BBC News Channel speaking about the nurses pay rise

BBC News Channel speaking about the nurses pay rise

I would always argue for more pay, 30%
of my workers in Plymouth are from the public sector. I will always argue for
more pay but it has to be done in a relative way that balances the
book. At the end of the day, we have to pay for these public services, we want
world-class public services, pay is a part of that but it’s a balanced
approach and that’s well I think this Government’s got it right on this issue
today and there’s always further we can go. There’s always soldiers, there is
always others who deserve pay rises but it’s got to be done in a
balanced and a fair way to everybody and I think today is a good place to start. On the other side of the political aisle they will promise anything that may well never be
delivered. This is an attempt, I think, to do the right thing and it’s pretty clear
that we should be paying our NHS nurses, particularly at the lower end of
the of the pay spectrum more, that’s what Jeremy Hunt has recognised in this deal. I think the conversation around social care, we had Simon Stevens in
yesterday, we do need a forward sort of strategic view of health care: what does
it look like in this country? Demand is always going to outstrip what we can
actually pay for so how do we start getting around that, how do we look more
at prevention, around public health and it’s going to need a real sort of
strategic shift in focus to get this right and so I am pleased that the
Government’s having those discussions, those conversations at the moment.


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