100 thoughts on “Bernie Has Fox News SHOOK”

  • It should have been Bernie in 2016, and it will still be Bernie in 2020. If his opposition keeps bringing up his age in a negative – then I say ask all the millions of young people who support him. It's like he is their favorite loving Grand-pa who has their best interest in mind. How much do you want to bet that Fox will not be inviting Bernie back? Otherwise he will kick their ass all over again with truth and reality. And they definitely don't want that to happen again to their propaganda network. Bernie 2020 (everybody else is just a cheap knock-off copy).

  • Oliver Phippen says:

    Thats not STABILITY – Every time you change jobs just pick up the next one ??
    If I was concerned I would not be changing jobs ?? next

  • Oliver Phippen says:

    No body is calling the RIGHT wing in Isreal anti semitic they are calling her and what she said about Jews that was anti semitic ? Please pay attention ???

  • Forgot to ask about those 18-32 year olds who rarely have to see a doctor who will still have their taxes jacked up to pay for Bernie's 'plan'.

  • Oliver Phippen says:

    I found that truly amazing that he called the DON a pathological Liar while he said that his health care was NOT free when confronted ??? is that not pathological ???

  • Oliver Phippen says:

    Do you know how easy it is for the DON to defeat Bernie ???? Socialism will get us all KILLED ?? and Russia and China know this ?????

  • I do completely agree with you, Ms Vigeland – he's the only one really fit to defeat Trump – but, prior, he must win against the Democrat establishment, and that is far than less sure…

  • Bernie is just authentic. Love the guy. I think he could handle Trump's bullshit in debates. He's far more intelligent than Trump.

  • I knew Bernie was prepared to do well on FOX. He has been being groomed for dealing with it by the so-called, 'left-wing' MSM, since after the primaries of 2016 were over.

    I don't think those FOX news facilitators of the town hall were any worse than the TV news personalities on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, whom I've seen question Bernie or comment on him and his policy promotions, and mislead the hell out of their viewership.

    He's somehow sharper than he ever was, and I was happy with his decision to do a FOX town hall. It was truly great.

    The Dave Clark Five
    (Dave Clark / Lenny Davidson)
    Here they come again, mmmm-mm-mm
    Catch us if you can, mmmm-mm-mm
    Time to get a move on, mmmm-mm-mm
    We will yell with all of our might
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    Catch us if you can
    Now we gotta run, mmmm-mm-mm
    No more time for fun, mmmm-mm-mm
    When we're gettin' angry, mmmm-mm-mm
    We will yell with all of our might
    Catch us if you can
    Catch us if you can
    Catch us if you can
    Catch us if you can

  • The shook one had to stand and get aggressive…get loud and try and spew socialist ideals… want socialism…..go somewhere else…..friggin cucks…..lmao

  • The Democratic establishment will screw Bernie to preserve their pocket books. We need to break out the French Revolution Guillotine and start to take heads. (non violently of course)

  • You voted for Bernie in the 2016 general? Then you're part of why Trump won. Voting for idealism (or for a 3rd party) in a FPTP voting system is a sure fire way to get screwed.

  • What intelligence and courage of Bernie to risk everything and go to the mouth of the wolf and come out victorious with a small pet tamed and wagging the tail at his side. Powerful.

  • Kristopher Carmona says:

    When you've been drunk on your own kool aid for so long, you're going to be shook by this. The turds on tv don't realize how out of touch they are. ALL of them.

  • I said in 2015 Bernie was the answer that yee American needed, and frankly deserved. After what has been almost 20yrs of war machinces, and double speak. I fucking can't wait trump vs Sanders debates! They will be hilarious… power to the people ✊ ? ?

  • Paul T Sjordal says:

    Those FOX hosts were confused about the audience response because they don't know what it's like for the non-elites out there.

  • Gregg Hernandez says:

    I hope this isn't too far off topic, but now that the Tax season is over, I really want to ask all those Middle class people who voted for Trump: "So how did that huge Tax break go for you." I am not being sarcastic, I am really curious. I am a middle class worker in California, and I pay pretty high taxes throughout the year so I don't have to pay come April. I usually get back a little less than a grand, which is fine . This year, I received a refund from my State Taxes but had to PAY in Federal taxes. All in all I got back about 38.00 bucks (or 36.00 around there, I can't remember I was so angry). Well there is another lie that people bought from this Incompetent President and his Administration, but his VERY rich friends are laughing at us…all the way to the bank.

  • Bernie steps into the Faux News lion’s den and slays the propaganda beast – at least for an hour. 😀

    The Right-wing media will only be defeated if we had an army and an air-force of Bernies!!

    Of course, the spineless Dem party is nowhere to found. So what else is new??

    Cowards always hide. And since they have no weapons or principals, they would get slaughtered in a heartbeat by the Rightwing media.

    The “Do Nothing, Neo-Liberal, establishment conservative Dems would rather re-elect King Trumpo than Bernie. How sad is that???

    I’m making a prediction now.

