Bernie Sanders Stands Up To Establishment Media

Bernie Sanders Stands Up To Establishment Media

>>Bernie Sanders had a sit down interview
with John Harwood at CNBC. And they talked about a number of things,
including the label of Democratic socialism, which some people love to fear monger about. Let’s take a look at what that exchange looked
like.>>So you identify as a Democratic socialist,
you got the endorsement of Representative Ocasio Cortez over the weekend, another prominent
Democratic socialist. How far do you think you can take the United
States of America toward Democratic socialism?>>Well, depends what we mean by Democratic
socialism. They said Bernie Sanders is an existential
threat to the Democratic party, I agree with them, I am. I wanna convert the Democratic party, to break
its dependency on big money and corporate interests, like third way. And make it into a party of working class
people, of young people, of all people who believe in justice.>>One of the big things the President has
is the appointment power apart from legislation you can get done. Would it be your intention to appoint Democratic
socialists to big positions in your administration?>>Well, you’re going a little bit a little
bit too crazy on the word you. I will appoint people who believe in the working
class and the working families of this country. Who are prepared to stand up to the incredibly
powerful corporate interests that today dominate our economic and political life.>>So, look, I think that no one cares to
look into actual policy, which drives me crazy. And if you look at Bernie Sanders’ policies
for the vast majority of things that he’s proposed. With maybe the exception of Medicare for all,
they’re things that Americans had before. Free public college is something that Americans
used to have until tax cuts for the wealthy took priority over creating opportunity and
providing education for the American people, right. So if you really look at his policies, Bernie
Sanders is more of a social Democrat than a Democratic socialist. Or at least his policies and the Scandinavian
model that he’s pushing for is a social Democratic model. So I think that’s important to mention. One other thing just for context. Remember, CNBC is the same news organization
that put out a story about how millennials are saving too much money and that’s hurting
the economy. And then they put out stories about how millennials
aren’t able to afford homes because they’re spending too much money. It’s just the type of news organization
that puts out all sorts of problematic, pro capitalism nonsense. That, of course, they’re gonna fear monger
about someone like Bernie Sanders.>>So, now, the big story that came out of
that interview is, of course, all wrong. I’ll tell you what I think the big story is. But the story is that Sanders says you’re
going crazy with that word and the person who wrote it says, there was only two questions. Well, you saw it on the tape, he said it four
times, and he’s a democratic socialism, democratic socialist, democratic socialist. Now, why’s he doing that? He’s doing that on purpose, one question about
it, I get it, it’s an issue in the race and you can’t be overly sensitive about that. In fact, I would welcome that question and
not answer it super aggressively. And I would argue that Bernie in a lot of
ways answered it super aggressively, I think that’s the real story that I’m gonna get back
to in a second. But by the time that you’ve mentioned it the
fourth time it appears you have an agenda. And the agenda is not to interview the guy,
but to tell your audience remember this guy Democratic socialist. Hey, all the corporate people watching CNBC
and all the older people who don’t like Democratic socialism, democratic socialist over here,
right. So keep it real, keep it real. And so in terms of the wordplay, it drives
me nuts none of these labels mean a goddamn thing.>>Right.>>And I know people on the left also think
that the labels mean a lot and are you a socialist or Democratic blah, blah, blah whatever. No, look, I call myself a capitalist, does
it mean anything? It doesn’t mean a goddamn thing, I agree almost
completely with Bernie Sanders’ proposals. So because what’s socialism, Pete Buttigieg
says, I just want people to have choices in healthcare because I’m a capitalist. Okay.>>Yeah.>>You could fill in, as one of our viewers
pointed out the other day, I just want people to have choices in the fire departments and
that’s why I’m a capitalist. Wait no, choices in fire departments, choices
in cops, choices in military is not thing, it doesn’t make sense. It’s the same in healthcare so it’s all a
matter of what we keep public and what we make private. Sneakers should be done by private companies,
but things like utilities should be public. So if you say that a utility should be public,
you’re not a socialist, right, it doesn’t matter if you call yourself a socialist or
a capitalist. The only thing that matters is what’s public
and what’s private. And you can judge that in the policies, but
we don’t have conversations like that. Instead we have these nonsense horse race
type of conversations with like, what do you call yourself? Yeah, nobody, your socialist can’t win, Democratic
socialist can’t win. Well, did you ask about any of the substance. To be fair, it’s a longer interview and there
were substantive questions, but the focus on that, the overfocus on that is maddening.>>It is maddening. And, look, the thing that also is maddening
is, of course, there’s gonna be all sorts of fear mongering about socialism, the word
Marxist has this negative connotation. But in reality socialism is a framework, it’s
all in how it’s carried out, right. And so no one is arguing that the government
is gonna own the means of production. Even in a case where you have everything made
public, right, there are ways to carry out socialism where the means of production are
actually owned by the workers, right.>>So-
>>Yeah, go ahead.>>Flip it, guys, flip it, right, so if I’m
Bernie Sanders in that situation, look, and his answer is great. I still, I gotta get to that in a second. But you say, hey, you know what, socialism,
Social Security, it’s kind of in the title, and Medicare. Now, are you against socialism like that? John Harwood, or Pete Buttigieg, or Donald
Trump. Do you wanna take away Social Security and
Medicare? Cuz I just heard you where you said you were
against socialism, that is indisputably socialist. That is the government collecting money for
your retirement for you through taxes. It is not at all private, right, so there’s
no question, it’s socialist. Are you trying to take that away, are you
trying to take socialism away from the American people? These guys are getting Social Security and
Medicare, okay. Now, you could do that and that would be super
strong, but Bernie was super strong. The real story out of that interview is the
answer he gave. He said yes, I am an existential threat to
the Democratic party. That’s an awesome, strong answer.>>Yes.>>That’s saying I’m not playing around here,
this is not around the edges, we’re not going for pocket change. We’re going for a full blown takeover of the
Democratic Party, and we’re going to take out the corporate money, and we’re gonna serve
the people. That is the best case that Bernie Sanders
has. And he was often, in my opinion, too reluctant
to make that case forcefully, here he is making it. And, by the way, if you wanna fear monger,
have at it corporate media, tell everybody he’s an existential threat to the Democratic
party. But you’re afraid that that would actually
help his cause, but I will because I’m fair, I’ll criticize Bernie too, okay. Air quotes are not done with three fingers,
okay.>>Come on.>>He keeps doing this.>>I love it, I don’t care.>>I love it.>>I’m obviously kidding about that critique,
although I do mean it, it’s with two fingers.>>It’s not a real critique of a politician. Anyway, look, by the way, speaking of too
soft or too strong, we asked you guys yesterday, are Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren too
soft on Joe Biden? And we gave a real answer for no, like, no,
you wanna make sure that you maintain the ability to beat Donald Trump in a general
election, etc. You guys weren’t having it. 95% of you, over 1,000 people voting, you
can keep on voting at, 95% of you said that Bernie and Warren are too soft
on Joe Biden. So that is a progressive audience saying that
the progressive candidates should be much harsher and make their case.


