BBC News | A nurse’s experience of the Tory pay cap

BBC News | A nurse’s experience of the Tory pay cap

And they can put as many people as they like in there,
but they will not stay if the pay cap is not lifted because people cannot afford
to live. Next year I might have to look at getting
myself into debt in order to survive because the pay cap is affecting me so much
and people just cannot afford to get by. People love their jobs and it’s breaking their
heart what’s going on and it’s breaking their heart the fact that they’re
being pushed into leaving. I know one friend, for example, who is being forced to sell her flat because she cannot survive on a nurse’s salary. You imagine how that feels for somebody. People are so unhappy across the board.
It’s not just nurses it’s everybody.


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  • Tory cruelty must end. How could you treat such hard working people this way while giving yourself yearly 11% payrises on a generous salary? Utter Tory hypocrites.

  • Huw Edwards acknowledges the media obsession with Brexit (which I expected from before the moment Laura Kuenssberg said this was being called a Brexit election), to help the Tories, rather than focus on a range of important issues in which Labour policies are much more popular. As for May: strong and stable, strong, strong, strong and stable, stable, stable, stong and starble, strable and stong, sarong and scrabble, stubble and pong, stung and stubble, scrabble and strung, blah blah blah, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

  • She's right, but we've got to be very careful when it comes' to "Their" Controlled media, of which BBC is a major player.
    I attended a Dental Surgery yesterday, which operates' by referral only & had some prices' explained to me. Comparing NHS £58'ish back tooth extraction with the £600 Private & Ordinary NHS extraction of £40'ish with the £450 of Private.
    Don't people realise how we are being Americanised, whereby the only way anyone will get "former" NHS treatment, will be through the Private firms', paid for by Insurance & just look how popular Obamacare turned out to be. "MayCare"? lol "May(bloody)NotCare", more like.
    Don't people realise that WE will have to pay out extra for Insurance cover & more again should we actually receive any treatment, from any former NHS department. We may even have a No Claims' Bonus?
    The Private firms' are all buddies' of the Elite & basically WE will have to pay the Insurance, so their Banker friends' can make up some more pixels' to make their friends' wallets' bulge even more than they already do & you can bet that we will still all be paying their National Insurance TAX, also.
    WAKE UP, FFS. The Tories' are still selling everything we own, to their pals' & charging us lot for the bloody privilege, while paying the nurses' & other staff, crap wages', forcing them to leave work, which weaken's the NHS even more, so it's tastier to their Buyers'. Just like they did with our Railway system. Tighter timetables' with un-reacable goals', to drag the value to rock bottom.
    Good vid. JC. Thanks'.

  • Anthony Gill says:

    +Luke Fulton Replying with a different account then blocking me means your argument fails miserably.

  • Typical 1% pay cap for the NHS……and how much to the politicians get 11%…?? greedy and grasping are the words that come to mind, … we need them.?…..not so many …..our political so called….elite need to be reduced, I'm sure we could get away with a lighter government….better control by the people.
    However the people that really matter…..the doctors and nurses we need to train an retain more, and give them a better standard of living.

  • Stop whining, you get a fantastic government big fat pension. So we the hard working Tax Payer has to fund your Pay rise and your extra Pension Payments for life too? I don't think so… Also, Nurses got a special pay rise when Patricia Hodge was Health secretary. I think you need to go and get another job. That's what other people in other professions do, it's not too difficult to do.

  • I feel for these nurses because I know how hard they work to become nurses, and how hard their jobs are. Nurses in the US make really good money and we are in need of them badly! Please come here!!

  • what does Jeremy corbyn think of the Bretton woods treaty 1944-46 please,and if enforced, it would not have been possible for the uk government to have lost the equivalent of 200 nhs hospitals in less than a day,about £850,000,000, todays money?one dealer personally making £1,000,000,000.revised from £5,000,000,000.that day?1993?enough to maybe just the interest to have paid for eu membership for ever![had the Bretton woods treaty been adhered to,probably no need for a euro either!!!?
    Bretton woods is the magical money tree,[at the moment about 9/10 of the worlds wealth in gambling ,not production ,education,health,innovation as I believe president Obama pointed out in 2009?
    To continue with brexit whilst the world is in a decline and never before has so much money been snaffled by so few to the detriment of all,surely we should listen to the calls of George soros,for regulation?And inform him there is regulation!yes!
    Promises to the troops"bretton woods united news"video on u tube!!!!!!?1944,hansard and all world parliamentary documents,1944-1946.
    [total world exports=$20,000,000,000,000.[$20 trillion]
    [currency markets $5,200,000,000,000. a day 300 days a year.
    Derivitives markets $655,000,000,000,000[.enough for $65,500. for 10,billion people].the figures are from financial times[,$655 tn],on my u tube,and Wikipedia.
    Another figure front page financial times 2016,$850,000,000, George soros against the renminbi.
    This is not what the boys and girls in uniform were promised in 1944"bretton woods united news video.during the second mega mega world war,for world peace to avoid a third mega,mega,mega,world war 3?

  • And you're using food banks on you're salary. Jeezus….really. Not all of us are susceptible to bullshit sentiment and I'm Red to the core.

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