Batwoman Bombs At Rotten Tomatoes And The Media Is Mad About It !!!

Batwoman Bombs At Rotten Tomatoes And The Media Is Mad About It !!!

the Batwoman is actually a 10% audience
score that is rough what’s up everybody today I’m here to talk about bat woman
now this show is from the CW I have reacted to a few of the trailers
and my first opinion I did not like the trailers I just thought it looked very
cheesy I also don’t like the whole I’m a woman and just because I’m a woman I’m
strong character I think it should always be about the story not only about
just because it’s a female character doesn’t mean it doesn’t equal
progressive and that’s how they were framing this show you know it’s not only
a female character but she’s also a lesbian character and because of that
the show is progressive and we must like it I don’t see it that way
I believe that you know there’s a long way to be progressive one of the things
that I saw on the trailer for instance what I think one of the trailers she
helps this girl right she gives her money and then she walks away just
because the guy says something to her she goes back there and give the girl a
watch and and I was like wait a minute so that she only did that to get at the
guy and not really to first and foremost help the girls so things like that in my
opinion are very flawed you know I think that I think there was nothing wrong
with diversity I think that’s actually good for shows to include that but it
shouldn’t be about that it shouldn’t drive the narrative the narrative should
be the story itself you know and there’s turn a ton of shows with really strong
female characters there are the leads and they’re extremely awesome to watch
and you know it’s not all about this man-hating thing and I think I believe
the biggest problem with back woman is because they’re really pushing that
fight amongst sexist you know women are better than men and we need to be
superior is it’s just that third wave feminism idea that instead of actually
fighting for women’s right you’re actually just pissing off the guys in
the process it’s just to me this is not progressive I didn’t really like the
trailers but this is not really a review on the first episode
but let’s talk a little bit about what happened so this preview like the
premiere was Sunday if I’m not mistaken and it did pretty well so the TV ratings
according to Variety was 1.8 million viewers so that means a lot of people
sat down to watch the show I still want to check it out to see a lot of people
are telling me is very cringy I thought the trailers are very cringy a lot of
people complaining about the acting to be honest with you I think that Ruby
Rose she has she has a very striking look in my opinion but every single work
I’ve seen her in I really don’t think she’s like really great actress I did
think that the best work I’ve seen from her was probably on John wick she was on
orange is the new black I saw she I think she was good there as well but I
didn’t really like her she was on megalodon and she was no it was not very
good and but I haven’t seen the episode yet so I’m not really here to say I’m
only here to talk about the media versus the audience so then we have the media
putting articles like this and of course this is all four of these of Forbes
people always tell me I say it wrong but Forbes
I think it’s Forbes so this headline says bad woman’s is getting IMDB and
rotten tomato review bombed for its lesbian lead and this is where I have a
problem list because they are saying that people are bombing the the reviews
because it is a lesbian character and I believe that that isn’t true you know I
believe that it’s all about the storytelling it’s really bad look at
this bath woman on Rotten Tomatoes it’s 10% phew that’s rough you know
Metacritic is three point one that is also pretty bad so yeah audiences are
not liking it and I what can I say about this I really don’t like when people as
you know I’ve said this many many times on this channel I’m gonna say it again
just because it is a female ad just because it is a gay character doesn’t
necessarily equal progressive it’s not just because the character is gay and
because it’s female doesn’t mean that this is progressive that is not enough
in my opinion and another thing I didn’t like on the
trailer is that she’s talking bad about Bachman for instance so I’m not gonna
let a man take credit for a woman’s job you know she’s supposed to be inspired
by Batman and not only I mean come on Batman came first he was you know I just
I don’t like that I don’t like this war that they create among the sexes like
you need to hate men in order to be your strong female and we have plenty of
shows that a woman is able to work in perfect partnership with the guys and
it’s just that’s how it should be that’s way more progressive for instance I’m
gonna give you an example have you ever seen that show Outlander so we have
Claire Claire is a pretty strong female character so she’s pretty much it’s
pretty much her story on that TV show and she’s surrounded by guys and not
only that she’s also in a in a time where well let’s see man didn’t really
care for woman’s opinion and she’s still pretty strong characters
she’s awesome to watch and she’s not there hating on men for instance another
