BBC’nin Kıbrıs harekâtıyla ilgili programı 44 yıl sonra ilk kez yayında

BBC’nin Kıbrıs harekâtıyla ilgili programı 44 yıl sonra ilk kez yayında

On July the 20th the frontiers at the far end of Europe were changed by armed force the murderous antipathies on Cyprus the irreconcilable ambitions of Greeks and tax had finally led to Turkish invasion and humiliating defeat for the Greeks The war signaled the new rise of an old power So who are the new Young Turks and what are their ambitions? panorama tonight comes from Turkey A country which senses its military muscles and likes what it feels is like a boxer who knows he’s going to win his next fight Turkey at the moment is such a country For half a millennium Turkey was one of the world’s great empires and always a military nation But it hadn’t fought a war for over 50 years until last month. It landed its troops in Cyprus This day in Ankara. Friday is Victory Day when the Turks celebrate their defeat of the Greek army Which invaded it after the first world war it was a victory which gave Turkey its present frontiers But today also they’re celebrating what they regard as a military victory in Cyprus Turkey is unified as it’s never been before Turkey’s Armed Forces have nearly half a million men the cavalry are a concession to ceremonial But the rest of the Turkish army is a real modern fighting force the heirs of the Ottoman Empire of its crack Imperial Guard the Janissaries and the fierce men from Asia Minor who once carried Turkish rule through most of the Mediterranean the Balkans and to the gates of Vienna itself In Turkey the Cyprus intervention has been immensely popular and has released an enthusiasm for their army The few Turks thought they would ever feel This display of grim-faced militarism and night when put against the helplessness the virtual lack of defensive reach Cyprus seems much too self congratulatory and The easy landing these forces made in Cyprus six weeks ago has produced the nastier face of jingoism Which national military success always seems to spark This popular song celebrating the war is on sale on the streets as a record It may be a cheap piece of commercialism of the sort Turkey escapes no more than we do But among the Gill gauze and posters that are hooked in the crowded streets of Ankara But are those showing the triumphant Turks smashing Cyprus with the new folk hero Prime Minister edge of it Smiling down like a letter date ember lane or Genghis Khan and The song itself says you bloody curse it Greek. They made you run for your life Didn’t they and yet each of it himself is entirely confident of the reasons for Turkey’s armed intervention And brought mr. Sampson to part Had heralded a new era of terrorism massacres and Anarchy or Chaos on the island and we were sure that that would be the end of the independent state of Cyprus the factor in Ursus even if the name were not to be uttered and New massacres against the Turkish people so we felt that if we didn’t act in time everything would have been lost not only the freedom and safety of the Turks But the whole state of Cyprus so we had to do something about it immediately but We didn’t want to resort to military action. That’s the reason why I went to Britain immediately after the coup that is I went there on the 17th and Talked with mr. Wilson. Mr Callaghan and their colleagues and inquired if we could do something together as to guarantor pass unfortunately, I couldn’t receive a positive reply and We didn’t have any time to lose. So we acted where are you bitter about the response you got in London from mr Wilson and mr. Callaghan that they could not do anything. No, I had no right to be bitter. Of course they had to make the wrong decision, but I Thought that there would have been a greater chance. There might have been a greater chance of finding a more peaceful Solution to the immediately before us if we could have act jointly Whatever the justification of the original landing you in Turkey lost a lot of world sympathy With the breakdown of the Geneva Conference there you were negotiating but you issued an ultimatum you were asked for just 36 hours to consider it a Question of peace or war and you would not give it you went back to war Yes, what remote justification was that for not giving the 36 hours. Well, we had several reasons and justifications One is that even in the beginning of this second round of Geneva talks we had talked We had told the British Greece and the island Greeks About our suggestions. It wasn’t something new that they learned on the 6th day of the conference and It was obvious that our proposal would not be acceptable to the Greece We were also sure that they were gain in trying to gain time because after the change of regime in Athens Which we really welcomed in Turkey the Greek government had become aware that They were gaining quickly regaining prestige in the international world and they thought that if they had time they could Give the things the direction they wished in the diplomatic field and Another factor. There was a very serious case of security for the Turkish units You know they were Large units were squeezed in a very small part of the island and they were exposed to all sorts of dangers So you had complete military predominant? Yes, but squeezed and almost imprisoned to a small area they weren’t being effective to secure the safety of the Turks elsewhere and They could not even undertake their own security because they were exposed to all sorts of dangers within a small area Surrounded by Greg Fox forces the Prime Minister 36 hours Is there six hours and it’s difficult to believe that that short period would have totally changed the military scene It does look to many outsiders as if you’re always intended to take a stage – and to take what you wanted by force Which is in fact what you did? Yes, but it was a matter of taking risks We felt that we had taken all the risks we could Regarding the security of the Turkish troops on the island by waiting so many days after the first Geneva talks and There were several indications that the Greeks were after gaining time