Baahubali 2 Movie Team Interview With Savitri | Prabhas | Anushka | Rana | V6 News

Baahubali 2 Movie Team Interview With Savitri | Prabhas | Anushka | Rana | V6 News

No one has spoken like this in these 4 years Really thank you so much If you sneak how it will be your kingdom Some one can’t sleep today night in the location if we sit in his seat he will not agree Really Yes bhallaladhev character came into his body If we write on a paper that it is my seat When he goes for a break When Rana was not there if we write this is baahubali’s chair he will get tensed Heroine anushka was equal to all our heros because she was acting like a hero Now savithri became sivagami that’s all Yes yaar Yes yaar what ever you say the kingdom was mine whether you agree or not it is mine Even you killed your father right Rana she is correct for you there was nobody in mahishmathi to combat you we should have called her Namasthe How are you i hope all is well when we are at the end of the month we get tensed Money was getting spent when will the month starts This will repeat for every month But the whole world was waiting for this april month 2017 Not only working people Everyone are waiting including all language people Why Only for one movie To speak about that baahubali 2 movie We have Mr.Rana Mr.Prabhas And Ms.Anushka What they talk and what we make them talk wait and watch Namasthe Namasthe Sister anushka for you also Namasthe Namasthe Are you thinking to send me from here or what What did i do they put a chair here so i sat here that’s all They both are hero heroines so they sat side by side and we both are sitting like this They all are like that but we are comfortable like this only Is it Ya yes By the way how are you feeling are you all sad Or are you happy We all are very sad Why anushka we have to feel sad Because you know whether kattappa killed or who killed If kattappa killed you know why he killed That is why we are very much tensed Yes Yes If we ask who killed you wont tell us right I am telling first what ever i ask you people wont tell Anything I will ask you one question you have to tell me honestly Did Rajamouli sir took any promise from You If anybody asks you about Kattappa you should not tell Them No He didn’t We Amarendra Bahubali will promise We Promised to ss rajamouli You did We all cut our hands and promised Cut your hands Even rajamouli sir also Yes each and Everyone we all sat in the set me Prabhas Anushka everyone cut our hands We made everyone stand in the set and cut every ones hands For you more blood came right Yes more blood came for me That Means like kattappa was bounded to Rajamatha you all are bounded to Mr.Rajamouli Yes Whom ever we ask everyone are telling different stories no one was telling us the truth The story was about to come on April 28th it was coming right AA…No one waited for a movie like this Still 12 days Still 13 Days, Still 11 Days People are counting days do you know that Yes i know that You also do that Even we are counting from past 4 years Still 3 Years, Still 2 Years, Still 1 Year Still 6 Months even we also wait right 6 Months Means its Very long days Means we can count on Fingers Right We didn’t felt it so long we felt it was coming and now it came Hey he was also talking in my language The way of sitting everything was like me but these two didn’t change like me I will change You Slowly Can you Understand Anushka what i am Talking, Yes i Can Understand Ok I Want to Pull your Cheeks like This Really You are so sweet o..ok Bro …why was he calling you bro he is our villain right He is like my brother She is brother we call each other brother You also call her bro Yes i also call her brother Oh No what is this This is not fair what do You Say Yes this is not fair Sister, At least you tell him I can’t call like that from the beginning i call her brother i Didn’t see her as a heroine she was like a hero for me But why because she was doing lady oriented movies that’s why Not like that she was a hero Ok She is not like other heroines ,What ever a Girl is a Girl Right Yes a Girl is a Girl Ya a Girl is a Girl But Anushka is Anushka what are you Talking Its True a Girl is a Girl But Anushka is Anushka Even you are agreeing with him He is talking the truth so I thought you will be my side but you are not No We are in a separate seat so we both are one , We both are one otherwise he will scare me and send me out from here 5 Years Movie You all know something but we don’t know Anything Whether its your 5 Years Effort, Patience, Adventure or what ever it is Our Telugu cinema Got a world wide Recognition I don’t know how you are feeling we have to Appreciate you for your Patience We all are very proud of you How do you feel Really as you said that you are feeling so proud We also feel very proud And Along with that i learnt a lot in these 5years when we started this movie at that time I am Around 26 or 27 years At that time Now I Entered 32, 33 years So from the late 20’s to mid 30’s we did this movie So really According to me this is I can say that i have grown up on this set why because The amount i have learned what ever thing i’ve learnt here From Today in my life What Ever Movie i do What ever i learnt from the Movie Baahubali Whether it is from My Director Rajamouli actor Prabhas or Anushka Satya raj sir Ramya