Beauty and the Beast – Mixed Media Nail Art – Hand Painted, 3D Acrylic, 3D Hard Gel Design

Beauty and the Beast – Mixed Media Nail Art – Hand Painted, 3D Acrylic, 3D Hard Gel Design

– Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails and in this video we’re going to do ♫ Beauty and the Beast (lively instrumental music) We did a sneak peek of these
Beauty and the Beast nails on the Live feed, so check
us out for more live videos. We’re going to be doing that more often. So we’re gonna do Beauty and the Beast with hand painted nail art 3D nail art, embossed with metallics and all kinds of shizzamanizz going on. So I started with some nails
on nails or screws on nails. And put them into a sanding block then I removed the shine from the nails. If you’re wondering how I secured the tips to the nails or screws whatever you want to call them I just used some clear acrylic
and just band it on the back so they were secure, and
put them into a block. So it was a lot easier for
me to paint on all together. Then I got some poly colour paints. So I’ve got black, I’ve got like a really dark blue, a mid blue and white. I am gonna clean over the tips. I want to get rid of any of that dust. Don’t want no dusty nails. If there’s dust on the nails when I go to paint them, it will show up. And then this is the messy part. You’re just gonna put
the mid blue at the top darker blue at the bottom and
then we will use a fan brush. You need to make sure you’ve
got enough paint on there. Don’t let it dry because
we’ve got to fan this. So the reason that the nails are far apart is so I can get all
the curves of the nail. So I’ll get down the sides. If I left the nails quite close together I wouldn’t be able to get down the sides. Just I need a little bit more paint on and I put that onto the brush directly so I could then blend them. They’re quite easy colours to blend because they are both blue and one’s just slightly
darker than the other. Now I’ve got a bit of sponge and used that to stipple in some snow. Because there’s a little
bit of snow going on in Beauty and the Beast. And I’ve got a really big stippling sponge that I use in my makeup tutorials and just did bigger dots with that. And I’ve watered down the paint to create more of a softer white. And I’m just mapping out the moon. This is going to be a
moon as the centre point. And I literally keep dragging the brush backwards and forwards just
to create little highlights. The lowlights will be,
those shadows will be the blue that’s behind stuff so you don’t have to
add anything else to it to make it shaded. I’m just gonna put the
bottom of the moon in. And then I add a little
bit towards the top just because I felt like it
needed something at the top and it wasn’t framed, so I added a wash and then a stronger white
towards the top as well. So it just got, it just needed something. I didn’t like the fact that it was quite just plain at the top. Then once that was all done and dried I added the Urban Graffiti
Gel Polish Top Coat. Give that a cure. Now you can see that I’ve
placed the nails close together. That’s gonna make it a lot easier for when I come to paint the nails. So I’m just mapping out the glass that the rose is encased in. And also the Beast, just mapping out where the Beast’s face is gonna be. So the centre point is the moon but then you’ve got the rose at the bottom and on either side of the
moon will be the characters. So I’m mapping out where her arms will be. I’ll see a neck and a face. It’s really important to map it out first because any mistakes can. When you do it with a wash,
you can adjust any mistakes. Just like I did then. And then, where the moon is is going to be a silhouette of the castle where the Beast lives, or the Prince. He once was a Prince and then. [Male Speaker] He once was a
Prince and all of his cutlery. – [Kirsty] Oh everything just changed. I mean it’s quite a magical, really. – [Male Speaker] Enchanted. – [Kirsty] Oh not magical, it’s enchanted. So I start off by doing a dark grey and then a mid grey just to
do any little highlights. Just so you really can tell it’s a castle and not just some pointy
little things sticking up. Because I’ll see, wouldn’t
it look like trees? And I didn’t want it to look like trees I wanted it to look like a castle. So and then I just went in and highlighted some of the sections of the castle. Just to make it look more
castle-like and not tree-like. Because if there’s anything. Oh these kind of look like trees. And then just blend
