Bebe Rexha Claps Back At Body Shamers With Words Of Empowerment: ‘A Number Doesn’t Define You’

Bebe Rexha Claps Back At Body Shamers With Words Of Empowerment: ‘A Number Doesn’t Define You’

– All right, Bebe is
so open about her life. I loved, I LOVED, this tweet you wrote before the Grammys I believe about designers who said she
was too big for them to dress, her tweet literally said: I’m sorry, I had to get this of my chest. If you don’t like my
fashion or style or my music that’s one thing. But don’t say you can’t dress someone that isn’t runway size. We are beautiful any size! Small or large! And my size eight ass is
still going to the Grammys. LOVE YOUR BODY. (applause and cheering) First of all! – Wait, size eight ,
size eight on a good day you know what I’m talking about? – Okay cause I was about
to be like: First of all! Yeah I know , (blows raspberry)
the burden of size eight it’s so hard. (audience and Keegan laugh) The burden. – But, they make , they
make outfits size 0 – [Kelly] I’m just kidding with you – [Keegan] Look at that!
– [Bebe] They do! (Audience cheering and clapping ) – [Keegan] You’re beautiful!
[Bebe]They bring you.. They bring you this tiny things! – Yeah I know, yeah – Nothing fits in fittings,
did you ever go to fittings? – Hell yes!
– And they bring all these designer things that they make in like
size 0, and its like, I can’even get on like one leg. And they’re like it fits,
I’m like it doesn’t fit. And then I put it on and then I rip it, and then you gotta buy it! – Here’s the thing , its not that anybody is
against skinny people, it’s just we are for all people! – We love all bodies
– Yeah exactly yeah – Yeah (audience applauding and cheering) – Exactly! – And like have you, do
guys get that at all? Do y’all get pressure at all? – We don’t , get a lot of pressure. I think that’s more a thing
that happens more in sports like if guys.. It’s about getting bigger and
bigger and bigger and bigger but we tipically don’t. It’s a real double
standard, we don’t get it. All of the , the value that
should be put in somebody should just simply be put in, What they do, and the
essence of who they are. – It’s not a number – It’s not a number you can’t quantify it. – Yeah – I think people feel comfortable when they can quantify something. And you can’t quantify. – I say it every day for my show. Cause you know the shows are always like young girls , young guys , you know or daughters with their…
mothers and daughters. And I say it every
night on my show , I say I don’t care what anybody has told you a number doesn’t define you. – Yeah – And I think its very important
for my fans to know that I’m not trying to be that, I don’t care it’s like … – Girl and you have BANGING body… (audience cheering loudly ) – I’m like


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