character that is super strong and awesome to watch let’s think about 1111
from stranger things she’s an awesome character to watch because again it’s
about the storytelling is about how the people can actually identify with this
characters a lot of problems nowadays and the meters that people think oh just
because it’s a guy a woman cannot identify with the guy or just because
it’s a girl people cannot enter people identify with human behavior and like I
said if you go back and watch the trailers well it’s pretty much implying
that if you are not a woman you’re not good enough to watch this show something
like this you know this is all about female versus the male we’re gonna
destroy the patriarchy and I think it should not be about that this is a show
that it should be about a superhero they shouldn’t really focus on the fact that
who cares if she is lesbian or not this should be a side plot you shouldn’t be
in the main focus I mean no I just people don’t really care about these
things what people really care is about storytelling the thrill and something
fell over there and I’m not gonna cut it whatever let’s continue
like you go you’re going to when you’re watching a superhero show what do you
want to see it’s like the person who ever girl and guy being the hero you
know you want this character to be inspiring but if you have a character
that is already bashing on man for instance you know man is not good enough
we is just women that needs to rule the world I mean that’s just kind of an
extreme view I completely disagree there’s also a lot of complain on the
acting people are saying the acting is terrible it’s also on the actor can an
actor carry a lead role like I said I haven’t seen the episode yet I will
check it out and perhaps we can talk about it but there you go guys and then
now we have the media saying that people are bombing this and this is not new if
we go back to the whole backlash at the last year by we kind of had something
similar where people were complaining because oh it’s just because there’s too
many female strong characters that people didn’t like it and I just like I
hate when this is excuses you know just face the fact that this is not a good
show I mean if if the audience is reacting like this if you’re giving 10%
you should sit down and then kind of realize what are we doing wrong here you
know instead of just bashing the the audience like this I believe Ruby Rose
said something as well about you know the complains on the show and this is
what is wrong you know you’re doing entertainment for an audience and you
need to kind of see what is not what is working what is not working why are
people not liking this why are people not on into fine with this and what else
are they saying this arctic over here this you know for far B’s Forbes
there’s such shields you know they were they made they wrote so many articles on
the fans and the last jet died and all of that
there’s also talking about Captain Marvel over here this review point
campaign to some extent Saturday on bah-bah-bah people complaining about
Captain Marvel’s also not a very inspiring hero either I believe that’s
why people didn’t really connect to her I watched the movie I didn’t think it
was the worst film ever made but I also didn’t think it was the best you know I
just thought it was like black it’s okay whatever I might
ever watch it again she’s not their inspiring superhero I don’t really care
about Captain Marvel and the fact that so many people are giving these bad
reviews and the media instead of actually you know saying analyzing this
from a critical because that’s what critics are supposed to be doing no they
go over there and give it a 72% because she’s a lesbian female hero so we must
like it and it’s really not how it should be and I hate that entertainment
got this way you know that is it’s again it’s not really about what film was it
was supposed to be your show or entertainment it’s supposed to be about
the story it’s supposed to be how do people connect to these characters but
yes I guess that’s the times we’re living right now drop your comments
below what do you think about have you seen that woman do you agree with this
Rotten Tomatoes score over here I’d love to hear your thoughts and perhaps when I
watch it I can make a video and talk about it why I think people are giving
me such a low score I really taking my time to watch it because I really did
not enjoy the trail I just thought it looks very cheesy it’s just I don’t
really like these things when they frame it as progressive but it’s really not
you know this is kind of like you’re a copy of Batman and you’re just not even
giving Batman the honor he deserves you know I don’t like that Batman was always
written as a hero he’s why are you just bashing on him it’s just that’s not it
doesn’t sound right you shouldn’t be against him you know you should be
inspired by him so but that’s it guys that’s my opinion I just think that kind
of kind of hilarious to watch drop the comments below if you enjoyed this video
don’t forget to hit that thumbs up subscribe for more and I see you next
time bye


100 thoughts on “Batwoman Bombs At Rotten Tomatoes And The Media Is Mad About It !!!”