after delaying tactics One cannot escape history when trying to understand the enmity of Greeks and Turks The Bosphorus the neck which links the Black Sea with the Mediterranean is the most important stretch of water in the world The castles which cried its banks bear witness to the struggles for its possession. This castle was built 520 years ago by an invading ottoman turk it was constructed in the incredible time of four months from start to finish It was his invasion base from which to do the unthinkable To take the great city which stood a few miles downstream on the Bosphorus Byzantium Constantinople for over a thousand years the eastern capital of Christendom the heir to Greek civilization He captured Constantinople for Islam an event to the Middle Ages a shattering as the dropping of the first atom bomb to our age From then until this century it remained the capital of the Turkish Empire Istanbul With the militant spiritual force of Islam behind it the Empire spread wider and wider From central Russia to southern Arabia from Egypt and Tunis to Bulgaria and Austria, and of course the Turks possessed Greece Its emperors would despots but their Turkish and mercenary armies were consummately brave From their vast palace overlooking the Golden Horn the great seraglio. The Sultan’s ruled in luxury Isolated from reality and near pavilions surrounded by the concubines of their Harlem’s Welfare, beyond any humans before or since there are emeralds and rubies the size of cricket balls yet as Europe grew and strengthened the M shrink and collapsed It was the First World War which finally destroyed Ottoman power the Turks had fought on Germany’s side Afterwards the Allies carved up the final faggins of their empire. We occupied Istanbul and encouraged the Greeks to invade mainland Turkey Shattered as they where the Turks fought off the Greeks in some of the most savage battles of history the peasants of Turkish Anatolia routed the Greeks the fleeing Greeks destroyed everything they could behind them in return the Turks expelled over a million Greeks who for centuries had lived in their Country there were appalling atrocities on both sides new additions to the mythology of hatred But there was also a new Turkish hero Kemal atatürk Ataturk was the officer who won the only major Turkish victory of the great war at Gallipoli against the British After the war for three years, he led Turkey to save itself from the Greek invaders He was indeed father of the nation and his memory lives on in the monuments to him. Which dominate modern Turkey Because if Turkey had lost an empire, he led it to recognize itself as a viable nation He completely modernized the country’s dress language and customs Islam was disestablished Turkey was to be a modern western state Now 36 years after at attacks death the Turks are beginning to talk of a new Ataturk a bülent h of it their prime minister He was a member of a tertex party But it had been out of power for years including two years of virtual military rule until last October He won the largest number of seats in the genuinely free election He struggled along with a coalition government until the Cyprus crisis unified the country behind him in opposition to Greece How do you look at Greece Greece during this crisis has had a change of government But it’s in a position now Since you have the military power on the island where it would be almost too Humiliating to these two just give in to how do you look at the Greek position? Well if they looked At their foreign problems international problems in a realistic way they shouldn’t have a Feeling of defeat but unfortunately, they don’t look at these matters in a realistic from a realistic and contemporary angle I have repeatedly said recently that they cherish these Memoirs or memories of the old Byzantine history They have their what they call ideals of Hellenism of material or spiritual enosis and so forth now any nation in the world who cherished such dreams of Passed historic glory would not find rest in the present-day world, I Gave the example the other day suppose Turkey which has had a much recent much more recent history of an empire Had similar dreams of annexing their all territories where would have ended would turkey have ended today? We would have been on very bad terms with all our neighbors suppose take Britain suppose the British wanted to revive to restore their empire Where would they have ended in the present-day world? I think that if the Greeks realized the necessities of the age we are all living in and Appreciate that. This is not the age of restoring empires but this is the age where all empires Have to end our ending and then they could come to terms with our present-day worlds with the realities of the region and They could accommodate themselves to friendship with Turkey after all, mr. Marvelous himself said recently that Greece and Turkey are condemned to live in friendship Istanbul is cosmopolitan bustling a non troppo a marketplace The Golden Horn is the tongue of water stretching into the city Where for thousands of years Greeks Romans and n Turks have watched the world’s trade past from east to west But Istanbul is now less multinational with the end of the Empire It’s becoming profoundly Turkish the people who flood into the city come mostly from Asia Minor from Anatolia Not Mediterranean or Arabic in origins, but a mixture of people originally from Central Asia. They’re cared and usually fair-skinned They come from the great bare steppes and mountains of the Turkish Peninsula a Hard place the poorest nation in Europe, its villages spread out over a vast inaccessible land mass That is the bridge to Persia and southern Russia Slowly modernizing but the horse is more common than the tractor the oil lamp and electricity Where illiteracy is nearly 50% a Land from which half a million men go each year to Germany to find work The famous guests are biter or guest workers whose remittances of one-and-a-half billion dollars a year are by far and away turkey’s biggest export earnings a land still in part sleeping But after tax reforms have penetrated