‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber Talks Reunion With Hannah Brown & Unexpected Ending | In Studio

‘Bachelor’ Peter Weber Talks Reunion With Hannah Brown & Unexpected Ending | In Studio

– Do you remember the
names of the eight women that you eliminated? – Yeah. (laughs) – Bring it on, let’s hear it. – Oh, you wanna know? – Yeah, I want to know. – Yeah, uh. – [Laela] I’m gonna get my pen out to mark them off. Okay, so, oh shit. Hey, it’s Peter Weber
and you’re in the studio with the Hollywood Reporter. (upbeat music) – Let’s talk about this season. How has your life changed
since becoming the leading man? – Wow, yeah, it’s been, it’s been amazing. It’s really been life changing. Airports are insane now
when I’m going to work. But just a ton of support, a ton of love. Just from all the passengers that I fly, saying bye to them as they’re deplaning and there’s walking through the terminals just out in public, it’s been amazing. And I feel very grateful for that. – Which former bachelor
has given you advice and any of it stand out? – Yeah, I’ve talked, honestly, I’ve been really lucky, I’ve talked to a lot of them, Colton, Nick, Ben, Ben’s given
me, I talk with Ben a lot, he’s given me a lot of really good advice. Awesome dude, I remember
watching his season and just being like that guy did it right and yeah, I use his advice for sure. – Okay, I want to talk about night one. – Night one. – What was your reaction
watching everything back? – It was, all the feels came back for sure because, you know, that’s
back a couple months ago now and then the lull after finishing filming and now I get to relive it all again. All the highs and the lows and that was such a special night, it’s always a fun night for the show and one I’ll never forget. And obviously a lot of
unexpected stuff happened that night that was just not planned and it was a great night, for sure. – When Monday night
rolls around, do you get together and watch with
your family, friends? How are you watching? – Yeah, so for the premiere
I got to have a cool watch party with all of my close friends and family at my house
and that was just cool to have them around me
and have all that support and get this thing going. – Were there any comments from them, side comments of like oh man, I can’t believe you let this person go or what were you thinking? – I got a lot of crap from my friends for the shirtless airplane washing scene. That was the biggest one. – [Leala] The top dead wannabes. – They’re like really. First time I’ve ever done that so. – It’s fair. So you gave Hannah Ann
the first impression rose and she was pretty bold that night. – [Peter] She was. – [Laela] So is that going to continue through the season from her? – [Peter] Yes. – [Laela] Awesome. – Yes, she is very very bold and one thing that I really
appreciated about her. I loved that quality. She was very intentional. Always showed me why she was there and, you know, personally for me I loved when she came up multiple times showing me, yeah, she was there for me and she wanted to take advantage of as much time as possible. It wasn’t too much. – Okay I want, as a Bachelor fan, I want to know, when
people are interrupting you over and over again, what’s really going through your mind? So with her it stuck out, but do you ever get irritated? – Okay I, even, well with her it wasn’t, I don’t think it was ever too soon, but if I just got into a conversation with someone it’s like come on, I’m trying to establish something, you know, have something to hold on to. That can be a little bit, you know, she, bad timing, but again
that’s just part of it and there’s 30 women that first night. So yes we have the full night, literally until into the morning, but that’s a lot of conversations so you kind of have to, you have to be bold and fight for your time. – Let’s talk limo entrances. – Yes. – What’s um, which ones
stuck out to you the most? What’s the most memorable? – Actually not the limo,
it was the red corvet. – [Laela] Okay, yeah. – It was that with Lexi. She came in and I could hear it like coming around the corner. I was like damn, what’s that? – [Laela] Are you a car guy? – [Peter] I am, yeah,
obviously plane guy first, but car guy too and I just
thought that was so bad ass like that was really sexy. – Something that seems to
happen on the first episode every year, there’s tears. Already there’s tears. They don’t know you, but there’s tears. Please answer this
honestly, when you see this are you thinking I just dodged a bullet or are you thinking like genuinely bummed that you caused this? – I can say, yeah, genuinely bummed about, I promise you because I’m
a really emotional person. I even chocked up the
first night, you know, and it’s to me it meant obviously so much going into that night and there was a lot of
moments in conversations that I had with people and I could see, yeah there was a lot of tears, but how badly they wanted to be there and how much it meant to me and that was everything. That’s all I wanted from that first night and I know it can be
crazy like we just met, but it’s real and if you’re feeling it, like you know, that’s all I could ask for. – But please don’t ever
lose those crying montages though because those were the best. (laughing) – Lots of screams too. – Oh my gosh. Night one eliminations. – Yeah. – I have a quiz. Do you remember the
names of the eight women that you eliminated? – Yeah. – Bring it on, let’s hear it. – Oh you want to know? – Yeah I want to know. (laughing) – Yeah um. – [Laela] I’m going to get me pen out to mark them off. – Okay, so, oh shit. Okay there was three flight attendants. – [Laela] Okay. – I know that. – [Laela] There was three of them. – And that I like I felt bad about I felt like I let my family down. (laughing) I need to redeem myself with um, give me some of it. Avonlea rhymes with heavenly, yes. – U… – Eunice. – Yes. – Yes. – [Laela] Another word
for the color green. – Verna, um,(laughing) Jade, oh Jade. – [Laela] Ding, ding, ding, ding. – Oh yeah, she was one
