Barr Speaks On IG Findings, Discusses His Investigation Into Russia Probe | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “Barr Speaks On IG Findings, Discusses His Investigation Into Russia Probe | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC”

  • SO, WHO COLLUDED WITH THE RUSSIANS AGAIN? The DNC, HRC, and THE FBI, That's who. The DNC and HRC PAID FOR THE DOSSIER. The dossier was funneled through a "credible" source, Christopher Steel, to our Trump-hating "Hero" Senator McCain who funneled it to the FBI. The Nancy Pelosi famous "Smear Campaign" started with the intentional leak of the dossier to the media via (most likely) Senator McCain to Michael Isikof. And, the whole Left-wing Media takes off running….not stop…which lead to a SPECIAL COUNSEL….Robert Mueller was going to save the day and PROVE that Trump Colluded with Russians and is a Russian Asset!! Unfortunately, Robert Mueller didn't even know who Glen Simpson or Fusion GPS was…(go back and look at his testimony if you don't believe me). Fusion GPS is the outfit who hired Christopher Steel at the behest of HRC/DNC to write the salacious nonsense about President Trump. So who was really running the Special Counsel? We all know how Meuller turned out…A Big Dud for the Democrats. So the Democrats will try again at Impeachment….. In the meantime, the FBI is zeroed in on this 'dossier' as "credible" and they have begun SPYING on Trumps campaign EVEN BEFORE THERE WAS A FISA COURT WARRANT. Let me say that again. The FBI was SPYING on the Trump campaign BEFORE there was a FISA COURT WARRANT. Bruce Ohr/Nellie Ohr/McCabe/Paige/Strzok/Comey/Clinesmith/Baker/Brennen/Clapper all play apart in this devious mess. These people are sick. They all need to be held accountable for this Coup against the President of the USA and the MSM needs to be held accountable as well for the 3-years of brainwashing the American people against this president over FALSE information.

  • Trump has this guy. Amazing what you can do when you have the AG in your pocket. Trump is stupid, but this guy should know better. He is willing to destroy his own country’s constitutional bedrock for power and prestige. History has never been kind to toadies like William Pelham Barr. He certainly hasn’t reached the level of evil attained by the likes of Otto Georg Thierack, but he definitely is a ruthless piece of work.


    I got a question why is it that George Bush jr. I was at a meeting at the same exact time with the bin Laden family that 9/11 occurred? Yes food whatever reason that wasn't impeachable but a phone call is impeachable? I remember 9/11 I lived it I live in NYC my high school was Downton I went through it! Why didn't they impeach George Bush?

  • siobhan costello says:

    Barr needs to be in peached now! I can’t fathom his motivation…but he is betraying the office and the American people.

  • Once again, Barr comes across as the adult in the room and straightens out, yet another, biased news reporter. This stuff is so easy … a 3rd grader good do it. The liberals are so inflamed with fear of losing 2020 to Trump that they have literally lost their minds and all of their morals. What a shame on them but good news for those that love liberty, freedom and America. Trump 2020 is now 100% assured.

  • So another, I don't like to conclusion so I will hire my own guy and tell him what I want the outcome to be. Stupid Republicans constantly make a fool of themselves.

  • Saynoto Socialists says:

    A total of 17 “ errors / omissions/ mistakes “ where committed by the fbi in obtaining fica warrants , all would have benefited Trump in the fica court , and not one would’ve benefited the investigation , considering the fbi is the “ worlds premier investigating agency “ that is not plausible
    Barr hinted today that indictments are coming , so you DEMONocrats may as well start screaming “ political retribution “ now , even though that’s exactly what has been happening to Trump , because he had the audacity to challenge and defeat the Clinton royalty , the swamp and their media slaves 😝

  • more info here…
    10 mins of the interview. The tiny clip above leaves out important info.

  • Bill Barr is complicit in an attempt to overthrow Democracy, he is heartless and evil, he applied for his job in his writings of how the president should be above the law while seated and here he is trying to make sure that can happen, if so we are facing a collapse of Democracy and Trump becomes a dictator and we no longer get to vote honest elections just like Putin had in mind for us….

  • On February 21, 1975, Nixon's Attorney General John N. Mitchell, was found guilty of CONSPIRACY, OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE, and PERJURY and sentenced to two and a half to eight years in prison for his role in the Watergate break-in and cover-up, which he dubbed the "White House horrors." As a result of the conviction, Mitchell was sent to prison and disbarred from the practice of law.

