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BBC iPlayer Watch BBC News live Google Chrome 27 08 2019 14 50 11

Thank you to Luciana and to Steven for coordinating this
declaration and bringing us together today, here, in this historic building. And thank you to all of the Members of Parliament, who have come here, from all
corners of Britain to make the point clearly, that Parliament will not stand by,
while the Prime Minister sends our country into a catastrophic no deal
Brexit, and takes away the rights of people to have their voices heard We know that there no deal that the government is heading towards, is in itself anti-democratic. There is no mandate in our country for a no deal Brexit. It was not on offer in 2016, and to make it even worse the Prime Minister
now threatens to silence Parliament – the place where people have their voices
heard. And the jobs that we all do, to represent our constituents, is important
to give voice to them. To my constituent, a doctor, who came to my advice surgery because he was worried about the government’s No Deal planning for his
area of nuclear medicine, and what that would mean for the number of cancer screenings and treatments that could be provided. For the people who are concerned, having looked at the government’s own analysis of what no deal means. That they are concerned about shortages of food in the supermarkets, they’re concerned about whether they can get their prescriptions filled. And although we are here from
Scotland, England and Wales today, It is also important that the people in Northern Ireland have a voice. And I think about my visit just a fortnight ago, listening to a young woman
at the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland talking to
me, about how she remembered her sisters telling her, That when they went to school,
their schoolbags had to be searched at the checkpoints She grew up in a Northern Ireland that didn’t have that because she grew up in
a climate of peace. But the fear in that community, and in particular in those
border communities, is palpable. They aren’t making it up. They are genuinely
worried about what might happen, particularly if we crash out
without a deal.


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