22 thoughts on “Bad Samaritan – (2018) Official Trailer – Electric Entertainment”

  • brunette linds says:

    they risk the charges not only of stealing but of breaking and entering and leave their fingerprints all over the place. No wonder it's a movie for someone to be that stupid. let alone it's so easy to get caught while doing it, they don't think neighbors will see them going in and out or there will be alarms or dogs?

  • brunette linds says:

    He traded his friend's life for hers. The perpetrator killed his friend and beat up and put his girlfriend in the hospital. He saved the other girl's life in the end but thanks to those other two things happening to those close to him

  • why does it say on imdb that it is a horror thriller on imdb, makes no sense to that,
    horror thriller is when the killer kills everyone or wins, and the killer didnt win here, so its not a thriller

  • I saw this last night, and it was really good. Tennant is really scary in this, moreso than Kilgrave because it's realistic. This trailer shows how the main character gets into this mess, but it doesn't show the level of crazy. I certainly recommend it, especially for fans of Kilgrave. Heads up, he doesn't have his English accent in this, which is really unsettling for anyone who's seen him elsewhere.

  • Harry Johnson says:

    This was actually a good movie, despite what the critics say. It was like half "Fatal Attraction" and half "Silence of the Lambs". If you have MoviePass and you can see it for free, definitely go see it.

  • Seen the movie tonight it was badass and tbh I always wondered what the hell this guy did in this movie that made him filthy rich until they went back in the beginning of the movie and showed at a young age that he was a horse trainer and that’s how he was so rich in this movie

    In the movie I thought he was a doctor or a lawyer lmaoo with that mansion and Maserati he had !!!!!

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