even here the freeing of women from the vale and much of the bondage of conventional Muslim subjection Turkey has adopted the Swiss legal code for want of a better And the symbols of westernization and development are proudly shown Particularly the new great suspension bridge which for the first time has spanned the Bosphorus to link Europe in Asia Minor For the Bosphorus is still a vital key to the great powers though. Its waters are Turkish its use is regulated by international treaty It’s narrow channel as the route by which Soviet Russia reaches the Mediterranean The Russian fleet whose increased presence is so concerned America and NATO Through its channel support the arms which fed the flames of arab-israeli Wars Two years ago panoramas cameras filmed these Russian warships For this reason if no other Turkey is a vital strategic interest It’s a member not only of NATO but also the center Lance both design fundamentally to resist Soviet expansion It’s their membership of NATO and the sharing with Greece of the Alliance’s eastern borders with the Communist world Which has added so much alarm to the conflict with Greece of the last six weeks To the strategic planners in Moscow this and the Cyprus calamity can only bring comfort to the West only division and potential danger Turkey’s membership of NATO has brought with it massive military aid from that Universal provider the United States This is a main fighter bomber base in the center of Anatolia, the planes are American star fighters When I visited the base this Bodrum was on standby because of the Cyprus crisis The planes were being loaded with bullets napalm and bombs for an exercise on the target range But if the equipment is American the pilots and personnel are all Turkish This is not an American satellite but very much its own master Turkey is only just coming into the full technological age When these young men were born there were less than 10,000 motor cars in the whole country three times the size of Britain Now their Armed Forces are a match for any in the area this Quadron one NATO’s gunnery competition last year The far-left in turkey is predictably anti-natal yet even for them There’s little opposition to the strengths of Turkish forces, even the Marxists are nationalists and support the Cyprus intervention as the NATO position being seriously damaged in this part of the eastern Mediterranean. And what is your own attitude now to NATO? well we could Turk a Greek cooperation within NATO which was the basis of the South flank we a southeast flank of NATO Had not been operating for some time in any case in spite of ourselves After all, we couldn’t even hold the joint maneuvers That come under the NATO programs I think the Greek decision to withdraw from the military structure of NATO Will not change the actual situation very much but what we needed to do was to change the actual situation that is to make full cooperation between Turkey and Greece within an outside NATO possible I think both countries has a lot to gain from that end The whole of our region would gain from that. This was a mixed village of Greeks and Turks It’s tear that many of the Turkish Cypriot men in it were killed An act of violence which has certainly been committed in Reverse in other places But which share has left the Turkish women in a state of shock and continued alarm for their safety Because the mainland Turkish army is now just outside the village The Greeks have largely evacuated themselves and their families driving off with their possessions to refugee safety But the Turks have been unable to move because the Greek National Guard still has its men in the village and won’t let them go It keeps the road closed that would let them escape to join up with the Turkish army Two British soldiers of the UN force are trying to mediate How can you guarantee the Turkish out of you in this village for a month you can us But if you say you can guarantee them, why are they so unhappy here It’s the Turkish Cypriot communities like these which are still cut off in the islands communal confusion that have the strongest provocation for further Turkish action But in Ankara despite the constant publicity when atrocities are uncovered in Cyprus the most important public demonstration of brief Was at the funeral of a Turkish journalist He’d been caught by the Cypriot national guard and allegedly shot while blindfolded This death appears to have shocked the Turkish capital more than any other He was given virtually a state funeral As his picture was carried through the streets in the cortege Turks were saying how can we be accused of barbarity in the world’s press Here was a man doing his job Protected by the Geneva Convention and shot down in cold blood. That’s barbarity Of all charges against them of all images of themselves they resent it’s the one that they are barbarous people Asians not members of the humanist West In private, it’s admitted that the Turks have done tough things themselves in Cyprus, but that’s the toughness of war they say So a non competent journalist is their symbol of Greek barbarity To the mosque came virtually every member of the cabinet When mr. H of it arrived and walked in to pay his respects the crowd started to applaud their new hero H of it himself was a journalist and he has a flat for publicity on this occasion He would have none of it but his capacity for Communication with his people is exceptional and it’s in his hands that much of the hope for a settlement rests Prime Minister I can’t ask you to negotiate in public but are you prepared to say the turkey is prepared to give up part of the territory it now holds as part of a Settlement. Well I’ve said several times that the demarcation of the Turkish Cypriot controlled area Is negotiable within reasonable bounds? It’s obvious what I mean by this but I use the term Negotiable so you should first start negotiating and we will put this matter on the table That’s all that I can say and I have also said that if sufficient security measures Particularly for the Turks living outside the Turkish controlled area are taken Which is that