BBC News report on Vivarail

BBC News report on Vivarail

First tonight a radical plan’s been unveiled to renew Yorkshire’s aging fleet of trains It involves transferring unwanted London Underground
rolling stock to the North But the trains are older than the ones that
they’d be replacing. However the company behind the idea says the Underground carriages would be completely refurbished The trains we’re talking about here are called
D78s and they were designed way back in 1978 Since then, they’ve been opdrating on the
District Line of the A company called Viva Rail has bought enough
of them to crdate 70 new trains for the North And if they come to Yorkshire they could run
to places like Penistone, Harrogate, Scarborough and Bridlington. Well our reporter Spencer Stokes has been given exclusive to the factory where conversion
work began this week Could this be the future of rail travel on
lines across Yorkshire? Underground trains designed in 1978 are now
being kitted out They were heading for scrap but Viva Rail
rescued them. We’ve got here a train that we had delivered
a week ago from London. It’s so fresh that it has wdek`old Evening
Standards on the se`ts. This will be completely transformed and hopefully
this train will be serving passengers in the North at some point
next year in 2016 Up until a few days ago, these trains were
running Now all traces of that formdr life are being
removed and Viva Rail are in talks with all three companies who are
bidding to run the Northern These trains have a London Underground feel
about them with The seats and floor are being removed and when they come to Yorkshire, passengers will
have no ide` that We’re keeping the basic shell, to which will
be added modern, state`of`the`art braking eqtipment and engines. I think when passengers see the new trains,
they’ll think that these are just the sort of thing they’d wished
they had years ago. We can make these and we will make these like
new trains. These will be the best new trains in the country. But unions who dislike pacers aren’t convinced
underground Why should the people be disbenefitted If they want a modern railw`y, let’s see investment
as he was emtlated New trains cost ?2 million a carriage. These would be a third cheaper but after the
refit, For the winner of the Northdrn franchise,
it’s an affordable way of reducing overcrowding, a very long way north
of the District Lhne. There is a dire shortage of carriages on the
network. Lots of people on the way home tonight would have
been uncongested chains like sardines. Northern Rail bonnet and the lease
runs out in one ydar. “ run it. It will be a low`cost solution to
boost capacity `nd reduce congestion on Yorkshhre’s trains. Surely
new trains are better even if the old ones are behng refurbished?
Heavy one would like to see shiny new ones but they are extremely
expensive. These would be a stopgap measure. A lot of railways are going
to be electrified. When electric trains are brought in, these underground
trains cotld be retired. They would fill a gap over a decade.
The department of transport say they are neutral on the idea
but they are putting pressure on bidders. A coroner’s accused the


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  • River Huntingdon says:

     I recall these coming in new like it was yesterday. The trains are still perfectly okay structurally, as the carbodies are built from aluminium, and have the benefit of new running gear installed on their refurbishment for LU. As far as I understand it, the original electric traction motors will be retained and driven by diesel generators rather than the live rails in London. The sets ride well for what they are, and surely whatever the RMT says they're better than a Pacer, a cheap and nasty contrivance of the Thatcher years.

  • mysteriouskazakh says:

    The RMT can, quite frankly, get bent. The D Stock conversion is a brilliant idea. Beyond the bodyshell and the bogies, everything will be new. Why is there this ridiculous obsession with everything having to be newbuild? You ARE getting a new train – just because the metal that makes up the bodyshell happened to make up a train before it, that doesn't mean it's somehow constitutes a knackered old hand-me-down. The wastefulness of the modern railway must have R.A. Riddles (designer of the Austerity Class locos) turning in his grave.

    Surely the RMT would back these trains being built here in the UK rather than the outsourcing of the construction of stock to Hitachi in Japan or Siemens in Germany? Or does it not give a shit about the reality as long as it has a chance to exacerbate the North-South divide, regardless of the facts behind it?