100 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Stands Up To Establishment Media”

  • Socialist Capitalism or Republican Socialism? Also termed Governmentally Subsidized Republicans. Or how about Tax Cuts / Rebates for the wealthy Capitalists. Socialist Capitalism means take money from the lower classes and give it to the wealthy so they can make stuff to sell to the lower classes at a PROFIT – that they KEEP. It's a One Way Movement of Money with Republican sponsored Socialist Capitalism – cash goes IN to Big Oil and Multi Corps, without ever being paid back. Want to compare Food Stamps vs BIG BUSINESS REIMBURSEMENT MONEY? Really… at least with Democratic Socialism we get a vote.

  • So glad to see Ana bring up these points when she debated Nazi Tomi. The US had free colleges and health care before Republiklans and the wealthy took over the government. The government used to work for the people when they got the New Deal… when the US was actually doing great.

  • BS and EW are too soft on JB. He is the HC reincarnate. The Traditional DNC betrayed their voters last time around by pushing BS aside for HC. This time around, the progressive voters ARE NOT PLAYING anymore.

  • Cosmo Tagliafierro says:

    A message to all Americans under 30 yrs of age:
    Consider, if you please,
    USSA – United Socialist States of America – where Love & Compassion rule – NOT – Greed & Hate !!!
    Think about it !!!

