BBC News flash – BBC One, 9 July 2018 during Wimbledon

BBC News flash – BBC One, 9 July 2018 during Wimbledon

so far so good for Williams looking very
comfortable on this Centre Court. well here on BBC One we’re going to take
a short break from the tennis to bring you some breaking news in the last few minutes Downing Street
has announced that the cabinet’s leading brexit supporter the foreign secretary
Boris Johnson has resigned in protest at the Prime Minister’s brexit plan agreed
at Chequers last week his departure comes just hours after that of the
brexit secretary David Davis. Downing Street has thanked mr. Johnson for his
work and has said a replacement will be announced shortly Theresa May is
addressing MPs about her brexit strategy in the Commons this afternoon the
departure of two senior members of government means that she now faces a
potentially very serious political crisis continuing coverage of this on
BBC news channel I’ll be back with more on this and other stories on the BBC
news at six now it’s back to our coverage of
Wimbledon. and welcome back to Wimbledon we’re heading straight back to centre
court to see Evgeniya Rodina of Russia serving stay in this first set against
Serena Williams at 2-5 in the first set so it’s back to
Annabel Croft, Martina Navratilova and Sam Smith thank you just under half an hour


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  • This is the only proper brief newsflash I can remember seeing on the BBC in a long, long time – usually it's just a simulcast of BBC News for a significant period if something really big happens, and no interruption otherwise. Thanks for the upload!

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