says:

    Ironic….when Fox news is more factual n less propagandandist than CNN. Just shows how scared Wall Street is of the common people.

  • Joe will never make it to the General election. This is all baked in the cake. His VP will end up having to replace him when he steps down. Now who do you think his VP will be? Can you say Hillary?

  • The damage has been done by Bernie. He may not live long enough to become President, but he polluted enough idiots' minds with Socialism that his legacy of hypocrisy and "money for me, but not for thee" will continue on through young candidates such as AOC and the rest of the Fraud Squad.

  • I know I'm an asshole, but says:

    I feel bad for people with dementia. I'm going to feel bad watching Biden get run over in the debates. Its going to be like watching a 3 year old get hit by a semi…

  • "well I tricked you dumb lefties into getting interested in the democratic party yet again, so I am proud to announce I endorse the obvious pedophile over there! Despite being in politics longer than you've been alive I am totally anti-establishment and on your side! Vote for him because something something nazis! (no refunds brb buying another lake house)" – Bernie Sanders 2016, 2020

  • BIDEN: "I'm Joe Biden and I can't remember this message."

    Campaign manager (Whispering): "Pssssst……It's I approve this message."

    Biden: "Who the hell are you?!!"

  • Ball Zundapresha says:

    "I suspended my campaign because I'm a Loser. You know it, I know it and the American people know it"
    – Bernie Sanders

  • America is truly going to hell.
    All great empires fall. I knew America was going to fall eventually but not in my time. I guess I was wrong.
    In the next few years, we will witness a new superpower which will be CHINA.

  • When you do a search on Bernie Sanders quits…. Fox news isn't even listed… only the leftist fake news channels. Youtube is a joke.

  • 1.restnrelax.1 says:

    I could never trust someone who identified as a Socialist when he could have identified as something else all these years. And I disagreed with a lot of the techniques Bernie endorsed as policy and had doubts he could successfully implement his proposals in any sustainable way that would actually accomplish their intended purpose of improving the American quality of life. And I can absolutely never reconcile with the identity politics, climate alarmism, and Globalist open borders policies the DNC got Bernie to endorse. But his supporters were legitimate, real people who were most certainly valid in their concerns about the economy and that the lives of common Americans had become too difficult and something had to be done to make American lives easier and better. And I can agree with them in the superiority of a bottom-up approach, as a rising tide floats all boats after all. So Bernie's supporters have my sympathies. We both want the lives of common Americans to be made easier, so we don't necessarily have to be antagonistic.

  • Bernie: I could have been president if it weren’t for you meddling kids and that talking dog!
    Biden: I like dogs

  • Sanders: "America…Its with a heavy heart today that I will be suspending my campaign….."

    Biden: "My tummy is sad when I run out of chocolate pudding"

  • Joe Smithville says:

    I thought he would make a good show at the debate. Binden and Trump debate it’s going to be like watching a high school football team get crushed buy the pro bowlers

  • Brant Phillips says:

    And with this, the dems just sealed their fate. Biden can’t even finish sentences, so what makes you think he’ll beat Trump on a debate stage? Trump will eat him alive

  • Bernie never wanted the win, he takes a chunk of the campaign funds and leaves to buy himself another house and luxury German sedan. Vote Trump, Biden has dementia.

  • stepping lightly says:

    Thank you, you old coot, you fossil for stepping back into irrelevancy. For showing your Millennial supporters that your money really does matter, to you!

  • Charles Pierce says:

    Bernie’s Socialism simple the Wrong Message. He is fried. Total waste of time and money. At least he tried to push his Message. Got to give an A for trying though. He is History. DNC never wanted Him.

  • I'm neither Democrat or Republican both sides are sellouts the difference in the two is that no matter who the Republican nominee is even if they disagree with him the Republicans will stand by their candidate no matter what and not waver they even may not like him but in public they stick together private conversations maybe different but the Democrats won't fight tooth and nail hell or high water for their peers the only way the Democrats win is that Republicans have do something horrible to lose it now Democrats will give away an election but they won't fight to win it Biden is likely to beat donnie in November not because he will fight to win it but because donnie will fight to lose it

  • I would sing "Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead", but the stink of his Communism remains. Do not think the war is over, people – he convinced millions of young people that communism is a Good Thing, and we need to resist this idea in a proactive manner. Let the children know they've been hoodwinked and used by a pathetic old man who did not understand he was being used; this despite all the evidence and millions of deaths. He does not understand reality. Make the old Commie retire to his dacha on the lake and keep him there.

  • If Bernie Sanders quit his supporters go to Trump, if Biden quits his supporters go to Trump. No true Democrat votes for Sanders and No Socialist votes for Biden because they are just bitter people for the most part..

  • The people of Vermont who keep voting this putz into office need to get their heads examined. All he wants is a socialist country like Venezuela and Cuba and the gov't running your whole life.

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