Barbie – Sad News for Chelsea | Ep.103

Barbie – Sad News for Chelsea | Ep.103

Barbie – Sad News for Chelsea Isabelle! Wait for me! Weeeeeee! Isabelle… I tell you to wait! Sorry! I having too much fun! Ok You wait for me there I come down slide Alright Whooo hooo! Isabelle? Where she go? Thanks for inviting me to the park Chelsea You’re welcome! My Mum asked if you wanted to have a sleepover next weekend Yes please! We might even go to the movies too Come on girls Enough talking. Time to play! She’s right! How about the red slide now Cool! I’ll race you! Wait Chelsea! We come too! One at a time down the slide everyone Ok! Weeee! Yayyyyy! Yipeeee! Whooo hooo! (Thud) Oooohhhh! Didn’t I tell you guys to wait! Sorry! There you are Skipper! Oh hello! I’m sorry to do this but I need to take Gracia home now Oh…alright! Everything ok? Not really, but I must get her home Gracia! Time to go! Already? Sorry girls Bye Chelsea Bye Gracia… Ohhh… We were having so much fun We play with you Chelsea Boring Let’s just go home How rude! I hope everything’s ok with Gracia Me too Oh, and by the way, she asked if I could have a sleepover at her house on Saturday Another sleepover Yeah, when we have sleepover? Yes that’s fine Chelsea, and… when you’re older Annabelle All the time… When I wear make-up? When you older Isabelle… When I drive car? When you older Isabelle… When… Alright, alright Come on, in the car Yay! Preschool! Morning Chelsea! Hi Madison Have you seen Gracia? No, I don’t think she’s here yet That’s strange She’s always first here in the mornings (Bell) Everyone inside girls Where are you Gracia? Morning girls Good morning Miss Myers Now before we start the day, I’ve got some news to share with you all Gracia, would you like to come in? Ok, what’s going on? Good morning everyone I’m sorry to say that I have to fly to Italy today What? Gracia’s Nonno is not well so Gracia and her family need to return to Italy to see him Thank you Miss Myers We only found out yesterday and we want to get there as soon as we can So you come back next week? Ahhh, we’re not sure when we’ll be back It might be some time What! Thank you all for being my friends and for being so nice to me Bye everyone Bye Gracia! We’ll miss you Thank you class Gracia! Wait! I think I’m going to miss you the most Chelsea I’m going to miss you big time! What about our sleepover and the movies? I know I’ll try and call you when I get to Italy Ok Bye Gracia Bye Chelsea This is the worst day ever! I going to miss Gracia Me too! She nice to me I’m really sorry Chelsea I know she was a really good friend Good! She was the best! Now we can’t even have sleepovers anymore! You can sleepover in my bed Chelsea! She already sleep there silly! Oh yeah! I don’t want this ice cream… What? I’m going to go do my homework Poor Chelsea (2 days later) Chelsea, Mummy said to come play with you and make you happy again No thanks girls What you doing? I’m just drawing a picture of Gracia so I don’t forget what she looks like That the worst drawing I ever (Kick!) Owww! Oh, I mean that really, really good! Chelsea! Darrin is here! …and Darrin gets past four players and shoots (Kick!) …and the crowd goes wild! Chelsea, are you ok? Oh, sorry Just thinking about Gracia She hasn’t called yet… She’s probably busy with her Nonno I’m sure she’ll call soon I think Gracia’s forgotten about me I don’t think so Chelsea I’m sure her family has lots to do and don’t forget about the time difference too What that mean Daddy? When it’s day time here, it’s night time in Italy… and when it’s night time here, it’s day time in Italy Oh, I didn’t know that Gracia will ring when she’s ready Goodnight girls Goodnight! Chelsea Chelsea! Wha…What? I have something to show you downstairs Huh? Can it wait until the morning? Ahhh, no This better be good! Just sit up there! What am I looking at? There’s no one… Hi Chelsea! Gracia! It’s you! How are you? I’m good Sorry I rang so late We’ve been very busy That’s ok I missed you so much! I’ve missed you too! So what have you been doing? Hey, we should do this every night! Oh dear…


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