  • Charlotte Innoecent says:

    The media just see an opportunity to scare their viewers into watching more television by making Bernie sound like he's driving some kind of communist revolution. He just wants to enact some social programs! They're trying to scare people with the word "socialism". I am sick of it.

  • Progressives always lose because they're always too soft. We need a progressive with Bernie's ideologies but Trump's mouth. Until we get an "in your face" progressive candidate, the establishment will always win.

  • Cosmo Tagliafierro says:


    Democratic Socialist
    Social Democrat
    Capitalist with a side order of Socialism
    Socialist with a side order of Capitalism
    Socially Democratic
    Democratically Socialist
    Part time Capitalist
    Weekend Socialist
    Closet Communist

    BERNIE 2020 !!!!

  • No matter what, the media would hammer on the word "socialist" to demonize Sanders. Even though he's really a social democrat, Sanders must counter the media by embracing the word "socialism" proactively. Labels mean very little in the end, but you have to respond somehow when they're used against you.

  • Sanders and others, like The Young Turks, caused this issue by repeatedly misusing the term "Democratic Socialism". Democratic Socialism has had a specific meaning for a long time, and Sanders and others decided to conflate it with Social Democracy and confuse a shitload of people while giving political opponents free ammunition to attack him. Had he stuck with the proper definition of these terms, we wouldn't be having this conversation.



  • Let's not church it up to much, City dwelling socialist! Socialism is Socialism no matter what word you put before it. The only thing your going to win in 2020 is a first class ticket to a safe space to cry in.

  • The label socialist is not a bad thing to me, it doesn’t really have any meaning to me Or any younger people not even that young

  • Real diverse candidates you guys at TYT are promoting. Nothing but rich white old people. I thought they were the problem?

  • Bernie Sanders campaigned for the SWP – Socialist Workers Party (a communist party
    in the United States) in the 1980 and 1984 presidential campaigns and was investigated by the FBI for his ties to the Marxist group. Four years later, he backed and campaigned for the SWP presidential nominee Mel Mason, a former Black Panther. His personal files from his time as mayor of Burlington, from 1981 to 1989, archived at the University of Vermont, show that he supported and campaigned for the communist SWP and maintained a close relationship with its senior members.

  • So progressives want more taxes for the rich and yet they listen to a millionaire candidate talk about how millionaires are bad?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Vegard Fjeldberg says:

    Bernie Sanders M4A.
    Libertarians: Thats socialism, because its free stuff.
    Andrew Yangs freedome dividend.
    Libertarians: Thats not socialism, because it has positive effects.

  • Every nation and country has it's degree of positive contribution to humanity. If a country were to adopt the best ideas of every nation or country without prejudice that country would become the role model to the rest of the world giving hope to the survivability of the planet and humanity. This is the goal of the American Progressive activist and politicians that are trying to save America from tyrannical rule and preserve our democracy while also sounding the alarm for political change to prevent or deterred the effects of global warming with facts. The socialism of the past is one of negative radical extremism. It was and is not the same as American socialism which has helped pull Americans out of the Great Depression era. Many of the government social programs that help fellow Americans are fundamentally socialist. As the rich keep getting richer by failing to pay they fair share of taxes by means of tax evasion, loopholes, and corrupting the law making body of government by means of political bribery to represent only their interest the poor will continual to become poorer as their social right to exist is denied by the ruling party of the just 1% of the wealthiest of Americans.

  • ArchitectOfSound01 says:

    Why is it always up to the hate-watchers to educate TYT's audience about reality? In 2014, the social security fund was in debt by $35 billion, and projected to be insolvent by 2035. People would be better off avoiding the government's grabby hands and investing it themselves and come out far ahead, because they would be able to afford mortgage payments and own their own home. Investing a fund that's in debt and expected to be insolvent is an insane proposal.

  • MontanaMountainMen says:

    They call Trump, " President Bone Spurs" but will vote for Bernie who was a hippie, was arrested for draft dodging and is a Socialist, AKA wannabe Communist.

  • “Democratic Socialism” and being a “Social Democrat” are the same thing.
    A person who advocates democratic socialism is a democratic socialist or a social democrat.