  • Writers, casting messed up the show not the lead actor being a lesbian…2nd episode is even worse… Bring in people who worked on wonderwoman or early supergirl seasons

  • BatWoman is Crap.
    As an Older viewer, what is happening to the “Original Personality of Super/Gifted Heroes?
    Cannot think like a 18 to 30 year old person.

  • So! Batwoman wants to promote the idea that Women are better than Men while Batwoman herself wants to Look like a Man, Talk like a Man and Act like a Man. Hmmm!! Irony at its best😂😂😂

  • I’m so glad that women hate this show too. Tired of being a male and being blamed when these female lead shows / films don’t work.

  • Media trying to shoot the moon with Misogyny is just incendiary reporting because real DC fans already know that the character of Batwoman is a Lesbian who uses guns in fight from comics and cartoon

  • I watched most of the first episode. To me is was a show that pushes the lefts agenda, man bashing lesbian. There are plenty of shows with strong women, lesbian women, women who fight men that is part of the story not THE story.

  • So let me start with the fact that I am 40 years old and I've been reading comic books since I was 6. Now with that said let's talk about the book vs the show. 1 batwoman is a bad ass. That did things that Batman would never do. She uses guns, and kills. She was gone from DC for around 30 years. She was originally a love interest for Batman to move the thoughts of impropriety of Batman a grown man hanging out with a young teen. Batwoman didn't come back into the DC comics until 52. A series that dealt with a world without Batman Superman and Wonder Woman for one year or 52 weeks. Seeing a vacuum Kate Kane stepped in. When Batman came back he TRIED to reform her to fight crime more like the rest of the Bat Family. I agree the show needs better writing and the trailers are horrible. But, with the material given Ruby Rose has done alright. The main protagonist (not to give anything away) is not bad either. I'm going to give it a few more episodes before I leave this one in the dust.

  • Ruby Rose is a horrible actor and the show is extremely trash. Man, woman LBGTQ+ whatever you identify as has nothing to do with this show simply sucking.

  • Unfortunately she's acting exactly how the comics portrays her.

    Her sexuality is forefront as well as her distant for men.

    She's constantly at odds with Batman and some of the Bat family hate her.

  • JFL- Headz FACTSQUAD says:

    I didn't even know batwoman was out, but I like Ruby Rose! Maybe Ruby rose fit better as female Ghost-Ryder! Make more sense.
    My ideal batwoman is: Kelly hu, ming zhao
    Capmarvel casted actually won me over, esp Thor says " I like this one" indeed

  • The fact they have a gay character is why the show is going to fail.

    These shows always make this error. They should make a character who happens to be gay. Sexual orientation isnt a person's defining attribute.

  • The dialogues are terrible and I blame the director for the pacing and how he or she directed the action sequences, it's probably one of the worst series I've watched

  • Imo the best show that had a strong woman right along side a strong male was the x files… mulder and Dana scully!!!

  • Ruby Rose has potential it's the writers and directors making her cringe-worthy to watch which is not even called for we live in an age where knowledge is at our fingertips so we can tell and see through the b***** when it comes to feminism so quit with the man hate just because you didn't get Hillary in office and you don't like Trump doesn't mean that we need to start having man-hating type of shows enough is enough and we need to send a message by not watching it b***** and making these writers on up to this b***** and do was Justice make good quality stuff

  • Hollywood is dying their regurgitating old stories and trying to make them new they think just because they cater to a certain audience that their gain leverage that's not how it works you will be ridiculous to cater to one audience and expect to come out on top you have to be able to cater to all artists to have a great captivating story they have lost the Art of Storytelling and that is the problem because they're bringing in their political their religion there were schisms about how they feel and trying to incorporate it into good storytelling that is not how it works they have lost the art of great storytelling

  • Richard Finnigan says:

    A petique woman fighting big men sounds implausible where a woman like Gal Gadot very believable , Also when you says the suit will be perfect when it fits a woman bit cringeworthy . So a woman any woman would be better than Batman , Had she said it will be perfect when it fits me , That would have been a better way to say that line . As for being or not being lesbian it's irrelevant as superheroes are heroes because of their character not their sex life , Please idiots stop personal comments about Ruby Rose it is not relevant to suitability to do the role

  • Imagine this …a show that Harley Quinn is gay man that hates women and talks bad about the joker ( who is a woman too BTW).
    Who will go and pay to see that shit.

