[muffled audio] Good Evening, I am Poppy Pewdiepoop and you are watching Pew News, the most respected news source, Back at it again with amazing quality. Feels good to be back man PEW NEWS INTRO (^_^) / Now lets just jump into it. Pewdiepie did an oopsie. Can you believe this? Pewdiepie did an OOPSIE? WHAT?! There’s definitely not been any shortage of calling PewDiePie a racist over these past couple weeks. There’s now a petition calling for his removal from Youtube due to ‘white supremacist platform’ Oh, frick! Not a petition I might as well delete my channel right here and right now I might as well start finding a new job because Petitions are the most effective way to make a change in the whole world I mean it’s not like Article got 5 Million signatures to stop And it did nothing! [Laughs] Okay, So let’s check out this petition. Remove white supremacist content from YouTube Yeah! I agree I think that’s good. I think it looks bad on everyone If there is white supremacist content on the platform And it could possibly just lead to another Adpocalypse So, I will actually have to sign this petition, and… Oh! It’s literally just calling to ban me from… the website, and nothing else Oh! Okay, that will stop it [Sarcastic] We need to ban PewDiePie from YouTube! That will stop all the bad things It’s literally just calling them to ban me, and nothing else I’m sure a lot of people just read these headlines: Stop normalising or stop… Or remove white supremacy and be like Eh, I’ll sign that. Sure… Sure, I’ll sign that Just by glancing over the points that they made against me It’s so blatantly misrepresenting and misinforming people A lot of these points are just flat-out lies as well context who needs that? Unimportant. I don’t care! why would I need to link sources to any
of the claims that defames a person, no! I mean honestly like it’s surprising how
changed our org is even letting this up cuz there’s no nothing to back up any
of the claims but let’s just go through it PewDiePie in the past used the N-Slur twice in two separate videos and has hired people to say the n-word What! When have I hired people? That implies that I’ve hired multiple people to say the
what are you talking about I can’t even defend myself
I don’t know what they are talking about why would I do that I used the n-word
twice I did it in the live stream okay it slipped up it was incredibly
irresponsible foolish and stupid of me to do that and people know about this
I’ve acknowledged this wrongdoing and I moved away from it I think it’s been
almost two years now but apparently I’ve done it in two separate videos and hired
people that’s what I did remember that remember next point he has promoted
videos that contain Adolf Hitler speeches and anti-semitic cartoons The
Wall Street Journal article about me had a Hitler speech in it is that what their
reference is that what the referencing Disney has a famous anti-semitic cartoon
or at least that contains Adolf Hitler type of propaganda is that what they’re
referencing Wall Street Journal and Disney? Does context matter. Uh.. clearly it doesn’t. He paid Indian men at the website, Fiverr to hold up signs to say death to all Jews
did you know about this has anyone heard about this did he know PewDiePie did
this has anyone ever told you this has every single media news media article in
the past three years that mentions my name not mentioned this enough already I
don’t think so another thing that is never mentioned is
that I also wrote to subscribe to keemstar as well it was so obviously me
trying to come up with the most horrific sentence I could think of like the worst
thing I could get to pay people to do on this website this Fiverr because people
were literally doing anything and it was proving a point of that and I was
shocked by the results as well it wasn’t like yeah awesome we did it
it was shocking and I thought just that in itself was interesting but clearly I
stepped too far I’ve definitely paid the consequences
and I’ve learned from that mistake but I guess we’re just gonna keep hearing it
for the past 60 years he form the Nazi Heil in one of his videos
where show it please show it cuz I don’t think I’ve done it I’ve hold up my arm
as a way to prove a point that people wanted me to be a Nazi so badly but
they’ll use anything against me and you just proven that point yourself thank
you very much it’s such a broken record at this point
I’ll hearing all these points like yeah we’ve heard that a million times he used
images of famous african-americans Neil deGrasse Tyson, Barack Obama captioned
with the wrong names oh my god how could he do this confirmed white supremacist
everyone we do this with everyone white or black no one cares it’s just so
stupid what does it mean it means nothing he made a clip of a man dressed as Jesus holding a sign stating Hitler did
absolutely nothing wrong I did not do this this is a false information that
has just been constantly told by people and no one checks up on it I never paid
him to hold up that sign that was someone else there’s no source I can’t
even like dispute it but I remember that showing up a few days later and I’m like
I didn’t do that look this is what I told him hi this juices I want to say
subscribe to my favorite channel on YouTube jacksepticeye – I love
jacksepticeye – that’s what I told him to write this is just false I never did
this he makes rape jokes he makes rape jokes yes six years ago
you’re implying that I do it now and the joke was that this monster was gonna
rape me in this horror game like yeah extremely childish stupid humor I don’t