  • I am more of a socialist than a capitalist myself. I am also of Scandinavian (Finnish) heritage. I have been there and it works. I believe in a hybrid system of socialism and capitalism (which is already what every major country including this one has). I just hope Bernie and the Bernie-Trump voters do not help Trump win again. Having Republicans in charge is even worse than having establishment Dems in charge.

  • Wow Cenk almost showed some real integrity and criticized Bernie's obviously bad strategy but no he just turned it into a joke. We don't need Bernie or Trump Kool-Aid drinkers we need actual winning strategies and tactics.

  • Thy actually don't have to be harsh , thy just have to tell the truth about his record. It's to good. Use his record against him, every voting blunder, every policy blunder…. everything,there's a lot.

  • Huge tax cuts for the filthy rich and an unlimited credit card for the Military Industrial Complex is fantastic policy thought David Stockman, a Reagan toadie before his transformation to a rational Keynesian. The problem is only Stockman wised up. The country has been in the grips of Reaganomics for the past 40 years. Just enough time to develop a crippling national debt as the Empire crumbles a little more each day and the planet gets just a little more uninhabitable as the Sixth Mass Extinction marches on.

    Aahhhhh, the Golden Years, 1945 – 1973 which really weren't all that Golden but at least a man with a high school education could house, feed and clothe his family with enough leftover for a car and a TV set while the little lady stayed home tending the rugrats. That was what was once known as the American Dream. Today we struggle to survive in an Orwellian, David Lynch, nightmare.

  • If folks fear socialism so much, stop socialising. Isolate yourself to a small room so you can live out your life by yourself forever.

  • By Republican standards Ireland and England must seem like communist countries to them, God forbid wanting every person to get healthcare, that must be sooo scary to them, meanwhile it's fine to kick sick kids out of America, hey Republicans, the Irish are watching you and we ain't happy, control yourselves for goodness sake ya look like fools and we made most of you.

  • Is it just me or does Bernie smile more and at the same time his messaging has become sharper ? Just saw a clip from J street about Israel / Palestine. Bamm ! – Bernie will need good protection (from the Mossad as well).

  • Hahaa, in today's Europe and our nationalist Russia we would have already rooted out someone like Bernie Sanders 🤣 American democrats don't know what it means to live under a socialist/communist government, because they didn't have one yet. (Although with Obama they got a little and bitter taste of it.) Like little children the Americans have to burn their fingers at the hot stove first. Disillusioned and woken-up USA will agree with us in the future that "democratic socialism" is just another repackaging of communism.

  • Would you let your private news channel be controlled by this social structure ? Your whole channel is only available because big corporation.

  • They are still going to screw him and his supporters up just like last time…. I can see the handwriting on the wall already. Quote me when the time comes. This time it will be done systematically to try not lose much of his fan base to the opposition party like last time

  • Bernie never had a chance to win, America rejects Socialism forcing all to be on Government health insurance is dangerous! Will the Government then tell you, no force you, how to live because you're getting "free" health care, think about it !

  • I am glad to see Bernie continue to say the things that need to be said and no one else will say.
    On a side note, the lighting on the set of TYT looked "off", didn't it? You could see the glare off the rear screens and Cenk looked like he was half in light and half in shadow.

  • Forsetee3825 Chick says:

    Well maybe if he and everyone else used the proper term for his position the slander and confusion could be avoided. Bernie is a social democrat not a democratic socialist.

  • America has always been a socialist nation, its just that it always was socialism for the rich for most of the time. The GI bill was socialism for the rich, wars have always been socialism for the rich. You Yanks have created to much BS, like economics and history its BS.

  • América is dealing with the battle of foreign policy for US imperialism and hegemony and domestic change. Which would you choose as an American?

  • People are actually looking into what Bernie is about,
    And not going with the lies of corporate interests and the establishments,
    Bernie is leading in polls,
    But I'm sure they'll pull some dirty tactics closer to nominations votes.

  • Nathan Pennington says:

    "What should be public and what should be private". That is the only discussion, and the start of a real debate. Not labels. Well said.

  • That old POS is lucky to be able to get up at all. You old bastard you should stay down, you don't have a chance no matter what your commie buddies at the jerk offs say.

