5 thoughts on “Ayanna Pressley Shares Struggle With Alopecia, Reveals Bald Head For First Time”

  • The Mustard Seed says:

    Miss Ayanna, you are so physically beautiful, that even showing your bald head just makes you look exotic. Wow! And, I respect you, and honor you for being so courageous for just coming out and revealing this. Everyone has their problems and secrets, and trust me your problem is not a bad one-just and uncomfortable one. But, look on the bright side, you can wear any wig hairstyle that you want, or every once in awhile just sport a bald head. Your head is nicely shaped, and you are beautiful inside, and outside-so sport it girl, and hold your head up high and proud.

  • Denise Gasparini says:

    You are amazing to have accepted this so fast. I have been wearing wigs for about 4 years now. I can’t seem to let go only a few people even know my husband had never even seen me without one. I am not sure what happened but my hair satiated thinning on top not completely gone but enough is gone so I can’t style it any longer.
    I am so proud of you to bring this to the public so maybe someday it will be more acceptable. Possibly getting insist least to help. Thank you so much for your story.

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