Ben Schwartz Plays ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ While Answering Hard Questions! | Heat Vision

Ben Schwartz Plays ‘Sonic the Hedgehog 2’ While Answering Hard Questions! | Heat Vision

– Hello friends, this week we are joined by very special guest, Ben Schwartz, the star of Sonic the Hedgehog. – Wow, your voice changes
totally when you announce things. – I know, it goes up quite high. – Oh my goodness, that was a shock. – [Patrick] We are playing
Sonic the Hedgehog 2. – We sure are, Sonic the
Hedgehog 2, both of us, together. We’re gonna play a video game and have fun on the Genesis Mini. (upbeat music) We missed the Sega, can I
tell a story about something? – Yes, please do, actually, (mumbles). – Oh, I wish I had my phone with me, I could play it for you, but
Jeff Fowler, who’s a director, and I, were recording many,
many times, over and over again, and we thought it’d be funny
if it was my voice saying Sega 10 times over and so.
– Yeah. – So we recorded it and
then it is, of course, not in the movie because it
probably sounded terrible. So if anybody wants to take this audio, and do it five times over, it goes Sega
– Sega. Okay, so we have a whole
bunch of questions. They start off very easy
and then the questions get progressively harder and harder until they’re incredibly hard. – Okay. (upbeat music) – It starts off easy, what was the first video
game that you ever played? – Ooh, it was probably Dig Dug, or Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing, or something like that.
(laughing) You remember that? Oh, we’re in two, so we
can spin-dash, can’t we? – Yes.
– (mumbles). – I’m not going back, sorry. What was your favorite game, growing up? – Of all time? – Yeah. – It probably would’ve been,
oh, I loved A Link to the Past. I thought Zelda was unbelievable. – [Patrick] Is it your
favorite Zelda game? – I don’t know, Ocarina of Time
was pretty incredible, too. I did just beat Breath of the
Wild and Link’s Awakening. – Okay, let’s talk a little bit about Sonic the Hedgehog the movie. Famously, this had a bit of
a redesign of the character. What did that mean for you, did you have to go back
and rerecord more lines? – I can’t tell you how
long this is taking you. This is embarrassing. – I am three seconds behind you. – You’ve got two tails. Two player wins, wait, is it not timed? – No. – Oh, it’s score, see, I’ve
never played versus before. So rings, item box, oh okay,
everything’s gonna change. – That’s where I go back that you were trash talking
and I actually beat you. – Oh okay, you’re right. I’ve beat this game, but I was
by myself, like a lonely boy. By the way, I say lonely boy,
it was a couple weeks ago. (laughing) My biggest thing, why I did that, so we had just finished the movie, right? And we had no idea how
many people actually cared, you know what I mean? And we were really hoping
that when it came out, people would really respond to it, and when the trailer came out,
people would respond to it, and people would be excited, so our hope was like,
let’s see if anybody cares, and then, when it came out, so many people were so passionate, and so excited and had their own ideas, and wanted to talk about
it, that it made us feel incredible that we had
something special that, once we get this out there, and once we tweak it in whatever ways, it could be a really special thing, so. The biggest thing I got
from all of that was that all of these people are really excited to see the movie and there were people that really cared about Sonic as much as me, Jeff, James,
Jim, and all the everybody like. – What did you think of the original design when you first saw it? – What did you think
of the original design? – I was a little bit confused by it. – Oh, very nice answer. – It was a different design, I was not expecting it to look that way. – I am really happy with how it ended up. Oh, you can steal my rings– – [Patrick] Me, too. – I would (mumbles) the final thing, I was really happy with how it turned out, and I feel like I can get stuff here, I was excited by the kind of
way I was playing the voice, very much match with this final design, otherwise, which I am very excited. – [Patrick] Did you
change the voice at all after the redesign? – Yeah, before the redesign, it was this. Hey guys, this is me, Sonic
the Hedgehog, got here first. See, this is what I don’t get. I slow down, I didn’t do much
of anything, and I still win. – I mean, you gotta take it
up with the people at Sonic. Not me, I didn’t make
the rules of the game– – So there you go, let’s do it. Oh here, this is a very
fun aspect of the game. – Oh, this is one of my favorite things. This is also, there’s a bit, in the movie where this is referenced. – There’s a lot of bits in the movie– – Yes. – There’s a lot of little Easter eggs. The bandanas, and we have a Super Smash Brothers reference in it. – I missed that one, what is that? – There’s a pose that Sonic
does that’s very Smash-y, and you know when you’re
on the top of something, Sonic kind of tips over like this– – Yeah. – That is in there as well. And then I have a series
of Jim Carrey references. Not Sonic-related. – Okay, I have more questions for you. – Yeah, I can’t wait. You’re doing great, by the way. – Thank you very much, I appreciate that. – No one would ever know
this is your first interview. (laughing) – Okay, on your social media, recently. – [Ben] Yeah. – People showed you this
image, and you responded to it. – Yes. – I’m trying to distract you right now. Do you understand this now, and what are your thoughts on this image– – [Ben] Can I tell you what I know, and you can tell me how close I am? – [Patrick] Yes, please do. – [Ben] This is off of a video game. There is a TV show called The Witcher. – Yes.
