Bernie Sanders’ Rise Prompts Media Meltdown, Establishment Panic: A Closer Look

Bernie Sanders’ Rise Prompts Media Meltdown, Establishment Panic: A Closer Look

-Bernie Sanders won the Nevada caucus
in a landslide on Saturday and, now, some pundits
in the Democratic establishment are panicking
about the possibility that he might be
the Democratic nominee. For more on this,
it’s time for “A Closer Look.” [ Suspenseful theme plays ]
[ Cheering and applause ] Bernie has now won
the popular vote in the first three
primary contests, making him
the clear front-runner, and, now, Politico is reporting
that Bernie sanders has sent the Democratic
establishment into panic mode. And you can tell
because the general tenor of the coverage on cable news
has gone something like this… -NBC News projects Bernie Sanders
the winner in Nevada. -What the [bleep] is going on?! [ Laughter ] [ Applause ] -Pundits across cable news have been freaking out
about Bernie’s rise. For example, you might remember
that, after Bernie won the popular vote in Iowa
and again in New Hampshire, the story wasn’t
that he was winning, but that, if you used pundit
math, he was actually losing. -I don’t understand how Bernie
is considered a front-runner. In New Hampshire,
52% of voters wanted either Pete Buttigieg
or Amy Klobuchar or Joe Biden. Moderates are winning. -Why wasn’t
Buttigieg’s win in Iowa a bigger banner headline? He also has upset Bernie Sanders
in both states. -The story of the night: Amy Klobuchar now
in third place. -The story of the Sanders
campaign, so far, this year, is how much ground he’s lost
from four years ago. -That’s right:
By winning states, Bernie is actually
losing ground. [ Laughter ]
You see, as all expert pundits know, you don’t wanna win
the first two. That’s a rookie mistake, wherein you come off as needy
or, as the kids would say, thirsty.
[ Laughter ] You wanna throw everyone off
by losing a bunch of states, playing it cool,
off to the side, until someone finally says, “Who’s that fellow
with zero delegates?” [ Laughter and applause ] No, seriously. [ Applause ] No, seriously, who is that? [ Laughter ]
Oh! Alright. See, according to the pundits, you don’t actually win the first
two states, like Bernie did. You wanna follow
the Joe Biden path: Come in fourth in Iowa,
fifth in New Hampshire, and a distant second in Nevada. And, on top of all that, just wander over
during a crucial debate [ Laughter ]
and give the front-runner a hug, you know. That’s the first time Biden
ever hugged someone from an angle where
they could see him coming. [ Laughter and ohs ]
And, not only [ Laughter and applause ]
did some pundits insist that Bernie wasn’t actually
the front-runner after winning
the first two states, they also created an elaborate
mythology in their heads where Bernie was only winning
because the so-called moderates were supposedly
splitting the vote. And they kept insisting that,
if the moderates would just coalesce
around one candidate, that candidate could be Bernie. -Bernie Sanders may have
eked out the most votes in Iowa and New Hampshire, but if you look
at the numbers more closely, it shows a candidate
hitting a ceiling. If you look
at the combined percentages among the centrist candidates, they do much better
than the progressives. -When you add up the totals,
though, for Pete Buttigieg,
Amy Klobuchar, and Joe Biden, when you add them up last night, that’s more than half the
electorate backing a moderate. -Buttigieg and Klobuchar
and Biden split the moderate vote,
with their combined percentage overwhelming that of Sanders,
who got 26%. -That’s right: If you just
combine the votes of Buttigieg, Biden, and Klobuchar,
you can beat Bernie. [ Laughter ]
Now, all you have to do is find a way to genetically
combine them into one candidate, called the
Klobu-Biden-Butti-char. [ Laughter and applause ] It’s that’s easy.
And then, all — [ Cheering and applause ] And then, every time
you ask it a question, it has the same answer. What should we do
about healthcare? -We must step forward
into the future. -I’m from Minnesota. -CornPop was a bad dude. -Alright.
[ Laughter ] But the reality is
that most actual voters don’t think like pundits. They don’t divide candidates into a so-called liberal lane
and a moderate lane. In fact, polls have shown
that the top second choice among Biden voters
is actually Bernie. Polls have shown
that Democratic voters are overwhelmingly satisfied
with choices. They don’t divide them up
into lanes. They like them each
for their own reasons. They like Bernie
for his consistency on issues like health care. They like Warren