of the flight attendants. She was a very sweet girl. – [Laela] Yes and then we have Jenna. – Maurissa, Maurissa, Maurissa was a… – [Laela] Yes there was a Maurissa. – Yeah. – [Laela] There was a Jenna. – Jenna, yes, Jenna was with Ashley P. – [Laela] Two more Ks. – And um, Katrina. – [Laela] Yip. – Katrina and I never get one last say it. – She’s also, well, a Kardashian, it’s one of the Kardashian’s names. – Kylie, Kylie yes. (laughing) – Yes. Last one. – Megan, Megan was a flight attendant too. – Yes, god you’re so good at this. – I know right, how do I do it. – We just wanted to have some fun. (laughing) In terms of villains,
how do you handle them? And are there any in your season? – I want you guys to watch and you know not go into it with any kind of preconceived notions. I want you to make that
decision for yourself. – [Laela] Okay. – I think you could point some out if you wanted to. – [Laela] Okay. – And I think, but that,
that also comes from just the nature of this
amazing experience. When you date one person
with 20 other people right. – [Laela] Right. – Stuff’s going to happen. Feelings are going to get hurt. People are going to get
pinned against each other and that to me actually
just shows it’s working cause they care you know. – Are people coming to
you, like the girls, and almost talking behind
each other’s backs. Doing sub-conversations. – Yeah, yeah, that and to be honest. That also was like, that was one of the hardest things for me because – [Laela] You don’t know who to trust. – You don’t and I’m not, I’m not in the house with them when a lot of this stuff
is probably going down. I only see everyone when you
put your best foot forward and so it’s hard to really
gauge, especially early on, because you’re just getting
to know these people. Whose really saying the truth? And you hear one story and then a completely different story. It’s like well, how do
I do this, you know. – Tell me about your
favorite date of the season. You don’t have to spoil who it was with, cause god forbid you give us a spoiler, but tell me about one of
the fantastic Bachelor dates that you got to go on. – I mean I, you guys already saw it. One of my favorite ones was the one with the vow renewal ceremony
at my house with my parents and you know I had a
great date with Madison and it just, I remember going into this I really was looking
forward to the, to the, cause you know there’s always some like music date where you get to
like have a live performance and I just thought that was so cool. So I got that in it, got, you know, my family got to surprise us there. And just a great way to start off the whole journey with a one-on-one and that was a really great date. Something later on, um, I
get to see and experience one of the most beautiful
things I’ve ever seen in my entire life, magical
things I’ve ever seen, but it’s also in conjunction
with something not so great, so I don’t know, that’s a big date, but it’s a beautiful, beautiful date. – Okay, I got to talk to you about Hannah. – Yeah. – (laughs) Hannah, that first episode ends
on to be continued. How will that conversation resolve itself in the second episode? – That was a, that was
a very raw conversation that the two of us had and um, all that’s, again that conversation wasn’t
even supposed to happen. The date was supposed to go and
she had kind of explained it that we were going to
have an audience there and that obviously didn’t happen, but it was a conversation
that had to happen between the two of us. Feelings, for me for sure, resurfaced that I thought I had put away and that was just me. I understand, kind of, in a, I kind of struggle with it. I’m like shoot I have
an amazing group that, of women, that came here to meet me and I don’t want to
disrespect them in any way, but I had to be true to myself and that talk had to happen and you guys will see what
happens in the next episode. – It seems that a major
reason you’re ending isn’t being spoiled is
because there’s no ending yet. (laughing) So what has life been like since the cameras stopped rolling? – It’s been, it’s been crazy. I mean, you know, you kind of now, with all of this excitement around it and you know people want to know and obviously you kind of
have to like live a secret. – [Laela] Yeah. – Of what’s going on and it’s unique. It’s difficult. You know I know it’s not
going to last forever and I don’t know it’s kind of, in a way kind of cool to
just have that secret, right now, that no one knows, but you know thank god
it’s not for too long. You know so. – That’s cool. – In the previews we see your
mom getting really emotional and saying, “Don’t let her go.” What can you say about that conversation and how it played out if your journey? – Yeah, that was a very
emotional conversation with my mom, no shortage there of emotion and it was a tough one
that I had with her, my whole family and um,
yeah you guys will see. – [Laela] Awesome. – It’s a big one. – You know I’ll take it. Is the ending what you expected? – No, no, I couldn’t have predicted it to go the way that it did, but I can tell you that I’m very happy. – Okay great. Is there a chance that it could change (laughing) from now until there? This is my last one I promise. – I mean, there’s always a
chance for anything right. (laughing) – Okay, okay. Lastly you mention in your set-up package that you come from a Cuban family and you love dancing. Is there a chance we’re going to see you on “Dancing with the Stars”? – “Dancing with the Stars”
that would be crazy. Yeah . – [Laela] Do you think you can hang? – I would for sure have big shoes to fill with Hannah Brown taking
home the mirror ball, but that would be such a cool opportunity. So yeah we’ll see. – Thank you so much for
letting me grill you. – Yeah that was fun. – Be sure to catch “The Bachelor”
on Monday nights on ABC.


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  • I thought this interviewer did a really sweet job without crossing the line . Peter was much more comfortable than Ive seen him recently !!! Wish I could fast forward to the ending LOL

  • Very nice interview! Well done! I’m praying Peter allows himself to pick someone other than Hannah B to fall in love 🥰 with. After all, she’s like a damn buzzard now circling for the leftover crumbs 👎🏽

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