BBC News   Uruguay marijuana move ; illegal ; UN drugs watchdog

BBC News Uruguay marijuana move ; illegal ; UN drugs watchdog

pete has become a familiar sight the you
weigh on capitol pete has become a familiar sight the you
weigh on capitol pete has become a familiar sight the you
weigh on capitol public spaces has been legal for the
last four decades by the buying drugs wasn’t now the
country has gone several steps farther a new law passed by congress we put the
market up cannabis behinds stage it would regulate every
single staple the production distribution from Salem
like 1am under the new law people will be able to
buy up to 40 grams month it will only be sold in pharmacies an elite residence nothing with you
don’t like has one of the lowest crime rates in Latin America but
drug-related violence is growing and the government says it’s time to
attack the profits up the drug cartels before they become too
powerful Italy said a croissant lapping up wet it about deal know on the current
drug market is like football game without rules what we’re doing is setting those rules
on we are not in favor a law that promotes consumption to and we don’t say that smoking marijuana
has no consequences records risk-free use no confirm that
you meant no in this region near the border with
Brazil skillful pharmacists I need to apply for
one the state licenses like leon they want to stop growing
vegetables and switch to come up this on want and
I’ll call somebody she got her when this will be a high profitable
production if you compare it with more traditional crops in the year the price have legal
marijuana will be fixed in similar to the one on the black market know the crops we would need to produce
much more to earn the same amount of money however not everybody sees a bright and
green future for you to light those against the law
says the government sexually sponsoring drug consumption
especially among young people mash only 28 fancier there will be a
higher availability of marijuana and at the same time the perception a bit as a
dangerous drug will be lower effort consumption will
grow this is going to cause us a lot of problems in the state not ready to face
them the everyday most people in Latin
America come into effect reichheld leader
iRacing their bows sold social it’s not clear if
the Euro why an experiment will be covered elsewhere but in a region rocked by the violence
of drug trafficking laundry this approach might offer a new
way of tackling on perhaps controlling the effects of
drugs erupted on the years BBC News on the retail


5 thoughts on “BBC News Uruguay marijuana move ; illegal ; UN drugs watchdog”

  • violate international laws? what!!! cannabis violate international law./ ? how/??!!!
    it grows like a grass or trees .Who we become ? we here depending only on the planet earth resources saying: this plant has to be destroyed because someone don't happy or scared =D of a plant , scared?!!sorry do these peoples know that the fear of a plant existence in ours society is the same like a fear of using word death=) u might not like it , but truth has its means. And the means are you cant protect yourself from something what is just here . We born with it !! we come here being so dam smart and knowing , that cannot come out from our egoistic thinking. 

  • Veronica Alonso qué falacias las que dices. Ya, ok, imagínate que porque está más disponible la gente empieza a consumir más… Qué tiene? Qué costos para el gobierno trae eso? Digo, además de los impuestos recaudados por venta de marihuana, del ahorro del sistema de salud por tratamientos con esta planta, de las ganancias de los municipios por el aumento del turismo… cuáles van a ser esos problemas que el estado no está listo para enfrentar?

  • BBC? CNN? don't make me laugh. I am from Uruguay, the Marijuana never was legalized, never in the history of my country. Why everyone believe that? Media sheeps.

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