  • the think about it that i don't like is the scene where his memory about her girlfriend is a kiss? come on that's not how you remember the love one that's too pushy to introduce that she's her girlfriend

  • While the trailers initially turned me off to the idea of watching the show, I decided to give it a try… and instantly regretted it. The main plot and subplots of the show were stereotype and boring. The acting was phoned in, character motivations were contrived, and the special effects looked campy. I gave up halfway thru the show. It was like a Legends of Tomorrow attempt at Batman (Batwoman) versus a Flash or Arrow attempt (deeper characters, better story arcs, etc.). I suspect she will become a supporting character in one of the other shows (e.g., Supergirl or Flash) and the Batwoman TV show will not make it past the initial 6 pre-ordered episodes.

  • Mizen Barbarossa says:

    She's a very attractive lesbian character in leather and men are not watching it? Sounds like it's the story that they don't like like it's so full of PC culture it's screwing up the show I can think of tons of female lead movies TV shows that I know guys like

  • They can be mad about it all they want. There's such a thing as shoehorning characters and concepts that audiences do not care for. You will not make the masses love something if you just keep poking them in the face with it hoping to get them to see things your way. Insulting people definitely does not help your cause. Far left ideology may have already peaked and now, much like any other short-lived fad or gimmicky product, it's about to hit a gradual decline.

  • kaustav swarnakar says:

    Just a example
    In battle of tharmopolae 300 men killed 100k men in just 3 days just calculate how much women will be killed if we get pissed off and if we feel that our superiority is being challenged

  • News Flash: If you actually watch the show, it is about the story, nothing shocking like the trailers, I'm surprised, but I really loved the premiere since it did actually focus on the characters and story set up, not the bullshit that the trailers where showing. The ACTUAL show is very different than the trailers. So just watch the show, get off the hating-like-a-sheep-to-feel-cool trend, and make your own damn opinions or you might end up making a video saying what losers want you to say for a few bucks. Just make your own opinion.

  • Mr Mac Lipstick says:

    are they planning to upgrade her costume in the show or something? she doesn't have the long red hair / wig like in all the photo thumbnails you guy use?

  • Edward Zimmerman says:

    I remember watching shos like M.A.N.T.I.S., Viper and Nightman also all the Incredible Hulk team ups with Dare Devil and Thor wondering if I was just in small percentage that wanted an idea to succeed… Now we have the Marvel movies and everyone is on the bandwagon… Don't dis Batwoman, Just let it exist to fail or survive…

  • Ruby Rose is unwatchable…no one cares about her/his sexuality or whatever mental illness is being pushed as normal by liberals this week. Oy vey.

  • She was good in John Wick only cause she couldn't speak. She is terrible with her voice inflection. They would have been better served with a better actress.

  • are you wearing a leather shirt?

    I brought the series on Vudu, so I'll be curious how it is, since I've never read the comic series

  • I saw the trailer once and had ZERO interest. I agree that trying to make this a woman vs. man, women are better than men thing, it brings us all down. I am not familiar with the actress but I got enough in a few seconds to lose any interest in her as an actress and her character.

  • Let me just say this. Perhaps "Batwoman" is a response to how women are treated on Telemundo's "El Señor de Los Cielos". On that show for the most part, they are mindless bimbos. There is a pool party with lots of bikini clad girls. So there are Narcos drinking tequila and this girls are haging on to these guys. Next, you'll see some other Narcos come to talk business, and they brush off this girls like they are dogs. Or, they would bang one to get their little thrills, and once again, they brush off this women like if they are less than human. But that's the typical Mexican machismo in treating these women like 3rd world property.

  • Batman leaves kids in a car to die, because he is a man. That really a good message? Men now want kids to die?, because they men. Yes that happened.

