Bad News For Trump – His Buddies Say They Will Cooperate With Investigations

Bad News For Trump – His Buddies Say They Will Cooperate With Investigations

You know earlier this week when a Democrats
announced that they were issuing requests for documents from 81 Trump allies and associates
and organizations. I thought, that’s good. We need some accountability. I’m glad they’re doing these investigations. I have very low hopes for impeachment, but
at least we could get the truth on a lot of this, but I also thought at the time, nobody’s
going to willingly hand over these documents or cooperate with you. Hey, these are Trump’s buddies, his friends,
his pals as business associates, his businesses themselves. They would have to be crazy to turn over these
documents and willingly cooperate and I had predicted that a lot of lengthy legal battles
were going to result in this. Luckily, apparently I was wrong because there
have been a handful of people who got these document requests who have now said, hell
yeah, I’ll cooperate. What do you want? Let me know. I’ve got it all in storage. I’ll be more than happy to hand it over to
you. Two of the big ones who are kind of at the
center of a lot of it, even if they don’t seem like they are, is Tom Barak, who was
a good personal friend of Donald Trump. He also chaired the president’s inaugural
committee, which is subject of a massive investigation right now in case you weren’t aware of that. He said, yeah, I’ll cooperate what you want. The other person is Sean Spicer, the former
press secretary, and as we’ve been told in the past, Sean Spicer kept notes of everything. A lot of it to Trump’s dismay, he didn’t like
that. He like everything being written down, but
Sean Spicer did, and now Sean Spicer says, yeah, you want what I’ve got have added. I had nothing to lose. Right? I can’t even find a job. Nobody wants to hire me because I’m pretty
much really discredited, but I’ll give you all the documents you want. This is bad news for Donald Trump. And the fact that these people, I, this all
happened within 24 hours by the way of these document requests going out, the fact that
they were so willing to immediately say, heck yeah, and let me know what you want. I’ll make it happen. That is going to really force other folks
to kind of do the same thing. Now obviously there’s people who were on that
a document list that are not going to cooperate. Eric Trump, Donald Trump, Jr. Ivanka, Eric
Prince from black water who is actually also a part of the, uh, uh, Mueller.. targets,
they’re not going to hand over anything. The Trump organization probably not going
to hand it over. Those are going to be the ones that get fought
out in court and those people in organizations are likely going to lose. But the number of smaller people are lower
people down on the totem pole that begin to flip and cooperate. And the people just above them who start to
see that start to get a little worried, they then start to cooperate and so on and so forth. And before you know it, you’ve had a lot of
your former friends going to talk to members of Congress handing them documents that you
never thought they would get their hands on it. Yeah. This is going to be unpleasant for Donald
Trump, but in the interest of transparency is going to be amazing for the American public.


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  • That's really a nice surprise. And i agree, that an impeachment has a really low probability… It's more likely that thy will act AFTER the next elections, when Mr Trump isn't President anymore.
    But, you know what would be a funny plot twist? Ms Melania Trump smuggling the documents out and giving them to Mueller. They way Mr Trump treated in the last year, plus his affaires e.t.c., it wouldn't really be a surprise to me.

  • Henry Matthews says:

    The reason they are handing it over is there's nothing to it. Listen people, if they could impeach trump. Don't you think they would of? It's been over two years and nothing. I really believe all these democratic should be held accountable for wasting our tax dollars and obstructing our government from accomplishing anything.

  • Trumps problem is that he demands loyalty from his associates, but is never loyal in return. they have seen him turn on his friends and family time after time after time and theyre pissed. There is no value in being loyal, and the only way to save yourself when you let the tigers tail go is to turn on him and make a deal with the law. How much longer the GOP will allow him to get away with this is anybody's guess, but this is a dark and shameful chapter in Americas history, and its time to bring it to an end.

  • NoWeapon Formed says:

    #45*, Republicans and NRA are Russia Bought Entities – betrayed our country – Wake up America – Putin wants our democracy in Chaos – #45 has weakened America's National Security. Real Treason. God is good, God is here, God will now deal with those who choose to stay in the dark, God have now brought them to light. Wake up America – we have worked too hard to not Reap what we sowed. Real Love Fake Hate, Real Faith Fake Fear. Remove the electoral college process it is unconstitutional – Every vote should count in a Presidential election, this has nothing to do with States. It’s simple, vote, count the votes, announce winner. Majority Of the People Rule, not majority of the States. Wake Up America. Boycott NRA


    The filing also included a statement from “Tiffany Doe” (i.e., the woman referenced in plaintiff’s statement above who brought her to the parties) attesting that:

    I personally witnessed four sexual encounters that the Plaintiff was forced to have with Mr. Trump during this period, including the fourth of these encounters where Mr. Trump forcibly raped her despite her pleas to stop.