they should be allowed to migrate to the Turkish controlled area if they wish Once this is secured We could start the phased reduction of the Turkish forces on the island even Without waiting for the start of the negotiations looking at Cyprus now Prime Minister There’s no doubt that the areas that your troops have taken Economically the best bits of Cyprus and they’re taking them so firmly that you do have virtually effect to partition Is this a fair comment that the rest of Cyprus that his left Greek Cyprus is virtually impossible to run as a viable economy Well, I don’t think so after all They can still have industry and touristic industries Flourish you have farmer girl student Karenia, which are the two. Yes, yes, but this was not done for economic purposes But that was the most convenient part of the island to have andr control geographically Concerning considering turkey’s proximity to that part of the land, but I repeat it is economically the heartland Yes, so it seems but after all for a long time The Turks suffered very heavily From economic oppression and many Turks said to migrate to small enclaves Were even unable to tell their own land now what we have to do is that is to run I mean the Turkish community In the island the Turkish administration should run The part they controlled very efficiently and We don’t intend to partition the island We hope that there will be a federal structure. So in a sense it will be the wealth It will be the Commonwealth of the island. We have already started taking measures to save the crops and the Kettle I know how the British are sensitive on it. I have been listening to the British Broadcasting Corporation’s broadcasts, and I believe that we shall be able to save the Orchards citrus the orange etc and to start the touristic Installations and places like Pakistan good Iranian operate again But what about the people there’s a very very large number the Greek Cypriots have moved out of those areas There’s rich areas and are now refugees. Do you believe that they can feel secure enough? You can make them feel secure enough that they would wish to come back and live inside the Turkish side. Well, obviously They feel they will be very secure in the Turkish area so that they want to return there But on the other hand We are Faced with open threats from the Greece that they intend to start guerrilla activities in the Turks controlled area this is not Sufficient encouragement for us to invite back all the Greeks that have migrated from the now Turks control zone What happens to the rest them? Well, you see there. It’s a complex problem The where is the Greeks and the Turks control area obviously feels secure about their lives and properties The Turks remaining in the Greek controlled area do not feel secure Most of them are still held as hostages they can’t return to their enclaves to their lands we Believe that they should be given the chance of a safe passage to the Turkish controlled area if they wish to do so So we need room for these Turks in the Turks controlled area one means there won’t be room for the Greeks We don’t know how much room or there will be left for the Greeks to return. This should be one of the primary issues That should be discussed around the negotiating table either With the participation of the Quran through a pass or among the two community leadership But up in the mountains of Cyprus that are still the young Greek Cypriots For young men of a oka were determined not to accept the faith brought to their Island by the force of Turkish arms President Tara DS at cyclists tailed panoramas last week of his conviction that trouble was bound to continue As it is my honest opinion that if Turkey intends to remain occupying a large section of the territory of the Republic the people will fight to liberate that part and I see no other way in which they will do this except by a protracted bloody Kerala warfare I think that a divided island would never see a day of peace if you Force people to give up their land to which they are very much attached their villages their homes the resentment Will go from generation to generation and there will be no peace in Cyprus Prime Minister you and Turkey were Offended by the remarks of mr Callaghan after the Geneva Conference that your army might well become a prisoner of Cyprus Is there not a danger that you will get drawn deeper and deeper into Cyprus particularly of terrorism and guerrilla war start there? well You should allow me to consider mr. Callahan’s remarks as a warning In light of which we must take precautionary measures that is to prevent the possibilities of Greek terrorism emerging in the Turkish controlled area that should be one of our primary concerns if most of the Turks those Turks who wish to do so settle in the Turkish controlled area And vice-versa that may be exceptions of course and we will never Ask those Greeks who have remained in the Turkish control zone to leave the zone but if this will be the general pattern there will be no danger of terrorism and Again, if you allow me to say so The British position in the 50s was entirely different you see Britain was inevitably considered as an outside as an outsider Whereas the Turks on the island are not outsiders It’s their land also and they want what they want to do is to live more safely and freely in their own motherland So the situations are very different. Yes Let me say without Sounding aggressive that I don’t think we will let terrorism emerge in the Turks control zone Despite the accessibility and frankness of mr. Edge of it. No one should underestimate How strongly the Turks feel about Cyprus and how tough they intend to be They are sure they were right to put their troops in and also that what they’ve done since was both correct and justified They’re prepared to negotiate, but they’re not prepared to give up their basic point How far they’re going to get drawn into the quagmire of communal tension in Cyprus deeper and deeper they don’t know but they do know that geography is on their side and that they have the strength in Cyprus and They’re extremely determined You