krishna what ever i learnt from all these people it will help me life long And That Means its an Immense pride not a little Proud its a Very Very happy and proud that we are Associated Other languages people say that Telugu Cinema is like that when we launch other language Heroes Even if it is dubbing movie we give them a grand opening But now all over the world we are getting grand openings for our movie Yes How do you feel Like what you said before what i mean to say is Bahubali Became a starting fo so Many things that Means from today each and every film maker even though its out Telugu people our Who ever it may be They feel like we have to do a superb movie we have to tell a super story They will come forward as an entire team To watch this movie the whole country was with us The whole world will be there To watch our movie bahubali gave this courage to our people Rajamouli sir gave you this courage We all waited for this movie for 5 Years , Prabhas sir you tell me Anushka Did other movies Rana did other movies But you You dedicated yourself for this movie Yes A hero Beautiful carrier In the starting of Your Carrier you gave 5 Years for this movie what did You Think I was afraid that Rajamouli will beat me He will beat you For this movie Rajamouli sir Worked hard for 5, 5 1/2 years I Gave time for 4 Years Senthil and all worked for 4 and 1/2 years on this movie For this movie they Started Discussion 6,7 Years Before Rajamouli sir at that time Rajamouli sir Keeravani sir and me only we three are there in the team After that Producers came into this Team So for this movie what we understood what we thought first was As a principle actor i have to give time when doing this Movie If i do other movies coming and going Doing other movie in the middle changing Getup for that Movie Even we don’t have that much time in the middle Only ten days like that in the five months gap if i do other Movie Baahubali Baahubali Became a brand India wide If i do other movie in the middle again if i do bahubali 2 That movie will not complete fully Only starting the movie is in our hands More over if it is Rajamouli sir movie we can’t say Anything Yes that’s true but even other movies are also like that i don’t want to put that Pressure on Baahubali So See when a Director and Technicians are working with a passion we don’t know What will happen But if anything happens we all thought that it will be a magic according tothat first part got a super Response So in between if i do another movie then Almost I am there in the movie for 80% so if i go and come back And even they are not able to decide the dates also first we thought it will take 80 days for the war but at last it was 120 days So if i do other Movie it will be very Difficult for them And even i know Rajamouli sir the way he works and this movie He was giving me a movie that remains forever so i have to do some thing for this i Gave my time that’s it Ok You gave your time You are the main soldier so you gave your time that’s all Because of that conviction Bahubali 2 Remained in people’s heart forever Anushka first of all The first trailer was on Anushka only They called a make up man from other country and did some magic we all thought our Anushka will Dance with Prabhas but You are his mother Your fans are very Much Disappointed But when you saw the movie You Understand The character was Very Powerful It is powerful but we are also scared So Actually you so only part one now part two was coming if you see this you will understand the total story Have you did any magic in part 2 we all thought that Anushka will dance with Prabhas you started fighting with a sword Can we see that fight in this Yes you can see , Aa Not only that even You saw the Dance Yes i saw that step like this Yes You are so Beautiful Thank you In first part you were picking up the Sticks for Him You three and the Entire unit how it Worked You people are working for your movie and you did memu saitham for chennai victims Government Took an action plan even you did that from your set only that Means We are connected to the world But what ever we do we do within the sets Everyone did outside but you did it within Your Sets Even at that time Rajamouli sir didn’t sent you out or what No no its not like that i don’t whether the situation at that time was like that or what But we have to participate that’s all how it Doesn’t Matters isn’t it Yes We are ther that’s all We are there Right, We participated In every place where ever we see there only your posters Tattoos What are you thinking after Baahubali i don’t know what will happen to the people But you people are very cool and Giving interviews to Each and Everyone You’ve set one Mark do you think in Future can any Movie Reach there Why not I Mean I Really wish that every year at least one Movie should come like This If we get this type of movie then we grow As an actor and also industry We all grow And when Ever A Big Movie comes everyone will try to reach that movie And So Many reach it and even cross also So A movie like this its always in an art form a movie like this is a very Beautiful Art Form This is a great thing This type of movies should come the More Movies come the more we will be Happy Prabhas sir this question is for all of you Generally we can’t satisfy our fans what ever we