Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden Spar Over Democratic Socialism | NBC News


100 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders, Mike Bloomberg, Joe Biden Spar Over Democratic Socialism | NBC News”

  • If you notice who gets all the tax breaks and all the corporations get such great subsidies from the government you'll realize then socialism works for the rich and capitalism is for the poor and Bernie Sanders is just nothing but a controlled opposition because he will never ever be president of the United States!

  • Valentine Carstensen says:

    The DNC built Super Delegate mechanism= Your vote for Warren, Klobuchar, Biden, Buttigieg now will result in BLOOMBERG nomination at convention. See the plan voters!!! It truly is US or the Billionaires.

    BERNIE 2020!!!


  • The moron keeps saying socialism like Denmark …….. when the prime minister of Denmark ….keeps correcting saying Denmark is NOT a socialist country !

  • Millionaire with three houses lol 😂😂😂 Bernie was speechless because he's a rich phony who acts like he cares about poor people.

  • HE FLAPS ANY HIGHER & HE'LL TAKE OFF! Bernie is a lying Commie! NO such thing Democrat Socialist!! Like saying a Democrat COMMUNIST or alittle preg! THERE IS NO DEMOCRACY IN SOCIALISM. Bernie lived on welfare till age 35 & spent 30 yrs speaking in Soviet Co on how to overthrow USA GOV!! HIS LIFE LONG DREAM! IT'S TOTAL GOV TAKEOVER OF EVERY ASPECT OF YOUR LIFE!!

  • Bet Biden is super happy at the thought he could start making money on a second book about his son with a genius name already "Where was Hunter" helps that President Trump made the phrase viral

  • Go MICHAEL BLOOMBERG GO——- I am a woman and you got my vote. God save America from Communist like BERNIE SANDER and ELIZABETH WARREN Bernie is LENIN, the way he preaches and the way he throws his hands up in the air.

  • Super Awesome Science says:

    Bernie used to rage against millionaires and billionaires. Then he became a millionaire and focused solely on billionaires.

  • Bernies summer camp is $600,000 dollars with a 500 yard private beach. No you will not be allowed on this property. Dumb Joe says he sold a book about his son and that’s the first time he made money. What?

  • Stop giving my money away to others. Higher taxes are these people crazy? I could have a cottage like Bernie if I didn’t get screwed every week. Another day older and deeper in debt. I owe my soul to the company store.

  • Capitalism produces unequal shares of great wealth; socialism produces equal shares of great privation. Capitalist believe that all men are born equal; socialist demand that all men remain equal, however low that may be.

  • If you guys are smart. Please, do not vote for any of these People. They will not help you. They will not solve any of our problems. Democrats are for themselves. They are like the Sith from Star Wars.

  • If Americans could just appreciate this bizarre claim they will realize that mumbling, bumbling isn't the word. This is fatally cognitive detachment from reality.

    'U.S presidential candidate Joe Biden has sparked interest with new claims that he was arrested in apartheid South Africa in the late 70s for trying to see an incarcerated Nelson Mandela.'

    Oh my oh my. Maybe he isn't a dangerous man. But the word 'reality', please don't expect that from him.

  • Bernie is a Communist
    Bernie is a Hypocrite, He’s a Millionaire,
    What does he know about the working class.. And in a Socialist society, he would be sharing his THREE HOMES with the Govt,
    Look at Venezuela’s economy
    It’s crushed

  • Bernie is comfortable leaving out facts. Typical swamp dweller – he's living the american dream and wants everybody else to achieve the minimum. Don't try to hard to be successful – the socialist union mantra. Everyone on the stage (except Mike) is proud of their mediocre success. Typical socialist ( read communist) attitude.

  • Michael Barlanti says:

    Take a good look at these candidates God help American nothing free he raised taxes on the new York rich and they moved out of new York if they stayed the money moved

  • its true,, you can work 40hrs a week and you still cant hardly make it or own anything nice ,, and if you loose your job for 1 month then your homeless, so honestly we are alrdy slaves to the governments,,