  • Orlando Johnson says:

    I tried 2 tune in during the premiere….. "turn off the lights… guys turn off the bat signal!" (duh) they're dead!?
    Boring! (Slow gtg to action!?)
    B4 or after… I saw her kiss someone….. and TURNED THE CHANNEL!! Done & finished at the same time!!!

    Also saw her in the Vin diesel movie with Donnie Yen & others (triple X!)…
    Played a marksman shooter who likes women…..

    Does she like playing these characters!?

    I liked her character in resident evil better than these!!!
    I wish her good luck!

  • Totally agree with u!
    They focus entirely on identity politics and sacrifice story, acting, ect!
    Demorat/Leftists are full of excuses and blame! They need women to hate men, poor to hate the rich, skin color vs skin color!
    Thats why im no longer a demorat!

  • BatGirl oops BatWoman is ………………………………… Google Max Rafael Waller to know Max's behavior on and off the internet. – written at 3:38 PM Pacific Daylight Savings Time on Thursday, 17 October 2019 – Twitter per unethical behavior chose to arbitrarily suspend @maxrafaelwaller and @mrwaller3

  • I like Ruby especially she was a mute. Plus I liked when John Wick killed her. So, now we have a lesbian bat girl. If she talks she shouldn't, better as a mute, yikes! Tattoo's anyone?

  • Garbage, PC trash with a demon, looking lead. Seriously, look at her. She's wearing human skin and trying to tell us what we should support, believe, etc. Go away demon

  • I'm begging all my fellow DC fans, please support this show. I know it's gonna be tough and Cringy and full of Girl power moments but I see potential down the road for something Greater. Think "No man's land".🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Even the reviewer doesn't seem to be to excited about seeing this and that speaks volumes. She said it best when she said, just because it has a lesbian lead doesn't make it progressive. While it is true there does need to be some color and diversity added to the superhero genre, it doesn't work when you force it in the manner that has become prevalent in the last few years. It should happen organically in the proper time and place with a focus on great stories that have diverse characters in them. It should not be diverse characters shoved into poorly written situations and then touted as progress. This helps no one because at the end of the day this industry is about making money and shows like this will stop being made because social justice for the sake of social justice do not do well financially. At a certain point you will have someone with a great idea for a well written and thought provoking narrative that is diverse, but it studio execs will be hesitant to green light those projects because of foolishness like this.

  • As a big fan of the BATMAN I love the story!!! But come on nobody wants to see a batwoman……. maybe a Batgirl show, but never a replacement for the BATMAN!!!!

  • Damien Rafalowski says:

    I think the writing of the show is kinda mediocre and the plot hasn't yet clicked with me. I just can't figure out how no one can tell that the villain is the sister of Batwoman. The father has a picture of her and still doesn't know. It breaks my suspension of disbelief.

    I also have no idea where the fuck batman is. He on vacation in the Bahamas or something? Conveniently for 3 years.

  • I think you were right on target in this video. Ignore the razzle-dazzle and pay attention to story and character development. I too think show runners need to pay attention to the audience and be objective. Fix the problems and they will have a show that companies will want to advertise on and fans will follow. I said advertising because sometimes you have to hit the powers that be in the wallet to get their attention.

  • Problem is this show and supergirl is not made for the general public, it’s made to normalize the LGTBQ community. Problem is the LGTBQ community is not as big or popular as Hollywood or the Democrats would like you to believe. Lesbian power is not girl power.

  • Does the media actually think we give a rat's ass what they think? Bahahahahahaha.
    This show is trash. Has nothing to do with the character being a lesbian. It has everything to do with crappy writing, story and acting. This black man's review – garbage. It wont make it it might get a .5 season. Doesn't deserve a full season. Ruby get out of this trash and make better decisions about what you choice and stop the dumbass comments!

  • If they didn't have the idiots lines that push the whole, "I'm a woman so fuck you." type attitude, then I probably wouldn't care about anything else and might have given it a try. Just have a character and have their actions PROVE HOW STRONG THEY ARE! Terminator and Aliens have shown BADASS female roles and they didn't have to push any shit!

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