    Bernie wins POTUS in a landslide and King Trumpo goes to jail!!!! 😀

    You heard it here first….

  • You idiots still dont get do you , Fox is very fair , they dont stock up town halls with only conservstives its always a fair mix , and as you can see it shows true oponions of america

  • He's not a Republican he's not a true Democrat totally different kind of cat that makes scary for both sides politics

  • A Progressive led and controlled House and Senate, with a Bernie Sanders administration that is answerable to the people, NOT 1% billionaires and corporations.

    Get money out of politics.

    You want this?

    vote for it 2020.

  • I had private insurance for 16 years until my employer decided to close down and relocate to another state. Unable to move I took my severance and separated from the company and I have been without health and dental insurance since then. Although I am currently employed, my employer does not offer health or dental insurance. I’m in for Medicare for all!

  • Oh crazy Bernie! He is the least crazy and one of the most sensible senator. Calling him crazy is like calling a huge fat guy tiny.

  • Bernie can’t take the Democratic Party. The DNC will eliminate him like they did in 2016. Even Fox News confronted him on that. He may get passed the first round, but come round 2 with the Super Delegates, I doubt he’ll win.

    Plus why would you support Bernie anymore? Guy has no backbone. The DNC screwed him in 2016 he knows it, Trump knows it, the media knows it and the people know it. Yet he supported the person who screwed him Clinton. Lost all respect for him after that. Why would anyone support a leader who doesn’t support him/herself.

  • Frank Delgrosso says:

    A bit early to call no? I love Bernie but maybe we should take a moment 2 years out to see whats available yeah?

  • Bernie fights for the average working person and not the supermooching 1%. The fuckups at fux cannot even conceive that ethic.

  • You hate your job and have an idea for a small business? Under the current employer provided insurance system you can't just quit because you lose coverage. With M4A you don't have to worry about that.


  • I LOVE..LOVE.LOVE OUR "Crazy BERNIE" I WILL STAND BEHIND. BERNIE..Everyday..Trump should be SCARED because Trump will be feeling the BERN 2020..

  • Jens Boettiger says:

    I wonder if Fox set poor Brett up for that spanking for the sake of ratings. I think they may well have anticipated how it would go. It's not like Murdoch actually likes Donnie.

  • The election of 2020 will most likely be the last time we can take meaningful action on a host of threats and Bernie is my choice for taking us in a new, sustainable direction!

    And, let's make it abundantly clear: It's Immoral to Vote for Republicans or Corporate Democrats!

  • Make government health insurance like public schools. Those who want private insurance should be given the option and shouldn't be required to pay in to the government option. Take medicare, medicaid off income taxes, and replace it with government health insurance. Those who have private health insurance will be exempt. $30 Copays should still be enforced to keep people from wasting money on low level health problems such as back aches, sore muscles, hypochondriacs.

  • Health costs are already skyrocketing because of aging boomers, but it will get much much worse as Millenials can't pay for the costs of a giant generation with high amounts of health problems. The silent generation was easier to pay for due to the population being much lower compared to boomers.

  • A Bernie Bro infiltrator selected the crowd. Whoever did that is a real G. But Im suspicious. Not gonna lie. Maybe this tougher approach is what the right authoritarians need.

  • No matter which corporate cowards will now go on Fox after Bernie's winning evening, they will always be timid copycat FOLLOWERS. Bernie is out front and just as he has ALWAYS been. A REAL LEADER.

  • BETTERWORLD SGT0589 says:

    Once again I say, Bernie Sanders for President!!!
    This time He needs to win! I'm not concerned about His Age, I wish had so much energy!!! He does need a strong Like Minded VP however,
    In case something happened, to continue fulfilling His legislative agenda!!!!

  • Michael Dillabough says:

    This video is garbage,love how you edited the crapout of it.
    Your viewers should mybe watch the entire video,bernie was left speechless on numerous occasions,the guy is a moron
    As a proud canadian all i have to say is ,god bless President Trump
    Savior of the western world.

  • I didn't know who I was going to support. Last election I was a Bernie guy but I was leaving myself open. Then I seen this ? the thing I loved about Bernie I always feel like he's talking TO me not At ME

  • It is very important to realize that the DNC does NOT want a real Progressive running against DJT because their owners do not want it, and they are all bought and paid for. They are looking for Joe or Pete or Beto, all of whom blah blah platitudes with no substance. If Bernie and/or Tulsi and/or maybe even Elizabeth were to win more than enough states to be nominated and the DNC chose one of the others, DJT would win for sure. But Joe and Pete and Beto are there, if for no other reason, to cause the Progressives not to win and therefore to be able to pull out the Super Delegates, which the DNC agreed wouldn't come out on the first ballot, not that their word means much.

  • Emma: More like this please – Bernie 2020! There is a Corp War against everyday people's lives, livelihood & our ideology, which resembles Bernie's Platform. We must WIN – the struggles and crises all around us are too terrible!!!!

  • Stupid, the goverment will.control your health care. They will decide if you are worth treatment. That is my decision.TRUMP.2020

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