BBC Introduces “Digital Blackface”

BBC Introduces “Digital Blackface”

You guys, I have a really exciting announcement, okay? I know we just won the lawsuit and that was super exciting but in my opinion, This is way bigger news. Go to Google right now, and type “internalized oppression.” BO-HOOM DUDE, IT’S YA BOY! EK (Ethan Klein) from h3’s the face of internalized oppression! When people are targeted, discriminated against, or oppressed over a period of time, they often internalize it. (BANG) [Laughs] and here I am Frankly, on one hand I am super excited to be the face of internalized oppression, but on the other hand… (BANG) I really don’t know how I feel about it. Though, I’m on one hand very excited that our work is being recognized internationally But on the other hand is this digital Jew face? See, apparently… Digital blackface is a thing now according to BBC, Is it OK to use black emojis and gifs? Listen, I know this video is gonna be pretty sensitive stuff, and I don’t want to offend anybody at home… I don’t want to trigger anybody and me and Hila have frankly been in the sun a lot, So I think my complexion might be a little more tan than usual and I don’t want to culturally-appropriate anybody, and I definitely don’t want a digitally black face anybody. Well, I guess there’s really only one way to approach this That’s as my alter ego Whiteface man (CREEPY SMILE) How do I look you guys although, Hilla,
don’t you think that’s a little insensitive? How do I look you guys? Although, Hila,
don’t you think that’s a little insensitive? Hilla: Why? I mean you’re middle-eastern you’re not really white So I don’t know that it’s it’s exactly appropriate for you to be in white face isn’t that a little too, white, Hilla? Hila: I don’t know, I guess I just wanted to… Ethan: This is digital white face, Hila!
Hila: This is not digital. Ethan: It’s literal white face, Hila. So I found this gem entitled
“Is it OK to use black emojis and gifs?”
on Breaking important stories, let’s have a look, Ooh, cut out the music, it’s so dramatic… THIS, is digital blackface I mean this pretty much reads as a joke from South Park. The only thing… It’s missing is a record scratch, the theme song from “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and a laugh track This- *record scratch* -Is digital blackface. * “Curb Your Enthusiasm” song plays,
overlayed with a laugh track * No, I haven’t noticed that. And just out of curiosity, I went to and checked the trending gifs I mean yeah, there are some black people but… Wouldn’t it be stranger if there weren’t any? Now honestly, I feel dirty just looking through this, thinking how many black people are showing up. It just doesn’t seem right. Are you not allowed to use gifs of white people now? I’ll tell you what,
you can’t use this gif of me in white face saying “Uh-uh!” “This is a gif on the internet now, and guess what? I’m talking to you,” “You can’t use it!”
Imagine being that sensitive that you would get triggered every time you saw a non-white person You can’t use it imagine being that sensitive that you would get TRIGGERED every time you saw a non white person referencing a black person?
With this, see, we’re moving backwards here, folks! So, white people are using gifs of… ‘accentuated blackness’,
but she’s showing literal entertainers here. She’s showing people who are being entertaining and funny It’s kind of racist of her in a way, to be like; “People are only sharing this gif of Kevin Hart, who is a comedian… …because it’s some form of racism and not because he’s inherently funny or entertaining.” Like who thinks about the world like that? Not this guy! (Whiteface man) Also, you gonna show Michael Jackson? He’s not black or white! Did you not listen to the music? And you think that Michael Jackson would actually be angry about white people… sharing gifs of him? Can you please get real?! And this is again the whole problem with
this whole ‘Cult of Outrage’, right? Getting offended for other people. “Black people are not here for other people’s entertainment…” Yes. But you just showed entertainers. Those people are here for our entertainment. That’s their profession. Why was I drawn to that gif of Michael Jackson eating popcorn? Well, I thought it was just because he was being hilarious, but it turns out I was being subconsciously racist. That’s the only reason I wanted to use it,
or maybe it was that I was *Oppression Intensifies* internally oppressed? Well, apparently I can only use gifs of Jewish people now as anything else would be racist and And digital Jew face is pretty ‘in.’ Let me see what my options are. Have you ever use one of these gifs? You may want to think twice before committing digital Jew-face. You may want to think twice before committing digital (Sound affect) jew face Jews are not here for your entertainment Except for my uncle Moshe, he’s hella funny. This feels really weird doing this, I don’t really like saying Jew face.
I’m gonna stop this bit now. I don’t really like saying Jew face. I’m gonna stop this bit now I have a question: Why is it that everybody’s always using this gif?
Is it because I’m a thick boy? Listen, I made this to show off my dancing, to show off… …Celebrating, not to show off my ass, not to objectify myself even though, yes, I know I am a thick boy. And even though thick boys rule, I take a huge offense to any time anybody use this gif who isn’t a thick boy themselves. This is what I like to call “digital thickness.” I would like to summarize this article up. But the top comment on their Facebook page pretty much did it better than I ever could so I’m just gonna read that, “Please can you stop being offended by every single bleeding thing! Emojis and gifs, that’s the problem of black people? Really? She talks about cultural appropriation while wearing straight hair listen I’m a black person, and I don’t care what emojis people use, or the gifs they put up. I am concerned when people of color are killed, denied access to education, To healthcare, to housing and jobs because of their skin color. Let’s solve those problems and leave all this silliness alone.” And in the spirit of bringing us all together, here now… …I want to say, that I give all of you permission to use this thick boy gif. Because I think in our hearts, we all are thick boys. Thick boys rule, and you know who else rules? Everybody. Everybody rules except Hila who took this Whiteface thing way too far, way too far, dude.
Way too far, dude. Way too far, dude. Hila: What did I do? HILLA: What did I do? Ethan: It’s so offensive how can you not see that I? Ethan: It’s so offensive, how can you not see that? Ethan: I mean, seriously, come on man.
It’s just, this is ridiculous. Ethan: You need to be-
Hila: I thought that-
Ethan: -more sensitive
Hila: -we were having fun for the video. [Hila] I thought we were having fun, for the video Ethan: You need to be more sensitive, Hila,
This is just ridiculous. Thank you so much,
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