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  • And here is why Greeks and Cypriot Greeks are bound to lose (more…) They don't open up for dialogue with Turkey, their immediate neighbor, their counterpart, but choose to go back from Turks' behind and impose their will on Turkey by the backing of powers external to the region. Then the reality of their neighbor hits them hard on the face. It happened in their invasion of Izmir, then repeated with their loss of 1/3 of Cyprus. Yet today, Greece and Southern Cyprus are repeating their fallacies, breaking deals with their "allies" without having any dialogues with Turkey, over on Eastern Mediterranean. It doesn't cease to amaze me that Greeks choose not to learn, yet underestimate and look down on Turks as barbarians, break deals with their weak or seemingly allies by excluding Turkey, and risk losing more. This time at stake are the Aegean islands, or more of Southern Cyprus to a stronger than 1974 Turkish Navy? If Greece's choosing is their old ways, then the prize will be of Turkey's.

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  • Who are the Turks?

    Türkler kim mi?

    Korkusundan Çin Seddi yaptırılan (Mete)

    Avrupa'ya aman dileten (Attila)

    50 binle 200 bin kişilik orduyu yok eden (Alparslan)

    2 bin kişi ile 500 bin haçlı ordusunu Hatay'a kadar kovalayan (Kılıçarslan)

    40 çeriyle binlerce kişilik Çin'e karşı duran (Kürşad)

    Gemileri karadan yürütüp çağ kapatıp çağ açan (Fatih)

    Herkesin "Bitti, gitti" dediği zamanda topraklarını düşmanlardan kurtaran (Atatürk)


    Who is Turks?