do they still expect from us But all the fans of this movie Will say 100% let our hero do anything He did Baahubali That means you gave answer for their 5 Years Patience You think you gave the answer We can’t answer their patience but we Satisfied in the First Part Have to do it in the second Part Also They will Satisfy because the main story was in this Right what do you Think But i made them all wait for two years that i felt Very Bad As We Reached the success i corrected My Half Mistakes Half What You Think about Your Fans Is There Anything to Give Still What i think is from the Beginning I Don’t think there are fans for Rana as a Human Being There are fans for my Movies If they see me Directly they may not like me as a Human Being So Absolutely when we to do Movies like this they Give Value to the Brand I Mean they are all cinema fans for Them in their life When They Want to Relax when they don’t have Mind Stress We Go And We are coming on Screen I Hope every time i come on screen i would like to do Some thing which is which they Haven’t Seen Before I Want to do what they haven’t Seen Before You will Definitely Do that Why You think that you have No Fans In Baahubali Movie you are Villain when you trouble Prabhas we saw Rana like a Villain When you troubled anushka we saw you like a Villain But When Rana fought with the Buffalo When Rana Statue was kept we felt Rana as a Hero That was not Rana that was Ballaaladeva But that was Rana Ok if you say that its Fine We will fix It Even I Have so Many fans i agree with You There are fans for you what you say Prabhas sir Yes why Not If there are no fans how can he Become Hero That is why Rajamouli Sir Made this Hero Villain Aa Correct Correct answer But Rana totally felt like Ballaaladev Are you all Friends Who You Three Yes we are Friends now you also Joined we four are Friends We four are Friends Hurray That’s Why i sat in The Middle Rajamouli sir Know What he Was Doing When we do something we Discuss with our friends we Are we Doing Right You three are friends so did you Talk Like This Secretly What Are we Doing We three have confidence in Rajamouli sir we have Confidence on the Script Rajamouli sir Keeps on Developing the Script he Excite Us But So Many People think If it doesn’t works what will Happen Fans May think like this Some Friends also Said This But some People No No when we do these type of movies it will come once in a life time so we should try There are Lot of Discussions and confusions but Finally at least half was worked out Still half was in Waiting Have you three spoken about this after the first Part I don’t know whether you spoke about this or not but in a family if there five people three of them talk about this So Have you three Discussed about this Movie Yes we all discussed about this when we went to the shoot first time we saw the set it was a very big set So Some one on Behalf of Sweety they Went and Saw it on the Next Day We also saw and thought o My God this Was a Very Big Set So on that Day when we saw the set we also as Audience saw we also saw the set for a long Time we thought are we doing in this film When we Sat on the Set ,Ya we thought so Many Times Suddenly he told us visually waterfalls will be like this When he told about the story we are very proud that we are doing such a big movie and felt Happy that’s all we never thought why we are doing this Now a Days even normal movie takes one Year to Finish For this Type of movie if i give 2 or 2 and 1/2 Years i don’t Think its a Mistake Ramya krishna madam told in the first Part Audio Function who said that the Movie Was Getting Late If we Give this to Hollywood that Make it 5 Years or 6 Years Yes We Have so Much of Work in This Movie Yes Right Anushka Akka You have to tell why Are you so Calm I Know why your parents did not change Your Name Because You are so Sweet with Everyone that is Why What you Say Rana Sir You Tell Me Yes correct it is True Otherwise she eats more sweets that is Why No No She wont Eat More Sweets Rana sir will tell the Answer Now Yes in this world i Met so Many people but the Most loveliest Person was Non other than Sweety By Mistake if we Spend More time with Her I am Afraid that even i will become Sweet like her If we are with her we Recognise how Bad we Are No we change like a Sweet Person if we are bad also we Change like a sweet person that was the Speciality in Her You kill People with Your Sweetness A Yes she will Murder you with her Sweetness 100% Only Me Not You Everyone not only you Everyone That is why they Didn’t Change Your Name If i am like that why they give Sword you Tell Me That was Different sword was Given to Anushka Not to Sweety Right Normally you are so Sweet but on Screen You are Like a Sword No No You Know No What You Know You Tell Me I Am Asking You How can I Tell You She Was Feeling Shy Basically How can i say i am so Sweet that was Her Problem Am I Correct We Can’t Say i am so Sweet Right And that to she was so Sweet how can say that she was Sweet Yes That is True If we ask a Director, Producer ,or A Character Artist, whom ever we Ask They say Anushka was a Sweet Heart Is It True Are You Feeling Shy No I Am Telling the Truth, Rana sir at Least You Tell Her Yes But she can’t she was such a Sweet Person that she can’t say that She Was Sweet She will Enjoy Right All