49 thoughts on “Baby accidentally given to wrong couple reunited with real parents – BBC News”

  • Alison Valdez says:

    I wish they would have interviewed the other family and show the other baby. I'm so glad they will stay in the other families life.

  • HeadFullOf Curls says:

    Of course youtube would recommend this & i'm due in 10 weeks😩🤦🏽‍♀️ What a scary thing to have happen.

  • I would sue the ever loving shit out of the hospital.. for emotional damage.. I hope this family gets the answers they deserve..

  • Nancy Delainey says:

    I liked this woman until she said she wanted to keep the other baby..she didn't think the other parents would be as devastated as they were. She didn't think the other mother would want her little boy back and this woman wanted to keep both babies..
    The other parents were just going to walk away without their baby and this couple was going to phone around her friends and family and celeb rate thenm keeping both boys. Wow. how blood selfish is this woman.

  • I thought it was a week or so but then he says 3 months. I would be heartbroken she missed her newborns first milestones, I hope she sued the crap out of that hospital

  • Like the Kimberly Mays case. One of the mother's kept saying the same, no one listened. Years of turmoil and trauma once finally dealt with. At least here it didn't take years. Friggin medical staff.

  • Wait a minute… so this lady gave Jacob back to his original parents with all the clothes he had but the other parents didn’t do the same for Moses?!?!?! And it also seems like the other parents were ok with having a child that looks nothing like them! 🤷🏼‍♀️WTF!!!

  • Cheryl L. Conner says:

    Yes. I hope that this lovely family is compensated for their out-of-pocket legal expenses, as well as as compensation for their pain and suffering.

  • This happened to my mother with my brother. When they handed her the wrong baby she said she through a huge scene. They tried saying the same thing, that they were sure it was her baby. But she knew and she wasn’t having it

  • goharik jones says:

    I am so sorry for this lovely couple they have gone through so much, the first three years the nurse someone else's child… Not her own…they are such a lovely people, God bless you all.

  • Lisa Hennessey says:

    This has always been a fear of mine. Luckily the hospital I delivered both babies in doesn't have a nursery, but I still did NOT let them take my babies out of my eye sight until they both had on their ID bracelets that matched mine and their fathers. What a horrible and traumatic experience for all involved. I look at my 8 month old daughter and couldn't imagine the horror I'd feel if I was told today she wasn't my biological child. That hospital should be sued so hard!!!!!!

  • Anmariz Caballes says:

    It almost happened to my mom when she gave birth to me. The hospital staff told my mom that the child was dead and my mom also argued because she saw me cry right after I was born then the doctor told my mom that I am healthy so the thing is my mom and the original mother of the child who was dead, has the same surname and the doctor approached the nurse and told that the dead baby wasn't me, so yeah it got fine right after.

  • Why are they taking the babies away from their mothers? Babies need to feed and cuddle with their mothers 24/7

  • Yes. These people, and the other parents as well have a right to know…
    WHAT HAPPENED, HOW did this happen??

  • That hospital sucks. I’m glad she was persistent and both families got their biological children back but the sadness involved is beyond comprehension.

  • Violet De La Cruz says:

    When I had my daughter, a couple of nurses kept saying she was the cutest baby in the hospital and kept insisting to give them my baby so they could bottle feed her and give me a break so that I could sleep. I said no, and kept the baby with me the whole time. They weren't happy with me, but I wasn't taking any chances of them switching her.

  • I love that…God has helped you and comfort you…Very strong and beautiful Family…Jacob looks exactly lime his handsome Daddy…And your host belovered little son,,pls.dont forget to get intourch from time to time..God bless you.

  • I am glad I was born at home! No chance for a mix up there! Actually, we are 6 siblings, 5 born at home. The one that was born in a hospital was nearly given to the wrong mother. When mom got the baby back the day after birth she said this is not my baby. The other mom who first got my sister said she was hers. But the other moms mother said no, this is not the right baby. So tests were made and my sis came to her right family! Makes you a bit scared.

  • I can't imagine having a feeling that your child isn't yours and then its like everyone thinks your crazy or that you don't love your child and are denying him. This poor woman.

  • So wait I have so many questions. Where is the other baby side of the story and family. Not saying it’s not true. But they didn’t say that the other mother had their baby and they had hers. They said the hospital had found the baby mother. I’m confused. so if your baby was given to another mom that was not the ones baby you had. Then there would be a third baby given to the wrong mother ?

  • I mean of course they had to bring the baby back , I'm guessing their real baby went to the family of the baby they had…. So sad to lose that bonding time with your own and to have to let go of the baby u did bond with.

  • That's fucked , they didn't just bring her the wrong Baby , they sent her home with the wrong baby. That would of traumatized the shit out of me. My little guy didn't leave my side in the hospital , his cheeks were so big though 😂 , couldn't mistake him.

  • Samuel Toomer says:

    This is impossible in the hospitals where I reside because; they immediately put tags on three places on the baby’s and they correlate with the mother and father’s tags! They also push, Kangaroo Kare ( the baby gets put in the mothers arms immediately after birth).

  • Michael Graham says:

    I think there is always this one person or persons that doesn't car about there job or other people ,that's y stuff like this happens all the time , it seems like the responsibility n care is not been passed from person to person or department to department, so things like this happen every day in every walks of life. It's sad !

  • Follow your instincts! I was so worried that something would happen 24 years ago that I told my husband under no circumstances is our baby to leave your eyesight and ensure while you’re standing with him that he’s properly tagged as ours.

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