for taking on big fights against special interests,
like Wall Street. They like Biden for his
eight years as Obama’s VP. They like Buttigieg for his
youthful charm and charisma. They like Klobuchar
for her record in the Senate. And they like Bloomberg because he pays people
to like him. [ Laughter ] Still, before Nevada,
many in the media were desperate to avoid calling Sanders
the front-runner and, in fairness,
only two states, both of them mostly white,
had voted. In fact, even Bernie bristled
at the question of whether he was
the front-runner during a town hall on CNN. -I think it was right before
New Hampshire primary, I asked you, after Iowa,
if you considered yourself the Democratic front-runner. Now, after New Hampshire,
do you? -Who cares?
[ Laughter ] -If Bernie gets elected,
his inauguration is just gonna be
a four-hour open house. [as Sanders]
Stop by, don’t stop by. There’ll be cheese and crackers,
but, you know, maybe eat before you come. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Cheering ]
Say what you will — [ Applause ] [ Whistling ]
Say what you will about the guy, but he does not care
about status. He has one suit that he irons
by running it over with his car, I guess.
[ Laughter ] He shoots lay-ups with two hands and he’s been photographed
in the middle seat in coach and that is the only time
he’s been centrist. [ Laughter ]
But even the pundits and Bernie himself
cannot deny his clear status as the front-runner
after an overwhelming victory in Nevada on Saturday,
the first diverse state to vote in the primary, in which Sanders seemed to win
virtually every demographic. -Sanders, indeed, won a smashing,
across-the-board victory, according to our entrance poll. He won among men and women, college graduates
and non-college graduates, liberals
and moderates/conservatives, union and nonunion members, people who decided early
and people who decided late. In short, Sanders crushed it. [ Laughter ]
-Take a look here among self-described moderate or
conservative Democrats. That’s a third
of this electorate in Nevada. This is what you’re seeing. Sanders is actually leading. -NBC/Wall Street Journal
poll asked, “Who are you most enthusiastic
or comfortable about, when it comes to the
Democratic nominee?” Bernie Sanders leads with 65%. -He was powered by young voters,
Hispanic voters, very liberal, and those
who supported Medicare for All. -Damn, he won union voters,
nonunion voters, young voters, Hispanic voters, men, women, liberals,
and conservatives. And, based on this photo,
he did well with former vice presidents
over 70. [ Laughter ]
And, yet, still, cable news reacted with shock
at Bernie’s success in Nevada. For example,
as results were coming in and it was clear that
young voters and people of color were going overwhelmingly
for Sanders, one anchor at a caucus site audibly sighed
as she reported the results. -[dully]
Largely, people of color. Of those,
the majority are Latino and they are clearly,
at least from eyeballing it, [sigh] strongly in favor [ Laughter ]
of Bernie Sanders, with Joe Biden coming in second. -[laughing]
Oh, my God, with the sigh! [ Applause ]
She’s reporting on Bernie
winning a caucus site the way you tell your parents why your dip[bleep] boyfriend
got fired from his job. [ Laughter ] [dully] “He, uh, well,
he was usin’ the copier and, well, from eyeballin’ it, it looks like he, uh, [sigh] he photocopied his ass and put it up
in the break room.” [ Laughter and applause ]
And then — [ Cheering ] And then, prominent [ Whistling ]
Democratic strategists
and pundits started spinning out on live TV. James Carville, for example,
has been showin’ up nonstop on MSNBC, warning
that nominating Bernie would destroy the party
and even suggesting that Russian President Vladimir Putin
was rooting for him. -It’s gonna be the end of days,
so I’m scared to death. I really am. There’s a certain part
of the Democratic Party that wants us to be a cult. I’m not interested
in being in a cult. I’m 75 years old. I’m just not
a very culty person. I’m 75 years old. Why am I here, doin’ this? Because I am scared to death.
That’s why. The happiest person right now — It’s about 1:15 Moscow time. This thing is goin’ very well
for Vladimir Putin. I promise you. He’s probably stayin’ up,
watchin’ us right now. How you doin’, Vlad? [ Laughter ]
-Alright. He’s not watching,
but, if he was, he’d probably think this was
a public access puppet show. [ Laughter ] Seriously, James Carville
always looks like he was released naked
into a Louisiana Goodwill and given five minutes