Are Appreciating Me AA Are You Enjoying I was Thinking About My Success I Got It That Means She Was Doing this Wantedly Whatever but it doesn’t Harm Us Enough But if we are with her we will be Proved like Bad Person No Problem we will Change i did 2 Movies with her i Did 3 Movies If you have doubt that you are Bad Stay with Sweety She will make us Sweet She will do Some Magic on Us For you this type of getup and Fighting all these are you Used to It I think you can start a Training Institute Yes Can You When she sleep she Will keep a Sword by Her Side Is It Yes I Got Used to It Relly Haa You get swords in Dreams Yes You get swords in Dreams Yes Yes i Get Everyone Keep Phone But You Keep I keep Sword i Got Used to It Is it true Yes No she is Joking Joke why do you keep sword You wont even keep a phone why do You keep a Sword No No Big one or small One i will Keep it While Sleeping What ever size It Is You are in this project for so Many Days When you go home and Sleep will it Come in Dreams For Me when i am in the set i feel More cool than at Home Yes I know i saw it in the Making trailer all are working but you are Sleeping Its Better Right I Am Very Strict about My Time When i Want to Sleep i Go and Sleep I wont Disturb Anyone So About dreams All our lives will be in Dreams Always And in some other interview Prabas told Them What he said was all this Was like a Dream i don’t want to come Out of this Dream Baahubali was Really Like a Dream for Everyone You know Everything so you don’t want to come out of the dream but we don’t know so please come out of the Dream Otherwise we Can’t Sleep After Part one Realised Actually Rana Wrote a Letter for all of us Each and Everyone What he wrote about you That Was a very Big Letter Even to Nazar Sir He felt Very Emotional It Was a Very Sweet Letter What he wrote About Sweety What He will write he will write Sweety That’s All Yes what i will write about Sweety I Wrote Sweety Sweety Everyone will write about her only Sweety it was Fixed Like Baahubali’s caption why Kattappa killed Baahubali Anushka was Sweety Sweety was Very Good now Sweety will Tell us Did Kattappa Killed Baahubali Haa Did Kattappa Killed Baahubali Whom He Killed Right Who Knows Who knows No body knows what will be the twist in Rajamouli sir’s Films You Saw Right He killed in the Dark In Dark But he told that he Killed Him You Know That Kattappa Yes I Know Kattappa No you know that Kattappa Killed him I was Asking You But are Asking Me in Rverse Already she was Confused Tell Me Did Kattappa killed Baahubali I Doubt did Kattappa Killed Baahubali Dought ,If you know also you wont tell Us You know about this Kattappa from that National party to Local Party So Many Kattappa’s are There They Think that one Baahubali will Come and save our Party There is no link in politics and Cinemas But Each and every politician was Talking about this Movie Did You here About That Yes I Heard Narendra Modi Sir Spoke About This Yes I Heard After the First Part you met Him will you go Again I Don’t know because he should have leisure time they are not like us they Have to look after the Whole India Why do they wait for us they have to look after the whole India they wont have Time Why do they wait for Baahubali and Kattappa Who knows after the first Part you went and met him Right he told very Strongly I will safe like Kattappa No we didn’t talk for a long Time we spent only 10 or 15 Minutes that’s All That’s all It was Not New for Rana he did Rudramadevi Movie He wore big Ornaments and all but for You it was First Time Yes How Did You Felt For the first time they kept an ear ring for me i made a whole for that For the movie if i keep Pressing type it wont stay So I Made a Whole Then i came to for that was very weight when riding on a Horse i Can feel the weight then i felt we have to say Ladies are Very Great it’s not so Easy They Wear Ear Rings Ornaments and all Still They Stay Like That You All Are Great We are Great One More Time I Felt this in Baahubali After Wearing this Jewellery and Saree After Wearing so Much of weight you Should Not bent Yourself I Used to Get Neck pain My Ears Bleed Some Time it Was Very Tough To Do Very Tough That To Anushka Knows very well About this Do You Take 6 Hours for Make Up Not that Much For that old Getup Make up it Took 3 hours in the Beginning Old Getup Yes Old one Other One After that Normal Make Up Normal Make Up Only one Hour Your Mother likes very Much to see you in such Getups Wearing big Jewellery And All Yes My Mother she love these all i Don’t no that is why i am Doing Such type of Characters She Used to put all the Jewellery from my child hood she Used to I Told you She was A Hero Yes its True I Told You You Are Hero Isn’t it Now a days we are not Talking About the Heroines Characters In this Stage you are Doing Equally to the Big Heros you are Making big Collections in the Theatres its Not Easy Its More Than Big Heros Yes Its More You Tell Me Yes its Really More no Doubt it is True I Did Good Good Movies Good Stories Thats What She Was So Sweet Yes, She was Telling Slowly I Did Arundhathi Long Back with Syam prasad Reddy Garu It was a whole vision of Kodi Ramakrishn And Syam Prasad Garu I Got Such a Good Opportunities and i Got a Good Sensibility And That to I Put My Effort So I Think Its Given The Fruit We all