– Correct. And so, The Witcher, it
follows, it seems like a– – A witcher. – Strong guy, what is a witcher? – A warlock, essentially. – Okay, so it’s like a mixture of a witch, and what’s the er part? – That’s him, it’s like his pronoun. – Okay, got it, and I heard,
I haven’t seen the show, this is just me learning
from people tweeting at me, that there’s a very
annoying guy that sings. (laughing) Is that pretty accurate? – Yeah, man, you’re on pace. – Okay, so this is just
me reading tweets, and so, or he sings a lot towards the witcher, and so they said that’s like Jean-Ralphio, and that’s a picture of Jean-Ralphio. – [Patrick] Gotcha. Do you personally affinity for
that picture, do you like it? – I think it’s great,
yeah, it’s a great picture. – Who do you look up to– – Wow, wow, and we’re showing
the screen in this, right? – I lost on that one,
we’ll cut that part out. Who do you look up to and admire, both as an actor and as a comedian? – I think you.
– Thanks. – I try to push my days. I saw you do this Mortal Kombat interview, and my life has never been the same. Oh, you know what, when I started UCB, I really looked up to Amy Poehler. She’s one of the people
who created our theater, along with Matt Besser,
Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, but that whole group is pretty incredible, and that whole, Tina Fey
and all those people, love Will Ferrell, I love
that old school SNL thing, so I feel like everybody likes a version of SNL they grew up with,
so mine would be Farley and Adam Sandler, and stuff like that. – [Patrick] You’ve voiced a
turtle, you’ve voiced a duck, you’ve voiced a little
droid robot named BB-8. – How dare you, yeah. – And now you’ve also voiced a hedgehog. If they all entered the
thunderdome together, who would walk out alive? (laughing) – Okay, well, this is the problem, I don’t think anybody
could catch up to Sonic. How do you beat something you can’t catch? – I don’t know, I’m
asking you the question. – You can’t, Dewey’s like a
adventurer, I think, right? So Leonardo’s actually a ninja, but how do you beat something
that you can’t catch? I think it would probably be Sonic. – So you’re going for Sonic? – Well, yeah, I’m doing press
for Sonic right now, man. (laughing) So whoever the person, tomorrow it may be my character from Space
Force that I think will win. (laughing) – We’ll have you in again tomorrow. BB-8 speaks in beeps. – He sure does. – What does his dialogue
look like on a page? – By the way, there was real
dialogue, did you know that? – I know, that’s my question. – Oh, great question. Thank you for doing research. So, when I did this,
J.J. and I went together and we thought of dialogue
of what he would say. I don’t remember what it was, I remember yelling sometimes
and being really emotional sometimes ’cause the whole
idea of what I was doing was, J.J. said we want a
character that you could feel when he’s happy, you
could feel when he’s sad. So it’s like, I want him to be
able to do all those things, so when I did all of those lines, we were tryin’ to do all the
different emotions and stuff. – So every line for BB-8, then, actually is words written on a page. – Not every line, but
for the first couple. Then we gave it to
Industrial Light & Magic, and when we gave it to
ILM, when it came back, it felt like you could
hear a human saying words, so it was like, eh, maybe this
isn’t the right way to go, so then we used a synthesizer,
then we tried other things, then I went and did a movie
and Bill Hader took over, and then I think J.J. just found an app, and that’s how it all worked out. I literally think that’s
what happened in the end. – What is your BB-8 voice? ♪ What is love ♪ Say it again?
– Pass the next question. What is your BB-8 voice sound like? – It was kinda like, it was– – [Patrick] Can you
give me a little taste? – I think it was similar to my voice, just a little bit higher. – [Patrick] Gotcha. – Because I think he wanted
it to feel like me talking. – All right, speaking of your
relationship with J.J. Abrams, he just signed a very
big deal with Warner. Did we die? – Both of us died, do you know
what embarrassing that is? – We game over’d, oh my God. – Wow, it’s not over though, ’cause the internet’s even harder. It’s hard to and play
a game with someone– – I know, it’s very difficult. – And not worry it, it’s not
about finishing the round, it’s about, oh, okay. – It’s about destroying your–
– Oh (mumbles), yes. I’m not very competitive person at all. – Yeah, but you’re beating me, so. – Yeah, but also, I want you to win ’cause
this is your show. – Yeah, but that makes me feel worse ’cause you are beating me. – Yeah, I guess that makes me feel better. Maybe I am competitive. – Yeah, it seems like it. Your relationship with J.J. Abrams, you wrote some lines for C3PO in– – Yeah.