    If the north doesn't want the D78 stock, they can lump it. Enjoy your Pacers, because nobody in their right mind is going to be willing to fund expensive brand-new stock for the Northern franchise, many of whose routes are loss-making and already taxpayer subsidised.

  • I love the idea that the D stock will ease congestion on trains up north, but in London they cannot handle the demand of passengers. We don't want to lose them on the Underground, but the upgrade has to happen which means shitty new S stock trains. I believe we are keeping one D stock train though which is going to be converted and made the new RAT train for the sub surface lines. Hopefully the north benefits from these work horses.

  • the Pacer was supposed to be a stop-gap measure yet we still fucking have them, stop giving us refurbished cast offs and give us some new trains.

  • Honestly, the D78s are in really good structural condition and therefore are why there was scope for life after the Underground, given the bogies were all replaced during the refurbishment, the vivarail project is a damn good idea, and honestly, why waste money on expensive new trains for the Northern franchise as i have been on Northern trains and unlike alot of the LSE region fleet, are pretty dirty in comparison to the buses or the LSE trains so why waste money when they are just going to get tatty. As for the A stock, these were suffering very serious corrosion to the Bogies hence why they went first from LU metals to the scrap yard. The C stock also was in very appauling conditon, in fact worse than the A stock and was good when they went.

    The RMT as always seems to hate reusing good servicable stock, im suprised they havent made an issue out of the Isle of Wight stock which is run using 1938 Underground stock, so before the "North" moans about more cast offs, just remember people on the IOW actually have the oldest running Passenger train in service and where is it located, in the South. The 319s that Northern got, they are damn good trains, however do not have the passenger capacity anymore for the Thameslink services they were built for, but why waste good solid units, and let face it, the MK3 bodyshell is the most existent of all old BR built stock, so why build new for the new northern electric lines when reliable 319s with a nice new interior will do the same job with no detrimemnt to the northern passenger in terms of fares

  • Vivarail has lost its business case, it seems. The new Northern franchise will get 55 new DMUs. That combined with the internal cascade of Sprinters will be enough to remove all 102 Pacers in the fleet. Their only hope is that it can sell to other regions who'd be happy to move more Sprinters to the north.

  • Hope London Transport will Preserve a Full D78 Stock train, like they did with 2 A stock 60/62 Trains for Sandite use. I`m still annoy that LT Did`nt preserve a full C Stock 69/77 train either. As i can`t stand S Stock trains, they got no character and they all look the same. It`s a shame to see D78 Stock go, as i`d grew up with these Trains on the District line. I Hope LT Museum will do special collectable items on D78 Stock. 🙂

  • Looking at the video on the viva rail website showing the first 3 car set running , i'd easily prefer these to pacers. these would have been fine on northern routes, but it looks like we won't be getting anything til 2020 to replace the 142/144s

  • Why can't northern get the soon unwanted stock on abellio grater anglia such as the class 379, 360, 321, 156 and 153? All of these will be replaced by new aventra and other new trains they have ordered, would that be a good idea?

  • Lines electrified in the next few years??? Network Rail can't even wire a plug let alone electrify rail lines, look at the GWR project for example.

  • Can anyone knowledgable comment on the 230's being "a third cheaper" as stated in the report? The baseline being £2m, that would make them £1.3m each. Does that sound right?

    Not exactly a cast-off either, since the customer is getting quite a bit of new engineering.

  • Is plan design new diesel railway, that will be gone wrong idea! That sound not good plan is the way big disaster of that train. Is being test train for diesel cause explosion, not use diesel petrol train, ONLY electrical railway!!!

  • Mike Simulation says:

    I love these old D stock trains and can not wait to go back on one of these, once they are up and running!

  • D-stocks were and are Good Trains!!! please stop hating on the concept! Its probably going to be much better than the pacers from Hell! Pacers were buses that were never meant to be trains!

  • Oludotun John Showemimo says:

    A, C and D Stock was the Circle, District, Hammersmith & City and Metropolitan lines, now replaced by S Stock.

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