  • If you want to get old people on board with DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM….pull the chair, aka Medicare and social security. I have NO PROBLEM taking both, let them starve a winter, watch a loved one die outside the hospital, oh, they will be SOCIALIST then.

  • Can’t wait until Bernie loses again, so all of you idiots can stop acting like he’s going to be president. Unless 85 isn’t too old anymore..

  • When he said “I want to CONVERT the a Democratic Party from its dependence on big money like Third Way” that excited the HECK out of me! A HUGE difference between him and Warren, who only wants to rid of “some” big money” for herself, but raise large money through fundraising for the party itself. That’s like a sports coach saying he or she will they’ll go on a particular diet for themselves to stay healthy, but will keep providing fast food for all the players. Come on, Liz, I thought you were bolder than that.

  • People who are too busy to delve deeper into a candidate's policy positions rely on simple designations to decide whether they are for them or against

  • Totally agree. absolute fearmongering. Its about private vs public ownership; realistically what is sooo bad about socialism – the more the base is spread for healthcare, university/college, etc funding the better. Such a no-brainer

  • Bernie: have you seen the 8 min film of JFK speaking in 1962 about
    med4all??? Wow! I saw it on YouTube: JFK Explains Why US Needs MedAll
    in 1964, on The Political Vigilante.

  • Bernie: have you seen the 8 min film of JFK speaking in 1962 about
    med4all??? Wow! I saw it on YouTube: JFK Explains Why US Needs MedAll
    in 1964, on The Political Vigilante.

  • Bernie: have you seen the 8 min film of JFK speaking in 1962 about
    med4all??? Wow! I saw it on YouTube: JFK Explains Why US Needs MedAll
    in 1964, on The Political Vigilante.

  • Bernie: have you seen the 8 min film of JFK speaking in 1962 about
    med4all??? Wow! I saw it on YouTube: JFK Explains Why US Needs MedAll
    in 1964, on The Political Vigilante.

  • I wish people would get the DS get. The young realize what this "SOCIALIST" movement. Growing up in Germany living in Canada and London, UK. This is how I know socialism, my Jah Jah, Had her life SET. Complete. This is my feeling as a naturalized citizen. When we moved, this was what I thought, They assassinated their President, they are at war and and are impeaching their President and Civil unrest; or was that recently. ha.. Thanks Dad. I looked on the bright side, he moved us to a Swamp known as Jupiter, Fl. A whole different set of torture, shoot, everything in the woods/water and air will Eat you. So I picked up a Stik (surfboard yo). I think people actually visualize Socialist, with arm Bands and tan uniforms… sidebar, when did all the Politician's adopt their own themesongs, I wonder if our founding fathers flew over Mozart, Beethoven, Franz Joseph Haydn,. Antonio Salieri, Johann Christian Bach, Christoph Willibald Gluck, you know, those Katz, and the like here to play at their rally's?? I will Never Know; this grieves me. forgive typos.

  • Everything Bernie stands for is only common sense. I wish he had used the term social democrat, like we do in Scandinavia, that may have been easier to understand for people. A huge problem is that you don't have Media as public service. Your media is lying so much and is not liable. And now when the "public option" is presented as just as good as M4A and people are believing it, they may succeed in placing fear into the people…

  • Progressive media should also hit Warren for her lies, flip flops, and stealing Bernie voters by pretending to be progressive!

    The Truth must be exposed!

  • Randall Holloway says:

    I love that he said you're getting a lil to crazy with the word! Get em Bernie, drop kick these dumbass framed questions. Wish he went further tho calling out why you would be against putting the best and brightest in our gov

  • Guys if you keep supporting Warren you’ll end up electing Trump. She is a strategic politician, who keep in mind did not support Bernie in 2016! She will be all hope and no change just like Obama, and people will sniff her out, and she will lose! Only Bernie can win!

  • sugar coat it all you want Bernie. it's still Socialism and the people don't want it. you've been trying to sell it for decades and it won't fly. the DNC will never let you grab the golden ring. pack it in Bern.

  • Bernie can't really stand up against anyone. He is a jellyfish. Bernie was the first man to grow up on soymilk. Soymilk dissolves the backbone turning real men into spineless stupid libtards.

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