do that now like why bring it up I said it’s a constant thing on my channel in
his face swapping video he repeatedly uses an image actress less of a Leslie
Jones to represent Harambee there were a gorilla killed in the Cincinnati Zoo
last year it seems like they’re more sympathetic about the gorillas than
Leslie Jones the famous wobbling video was an AI that
face what different things the AI did this I had no control in it next time
next time I’ll be sure to control the AI I’ll do my best I’ll do my very best the
thing is like as laughable as these points are a lot of people are obviously
taking it seriously it’s accumulated 76,000 signatures and if you don’t know
anything about me and you don’t know anything to challenge these
then obviously it paints a really bad picture of me that just isn’t true or at
least accurate or anywhere near accurate I would even argue then further on in
the comments they even admit themselves saying like even if PewDiePie cleared up his act, his comment sections are still a cesspool of white supremacist activities
and commentaries that’s a pretty bold statement I really enjoy this part
because it’s like you’ve argued this point that I’m a white supremacist that
need to be stopped or at least a normalization of it that’s the argument
here but all the sudden it’s like oh well even if the comments section that’s
right the comment section is the problem the comment section on my channel the
cesspool I mean I agree that it’s a cesspool but not of white supremacist
commentary let’s just look at my comment section let’s just check out it’s a
cesspool of not – commentary let’s just look at it okay I mean this could be
Nazi stuff I don’t know there’s a bunch of Russian comments – series more like
teary rash haha that’s good send them to the range I
think beautifier wants to live it there like if you have a problem with my
comment section by all means feel free to come feel free to criticise my
comment section but don’t use the listing of all these things as some sort
of shield for your point don’t attack me with all these inflammatory claims
within lives with no context – then just go well the comments section is bad it’s
so weak it’s so measly it’s so tiring this someone pointed out that this
petition is so inaccurate that they even used – they even used to list a
satirical article about me as as a claim that I was a white supremacist saying
that I dressed up in an entire Klansmen robe while streaming so they actually
believe this Jesus Christ there’s a satirical website that did this they
wrote PewDiePie accidentally puts on an entire KKK uniform in the middle of a
game stream hey listen it was an epic gaming moment, I could not help myself it
happens to the best of us this is clearly just a Photoshop and a joke it’s
a satirical website but they list it as it as an actual claim that I’m
normalizing white supremacist like Jesus Christ it is laughable but also it’s
like people do believe it so it’s kind of sad at the same time
next news that’s right everybody there’s no shortage of PewDiePie is a racism
this week Wil Wheaton attack speed by calling him
a racist piece of a shit Wil Wheaton, for those who don’t know is a child actress
he was a Star Trek in some other movies and then he sort of became popular for
being a nerd doing board games and all that kind of stuff and then he sort of
dabble into this really strange politics I don’t really know what’s up with Wil
Wheaton but apparently he posted this on Facebook saying hi Facebook on one hand
I’m heartened to discover that you know similar so little about me your
algorithms seem to think that I want to follow a racist piece of shit bigot
on the other hand f you for coming for recommending and providing a platform
for this racist piece bitch bigot Facebook provides a platform for a racist piece of shit I’m not even on facebook you dumb schmuck this is a this is a
fan-made group ah well we didn’t want to whack my fan group Oh
so anyone who wants to or feels a need to defend this guy’s words in action as
just being jokes please ask one of your non-white friends if they think it’s
funny when someone uses racist language of racist tropes I bet you well I have
more non-white friends than you okay but I thought I was a racist bigot now
you’re saying that they’re jokes and making it about how people feel about
jokes if you want to criticise me feel free to do that again or anything that
I’ve done but this is such a straw man argument saying ask a non-white what
they feel about its videos if it’s just a joke there’s in place that all my content
is just filled with racial jokes and slurs it’s like no obviously not
that’s not the case maybe you could add a compilation of all the edgy racist
jokes that I’ve done and to prove some sort of point like oh look yeah well he
might be not be a giant racist but he’s sure made a lot of jokes like yeah I
have what five thousand videos I don’t even know how many videos I have I’m
pretty sure you can make it you can prove any point what you can prove
whatever point in the world just by going through this library you can make
me look whatever way then there were just a few people defending me in the
comments saying like [The] Dude has donated more to… saying like
maybe looking to the guy a bit more pretty reasonably claimed dude has
donated more to even just India this year then maybe you have your whole life
never mind record-breaking charities Despite the fact that he makes crazy
amount less than billionaires and then Will Wheaton hits up with that you know
who else donates crazy amount of money to people who need it people who aren’t