saw Vijayashanthi Like that Actually when i am doing Rudramadevi in the Beginning all told me what is there they give more for the Heros all Are hero Mominated Movies But its Not Easy They have to Tell Dialogues, Have to do Action,and after that Romance, have to sing and Dance, Each and Everything they Have to do And if they do it for one film its fine but they have to do it in Every Film Regularly So its a Very Big Effort Anushka Made all the Heros Very Proud Because He was Acting like a Hero In This Movie Fight Between You Both I Heard that it Will Be a Very Big Fight It Should Be Yes it should Be Right If He Stoles My Kingdom I Have to do Something Hello Whose Kingdom Who Stoles Its just an interview that’s why i told like That Did you See give Me Hi Five What are you Talking Whose Kingdom It Is Slowly you are yes whose kingdom sir Whose Kingdom Whose Kingdom Whom ever We Think it Becomes their Kingdom How it Becomes If you Steal It Wont Become Yours Aa..haa.. Some one Can’t Sleep Today if We Sit on his Seat He Wont Agree You Know He Gets Angry Aa .. He was totally Involved Into the Ballaaladev Character On a Paper if we write this is My Seat when he Takes Break When Rana Was Not There if we write this is Baahubali’s chair he will Become Very Tensed He Will Ask How Wrote this But Now You Gave Me the Whole Mahishmathi Thank You Very Much He Wont Allow Anybody to touch his Armour our Crown No body Should Touch It What is This How Can you Take Someone Else Right That’s My Armour And My Crown We two Are One I Thought that In The Second Part You will Give it to Our Hero Again You Are Saying My Crown How Can You Say Its Mine Its Mine so I Said That if You watch the Movie You Know Even You Feel at One Time At One Time You Also Feel Right You saw the First Part Right Yes i saw Who Won Mahishmathi Its Me Right No He Was a Big Thief he Gave You Less Weapons What she Said i Gave You Less Weapons Yes Its True Kattappa and Himself Did not take Any Weapons They Don’t Know No There is Kattappa that is why we got second part Other wise Directly you You will say this is My Seat What I Am Saying is True right Really No Body talk like this in These 4 Years Really Thank you Very much Only we Three Know About that Really He Wont Let Us Talk this is Mine My Kingdom You Say its Ours You all are There Right He wont say that You try That What Ours See Again How Can i say its Ours When we are Doing the First part he put a chair in front of that and he was Thinking Where should i Keep this in My House or … Our Office was so Big, He Said he will keep the Statue in Ramanaidu studio But Rajamouli Sir will Not Give it Right He Wont Give His Things to Others No Like the Kingdom he will Steal the Statue over Night He Will Steal It You See it was 100 Feet Statue of Mine Where Will he Keep it Where Will he keep Means it was his Movie May be he Will Build a big Stadium Who Knows Then that Stadium Becomes Mine statue is Mine So Stadium Will Be Mine But we wont Allow Anyone will Arrange Tight Security We Will Change the Face Statue Will be The Same Body will be there we will Remove the Head of the Statue O we will Remove See Her Expression Why the audience Are So Violent Not The Audience When We see your face what we feel Inside Only we Know That Is It Inside Volcano Tsunami Every thing was Coming You Said what we are Thinking Inside Really You Are Laughing But I Don’t Know What he was Thinking About Me What ever he think first Everything Was Blasted I Was Thinking To Say All These Ok At least for My Satisfaction say the Kingdom is Yours I Never Say That After all this he was Telling that he Wont say That I Am Telling You Right 4 Years from 4 Years we Are Trying to do this Now You Try Whose Kingdom Was That Bhallaaladeva’s Not by Stealing We Will Talk According to the Rules Ok Rules I Will Tell You A Small Logic Ok Tell Me Ok Here only Discussion We are Going to Discuss I Am Elder Than Him Yes Elder Kingdom Should be elder ones or Younger Ones Not Like That That is Why in The First Part he a Very big Fiht Then why to fight time waste Directly You can Kill Baahubali Who Killed Kalakeya Not like That Fighting Who Killed Kalakeya You Only killed him But Who killed Kalakeya From the back he killed him from the back You Don’t Worry No, There Are Some Rules Right He Didn’t Follow Them He Didn’t Follow Anything You Didn’t Follow The Rules At All The First Thing was you used More Weapons Than Him But he Don’t know Ride a carriage he know only Horse Riding he Can’t Ride Carriage Did you Ride a carriage No Way Some Body Else Rides it I Have To Struggle to Ride a Horse To Ride the Carriage You Should Watch it Next time In that Carriage There is No Place At all So the Person Should Bend and Ride like This He Did Not do that Also He can’t Balance it that is why i gave him a Horse he can Ride it Easily No, You want to go in a Short cut and get Everything Weapons Carriages Everything You Made like That Weapons ok Even Carriage Yes You Made Them Right Our King On A Horse We Have To Show this Interview to the whole Team Have to show it on a Big Screen I Max Screen There it is Epic in I Max Show this Also Epic Interview Experience And Emotions of Ballaladeva With Savithri Rana Really Savithri like Sivagami That’s all Yes Ya Yes Ya Now You are Not Agreeing that its their Kingdom why should i Not