– The Rise of Skywalker. – I sure did. – You’ve mentioned a couple,
do you have a favorite one– – I also, do you want me
to give you an exclusive? – I do, please do. – Do you want me to give you an exclusive? – Yes, should we get like. – Yeah–
– Lasers and stuff? – I also play Kylo Ren
in Rise of the Skywalker. – I never knew that.
– Yeah, no, in– – See, I thought it was Adam Driver. – Who?
– He’s some actor. – Is that from Girls? (laughing) – No, in episode seven, I also had a line, isn’t that exciting?
– It is exciting. Do you have a favorite line
that you wrote for C3PO? – Yes, well, in seven,
the line that got in was, Han Solo sees Princess
Leia for the first time, and they see each other’s face, and then C3PO’s in between them, and they’re obviously just
looking at each other, and C3PO goes, “Ah, he probably doesn’t
recognize me because of the hand.” That was me. – I like that one, with the red arm. – My favorite one from
nine was when he goes, “What’s the deal with, uh, peanuts?” They’re neither a pea nor a nut.” No, my favorite line for C3PO
in Rise of Skywalker was, they fall down the sand pits. – [Patrick] Yes, yeah, yeah. – And when they fall down,
I believe it was Poe, goes, “Finn, Finn, are you okay, Rey, you okay?” And then C3PO comes in the
background and he goes, “You didn’t say my name, but I’m okay.” – Poor C3PO. – And when I did the line,
I did them as a voice note. On my phone, there’s all these
voice notes of me as C3PO, doing all these weird lines,
where only four out of the 25. – I feel like between the Sega recording, and then the C3PO– – [Ben] A lot of stuff is on my phone. – Your phone has a lot of stuff, yeah. – Yeah, I also randomly have a lot of pictures of you on my phone. – That is very strange–
– It is strange. – Because we’ve never met before, so I’m a bit concerned about that– – Well, you’ve never met me. (laughing) – In Sonic the Hedgehog, you
got to work with Jim Carrey. Do you have a relationship
with Jim Carrey, ongoing? Do you have Jim Carrey’s phone number? – I do not because I wasn’t
on-set when they were filming. I met him, one day–
– Okay. – During filming, and he was lovely, and I asked him about Ace Ventura. It was a joy of joys. And then, during press, I
got to hang out with him. That’s been one of the
coolest things about presses. I have these pictures with Jim Carrey that are like, I can’t wait. ‘Cause it’s like, in high
school, I was like this, there’s all these childhood
dream things are happening. He was unbelievable, and
when he talks to you, he connects with you, he
looks at you in the eyes, and I feel very lucky to
have gotten to work with him and James Marsden, and Tika Sumpter, but I mean, Jim was like an
idol of mine, growing up. – Okay, now we get into the really, really hard questions here. – Oh, wow. – If there’s an edge of the universe, what do you think is at it? – Well, that’s a good question. Tell me, define what the
edge of the universe is. You’re talking about the entire thing, you’re saying it’s not
all expanding or whatever. It, in fact, ends. – Yes, I’m saying there’s a
finite amount of universe. – And so, when it ends– – When I come to that last exit, on the universe freeway, what is that? – I know what it is. – Okay, tell me. – I researched this. – [Patrick] Really,
okay, you’ve been there? – My major was end of the universe stuff. – Oh okay.
– Yeah. – Whoa.
– Damn. – Whoa, take a screenshot! Somebody take a screenshot! Someone take a screenshot. I mean, there’s not one thing
that you even came close with. – That one’s really bad,
I’m a gaming editor. I just wanna put that out
there that this is my job. (laughing) – It’s you job?
– Yeah. – Oh, I do know what’s there. – [Patrick] Yeah, what’s
at the end of the universe? – Have you ever seen the end of Lost? – [Patrick] Yes, I did. – It’s that, but Jeff Goldbloom’s face. – Does he say somethin’? – Well, it goes out far enough
where you see the entire. So you come to the edge of the universe– – Oh, okay, I see what you’re saying. – And it’s just Jeff Goldbloom. – Yeah.