    The reason of Great Wall of China. (Mete)

    The government who begged Europe. (Atilla)

    The government who defeated 200.000 soldiers while it has only 50.000 soldiers. (Alparslan)

    The government who chased 500.000 crosade while it has only 2.000 people. (Kılıçarslan)

    The government who stand against China with 40 soldiers. (Kürşad)

    The government who drive the ships from the ground and start a new era. (Fatih)

    The government who took its government back while everyone says "Finished" (Atatürk)





    Allah Türk'ü Korusun ve Yüceltsin!

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    BBC'nin Osmanlı Devleti ve Türkler hakkındaki fikirleri dandik youtube kanallarından bile kötü, oryantalistliğin de bir sınırı var 🙂 Sadece eski görüntüler ve Ecevit röportajı için izlenir.

  • ÖZGÜR KÖKLÜ says:

    08:28 Orayı işgal eden Osmanlı Türkü'nün adını öğrenemedin mi BBC?

    Biz ona Fatih Sultan Mehmet diyoruz.

  • İrfan Yılmaz says:

    sorular önceden verilmiş..cevaplar hazır..
    tabiiki böylesine kritik bir durumda..karşı rakibe yanlışlık ve aceleyle cevap vermek doğru olmazdı.

  • ali omer turksoy says:

    Osmanlı Sultanlarına despot diyor ama M.Kemale kahraman diyor bir düşman kanalı. Osmanlının nasıl ve kimler tarafından yıkıldıgı ne kadar açık degil mi? İngiltere her bir Osmanlı eyaletine vali atamış. Türkiyedeki aptal kitleye Aziz Nesin gibi seslenmekten baska yapacak bir sey yok…


  • O zamanlar sıkacak kurşun bile yoktu pkkya karşı. batı bizi elinde oynatıyordu. Erdoğan sayesinde amerikaya avrupaya kafa tutuyoruz şimdi ve kendi akıllı bombamızı ve mayınlara dayanıklı tanklarımız ihalar hepsi yerli üretim. O zamanlar benim halamlar dayımlar hepsi fakir. Türkiyede kimsenin arabası bile yoktu. Şimdi herkeste ama herkeste araba var. Hala çok gelişmemiz gereken ülkeyiz. 18 büyük şanlı görkemli süper güç imparatorluğa sahip olan Türkler ama bizim yaşadığımız döneme cumhuriyete bak şansımızı si** aman ne modern Turkey

  • Caglar Karademir says:

    Ataturk un devlet adamligina, tek adamligina oldukca elestirel bakilabilir, ancak sanirim Turkiye topraklarinin Ataturk felsefesine ihtiyaci var, cunku ondan daha koklu bir devlet yonetme gucu olan adam cikamamis ya da cikmamis. Tayyip tabi ki Turk-Musulman ve kaderci halki bir araya getirdi ancak artik soyleyecek bir sozu bir fikri kalmadi, olmadi, bitecek. Turkiye de Demirtas ve HDP gibi bir gercek var. Kurtler Turkiye ile birlik olabilir yakin tarihte oldugu gibi. Kafatasci zihniyeti bir tarafa koyup Rojava devrimini izlemeyi oneririm.

  • Devlet adamlığı, üslubu böyle olur. Günümüzdeki avamlığı gördükçe üzücü bir durum, hele ki Ecevit'in son dönemlerindeki düşürüldüğü durumu hatırladıkça. Çağımız tam bir avamlık çağı halini aldı.


    tarihi bilgimiz ne kadarda zayıf koca belgeselde hiç o dönem ecevitin kualisyon ortağı ve kıbrısın asıl fatihinden bahsedilmedi NUR İÇİNDE UYU SAYIN NECMEDDİN ERBAKAN SEN OLMASAN BU TIRSAK HERİFİN HİÇ BİR HALT EDECEĞİ YOKTU

  • Kerim Israfilov says:

    Başqa yerdə öldürülenlerin karşıtı deyir şerefsiz,iki üzlü ingilis!!!qırğını Yunanlar edib,qəhbə bicbala!!!