Agree That I am Sivagami I Will Agree Right Please tell Me At least For My Sake Kingdom Belongs to the king Kingdom Belongs to Me I Am the King so it Belongs to me Naturally Not the First Kings Who Won the Fight I won in the fight Also After Everything was completed even after the Movie Releases if we give Him a Mike Sir How was the movie he says Aa Prabhas won the fight But the Kingdom Belongs to be Yes he will Say You Will Say you did Not See the Film Correctly Kingdom is Mine Still its There to Watch May Be i May Say That No Who knows Third Part May Come Again We can’t wait for The Third Part Again We can’t Say What Ever Rules are Rules If King does not follow the Rules How can We Excuse You Yes its True he Did Not Follow the Rules When When he Did That He Did Not Follow The Rules See What He Was Talking What Ever he Talks He says That He was Great He Was Not Listening to us Going in to the Character He Wont listen Once he Enters into the Character if you try for one hour Also he Wont listen Because we Tried Four Years He Call you bro right even he wont give you his Chair Chair Haa Even He Wont Give it to Bijjaala Deva For Your Father Why Chair Sandwich No Father nothing Not Even to Rajamouli sir He Had a very close connection with That I Don’t know Whether he did the Movie for that Chair Relly Who Knows May be Something is There in the Chair Is There Any Secret in That Chair No, He Was Involved in the Character Now Not the Character if i say that Again i Think he will Beat Me But there is Nothing Wrong He Was Involved in his Character So We Will Leave Him Ok then According To The Prince wish we are Leaving the Kingdom Belongs to You She Don’t Want to Do That What did You Say You are Saying it Very Badly I Said Badly Even when you say That You stress a word Prince’s wish If you cut that word And Tell Then He will be Happy Ok then I Will Tell like That What Ever you say Kingdom Belongs to Me Whether you say it or Not it is Mine Even you Killed You Father Also Right You Killed or Not Who Ever Come in My Way If Anybody comes in Between me and Mahishmathi That’s all Over Aa Finish they are Out Cinema Out They Are out They are Out Prabhas sir you Should tell about your Kingdom He Said About his Kingdom so Now you tell about Yours Where is his Kingdom its Mine Even We Also Have One Kingdom Ok You Both Talk He Was Mad About the Kingdom Yes …Yes But Rana Even You Argued with Rajamouli sir Also You wont let him sit on your chair Everyone Knows In The Set Each and Everyone Knows in The Set What Rajamouli sir Thought If he Didn’t gave you the kingdom then Rana Will kill Him That is why he Gave you the Kingdom You see He Says that Kingdom Belongs to him Kattappa came And Killed Him Kingdom Belongs to Me whether is was there or Not Kingdom Belongs to me Only What Ever we say he will Say only one thing Kingdom Belongs To Him What Ever You say what ever we Say from the 4 years we Are Getting the Same Answer Even you Get the Same Answer Waste time Waste Really No After Watching the movie we will Prove that Kingdom Belongs to Me Ok You Try Your Level Best Do You Have Any Heroine in the Second Part If There is Kingdom Why do i Need Heroine he Doesn’t Have Kingdom so he Have Heroine Tell Me you Don’t Have Heroine I Have Kingdom Mahishmathi Was Mine Mahishmathi Kingdom Ok Is it Your Kingdom Yes Rana Had Heroine in Part -2 Rana’s Heroine We also Don’t Know we Didn’t See Her Rajamouli sir In Between all these Characters No No Heroine She was Not there actually You Have a Son But No Wife He Killed My Son He Killed My Son Why Should i Give My Kingdom Your Son Did Not Follow the Rules that is why he killed Your Son But for Your Chair You will kill your father Also i Know Prabhas was Better than You Your father Helped You so Much Yes I Don’t Care Now Really Kingdom Belongs to Us You are Not Even Leaving Your Father Even on the Sets You Behave like This No Only for the Chair He Will Become tense Otherwise He Will Be Very Normal His Chair and Food His Chair ,Food and, His things Only Chair Especially And His Crown Only These Three Things When Ever he Keeps his Crown a Side we used to Keep it He Wont let You Keep it What they do with it they will see it Ones That’s all After pack up Everyone kept that Crown Each and Every one Kept it When We Are Shooting Crown Was Mine When you are shooting Crown was Yours After Shoot Anybody Can Take it After Shoot it will Become Property Not Crown O See What He Says Even You Wont share Your Food Also No he Will When we Eat We all eat Together so that is Not a Problem Everyone Can eat Everyone Can Share Your Food No Problem Tell Me What You Want to Tell No Some Times he Wont When We Are Returning From Cochin in the Flight Magie When you were not there we ate Your Maggi When he Ask We sat in the second Row in front Everyone are Sitting For Maggi Not Wantedly But….. When Somebody say no then We Want to Take it Right Yes then only we will do it When You Say the Kingdom was yours we all feel like Telling it No it is Ours They also did the Same Did he Gave You What he Will Give No Because it Became a Big Discussion there Maggi was Thrown Down Baahubali Cast Was Quarrelling in the Second Row Everything Because of You Even There You Are a Villain You Are Not a Hero When i Aaid Villain he was looking at me like a Villain No Rana You Are a Hero