that bottom section in. I added some more snow. I do need to seal that with the Urban Graffiti Gel Polish Top Coat. And then I used flesh tint which is a colour from the poly
colour acrylic paints range. This is a perfect colour for
skin, I love this colour so much. I have searched high and low to find a really good flesh colour because I love doing portraits and I always have to mix
a colour for the base and it’s quite annoying,
and this is great. I can just use this colour and
do a couple of layers of it just to build that opaqueness up. And then once that is dry,
then we can add more detail. Obviously the Beast will
need some kind of base. So I mixed, I did mix this colour. I mixed like a dirty beige. Not saying the Beast is dirty but we know we needed like
a dirty beige background. And then slowly I started to
add highlights on Belle’s face. This is really to just map
out where her features are. But it’ll also help with
bringing those features to life. And then, and oh my God! That drip’s not gonna fall, is it? Oh and I get rid of that drip. (laughing loudly) So slowly I’m gonna add shadowing. You can see that the nose is
starting to take its shape and the mouth is as well. I’ve done some shading
under the neck as well to make that jawline stand out. A shoulder just creep onto the other nail. So I’ve just marked
where I’m gonna put that. And I’m slowly going to
deepen the colours that I used to bring out her features. Now most of the time I’m using
a really watered down colour because I prefer to use
it quite weak and watery and then keep adding depth to it. And that’s how I would
paint anything with detail. I would always start paler and then work the darkness into it. And I really wish I was
that fast at painting because oh my God,
imagine what I could do. – [Male Speaker] This took eight hours. – [Kirsty] Eight hours for
three nails, oh my God! – [Male Speaker] Eight
hours of three nails of just heads down working. – [Kirsty] Well I do enjoy that. This is like one of the first
really voiceovers we’ve done. Well, I prefer doing it this way when I’m doing these so detailed because I can really
crack on with the work and I can really lose
myself within the artwork. So now I’m just adding the eyebrows and also going in a little
bit darker around the eyes just to edge those out,
add any shading to the eye and the eye sockets of course as well. And then the nose, just to
really make that come to life because we try to make this
look as realistic as we can. And highlighting with
a little bit of white I feel like I’m doing
a makeup tutorial here because I’m highlighting and lowlighting. A bit of contouring going on. – [Male Speaker] Her
eyebrows are on fleek. – [Kirsty] Her eyebrows
are definitely on fleek! (laughing loudly) I’m constantly looking
at a picture of Belle while I’m doing this. This is not done out of my head. When I’m doing portraits I do need to look at a
picture of a real person so I can see where the shadows are or the highlights as well. And that’s what makes it come to life. So if you look at it now everything really is taking its shape. The eye really is, the nose,
I mean the shadows on the jaw. And then I’m gonna go
in and do a hairline. Just using the very tip of the brush to get those fine hairs. Using that same colour,
which is a dark brown I’m gonna do some of the hair and also add a little bit
of shading to the temple. Not forgetting her ear
that sticks out of her hair because she’s got it like
delicately swooshed back. And I’m sure she’s got a
fancy little grip in there somewhere, like a bobby pin. – [Male Speaker] Bobby
pin, is that a real thing? – [Kirsty] That’s a real name, yeah. That’s a real hairdressing pin. And now for the lips. Adding in shading there. And in the eyes, I add a
little bit of highlight just to make them look wet. Because you wouldn’t want dry eyes. Dry eyes would not be good. Add here a lip colour,
which is quite natural. It’s a natural lip colour,
it’s not red or bright pink. Don’t forget, we need a bit
of shading on that as well. She’s got a really nice
cupid’s bow on her lip. Then we’re gonna add
the colour of her dress. Now this is just the
colour, and at that point I look at her arm and I
think wow, she has a fat arm. So I know that I need to do
some serious shading with that. So yeah, we just gonna add the yellow in. A nice pale yellow. I do mix a few different yellows to give that some more depth later on. Now it’s time for the Beast. I really actually enjoyed doing him. I think because he’s not like a human being, person face thing. I found it, I don’t know,
