BBC News 5am TOTH Opening – 11th February 2018

BBC News 5am TOTH Opening – 11th February 2018

[Music] [Music] welcome to BBC News I’m in camp the future can our top stories the UK threatens to cut funding to charities unless they cooperate over safeguarding issues it comes as Oxfam faces more allegations that oversee staff use prostitutes there’s mounting international concern after Israel launched a wave of air strikes against targets in Syria AB double also coming up a double-decker bus overturns in Hong Kong killing at least 19 people the driver has been arrested and six Gold’s are up for grabs on day two of the Winter Olympics the first goes to Sweden Charlotte Karla in the women’s ski etholon [Music] hello hello and good morning the British government is warning all UK charities that carry out aid work overseas that they will have via state funding withdrawn if they fail to cooperate with the authorities over safeguarding issues it follows allegations against some of Oxfam Workers in Haiti in 2011 more allegations have now emerged this time from Chad and the charity says that it is shocked and dismayed here is Andy Moore


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