Yes If you see Me Seriously, I Am Very Scared You Are a Hero I Am Villain in the Movie How Can You Say Hero Kingdom Was Mine Ok We Will give him the Kingdom then he will Satisfy Ok till the Interview Ends that’s All In The Movie its Ours Even She Was Not Leaving Rana She is Correct for You No Body was there in Mahishmathi We Should called Her at That Time Really We Used to Get Compromised Ok Its Yours Take It I Would Have Stood on Behalf of You And Fight With Him What will Anushka fight she Was Keep on Laughing Because she Was Sweet You Ask Her I Think She Was Afraid o No this Was Rana’s if i Touch He Will Scold Me Are You Scared No She was Very Sweet But I Am Not Scared She Had so Much Courage In Her That is why Shyamprasad Garu Gave her the Sword In Every Movie she Did Very Sweet Characters But He Saw The Violence Only He Saw The Violence I Think Everyone Saw That Even Prabhas Also Did You Two Fought You Didn’t They Did in Rudramadevi I Think Not in Rudramadevi in this Movie When she Was Locked with the Chains How Can She Fight No She Want To Tell Some Thing But She Was Stopping Herself You Two Fought Is There Any Fight Between You You Watch The Movie That Means Then we Will Talk Again we will Sit like this Ballaladev will Sit by My Side Bhallaladev Will Not Come Again Because Every One Will Know Kingdom Belongs to Prabhas That Is Why he Wont Come Will You Why The Kingdom Goes to Him You Watch Yes You Watch First You Watch The Movie Now So Many Things Happened Rajamouli sir Worked For 5 Years That is Why He Got Padma Award You Belived Him That is Why They Kept a Very Big Statue of Yours What You Shared Love Or Affection About The Movie i Kow Rajamouli sir for the Past 12 Years i Know That he Was a Mad Passionate Person That to He Said That He Want to Make A Big Movie He Told Me Around 7 Stories Before This Even They Are Also Very Big Stories He Still He Was Not Satisifed he Want To Make a Very Big Movie But He Was Not Satisfied For Some Stories He Did Not Get a Satisfied Climax But In all Stories He Decided Me As A King Only That Means That’s It So ,In Every Story He Wrote My Character As a King But i Don’t Know What he Was Getting 50% for some stories And 60 % for Some Stories Some Stories He thought of Fantasy Stories He thought some thing Else At Last Vijayendra Prasad Garu All These Stories Are Given by Vijayendra Prasad Garu, But When he Was Developing Some Thing He Was Not Satisfied Then Vijayendra Prasad Garu Said Three Points For Me Even Now I Get Goosebumps You Can See That In The Second Part Anushka Have You Seen Tension in Any Ones Face Even Producers I Mean Prabhas Sir Know About Rajamouli Sir So He Know That They Can Do It You Saw The Producers Right Because They Are Doing Such A Big Budget Movie So Actually Producers Should Me Very Much tensed But When Ever We See Shobu Garu in The Set He Will Be Smiling All the Time I Don’t Know How I Don’t Know He Managed That But Now we Got the Recognition And all but in the first Part when we Shoot And Release it Till Be Get the Recognition And All That Was Not a Small Amount And Also Confidence He Was Having Confidence On Rajamouli Sir Everytime They Used to Be Very Positive So That’s I Think Main People Yes They Are The Main Producers we Use To See For One Day Thirty Lakhs Twenty Lakhs it Used To Be Like that Per Day If They Say one More, We Get Tensed Again They Have to Do the Set up Again Going Back There, They have to do the Set up Again we Use To Do Two Shots And Complete in One Shot Also Some Times So We Used to Get Tensed Budget Was Increasing What To Do But All The Time He Used To Smile That’s all Some Times We Got Doubt Is He The Producer Or Some Else Was There Really The Producers, They Are Not Normal People They Are Something Else For This Movie ,They Should Have The Tension But We Never Saw That I Was Just Teasing That’s All You Are the Real hero in This Movie You Agreed To Do As A Villain After That People Saw you As A Villain But, You May Get That Thought What About My Carrier You Never Think About That And Did Ghazi Movie Immediately You Got the Response That Means You Tout People That They Should Watch A Movie Like A movie Hero Will Be Not Only A Hero We Cannot Teach People They Always Know How To Watch a Movie Only We Do Mistakes But they Wont do Mistakes at all if we do Good Movies,They Watch other wise they Wont Watch So ,That’s All Other Wise There is Nothing to Teach The People That Means When You Did Such a Big Movie As a Villain Immediately you Did in Ghazi Movie we Accepted You Then Also One more thing when he was doing as a hero, he accepted to do as a villain When you watch second part then you will know what is villain is It will be completely different, really he should have guts to do that There is no need to risk but already he has family background He did hindi, tamil movies i think you’ve done tamil movie right After all this there is no Need to do as a villain That Was Really Great, But he Did it Say thanks to your bro For my Bro No Not Bro Now your Kingdom and our kingdom was different Thanks thanks Both of them are saying silently Keeravani sir said one thing He Doesn’t have Heroism But i think this all three are like that because if i ask About Anushka every one says she was very Sweet If Rana like a story he himself will go to a Producer and Convince them