  • Faşist Diktatör Kahrolsun Kemalist says:

    şu kibrisi ecevit aldi zanneden asalaklar biraz araştirin Erbakandir kibris harekatin en büyük faktörü

  • englishs couldn't save greeks 100 years ago in Anatolia, couldn't save them 50 years ago in Cyprus and with all due respect you won't be able to save them tomorrow in Eastern Med region either. our greek neighbours must understand that we are only the friend whom they may trust in good faith if they stop being subject of their masters.

  • I dated a Turkish girl for a while in Early 1972 .She was the most beautiful girl I ever saw personally.Her brothers made it plain to me to be very nice to her!.Greek, Turkish, and Iranian young women then prized their virginity before marriage
    I have ancestors from Greece,some of Albanian ancestry and others from Slavic invasion who settled in what is Greece in middle ages or befor e and became Greek. Now I had a uncle by marriage whose last name started with Kara which is of Turkish origin.Strangeworld.Get along with people.

  • Herkes ecevit in ingilizcesinden bahsetmis. Aslında normal olan budur fakat gunumuzdekileri gorunce bu hitap bu konusma tarzi bize anormal gelir olmuş. Mekani cennet olsun. Durust adam kaliteli siyasetciymis.. ayricsa kibris harekatinda erbakanin rolude buyuktur.

  • Arseven Gumush says:

    Typical BBC documentary! In tTurkish there is a saying “Hem nala hem miha” which is very similar to “ let the hare out and set the hound after it”!! The Red Indianan would describe the BBC’s language as “two tongues”!!!

  • Çanakkalede hezimete uğrayanlar, dönüş yolunda , bu türkleri topla tüfekle yenemeyiz ,bunları içerden yıkmamız lazım demişler…tamda dedikleri gibi olmuşuz, düşman uyumuyor, ama biz türkler derin bir uykudayız..içerde birbirimizi yiyoruz .dünyanın en güçlü ordusuna sahip ülkelerdendik.. ne yaptık , ordumuz yok oldu.? biz birbirimizi yerken düşman yolunda ilerliyor…

    ( Türkiye )

  • Turkish empire says:

    Mekkani cennet olsun ecevit ve erbakanin ama ada tamemen alınmalıydı bu bir kanser yarası kesip atacaklardi girdiniz tamamen almalıydınız

  • Gurbetçilere laf ederken 15:20 den sonraki konuşmayı dikkate almanızı tavsıye ederım. Bugun ki gurbetçiye karşı ön yargılar ülkenin biraz gelişnesini gösterir aslında çünkü geçmiş yıllarda gurbetçi akrabalarımız gelse de bize hediye getirse diye yol gözleyenler bugun onları dışlamaya çalışıyor.

  • Sevgili İngiltere,
    1. Dünya Savaşı sonrasında yendiğimiz işgalci piyon Yunanları yöneten sizlerdiniz. Yoksa Türk'lerden yediğiniz diğer tokatlar gibi bunu da mı inkar ediyorsunuz. Peki o zaman, sorun değil. En azından tokadı yediğiniz yerin hâlâ sızladığından emin olduk 😉

  • Ya anlamiyorum arkadaslar yakin tarih bileniniz yokmu hicya allah askina ..sag sol dini borsey degil bu.. kibris kulliyen erbakanin emriyle oldu ecevit ingilizlerin ayagina gidince ingiltereye.erbakan ve kumamdanimiz bunu firsat bildi ve cikarma basladi. ben sonuna kadar solcu bir adamim ama kuzey kibrisi erbakan sayesinde oldu hatta erbakan kibrisin tamamini alacakti ecevit ingiliz korkusundan engel oldu.. kimse yanlis anlamasin ecevit kotu bi adam felan degil.harbi demokrat bi abimiz babamiz atamiz. ama hakikat bu…Ataturkten sonra en yapici gelisim erbakan sayesinde oldu..eger kibrisa ayak basmasaydik nolurdu tahmin edebilecek olan varmi