  • The Common Denominator of Every Cancerous Urban City In The United States is a Socialist- Democratic Government. Over The Last 50 Years, These Forms Of Urban Governance Have Proven To Be Disastrous In The United States, All Having High Crime, High Taxes and High Poverty A Demographic and Political Environment Which Create Major Obstacles Attracting Free Flowing Capital. Capital Shall Always Flow Naturally To Its Highest Yields For Its Investors. Capital Has NO Geographic Borders And It Will Always Go Where It Achieves Its Highest Returns For Its Investors. This Is Why It's So Critical That We Have The Proper Political Urban Environment That Attracts Massive Capital. Wherever This Environment Exists We Shall Always Have Thriving Economies, Which Shall Result With High Employment And Financial Prosperity To All.
    Its Time We As A Country Remove The Socialist Democrat's From Our Urban Cities, Which All They Do Is Keep Most All In Poverty For Their Promise To Give Citizens Scrap and Bone Subsidies and High Taxes Not Able To Think Beyond One Day. Lets Create Governance Embracing Opportunity Zones Where Financial Capital Shall Be Attracted With Minimal or Abated Taxation and Watch What Will Develop. It Will Be A New Age For American Urban Economies & Standard of Living For All. It Will Be The Rebirth/ Renaissance Of American Urban Cities, Forever Removing The Democratic-Socialism Handcuffs Of Poverty, High Taxation and High Crime. TRUMP 2020!

  • Socialism is communism and America isn't having it. All of them are insane rich who got their money from corruption and lobbyists sell outs. Their is only one true answer Jesus Christ. God Bless America.

  • Are you guys concern about socialism? Since Bernie Sander is on the rise to victory, his socialism policy worries me because socialism can destroy country's economy like Vietnam, China, Venezuela, Cuba, etc. Right now those countries' economies are not doing good and a lot of people in those countries don't have money to support themselves because of socialism.

  • Joey Badalamenti says:

    Bernie looks like hes going to die within 8 years, so he might not last for the whole term, so he has to choose a good vice president if he wins

  • When Trump (any business person) gets tax breaks to build more that money goes into the middle class, the economy, private individuals – that is capitalism. Bernie wants to steal that money so his parties in the government are the elite for doing nothing – socialism. Individuals should NOT BE ABLE to fund the economy we should take that money instead! That is insane speech.. He would be reversing what our thriving economy is doing now. millions off welfare, more jobs, etc. That is from capitalism.

  • At this point all Democraps have proven themselves to be Communists … pay no attention to the descriptions of their ideology they prefer to use running up to a national election.

  • The reason young people want socialism, is because they recently left home and got on their own. They were used to mommy and daddy taking care of them. Now, on their own, they realize how much work, money, and time it will take to achieve some measure of success, and it scares them. They want government to take care of them and do what mommy and daddy were doing. Grow up and take care of yourself.

  • Crow Creek Outdoors says:

    Socialism is socialism no matter what he wants to call it. How would America react to Democratic Communism as opposed to communism? Same principal. It’s why if he gets the nomination he will lose the election and the DNC knows that.

  • There is no such thing as DEMOCRATIC SOCIALISM!!! He is a CON ARTIST!!! We are trillions in dept!!! How do you pay for all this free stuff for everyone!!! Increased taxes on. EVERYONE!!!

  • Denmark transformation that has occurred, and the shortcomings of the current system, they will be unable to address the true underlying problems.  Denmark has countless reasons to rightfully claim its place as one of the most progressive, successful nations in the world; however, it seems that these successes have produced a sort of “happiest nation complacency” that threatens to open the country to stagnation and less admirable conditions. Until prevailing social mores and public discourse openly acknowledge the new state of the “welfare state”, there is the threat that an increasing number of poor and marginalized people in Denmark will be neglected.

  • Of course all the lazy want this freeloading socialist loon thinking they’re getting a free money tree! Guess what clowns, it’s going to come out of your taxes when this clown raises your taxes! There is your free money tree!!🤦🏻‍♂️😂 Trump 2020 all the way!!

  • The first time I came across Sanders I thought: finally, an American who is willing to understand the pragmatic side of social democracy. As a Dutchman living in Germany I would state that social democracy freed us from allocation by heritage, money, state of health: basically dumb luck. I would claim that in the US people are more bound by the social economic status they are born with and are thus less free to develop and empower themselves than Europeans are. If you really want to become the land of the free, as you claim to be, provide people with the opportunity to make the best out of themselves by giving them hope and a goal in life.

  • Bloomberg owned Sanders with that Socialist quip. Gold!!! Thought Sanders was going to have another heart attack stumbling over his big flapping lips trying to justify all his mansions.

  • Democrats are so screwed tbh. How you gonna have open borders and free health care for illegals? Demark and Canada don’t allow open immigration and free healthcare. Why is nobody asking bernie the hard questions?

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