– You look into his eye, and it’s a whole ‘nother
universe, like Men in Black. – Wow. – Yeah, yeah, and then in that universe, you go in, and it’s
Gilbert Gottfried’s eye, and you go into that, this
is gonna blow your mind– – And it just keeps going with famous– – No, it goes back to Jeff
Goldbloom, and that’s how– – Oh, okay, I see it. – That’s how the universe is infinite. – Is that another exclusive,
can we exclusive tag that one? – Boosh. (humming) – The last question, it’s
probably the hardest one we have. – This is the last question? – Yeah, I know, I’m sorry. At the end of Inception, do you think Cobb is still in a dream? – I, no joke, put this in a movie of mine. – [Patrick] Really, okay. – Yes, I just ruined a line
in a movie that I wrote. But literally, one of the
things that someone says is that they don’t understand
the end of Inception for that exact reason. I’m gonna just namedrop right now. – [Patrick] Please do. – You heard of the WGA? I’m in the WGA and a part
of WGA is they often give me the scripts for movies that are nominated, so when Inception was
nominated, I went to the script to see if the top had fell down or not. – And what did you find there? – I found that they didn’t
give me a Goddamn answer. – Wow, so Nolan doesn’t
even know what happened. – I’m sure Christopher Nolan has an idea of what happened in his movie, but I don’t think he wanted to tell it. I think it’s whatever we wanted. What did you want to happen? – Personally, I like to think that it does fall over and he’s
not in a dream anymore. – Can I–
– ‘Cause I’m an optimist. – This is gonna be crazy, I
actually do know what it means. – Okay. – Do you want me to tell you? – Is it involve Gilbert
Gottfried in any way? – No, what are you talking about– – I don’t know, I just– – Where did that even come from? No, do you wanna know what it’s about? – I do. – Okay, this is gonna blow your mind. – I’m ready.
– What was the question? – Is Cobb still in a dream
at the end of Inception? – Oh, I know the answer. – [Patrick] Okay, you’re
taking your time answering. – Do you wanna know it? – I do, yes, that’s why I asked. – I’m afraid you can’t handle it. – I’m putting down the controller. – What was the question again? – The question was, at the
end of Inception, 2010 film. It starred Leonardo DiCaprio, it was directed by Christopher Nolan. – Yes. – Is Cobb, the character
played by Leonardo DiCaprio, still in a dream? – Okay, I’ll tell you the answer. Do you think you can handle it? – [Patrick] I’m ready. – Okay, the answer is that he wakes up, from the dream, and the whole time it’s been his character
from Catch Me If You Can. – That’s mind-blowing,
so it was a long con. – Can I be honest?
– Yeah. – Do you want me to
tell you how that ends? – I do. – And that’s a dream
within a dream, of course, ’cause we’re in an inception, and so that character wakes up, and it’s him dying in Titanic. – A lot of your answers are kind of like a thing that pulls out
to be another thing– – How dare you.
– I feel like. – Look at the screen, tell
everybody what you do. – I review video games
and I cover video games. – So you play video
games, probably, right? – Yeah, a lot. – Look at the screen for a second. This is the second, we
call this a Full Monty. Do you see this?
– Yeah. – That’s 1Ps all the way through. – That’s a Full Monty. – That’s a Full Monty, we got five 1Ps. – Yeah, I understood the
reference, thank you. Can I do my outro now, is
that okay with you, Ben? – I’ll do.
– All right, please do. – Guys, thank you so much for watching Video Games & Ben, and this is what we do. Look at for the updates, and subscribe to my channel. Also, I got a vlog, it’s
PatrickTalks at Gmail, backslash, Tumblr, hyphen,
you know what to do with it. – You have been stalking me. – Yep, and also, if you
don’t mind, I got three cats. They’re a real mess, so I’m thinking about writing
a whole movie about ’em. One of ’em’s name is
Frankie, the other one, his name is Suze, the
other one’s name is Jhizet. They hang out, they make
cupcakes for each other. It’s like Cupcake Wars meets cats. Not the movie, mine. Anyway, you can follow me,
my soc is zero, four, six, three, nine, five– – Okay, I’m gonna stop you right there. And also check out Sonic
the Hedgehog in theaters, a movie that I really
enjoyed, Ben Schwartz. – Thanks, I really liked it, too. – Yeah, it was a great movie. – I’m in it, and it’s been fun. Oftentimes, you have to
do press for everything. – Yeah. – But I really, I’m proud of this movie. I like this movie, I think
Jim Carrey’s great in it. – [Patrick] I do, too. – I think the script was great, I think Jeff Fowler did a great job. I’m really happy with how Sonic
looks and the world looks. February 14th, when do you
think this is coming out? – Probably that date,
so go see that movie. – What? What are you watching this for? And you made it this far in the video? Go see it, man. (upbeat music)


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