a little bit easier maybe. – [Male Speaker] But even to do the fur? – [Kirsty] Yeah. – [Male Speaker] Because I
mean that’s really detailed. Like so many brush strokes. – [Kirsty] Well the fur is done with those tiny little strokes and you can see that I’m just using the very, very tip of the brush. And that’s gonna give those
tiny, tiny little strokes. I do use washy soap either. I mean I watered down the paints and we slowly bring the colour just like I did with Belle’s face. And we slowly gonna add more depth. Mapping out where the
eye is with a soft grey. And then I slowly just keep adding more colour and more fur-like strokes. So you can see now why that
background’s quite important to be like a pale, dirty colour. And I’m just making the rest of his fur by just doing lots and lots and lots of little strokes with that brush. Adding depth to it because his
face is paler than the fur. At this point, I started
to look at him and thought. Hmm, you look like
Chewbacca out of Star Wars. So I was like hmm. I was like yeah, I need to make this definitely more Beast-like. But I do think, oh well
he’s going to have horns and once I add the
horns, he will definitely look like the Beast and
not Chewie from Star Wars. However, it’s give me an idea. I think we need to do
some Star Wars nails. I’m now adding some blue for his beautiful little outfit that he has on. He has this gorgeous little outfit. And he’s got on his outfit really delicate scrolly-like, filigree kind of pattern which you know I love doing. And this is all over his
outfit, which is lovely. So we just add that in. And then I will need to shade that. So I shade that just to add a bit of depth and make it look more realistic. Sealing all that with the Urban Graffiti Gel Polish Top Coat. Giving that a cure as always. And this is where I’m gonna
use some of the yellows that I was talking about that I mixed. Just to add some detail
to her little dress. So you can see on my thumb,
I have lot of little colours and when I’m painting something like this. I tend to go home covered in paint because I use my hands and
my thumb to mix colours on. I even have paint on my face
actually by the end of this. And now we can thin this
arm, add the shading. So again I’m using a
wash to add the shading. Add some more definition to her arm. Obviously we don’t want
to make it look like she’s a super heavyweight but we need to make her look
more elegant and female-like. So she has a nice thin arm. And then we’re gonna add the
shading all around that arm. Not forgetting the length
as well, so we have forearm. I mean, I haven’t done her hands. Not that she doesn’t have
hands, because she does. But I know that part
is going to be covered by part of the design, so I don’t need to paint something that’s not needed. And then add a little bit of
highlight as well, with white. And I keep adjusting it because I’m a little
bit of a perfectionist. And then go in with her necklace. Which I definitely used really
watered down wash for that. I just used the very tip of the brush. Added some little
details, full of pendants that’s on the necklace. And then I’m gonna seal
all that once it’s dry. Make sure it’s dry. Seal it all with the Urban
gRaffiti Gel Polish Top Coat. I love putting this over
the top of portraits because look at that, bam! It makes it look even better! I don’t even know how it works. Maybe because it’s shiny or the light penetrates through better but everything just looks
so soft, it looks amazing. I did forget that her arm creeps
over onto that middle nail so I did have to add that in afterwards and I have to keep checking
the line up for that as well. Now, I don’t know what to call this. It’s the Enchanted Rose,
is encased in this glass. So it’s like, I don’t know
what you would call it. Like a piece of glass
over the top of the rose. – [Male Speaker] Comment
below if you know. – [Kirsty] Yeah, comment below if you know what this is called. I call it a globe, but it’s not a globe because it’s not round. It looks like an upside-down wine glass. – [Male Speaker] You would think of wine. – [Kirsty] I’m now going to
make the stem for the rose. I had no idea how long I was gonna do this so I just did it longer than I required. Rolling that in the backing paper and then I added loads of little leaves. While they were wet, I’d
let that adhere to the stem. And I give a little bend to it here and I was gonna put the rose on top but then I actually changed my mind. And you’ll see that further on. So I’m making the petals for the rose. I am gonna fold and roll that first one and make it the centre of the rose. And then all the little petals