to pick an outfit. [ Laughter and applause ] [ Giggles ] [as Carville]
How this hat look on me? How’s this hat look on me, bad?
I’ll take it. It’s all squashed up
like a bug on my head? Yeah. Like it’s completely
lost its shape? Alright. I’ll take it. [ Laughter ]
And, just as a reminder of Carville’s track record: In 2008, he said
then-Senator Barack Obama was unelectable
and attacked him to the point where even Obama hit back
and said James Carville is well-known
for spouting off his mouth without always knowing
what he’s talking about. In fact, Obama was specifically
responding to this comment Carville made
about Hillary and Obama — and this is a real quote — “If she gave him one
of her cojones, they’d both have two.” [ Laughter and ohs ]
Alright. I’m havin’ trouble
following the logic here. So that means [laughing] she was starting
with three cojones? [ Laughter ] Yet, somehow, that wasn’t even the most unhinged response
to Bernie’s win. Chris Matthews actually compared
Bernie’s victory in Nevada to the Nazi invasion of France
during World War II. -I’m reading last night
about the fall of France in the summer of 1940
and the general, Reynaud, calls up Churchill and says,
“It’s over.” And Churchill says,
“How can it be? You got the greatest army
in Europe. How can it be over?” He said, “It’s over.” So I had
that suppressed feeling. I can’t be as wild as Carville,
but he is damn smart and I think he’s damn right
on this one. -As a general rule, anytime
a man of Matthews’ age starts a sentence with,
“I was reading last night about the fall of France
in 1940,” that’s your queue
to exit the conversation. [ Laughter ] He’s like your senile grandpa, screaming into the phone
on FaceTime: “They banned me
from the golf course for not fixin’ my divots! This is just like 1940,
when the Nazis…!” [ Laughter and applause ]
Alright, alright. Talk to ya later, Grandpa. [ Cheering and applause ]
And, somehow — [laughing] Somehow, [ Whistle ]
this isn’t the most insane thing Matthews has said about Bernie. After Bernie’s win
in New Hampshire, you might recall, Matthews went
on another deranged tear, that had somethin’ to do
with Communists executing him in Central Park
or something. It was so incoherent,
his fellow anchor Chris Hayes had to chime in
to offer some sense. -I have my own views
of the word socialist and I’ll be glad to tell them,
share them with you in private. [ Laughter ]
And they go back
to the early 1950s. I have an attitude about them. I remember the Cold War. I have an attitude
towards Castro. I believe, if Castro and the
reds had won the Cold War, there would have been
executions in Central Park and I might’ve been one
of the ones getting executed. And certain other people
would be there, cheering, okay? So I have a problem with people
who took the other side. I don’t know who Bernie
supports over these years. I don’t know what he means
by socialism. One week, it’s Denmark. We’re gonna be like Denmark. Okay. That’s harmless. It’s basically
a capitalist country with a lotta good
social welfare programs. Denmark is harmless.
-He’s pretty clearly in the Denmark category.
-Is he? -Yeah.
-Are you sure? How do you know? Did he tell you that? -Well, I mean,
that’s what he says and that’s what his agenda
calls for. -Just as a reminder, that whole
thing started with this… -I have my own views
of the word socialist and I’ll be glad to tell them,
share them with you in private. [ Laughter ] -Chris Matthews
is definitely a guy who says he’ll share his
thoughts with you in private and then talks to you in public
for a full minute. [ Laughter and applause ]
[as Matthews] I’ll tell you what I think about this movie
later, in private. It sucks! [ Laughter and applause ] By the way,
Bernie is not the first strong progressive candidate
to come under fire from centrist pundits in the
Democratic establishment. When Elizabeth Warren
was soaring in the polls and seen as the front-runner, we got story after story
about how Wall Street and Democratic donors
were panicking. Cable news shows rolled
one clip after another of billionaires freaking out
about her plans. And that’s because they perceive
both Bernie and Warren as threats to their livelihoods
and their way of thinking. Regardless of how you feel
about any particular candidates, if you’re a pundit,
you might wanna ask why so many voters are flocking
to Bernie Sanders and, yet, when you ask them if they’re
at least curious to find out why Bernie
is doing so well, they say… -Who cares? [ Laughter ]
-This has been “A Closer Look.” ♪♪
[ Cheering and applause ] ♪♪
[ Whistling ]