  • the case did not collapse after the elections, thats why muller had to come into play! barr is only trying to cover his misdeeds during the whole muller period…hes more like rudy, caught in between two fires and none is willing to set him free…

  • I saw nadler for the first time from head to toe and now know why he is a control freak……severe napolionic complex ☺️. Don't hate America nadler, we did not sire you. We wouldn'tve aborted you either on the day u were born like so called Catholic Pelosi would've. Speaking of Pelosi, why no news from MSM about her son Paul Pelosi jr. on the same boards as Joe's son Hunter? If quid pro quo Joe Biden did nothing wrong why did his son Hunter step down from such a lucrative position? Pay your dang child support Hunter, Maury povich already said the baby is yours 99.9%. Why is Quid pro quo Joe denying Hunter is the father of this 20 something year old woman? Is it, could it be that Joe is the dad of hunters ex 20 something yr old woman? Would not surprise me. Either way Biden DNA is in there unfortunately.

  • Caroline Weimann says:

    Money means more than our Constitution and democracy to these criminals. They all need to be locked up. The sooner the better.

  • Barr has lowered the bar by his corrupt behaviour and continuous lies and cover -ups!
    Is he high? it doesn't look like even he believes what he's saying!

  • JoAnna S. Diamonds and Pearls says:

    But yet they want to lock up common folk for misdemeanors and extort funds from working people!!! Each side has mention points of fraud and corruption on both sides of the spectrum!

  • TheSilent People says:

    Remember: This is the guy who said he didn’t have to worry about his reputation because his career was about to end, so he feels free to lie as naturally and hard-faced as he ‘s doing here. Disbar Barr!!

  • Can't wait to see the indictments of Obama's corrupt henchmen who thought Hillary would win and now will have to face the music!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caroline Weimann says:

    If we knew what was really going on it would scare us to death. I am sick of these criminals, Putin is running a lot of money through the White House.

  • I can’t believe that MSNBC actually had a real and not contrived interview! I might start watching MSNBC now. I was told about this interview and that’s why I checked it out.

  • Trump's election campaign has paid for unfounded and false dirt on Democratic candidates (and some of their campaign staffers) for President in 2020. The report on this dirt has been turned over to the FBI who used it to obtain warrants to spy on these Democratic candidates and their campaigns now and through the election in 2020 and if they win…after they are sworn in as President. As current President, Trump has to know about this counter-espionage mission (it's required). This is VERY unsettling and must be dealt with!!!

  • This man is a disgrace. Especially when you consider the AG is the top law enforcement official in the country, and he is supposed to be fair and impartial and serve the American people. But this man cares not about that at all. His only concern is being Trump's consigliere.

  • Trump is the most racist, misogynistic, narcissistic, egomaniac, the self-serving corrupt president we've ever had. Trump has a very similar personality to Hitler. The world will never accept another Hitler. AND YES, TRUMP WILL BE IMPEACHED IN THE HOUSE AND THEN VOTED OUT OF THE OFFICE!!! HIS LEGACY WILL BE AN IMPEACHED ONE TERM PRESIDENT, PERIOD.

  • outright lies and inuedoes. this man is worse than the worst faciet advertising. twisted truth and mangled facts to suit their own ends. On February 21, 1975, Nixon's Attorney General John N. Mitchell, was
    sentenced to two and a half to eight years in prison for his role in the
    Watergate break-in and cover-up, which he dubbed the "White House
    horrors." As a result of the conviction, Mitchell was sent to prison and
    disbarred from the practice of law.

  • Barr needs to be disbarred. Wasting taxpayer money to redo an investigation that has already been done. Just because you didn't like the outcome, doesn't mean you get a do over.

  • Private Bonespurs says:

    Can someone ask Barr why he hates America? There has been a lot of incompetent treason, and a lot of sycophants to the incompetents, but Barr seems somewhat competent, yet just as treasonous… so what's going on there? Until Barr, it seemed straight forward: Russia was in charge, and the "president" and his fools were too stupid/weak to do anything but follow.

    But Barr, injected himself into treason that was already in progress, despite his seeming competence. He's been a willing and EAGER accomplice (who tarted himself up in a whorish legal opinion to audition for the job). He knew from the start that he was working for a traitor, and he knows it now, better than ever. So, ask him. I understand that he won't answer honestly, but ask him, and let America see his face.

  • The Handsome Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J Trump says:

    “Do you still stand by your statement that the [Trump] campaign was spied upon?”
    AG Bill Barr: “It was clearly spied upon.”

  • Now this bum is a lawyer he blamed F.B.i put him on trial mr bar need to be under investigation he’s doing crimes to the American people. So ALL of people working whit F.B.I are doing crimes maybe he needs to ask prime minister of Canada to get royal Canada mounted police to investigate the FBI

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