  • Karaoglan mekanin cennet olsun… Bir Ülkenin ekonomik sartlari kötü olmasina ragmen nasil yöneldiginin, en büyük misali… bazilari Karaoglan 5 er kilo agirligindaki tassaklarini yesin

  • 1:28 Yunanlara karşı değil lütfen bazı avrupa ülkelerinin desteğini alıp kendini bir şey sanan yunan ve bazı avrupa devletlerine karşı alınan bir zafer .

  • Ecevit’i sevmeyip,her sağcının hak ettiği hırsız damgası vuranlar,Cem Uzan’ın bankasına,Banker Kastelli’nin bankasına paralarını kaptıran,aynı bugün çiftlikbank tosuna ve Fadıl dolandırıcısına para kaptıran,aç gözlü faizci gerizekalılardır,hayırlı cumalar derken bankada ki faizini çekmeye giden yavşAKlardır

  • Ercan gündoğdu says:

    yunanlılar bizans tarihinin hatıralarını canlı tutmaya çalışıyorlar . helenizm ideallerine sahipler .
    dünyada bu tür tarihi zaferlerle ilgili hayallere önem veren hiçbir ulus , günümüz dünyasında huzur bulamaz .
    türkiye ve ingiltereyi örnek vererek '' eski topraklarımızı ilhak etmeye dair benzer hayallerimiz olsaydı , türkiye bugün ne durumda olurdu '' diyor .
    huzur bulamazdık ,tüm komşularımızla aramız kötü olurdu diyor .

    ve yıllar sonra biri gelip (rte) bu sapkınlığı , fikirsizliği cahiller üzerinden oynayarak hayata geçiriyor . osmanlı hayalleriyle cahil cühela milleti arkasına takıp , ülkenin içine sıçıyor . komşularla sıfır ilişki !..
    herkes gözünü artık perde arkasından değil , direkt dikti ülkeye …
    çünkü ecevit'in uyardığı konu bilerek isteyerek bu ülkeye sokulan amerikan fikridir .
    sadece komşularla değil , halk'ta her açıdan bölündü .
    ülke yol geçen hanına döndü . ipsizi sapsızı , teröristi radikali fink atıyor memlekette .

  • Eğer ısın aslını araştırın bu olayın kahramanın ecevit olmadığını gorceksınız boyle durumda bıle vatanını düşünen rahmetli erbakana helal olsun

  • TheCengizBaba25 says:

    Rahmetli Ecevit Rahmetli Erbakan Hoca sağolsun ,Çakal İngilizler Ezeli Düşmanlarımız Osmanlıyı parçalayan Yunanı bize düşman eden sömürgeci alçaklar gün gelecek Kıbrısında Ortadoğununda 12 adanında elümizden giden topraklarında hesabı size sorulacak ,Dünyanın belasısınız ,"Bir suda 2 balık kavga ediyorsa bilinki 5 dk önce ordan bir ingiliz geçmiştir"But New Ottoman (Türkiye )Rising ,titreyin …

  • Enquiringmind777 says:

    Ah, that was in the day when the BBC actually allowed somebody to answer a question before forcing their own liberalist agenda down their throats.

  • Kıbrıs başka bir savaş di ama amerika istedi bizler geri çekildik iletişim kesildi silah kullanamazsin dedi ve bırakmak zorunda kaldık ve sonra aselsan kuruldu ama devlet ders almasına rağmen destek vermedi şuan aselsan ismini duymaya başladık kıbrıs savaşın da yine bizim milletimiz tüm dünya ya gösterdi türkün gücünü ne mutlu türküm diyene

  • Turkish Army invasion was never a defeat for GREECE. This disgraceful mongol bastards can only show their asshole muscles to the weak as they did to the paramilitary cypriots. The greek army would have intervened against the turkish invasion if these cowards had not cut short their military campaign.

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