100 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders’ Rise Prompts Media Meltdown, Establishment Panic: A Closer Look”

  • So, rewatching this segment after Super Tuesday… yeah, they did consolidate the moderates and yeah, they beat Bernie. (Btw, I like Bernie fine – just calling out the irony)

  • After all this, does establishment media think we will ever take anything they say seriously again? Pathetic. We see right theough them. Now more than ever.
    BERNIE2020 #NotMeUs

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    Now the corporations want Biden, so that way they cant lose because Biden is weak on corporate crime just like Trump.

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  • Cut to the 5th of March, where the votes HAVE combined because two dropped out and endorsed Bidden, and now Bidden is winning over Sanders on his own.
    That is how you combine them, that is what the news coverage was about. Centrists backing Centrist candidate, not Bernie.

    I wish Bernie would win the nomination, but Centrists will not pick him… sadly….

  • This is one of the few 'A Closer Look' segments that didn't age well. I loathe cable news–especially Chuck Todd– but they were right.

  • toolundertow96 says:

    Yanno, its funny… if more mainstream news pundits and latenight talkshow hosts would attempt to be even slightly honest about Bernie and other politicians then maybe the American's trust in the media wouldn't be buried 6ft deep.
    But keep on keeping on guys! Not like the DNC openly admitted TWICE to wanting to shut down the Bernie campaign. Nothing to read into there

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    Bernie is the people’s voice and the people’s choice!!! And the ONLY one who can beat Trump!!!
    Shame on the Democrats for rigging the election again against Bernie for Hilary and now Biden. Shame on the mainstream media for supporting them!!! We can see clearly that Biden is the corporate, and mainstream media choice!! Not the people’s choice!!!

  • Daniel Hughes says:

    The 'Powers who run the Show' will never let Sanders take the reigns and threaten their positions and wealth.
    Could you imagine someone talking about sharing the wealth more fairly being allowed to climb too high?
    They took out the Kennedy brothers, King and probably more others than we will ever know ….but fingers crossed.

  • Turtle Hurdle says:

    Bernie actually cares about the average citizen and I think it goes to show when he won Vermont, the state he represents. It wont be easy, but its relieving to know we have a leader that will do his best to look out for people who arent in the upper tax brackets. To call him a communist is ignorant to his whole message and movement. If people cant see past his Democratic Socialist ideas, then Donald Trump will win again. Bidens a fuckin NPC and will not win 2020, guarenteed. I think its worth trying out the government styles of the Nordic countries. Maybe our nations mental state will improve if we do.

  • The irony for me as a brit is that we got the exact same narrative here in UK surrounding brexit
    "If you combine the remain partiea labour, lib dems, greens, they actually got more than the brexit parties" ?‍♂️ not how it works

  • So… they are literally doing to "combined the votes of the centrists" now with Pete & Amy dropping out then endorsed Biden. ?

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    I mean the media made Trump palatable by giving him airtime. They're essentially doing the same thing with Bernie but intentionally smearing him. I wonder how it will work out for them.

  • I think the Pundits might be right. If there hadn't been 20 damn candidates, we might have had a shot at this. Hahaha! Who am I kidding. We never had any shot at all. Also, on those polls, did they have a question like: "I'm voting blue because I have to?" Do you think there might be some resentment about that?

  • 5:40
    This is really puzzling. That chrome notification seems to be captured. It's not them running their graphics in chrome entirely. That's so sloppy. Nobody spent any time looking at that.

    I could have photo-edited that out in paint in 5 seconds.

  • This is honestly the most unbiased coverage I’ve ever seen on bernie by anyone on any cable network this entire cycle. I’m watching Seth from now on. #bernie2020

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  • Destroyer Inazuma says:

    No one can tell with a 100% certainty where the wind will blow 2/3rd of the delegates haven't spoken yet. If anyone here supports Biden, more power to you but don't claim it's a done deal and if you care about democracy encourage people to vote regardless of who they vote for. Same goes for Sanders supporters and Gabbard supporters. The latter can still get at least half a dozen more votes imho, and that actually can be a tie-breaker.

  • Make America Really Xtra Ideologically Socialist Today! Why don't they wear hats and tshirts with this – just abbreviate it.

  • Let's assume that Bernie is a wonderful, kind, human being that intends only the best for everyone. If we all vote to give Bernie the presidency (and the government he would appoint), he would line the government's coffers with lots and lots of fresh tax money, to be dispensed to the needy, et al. This would make the government even more powerful than it is now. But who's to say the person who occupies the White House AFTER Bernie is going to be as kind and compassionate with all the power that more tax money brings? What if they weren't? What if they were more like Stalin or Pol Pot? Would you want either of those people to be in charge of the biggest and most powerful bureaucracy on earth? I wouldn't. I'll never vote for a Socialist, no matter how kind, smart, or well-intentioned, because the next one may not be so kind, and those who have not forgotten their history know how that ends.

  • The democratic establishment will give the nomination to Biden, and with this hand the presidency to trump. AFUCKINGGAIN. Just 2016

  • Larvemannenz001 says:

    "All you have to do is to combine them genetically into Klobubuttdenbidechar."

