38 thoughts on “Begging for food in Venezuela – BBC News”

  • Denny Pitchdark says:

    What happen to the land ,has people forgotten to live off the land smh …stop relying on government to do shit an safe your families….

  • Girl In Black says:

    While here I eat a lot,good food everyday with milk,juice,rice,meat and vegetables 😢😢

    Be strong people,hope someday rich ppl will helping them for food and clean water 😑

  • These devils cause the destruction to these people for the past 20 years putting embargo and economic blockade just so the government can look bad they have continuously done this to every third world countries and they would never tell you the truth all lies lies lies they are the border of wickedness all they want is the natural resources and their oil you don’t need to go to Venezuela just go in your own backyard in London with all the homelessness and poverty you people stole 1.2 billion dollars from the Venezuela people and government and all the other billions the USA has also stolen from the country why don’t you talk about what is really causing the hunger instead you people continue to spread lies just like the entire news media is nothing but a propaganda machine the entire colonial powers are all working together to destroy the people and government behind closed doors and then blame it on the government what a shame with your fake news you can only fool the people that watch the fake news but God would do everything you people have done to all your so-called former colonies I called it so-called because the people are still not free from their colonial masters the Bible tells us what’s goes around comes back around judgement day is coming very soon no empire have ruled for ever study history it’s all written in the one and only true book the Bible shalom

  • The People are also a Failure , what wrong with growing food , Venezuela has very good soil to grow food , like Bananas , Yuca, soy , Beans , Tomatoes , Mangoes , , bell peppers , cabbage, arugula , spinach, cassava,,and the list go on , one chicken will give a flock of chicken , all this can be done and not depend on your Government so much to feed you .

  • The US caused none of this, the people accepted socialism and this is the end result…..where has all the financial aid gone to that we send for your poor??? They know where it went into the politicians hands and they allowed it to happen!!!

  • No tengan lastima, miren como tienen de hijos….No siembran… No hacen nada… Asi me enseñaron ten los hijos que puedas mantener y si no puedes mantenerte no pongas a sufrir a un niño eso es maltrato.

  • Wow, it is a shame these poor babies are hungry. This is not exclusive to Venezuela, it's everywhere. There are hungry kids right here in my neighborhood, but…. .do I have a way of helping? Nope. I have to leave it to the government to take tax money and feed the hungry. Of course, we have food banks that are sponsored in part by religious groups. There is something conflicting there with the grocery store. Jimmy Dore showed a reporter in VZ telling a different story.

  • Brenda Gabourel says:

    It's so hearth breaking to watch families need food .sometimes we throw away left overs.and seeing people God I ask that u intervene and blessed the families that is affected.prsying that people who have means in Venezuela will help feed the poeple.

  • "WOE BETIDE" any corrupt evil wicked CRUEL oppressive government/local authority that "MURDERS its own civilians/BABIES and young CHILDREN rendering single mothers/parents HELPLESS!!! "GOD SEES "EVERYTHING!!!

  • I have heard of Venezuelans eating old, rotten meat, and scrounging through garbage dumps for scraps of food. Maduro is well fed.

  • totalAnimelover99 says:

    No secret many countries were destroyed by economic giants in history unfortunately it is happening everyday

  • Que reportero tan estupido: loque se ve no se pregunta claro estå el sufrimiento del pueblo: el dictador no le importa nada

  • Mieka Degerness says:

    This is Very Very Sad , When a Person Stops and Thinks about , Just How Much Food is Thrown away on a Daily Bases in Grocery Stores Other Country's or by the Wealthier People . Even the so called queens Dogs eat what ever and Catered to . This is Very heart braking . But this Does Happen all over the World . It Happens in Our Own Areas . But Many close their Eyes and Heart to it . Not wanting to See it Nor Hear about it

  • Derrick Smith says:

    All because of the countries' major export and economy driver ..OIL..prices collapsed and then there economy collapsed.

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  • Lech WOJ Chevalier says:


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