will wrap around that centre. And it was so small that I did have to pick it up in my hands and
put it between my nails because I just was struggling a little bit because it was so small. I give it a roll and just how
they’re in between my fingers. I found that much easier
to put the petals on. So you can see that I
shortened the stem down and made the leaves even smaller. Everything was just a little bit too big. I’m gonna secure that on top
of the nail with sculpture gel. Sculpture gel will hold it,
but I do have to be careful. I need to put it in the lamp and make sure it’s not
going to move anywhere. Ad then I added some
detail to that glass thing that I don’t know the name of. Because it’s all like
got cut glass at the top. It’s all like really delicate. So you can see why I have to
paint in the background first because if I did it just in gel you wouldn’t see really
any detail of that. Because it’s just on a dark background. Adding the detail of the
hand painting behind it makes it jump out and makes it look even more detailed than it is. I’m like, oh, a dark
one a little bit there. Like pick up and then bang and then lump. And I just keep adding a little bit because look how perfectionist I am. I just want it a little bit higher. And then I encapsulate the whole thing with builder gel, and I
also use sculpture gel. First of all use builder gel so it sinks in to all
the recesses of the rose because I want the rose to
look like it’s inside a glass. I know we’re encapsulating it here and it’s not encapsulated in
the film, it’s actually inside. But this is the only way I
could figure out to do it. I turn the tip upside down so the gel wouldn’t slip down with the gravity. Once I’m happy with that,
I can put it in the lamp and give it a full cure. Then I use the sculpture gel to really sculpt out a better shape. Make it high enough so
it covers that rose. Now you can see why I didn’t
do the rose any bigger. Because if it was bigger I would not have been able to do this. I’m refiling the shape
with my electric file. You’ve got to be careful when you do this. You do not want to hit the rose inside. This is why you’ve got to
make sure that dome of acrylic that’s over the top of it is high enough. – [Male Speaker] Gel. – [Kirsty] Gel. Did I say acrylic? – [Male Speaker] Yeah. – [Kirsty] I mean gel, I’m
so sorry guys, it’s gel. So yeah, and it’s really easy to e-file because it’s so soft. So it’s easy to sort of file it into the shape that you want. Obviously I tried to make it as close to the shape as I could
with the brush and the gel. But then it just needed
a little bit of filing just to perfect it. And then I’m buffing it with a white block to smooth it even more. And at the minute, you
can’t really see the rose even when I clean it up with the gel residue wipe-off solution. You can’t really see,
but when I top coat it you will see it. Before I top coat it, I’m
going to add some more detail because when I Googled images of this. I noticed that it had
quite a lot of detail and they were like, sort
of like swirling leaves that are creeping up from the bottom. And on the actual image,
they are cut into the glass. Obviously I can’t do that, that’s more. So this part is just inspired by the design that is cut into the glass that surrounds the Enchanted Rose. And because this is curved and not flat I have to keep checking what I’m doing. And if I didn’t like
something that I put on. So if I painted a part of
it and I didn’t like it I would take it off with a brush. You can use gel residue wipe-off solution. That’ll take the paint off. Or you can use a brush
dipped in acrylic liquid. That works too. So I’m just using the
very tip of the brush. This is watered down white. It’s not just how it comes
straight out the tube. And then again using that very tip just to add those tiny
little feathery leaf things. I don’t know what they were but this is just inspired by that design. I think the paint on the outside will also make it look
more three dimensional. I’m gonna seal all that in with the Urban Graffiti Gel Polish Top Coat. And then you will able to see the rose. How pretty is that? Now for the horns for the Beast. He is a horny devil. (laughing loudly) – [Male Speaker] Got the horns. – He’s got the horn. And I was thinking, ah
I need to do this horn. But it needs to go onto the other nail. So I need to sort of make that longer so it fits onto the other nail as well because it will cross over
