BBC News: Greeks Seek Austerity Trial at the Hague

BBC News: Greeks Seek Austerity Trial at the Hague

they are a group of ordinary Greeks meeting for an extraordinary cause a dozen residents of Athens the youngest 19 the oldest in her late 50s trying to take their Western European government to the International Criminal Court in The Hague but it gets more unusual still the charges a drastic that the austerity measures pursued by the government are killing the Greek people and constitute genocide in times of peace and crimes against humanity contains all the evidence supporting our claims Tonya yet it’s either when her mother Olga co-wrote the case now supported by various others here in the room is a group not of political dissidents or extremists but educated middle class Greeks teachers lawyers physiotherapists those who’ve been hard hit by the government cuts and are now taking the last resort as Olga explains the state measures deprive us of our freedom because by taking away our money in our property we don’t have access to shelter food health education transportation work do you believe that what the government has implemented here in terms of austerity measures really constitute genocide and crimes against humanity by depriving us of our income therefore bidders to marry and have children young people who cannot support themselves they cannot marry at the same time a lot of our young people they are actually pushed migrate to live to other countries we’re talking about this the destruction of the race here the intentional destruction of a race exactly you believe that’s what’s happening yes to substantiate how someone is doing something intentionally you have to prove that not only they knew the consequences but they willing to have these consequences what we can prove is that they knew the extent the new disability and they were not only completely fine with it but they were opposing every other way that would stop this wherever you walk in Athens you see the impact of recession and austerity a line of shops here in the heart of a city all recently closed homeless people now scattered across the streets graffiti here translates as give us back our jobs this is a nation furious with its politicians who many believe brought Greece to its knees and that is what this I cck shows the depth of anger against the status quo constitutional lawyer George caravello says that’s understandable but that the case has little chance of success it’s legally adjourned it is without any kind of legal ground possible to have a case on that but I can understand it as a human behavior before crisis there is a general feeling now in counties in crisis that somebody must pay also criminally people need somebody to pay they need somebody to blame exactly but still the emotions grow stronger as anti-austerity demonstrations continue the cuts will be at the forefront of people’s minds as they vote in the upcoming election but Eleanor penalties from the governing pasok party says it is simplistic to blame only austerity for Greece’s current crisis and that the ICC case is flawed these two ladies possibly do not really know exactly also what is the crisis all about they just see the outcomes of something that they think is the result of the austerity rather than the result of a very badly managed economy for decades yet the Greeks were also voted for those same political parties that these two ladies are complaining I guess but that argument won’t satisfy the group pursuing the case they feel confident that this rare example of ordinary citizens taking a government to the ICC will make progress the court says it will give due consideration to the evidence whatever the outcome it shows clearly just how far Greeks trust in their own government has fallen how devastated they are by what has happened to their country and how those emotions are likely to be vented at the ballot box on the 6th of May


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  • Leela Nikolopoulos says:

    ..Hellas has never been a self centred country but a Country of the World…that`s why the majority of stars and star systems in the Universe have Greek names…unfortunately the majority of new Hellenes don`t appreciate this but the majority of the Universe does…

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