No Need to Say About Prabhas Darling.. Darling.. Darling.. Darling.. I think You Three are like that what do you Say What do you think how we should you tell that I don’t know how we Should be That means is it correct she was asking ,Ok What is happening even you are borrowing the Answer No she didn’t understand that is why she asked me I am asking whether it is correct or not, what you say is it correct She can’t tell because she is sweet Anushka don’t have heroine qualities there is no attitude What do you mean other heroines have Attitude Right Except we three all the Heros and heroines have attitude that is what you Mean I Did not say like that i said i was talking about what keeravani sir said you did not hear that villain sir Villain sir But one think, it will be very satisfied for an Artist People are not watching movies in the theatre In this Stage i heard it long back Standing in a Big Line Now A days people are watching movies on phones But This was happened again for your movie at least after 20 years Cinema lovers felt very happy there are no words to, Say what do you think Yes definitely because, for each and every artist will feel this while doing such a movie We think to do such movies but Rajamouli sir has luckily Selected us thanks to Rajampuli garu a lot Individually how did this movie helped Your Carrier We will know that in future Now we can’t say In future, for you anushka Definitely it will help Already i think it was helping, but we will know it in future For you Anushka for you what you think about this First of all who can get this type of Characterisation i don’t know whether i get this type of character again Like a mother, for her next movie she got Encouragement , She got inspiration, to do like a mother Even then she will only do as Prabhas mother not for every one If Rajamouli sir is there then i will definitely do If i am there she will do Otherwise Rajamouli sir and yes both of them, only Prabhas mother in Rajamouli sir Direction Again they should take a movie as Prabhas mother Movie name will be the Mother The Mother How did this help your carrier How does it help means like prabhas said we will come to know in future but But ,from now what ever movies we do i did Ghazi and what ever movies we do in future What ever we learnt from this movie all the experiences and all it will definitely help us in future So after this movie they both are talking watch them ,What are they doing What are they doing Sir even we are here sir you both are cracking jokes You people are talking so we both are talking Your show was i forgot to tell your show was superb sometimes for entertainment i watch your show Tell my name sir Savithri its true he really watch my show thank you so much Yes you and Your Combination was Really Superb As a devasena Tell me the name show name even i will watch it Satthi I never watched but now i will watch compulsory Yes, Everyone will watch i think i have shown you I have to Satthi you did not watch No i haven’t He was there in my movie Yes he was there Satthi was there in my next movie Really, I love that combination You know, except sivagami and devasena character he did each and every character in teenmaar if you Release any Trailer, he use to come in that getup i don’t know how many time he came in Kattappa’s getup, so you watch my show Yes we watch Even in your busy time also Yes we watch it in you tube or directly on tv i really like your show Thanku So Mutch I believe because you told my name otherwise till now i was supporting you so i thought you are saying so, i thought like that but its not true ,you are watching my show anushka should see my brother ones I will, I will watch today today itself i will watch It was very entertaining Satthi, Anushka is going to watch you What ever we felt in these four years you brought it out Me Yes How we All Suffered Nobody Combat with me in these 4 Years but she came and did that he was thinking something in his mind Yes there is some thing i will tell you later After this shoot please all of you stay with Me Please I have to reach my home safely What ever we talk about this Bahubali we spoke about the experiments i don’t have that much experience to talk About this i am not a big Person That is way i spoke only about you people we all say Saho Baahubali and will meet on April 28th, In the theaters thank you so much Thank you so Much Thank you Anushka Thank you Thank you Thank you so much Ok, we all will Meet in the Theatres and watch Baahubali 2 the conclusion Namasthe No one has spoken like this in these 4 years Really thank You so much If you sneak how it will be your kingdom Some one can’t sleep today night In the location if we sit in his seat he will not agree Really Yes bhallaladhev character came into his body If we write on a paper that it is my seat when he goes for a break When rana was not there if we write this is baahubali’s chair he will get tensed Heroine anushka was equal to all our heros Because she was acting like a hero Now savithri became sivagami, That’s all Yes Yaa Yes Yaa What ever you say the kingdom was mine whether you agree or not it is mine Even you killed your father right Rana, she is correct for you There was Nobody in Mahishmathi to combat you We should have called her


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