racist, so you do Will, is that what you’re saying or are you a racist
now I never list the the charity work we’ve done in this channel because I
think it’s very self loving itself gratifying and but now that I’m being so
frequently accused of being white nationalist and racist into constantly
having this list of the bad things that it’s been a paired about me in the media
constantly reinforced I feel like I should at least bring up that if I was a
racist then why and even then even if my channel was
racist or my comments were racist or my audience was racist then why would we
raise $600,000 to build wells in Africa we raised three hundred forty two
thousand toward saving the children which helps children all across the
world we raised 1.3 million for the charity read which fights against AIDS
stoping aids all across the world I think we raise even more I don’t know
exact amount because we also did the Apple red campaign as well through to
birch simulator which I know was a pretty significant amount of money and
also two hundred what was a two hundred fifty thousand towards helping kids in
India I get a better education know doing charity work does not resolve your
shortcomings or wrongdoings that’s not what anyone is saying people
are just pointing out how constantly having all these negative fittings
listed without acknowledging any of the positive is gonna paint a bad picture of
anyone and if just for the sake of just being ridiculously clear at least in my
opinion Fuck anyone who’s racist and fuck anyone who’s white
nationalist that’s not what I’m about and that’s not what this channel has
ever been about it’s so crazy to me how it’s even still a topic of discussion do
people really need an enemy that bad that they need to force it upon me it’s
like they wanted me to be an enemy so badly to just bruised their own morale
moral virtue oh well this successful guy on YouTube well he’s actually just a
racist it’s like people can’t handle the fact that I’m successful that’s kind
of a strong argument but still it it feels like it it feels like a very
spiteful reaction to what I do in this channel it’s almost getting to the
conspiracy level at this point where like he played a video game with a guy
that had like a mocking avatar so he must be a Nazi oh well he gave a shout
out to this one channel that had Nazi imagery in it out of 30 channels so he
must be a Nazi or at least he was secretly be a Nazi
that’s right secret Nazi everyone finally I just wanted to finish up with
I I read this comment on a Verge article article a friend of mine sent it to me I
know verge article comments big hikes but I think it summarized things pretty
well and why some people are so heated about defending me I had not watched a
single video until the verge began publishing multiple articles about him I
was initially under the impression I thought this is interesting because this
person is clearly not a fan of my videos I was initially under the impression
that his videos would turn out similar to the horrific Alex Jones show
however after watching a few videos I found them to be less sensational than
described in various articles it’s incredibly obvious to anyone with a
brain that these interjections aren’t supporting racism and are instead of
taking cracks at Vox media for labeling him as a racist when I look back on the
past evidence against him it honestly said more about the poor journalism
surrounding the situation Than it did of his behaviour for example
he recommended an anime reviewers channel along with other channels
because he liked one of their anime reviews the channel happened to have bro
white supremacy videos buried in his history was that really a secret plan to
subscribe kids to Nazi ideals obviously not a lot of people do think that it
seemed like an obvious and understandable oversight no one with a
life goes through every single video of a channel before recommending it well
people are saying well he should have been more responsible but they always
follow it up that’s just a counter-argument to their initial point
well he’s a Nazi well not really oh well he should be more responsible that’s not
the argument you’re making that was my point the other accusation against him
regarding Fiverr comes off as a big mistake on his
but I also understand why PewDiePie felt it was a good way to highlight his point
it’s point being that people on Fiverr will go to extreme lengths to provide a
service even if it means acting immorally in response to these issues
that you should an apology the leader the content something you have to twist
tech companies arm to get yet the issue seems to arise every time his channel is
listed in article I’m probably a good example of how frequently it’s mentioned
because I have no interest in YouTube culture but checked it out because it
was mentioned so often I wondered how someone so supposedly racist and
carefree could generate so many subscribers as it turns out the articles
were deceptive and sensationalist to my disappointment that’s it for this week’s
pew news hopefully we can talk about something more interesting than hey guys
I’m not a racist I swear but that’s it for this week’s hopefully you know this
video will probably have some tabs if you want to support the channel I highly
recommend it this very epic merch is available right now on represent icon 90
million club merch let’s get it thank you guys for supporting the channel I
see you guys next time what super simulators becoming relevant no no don’t leave
no please sponsor eagle please do something yes yeah this game is still relevant God


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