    I personally witnessed the one occasion where Mr. Trump forced the Plaintiff and a 12-year-old female named Maria [to] perform oral sex on Mr. Trump and witnessed his physical abuse of both minors when they finished the act.

    It was my job to personally witness and supervise encounters between the underage girls that Mr. Epstein hired and his guests.

  • you left wing bald POS. I cant wait to destroy the next democrat president. Just wait you asshole your turn will come

  • buddyrichable1 says:

    At the same time Trump was trying to negotiate a denuclearization treaty with North Korea, he stabbed Iran in the back and pulled out of a similar agreement with them, for no reason proving to Kim Jong Un that he can’t be trusted.
    He’s done the same thing to friends and associates like Michael Cohen.
    Because of his stupidity he has a long line of people just waiting to throw him under the bus.
    As far as longtime friends, I don’t know how anyone could be around Trump for any length of time and not be put off by his lying and his bragging.

  • Alabama Mothman says:

    Then these are the types of people who should NOT be coming to OUR country. Dont like OUR flag, get the f..k OUT. Same goes to democrats.

  • Sorry but I don’t believe they’ll have anything that we will see that will help rid us of him. Spicer might not lie under oath but I expect he will only let them see the real dirt.

  • These so called smaller people realize that if they don't cooperate they'll need high class and very expensive lawyers to help them. Is Spanky McBoneSpurs going to pay for them. I don't think so..

  • I worked my a** off to help make sure the Blue Wave happened last November! I did that in hopes of getting these traitors out of the WH!
    I don’t even care if Impeachment doesn’t pass in the Senate, I just want to know that my House Democrats are doing their job. I want to drive this president into hiding due to humiliation and investigations! Maybe, then, he will resign just to save his orange skin, or what’s left of it when the Dems get through with him.
    Indict, Impeach and Imprison!

  • H.R.5181 – Countering Foreign Propaganda and Disinformation Act of 2016 ask the board broadcasting governors. Besides The Democrat trolls are real and getting paid To spread propaganda. Investigate that

  • What you see happening with fox news, the right wing radio and social media is exactly how the nazi party used media to promote their propaganda and came into power. The average republican voter has that in common with the nazi supporters of the 30's and 40's

  • Li Yang is the former owner of Orchids of Asia Day Spa, where New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft solicited prostitution. 
    Federal Election Commission records show Yang gave $5,400 to Trump's campaign and $23,500 to the Trump Victory PAC. 
    Yang runs a consulting business, GY US Investments, that offers Chinese investors an introduction to people in Trump's orbit.

  • When you think about it, when you really think about it, the character of the people that Trump attracts are there for them selves more than they are for the other person. Loyalty, is a subjective topic. Loyalty to one’s self comes first. Donald Trump has relatives self with people much like himself. He is quick to blame others, in fact he always blames someone else for his failures. Why not those around him consider looking out for them selves to be number one.

  • Orlando Velastegui says:

    I hope they get Donald Trump on corruption because these weasels always find a was to squirm their way out of justice

  • Cloyce Wheeler says:

    Why don't the American who made this country what is today just give to all the foreign people who is already here and the ones that are coming and just give it to them.Because this once great nation will be taken over without a shot being fired.I'm afraid that when the American people do wake up and realized what's happen it will be to late.Half of the people in the United States thinks there s**t don't stink.All they are worried about is how much money i can put in my pocket and say i am better then you are.

  • They were feeling safe under the president’s wings but they are now watching how the ship is starting to sink, so they just want to save themselves.

  • I still would like to see Trump deported to Russia. The only one I feel bad for is Barron. All this must hurt him. But maybe he'll learn the value of character.

  • Ain't shit gonna happen. Didn't happen with obama. It won't happen with trump. Everybody being hateful on both sides. Too much complaining

  • Brenda L M Negron says:

    That is why they want to turn there backs on Trump.. Because if they stay on his side.they are going to get screwed just like Trump.jail is right around the corner for these corruption they rather get away from Trump the racist corruptor.before it's to late.

  • If true? It's good news but now what ? See, the real bad news is this A.H. is still in washington ! What's taking so long ??

  • Robert Waterman says:


  • This clown talking about what is going to be. He has no idea what is going to be. Just talk. There may be absolutely nothing in those documents he doesn't know.