    No, their sum total is significant because when one of the moderate candidate inevitably drops out down the line, their votes will probably overwhemingly turn to Biden.

  • Whether Bernie is given his dues, or whether the DNC returns to its crookedness, he's started something that will gain momentum going forward.

  • People need to know the shocking reason why in 1987 Biden withdrew from the presidential primaries in total disgrace. Please share.

  • Stranger Danger says:

    The media pundits, special interests, and democratic establishment are sure doing their best to take Bernie down.

  • Chuck Toad says what? Congressional Republicans have called Social Security radical socialism, communist, impossible or unsustainable since that law was first introduced while they get taxpayer provided pensions and health plans for life. Remember, "I won't cut Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security like every other Republican."- Don the Con Trump Trump's austerity budgets gut all 3 and public education after his tax scam looted the Treasury for multinationals, oligarchs and gifted the Trump dynasty an estimated billion. As a New York real estate mogul known as the Queen of Mean explained, "Only little people pay taxes." What more could we expect from a corrupt con man who opposes a legal livable wage, is infamous for not paying employees or taxes and told us, "That makes me smart"?
    An honorary degree from Trump University?
    Who hasn't seen the Don threaten whistleblowers, witnesses, "rats", "human scum" or civil war?
    Before the selfdisclosed serial predator endorsed alleged pedophile Judge Roy Moore (whose answer to the question, "When was America great?" was under slavery) the crime boss also told us, "I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody and not lose any votes." Because it's better to be Fox than be targeted as an "enemy of the people"?

    Keep hope alive. Keep the struggle for public education, healthcare for all and democracy alive. Bernie Sanders 2020
    "Call it democracy or call it democratic socialism there has to be a better distribution of wealth in this country for all god's children." – Martin Luther King who was also called a communist who hates America and was told to go back to Africa.

  • F the pundits. All you have to do is just to force all the "moderates" to stop running before Super Tuesday apparently, and we have a senile front runner.

  • Snetmot Nosrorb says:

    Wow, I had no idea American media was this biased, corporate and storytelling even on the less conservative side. These news reports are essentially hit pieces, deception and propaganda, blunt stances for the status quo and the 1% in the same style as Russian media. They seem to prefer Trump over Bernie.
    And some one should tell the old cult man that he already is in a cult.

    CNN is owned by Time Warner. Time warner is a publicly traded corporation, (TWX), with revenues of close to $30 billion per year. Time warner is one of Hillary Clintons top ten lifetime contributors. Enough said! But who exactly owns Time Warner?

    This is where we enter the shell game of modern globalized capitalism. 89% of TWX shares (shares of stock) are "institutionally owned". This means that large financial houses like Vanguard, State Street, JP Morgan, and Black Rock Financial owns the majority of the stock. Well who owns these entities? This is where the shell game is.

    Black Rock is also 89% institutionally owned. Some of the largest holders are Vanguard, State Street, and JP Morgan. If you look into the ownership of the other entities, you will soon see they all own each other! Not only do they own each other, they own every corporation you can think of. Look into any major corporation and you will see they are owned by these four entities. Hiding behind these faceless entities are the people who really own and control our country, and the world for that matter. Now do you see why "Hillary Clinton won"?!

    Larry Fink is the founder of Black Rock. His firm manages a staggering $12 trillion in assets worldwide; that's more than the GDP of China! ($9 trillion in 2013) Called the "Wizard of Oz" by many in Washington and on Wall Street, he truly is the man behind the curtain. He was instrumental in brokering the deals for the 2008 bailouts. His firm took on $5 trillion in assets from the government after the Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers collapse. Ask yourself one question, who do you think Mr Fink wants to be president?


  • Slammin Sammy Jo says:

    You know if you think about it the true villain in the Joker was the media, maybe that's why all of those journalists were freaking out about it.

  • This was 2 weeks ago but by today he has been robbed off his democratic nomination; this is America robbing off itself of an accomplished- brighter future. He tried his level best to cater to the needs of people, put forth his policies and fought passionately- but in the end the main stream media and the democratic establishment played their crooked roles, indoctrinated people with fear of different kinds and stole from the most well deserved presidential candidate his so imminent nomination. So ironic that it is happening in These United States of America- can’t fathom this!???

  • Jennifer Lujan says:

    I wish more would have covered the establishment trashing of Bernie like you did. Utterly shameful and irresponsible what CNN and MSNBC have done against our country and democracy. Thank you Seth for calling it out.

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