on to the middle nail. So I’m just getting the base first. And then I’ve got a sculpting foam behind. On the sculpting foam, I can
then carry on with the horn. And that’ll cross over
onto the other nail. I’m literally just
holding that foam behind. This part is the top part of the horn that comes out of his head. And it actually, it’ll
scoop over behind his head so you won’t see the rest of it. So you can see now how that connects across to the other nail. I’m using a 3D brush now because
I’m gonna do some detail. So I put a little bit on there and then I’m going to do all
these little indentations because his horns have these
grooves all through them. So I just add that in
with the tip of the brush and you can also use the
very tip of a cuticle pusher. That also works as well. And I’m gonna do that all
the way across on that horn. I’ve also done it on that little tiny part of that other horn as well. And then I’m gonna paint it brown. As I paint it, the paint
will set inside the recesses. So all of those little
grooves that I’ve done it’ll set inside there. So the paint does need to be
quite wet so it falls into it. I’m cleaning up with an acrylic
brush with some monomer on. By monomer, I mean acrylic liquid. And then I’ve got like a beige colour and I dry brush over the top of his horns to bring out all those
little grooves that we did. And then I go in and dry
brush with white as well to add even more highlight, so
it looks even more realistic. On a sculpting foam, I then
use the fantastic metallics. Now these are from the Urban
Graffiti Gel Polish range and they’re metallics,
and they’re super thin. They will air dry, but they dry better in a UV lamp or a LED
lamp because it’s warm so it will force it to
dry a little bit quicker. So I’m gonna do a nice coat
of that just on the foam. I found it worked better
on the actual foam rather than the backing paper. So that all needs to be dry
before I do the next part. I’m using sculpture gel here
to do a filigree design. I will flash cure as
well, as and when needed. So I’m just using a detailing brush just to do these swirly whirlies. So once that all cured, I then rub it with a wipe that has acetone on. Now you can see one of those swirly whirly filigree
things wobbling about. That’s one that I tried earlier. I tried to clean it with gel
residue wipe-off solution and that didn’t quite work. It definitely works
better with the acetone. And then look at that. You pick it up and it’s all coloured! And I love the fact that you get all those shadows and
highlights, it’s so embossed. Even though the colour
is on the background the gel on top gives
it all that dimension. I’ve put a little bit of brush-on glue. Put that on, and then
this is really fiddly. And drove me around the bend a little bit. So you do need some patience. Just got to place it onto the glue. And then here, I’m just figuring out where I’m gonna put that one. And then I can put the
glue where is needed. Don’t just cover the
bottom of the nail in glue. Put it only where you’re going
to put your filigree pieces. Like I said, it’s a little bit fiddly. No, don’t fall, don’t fall! Definitely need tweezers to add those on. And do exactly the same on
the other side with the Beast. And then I add some tiny,
tiny crystals to the filigree because it needs some
little crystals on there. It’s not sparkly yet. And then I thought, hmm it
needs some big stones as well. So I put some larger
stones where that filigree sort of grows out of the
nail in its magical way. I hope you’ve enjoyed that. I’ve really enjoyed doing that. I love Beauty and the Beast and I saw the trailer the other day on the big screen in a cinema,
and absolutely loved it. So we’ve used lots of
different techniques. So we’ve got the gel doing the embossing with the metallics. And also, we’ve made a dome as if the rose is
encapsulated inside the dome. What did you call it? A magical, enchanted,
enchanted rose it is. What’s the difference between
magical and enchanted? Isn’t it the same thing? – [Male Speaker] I don’t know actually. – We’ve done 3D work. I do love doing portraits
and things like that because it challenges me,
and I like to be challenged. So I hope you’ve enjoyed the video. Don’t forget, down below, description box. All the products will be there. Give this a thumbs up. Comment below if you’ve enjoyed the video and you like it, and it’s helped you. Don’t forget to subscribe and check us out on
Facebook and Instagram. And I’ll see you in the next video. Buh bye! (lively instrumental music)


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