  • Bla bla bla. Again liberals think it’s the start of trump leaving. Get over it. Trump 2020. You have 5 more years. Lmao

  • This shit just bounces off him. Don't get your hopes up America, your justice system has been shown to be crooked worth the derisory sentence handed to manafort. It's just blatant now; they know they are untouchable.meanwhile the dems continue to offer no real leadership, preferring to fiddle in the margins. You're not going to get rid of this scumbag without engaging with the deplorables, sad but true

  • Tick-tock, tick-tock….. It's just a matter of time, folks, before this ass-wipe of a president and his hideous administration is thrown out of the White House. Never in my life time have I seen such corruption.

  • crumbling little by little. right bitch. now take away all that illegal money that they have and I guarantee To the poor house they go. live in the streets homeless. they need that fuckin good kick in their ass. so they could know how it feels.

  • Sounds well and good. Unfortunately, their proclamation to not lie for Dump, and, their willingness to tell the whole truth of the matter(s), to the best of their knowledge, is hardly the same thing. And, that is only IF they actually intend to not lie for him smh.

  • Their cooperation doesn't mean there is anything incriminating they can provide. Besides he is innocent until proven guilty. No proof yet, no damning evidence, no reliable witnesses against him yet. I can't trust Democrats anymore because it seems you guys write fantasy and sell it as nonfiction. Maybe he is guilty of something but people are becoming suspicious of your parties constant accusations that have mostly been proven false. Everyone is guilty of some crime, most of us couldn't stand up to the non stop scrutiny Trump deals with. Shame on you for spreading the slander that he is guilty before he is found guilty, will you apologize if he is found innocent? You'll likely find a way play victim instead.

  • I’m just so disappointed in people in general in regards to this whole Trump fever thing. How is it that Trump supporters- most of which are law abiding citizens that are proud members of the working class – are just fine with making excuses for a pampered, entitled rich bitch who hasn’t worked an honest days work in his entire life ( I’m talking about Manafort, but I think Trump is equally wuss ). I don’t support either party because both of them lie to us, and USE us for enriching themselves & the mega rich – we are nothing to ALL OF THEM. So , I feel like I’m not emotionally invested in these games at all, and can look at it all without bias, and all I’m seeing anymore is working class people really putting themselves out there to defend the super rich who’s deeds are really nasty. When everyone went apeshit to defend Brett Kavenaugh, who was the living embodiment of rich entitlement, and really behaved like a guilty little bitch ass who just could not believe that anyone would dare to call him out, well, I was pretty shocked then, but now ? I’m just saddened by it all because it seems like a whole lot of people are denying the obvious, ignoring their common sense, and just repeating what they’re supposed to…all for the benefit of someone who couldn’t be bothered too give a shit about a regular Joe.

  • Leeanne Bishop says:

    This bastard needs to be put out nowwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! enough of this crap about trumps crime sprees now do something about it put him away once and for all .

  • Perception Is reality says:

    Jail Time For Trumpski and his Klan. this includes the corrupt GOP and Fake Fox as well!!!!!!

    American Greed!!! Trumpski and His Klan!!!!

  • I think it is terrible for Donald Trump to sign the front of bibles in a meeting church people but he doesn't have a rightto doit .people shouldn't have given their bibles for him to sign I think it is awful

  • I encourage people to watch the video "Dem Rep Smears Candace Owens" showing Candace Owens making manifest the hypocrisy and fear sweeping throughout the Democratic party of a young black woman with a formidable intellect and consider sharing this post. Congressman Ted Liew naively took it upon himself to attempt to ambush Candace only to find himself humiliated in front of a national audience by a young lady that is the age of his granddaughters and whose intellect and fiery temper led Kanye West to exclaim "I like the way she thinks." I've admired orientals for the respect they have for their elders, discipline, and work ethic. This is the rare occasion that an oriental – and Democrat – has been stripped bare and exposed to be a corrupt, dishonest, despicable politician. Miss Owens contempt for "loathsome" Democrats has led to entertaining videos of her scorched earth, take no prisoners philosophy when dealing with Democrats. Much respect for Miss Owens, much contempt for Ted Liew. Watch "Candace Owens TORCHES the Democrat Party in front of House Judiciary Committee!!" for a six-minute video that will haunt Democrats for years to come!

  • Steven McDowell says:

    How in the hell can a warlock/male witch,have the nerve to call an investigation against him a witch hunt,when he is the witch that is the head of the executive branch.And the ass that is stinking up the oval office inside of the WH.If the republicans don't do what's right for America & the American people,which is holding trump lawfully accountable for the crimes that he committed.That will be the downfall of the Republican party,He must go asap,he is a huge political mistake for this country,he is lawless,corrupt,a traitor ,a habitual liar,& a political ignorant novice,who America can do without.

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