Behind the Scenes of the RTÉ Newsroom

Behind the Scenes of the RTÉ Newsroom


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  • Erinyes Poine says:

    No overworked underpaid life savers here!    Did someone mention patronising but intimidating adverts for license fees? No?     Previously.  Sharon somebody says goodbye to somebody….a Dobbo.(who seemingly  thinks suspenders make him look like a real investigative journo' )   Hey I'm bryan with a WHY?.   Bring in the intellectually inpaired -but not oo close!  Snap!     Eileen 'lazyeye' Dunne even says says 'kiddo' when she says bye to Anne 'I'm a hottie but really a hidden frigid cat nut' .     2018.  On a slow day, I lose time revisiting Oirish Tv.   2 SIMPLETONS despite their wages being quadruple that of a Aeronautical Test Pilot, nightly despised each other like a snale with a spider–  -now they cosy up for a final *******.  So bad; you would have to review Will Ferrell as a documentary!  Jaysus!.   I typed in RTE into Google , to see whether good ol Don Cockburn was still around!    Another vid -infra.    ps.  I can't go on!
    . Wait for someone called Cathy Millner journal 'alling' that some victim in a rape trial was 'gently probed' by the prosecution. Back to you Dumbo! Dats Dobbo the ex-anchor! . Dat was 1991. Tings havn't changed. Except poly ticks and me' dy'ya are worse but exponentially richer in pocket. T' udder day in 2018…I tell ya   ps.  Kenny of the Gorse Hill squatters Ass. was a sign to switch permanently to BBC Radio4.     No need for TURD bodies!!!

  • 4:42 – One of the smallest studios in RTE is home to all of their national news output – Studio 3 at just over 700 Sq Ft. Tiny compared to other broadcasters. I even think TV3 in Ireland have a larger news studio in their newly refurbished Studio One.

  • Kenith Olson says:


    Recently read "The SmartPhone Comes of Age" in Jan/Feb 2017 ProMovieMaker. It said you are using an iPhone 6+ for your videos. Is this for all of them or only some like "The Collectors"?

    PS I thought "The Collectors" was Excellent!!! never would have guessed you used a 6+.


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