Behind the Score | IU Jacobs School of Music and The Media School

Behind the Score | IU Jacobs School of Music and The Media School

But we are going to start in Scene 10 Bar 278 like we did last night. A very nice long, 2-3 minute run it’s great for the mics, good
rehearsing for you and John. We’ll do it several times. Alrighty. A few of these that I heard that I think, are
really- are the kind of, the right tone we’ve talked about musical tone and just
what is the right kind of tone for this movie. It has to do with size and scope… I had started, and still run
a summer film scoring program called Palomar Film Scoring Workshop
out in California I’ve had seven Jacobs students now take
the workshop. When they come back to school, they’ve told their teachers about
it, they’ve invited me to come and give a presentation here a couple times which I’ve done, and then a nationwide-search happened that they really wanted to
start this new film and media scoring program. I just think this is really good,
this is what Rod does so well this whole thing in the last reel… Ryn: As a composer,
I’ve always had an interest in film music. I think film music is really
special because it allows for collaboration in a way that concert
music doesn’t. It seem like Larry and the program as a whole would really be able
to help me develop my skills to a level where I could do that more effectively. So I, as a freshman, I called him on the phone and I said “hey can I get special
permission?” And I don’t know why, but he said yes. So I’ve been working with Larry as a result for about two years now. So this is a great training ground for people that want to get into the scoring aspect
of the world. This includes on the Jacobs side, it is the audio engineering students, the media side, like I said, with filmmakers and their game programs that they’re building as well. Also, I also equally interface with the IU Cinema,
where we have combined efforts between media and Jacobs. Thank you, next. My name is Jared O’Brien, I’m an audio
engineering and sound production major and I’ve worked with Larry Groupé on some of his productions. I think I’ve been given a really great opportunity here to both hone my skills and further my network. We’re gonna do this whole last section it’s
a great three-minute run to set mics, everybody plays, kazoos, all kinds of
things happen. Great way to set the mics, and then once that’s happy, we’ll just do it and start taping. Hello everybody can you hear me? Hippocrates, could you give us an A,
please? Let’s tune and start our rehearsal. The Vickers Award is given to
a student who shows high achievement in his field. And that starts a long process
over a year and a half to write an entire score for a silent film of
Vickers’ choosing, the composition student,
in this case, being John Griffith. Our department, the Audio Engineering Sound Production Department creates the pre-production plans to get the recording in the Joshi studio here, then that is premiered at the cinema with the live players playing along to picture. It’s just really amazing to see all of these new things to learn and new ways
to prepare yourself for the real world. I know a lot of the future teachers
personally and they’re all really great. So, it’s- it’s really exciting to see
what’s what’s coming especially now that the program is- is an actual set of degrees that you can you can major in that’s really cool. At the end of the semester, we culminate
with a completely professional, LA-style Hollywood recording session with the click-track, the headphones,
the projected images, the real industry standard procedures. Professor Groupé has been really really
supportive throughout my whole time here at Jacobs. His advice is always very, very helpful. Hearing back to you what you’ve been
hearing in your head, and that transition from “this is what I want it to be” to that moment of
“oh, it’s starting to be what I actually want it to be.” That’s, that’s a really incredible moment. Great, thank you guys so much, that
sounded awesome! Yeah right of course, fantastic. Give yourself a ten minute break and then we’re moving onto Cole Swaney, is the next one, Cole Swaney.


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