Axios: Trump floated idea of nuking hurricanes

Axios: Trump floated idea of nuking hurricanes



100 thoughts on “Axios: Trump floated idea of nuking hurricanes”

  • "Stable genius"??? Right…gives a pretty clear window into trump's thinking and mental capacity… What's next??…passing another tax cut and declaring national emergency for another fake crisis??

  • All the trump people calling this fake news would be right if this was any other president but we’ve heard him say so much stupid shit that no one can say for sure this is fake and thats just one example of what’s so fucked about trump

  • The damn question shouldn't survive uptil 'wheter it works or not'. If put into practice, the ACCUMILATING [>ACCUMILATING!!<] fallout consequences by every blast will dwarf any natural disaster in the end. FOR FUCK SAKE!

  • What a pathetic story with no sources, suppose he thinks Elizabeth Warren is really Pocahontas. Can’t believe CNN actually pays people for this sort of garbage.

  • Nothing like killing people, plant and animal life, and hell the entire planet to own the libs. I'm sure the fine folks in Florida wouldn't mind getting hit with some deadly fallout after their houses have all blown away.

  • Has this ever been tested though? There are Hurricanes all the time out in the middle of the Atlantic and nowhere close to land mass. Before everyone starts sounding like a Meteorologist, maybe there could be a definitive answer first.

  • Now imagine moron Trump would be king like Republicans want him to be. Our globe would be gone in seconds. BTW, you could also drop an A-bomb on a recession.

  • Donoso Demaistre says:

    Fake news, phony sources and untrustworthy spins. CNN is a joke. Once they explained the world to Americans, and America to the world. And now? A sad joke.

  • He never said it. and if you prove he did, then it was taken out of context. And if you understand the context, he was joking. And if he wasn't joking, then he's just playing 4 dimensional chess in your head…

  • Monarchy is the best! says:

    Is there an audio recording? You lot lie so often I will need hard evidence before I believe a word you say.

  • the main stream biased media the story is bullshit i looked into it trump denies saying it call it fake news if you look into the source of this story its ominous person with no date time or says when its happed

  • David Van Bockern says:

    That should make all Americans proud that we have such a sable genus in the White House! “REALLY” Dump Trump 2020

  • I need to hear it, not hear these people say what he said. Nuisances and semantics matter, because was he serious? I can't just trust 3rd person reports.

  • This network is a complete joke at this point.

    EVERYBODY sees it, even liberals. They look past it though because they like the content. Thank you President Trump for exposing them as the garbage network they so clearly are.

  • Trump is a global hero! Why? A series of absolutely catastrophic hurricane seasons for the U.S. have changed how we think about these storms—and perhaps about the kind of person who would spend their life chasing them.

    Let Trump be promoted to the Chosen One Storm Chaser Sir Saviour of the World. Windmills? Nah. Proper real hurricanes Sir!

  • Gullible CNN and Trump haters. Fools, just fools.
    Democrat run cities: Polluting our rivers with raw sewage.
    In Baltimore, sewage contamination released into rivers and streams totaled at least 260 million gallons in 2018. The volume of Harrisburg’s pollution is far greater in part because that city has a combined wastewater and stormwater system, while Baltimore has separate systems of pipes for sewage and rainwater.

    More: Chesapeake Bay Foundation slams Pennsylvania's plan to reduce pollution »

  • adviser to the Gods says:

    I hear that there will be a hurricane over the democratic national convention. That'll be a good time for Trump to try out his theory!

  • Michigan Wolverine in Austin says:

    I want to talk to God and ask him, "What did we, as a country, do to deserve this idiot as the so-called leader?"

  • Michigan Wolverine in Austin says:

    Imagine being dumb enough to vote for a lying, racist, pornstar banging, hush money paying, tax cheating idiot with the education of a 4th grader and on his third marriage because he's an incompetent orange grab em by the pussy piece of shit!

  • You dumbass what about the side effects after nuke drops .people be developed all kinds of illnesses .what about the damage the nuke is gunna cost .you THINK its gunna be fine and ok .yall are experimenting on people like Lab Rats.i promise when he drops that nuke he be somewhere very fare away.

  • SuperMutant2099 says:

    It’s axios. A place that caught peddling in fake news several times. They not been right on one of their big exclusive about trump. The dnc behind th s and laughing anyone believe this. I joke about Democrats believing fake stories about trump wants to nuke the moon. Well not that far off on this one

  • Where exactly is the evidence that Trump made this comment? I really need to see the proof. I am guessing that CNN is just repeating it for the ratings. Trump MAY say a lot of stupid things, but most of them are obnoxious (outside the realm of reasonability), not outside the realm of reality. Please post the unedited version of Trump making this comment.

  • The Walking Thrones says:

    As a Brit??, I am getting so sick of Trump that if I had a time machine, I would go back to 1770 and give the British forces the name's and location's of everyone that signed the declaration of independence (Washington etc), so they would be executed for treason before the war of independence even began, then Trump could never rise to power.

  • Kristoffer Ertmann Huerta says:

    I swear people believe anything this news chains will tell them and they love to hear those lies cause it fits their narrative that this president is dumb when in reality he has created many jobs and gotten the economy to record breaking stats. The best part of all this is that lunatic dems will be dissapointed when a man that "wants to nuke hurricanes" will be president in 2020.

  • Nuclear hurricane is something only a metal band should be considering for the name of their song or band. Unfortunately it is something the leader of the free world seriously considered creating for us all to enjoy.

  • Angelo Commando…I’m reported for inciting violence? What the hell are you squawking about? You watchyour mouth you POS!

  • The World is watching and laughing
    They will laugh no more
    Our Stable Genius is nuking the Storm
    Be ready to eat radiation. hahahaha

  • And dumb white. poor white. thinks that's a greate idea to prove loyalty easly brainwashed. when in reality radiation will be all over the place. dumb republican,ts and you wonder why the whole world is falling a part dumb ideas like this.hee hee??????????????????

  • What gender is the nuke?
    Wanna sniff my finger?
    You don't have a choice, sniff it like Biden Fredo!
    God Emperor will nuke what he wants, and you will like it.
    And don't for get the cheEeeeldren!

  • CNN I caught you lieing to my face dozens of times. Now I come across a topic I am not sure about but because of your record I have no choice but not to believe you. Sure sucks when you cry wolf and no one believes you. If it arrives you will surely be eaten I ain't answering the calls that's for damn sure.

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  • Great idea! Or we could have everyone who isn't raking our forests to prevent fires all run in the opposite direction of the hurricane's currents! Then for global warming, enclose the whole planet in one of those foam things you put around a can of pop or beer to keep it cold!

  • Cloud seeding is a commonly used way to cause rain. They do this in the Middle East. It isn’t far fetched to stop a hurricane with human interference.
    He may have the phrasing “nuking” to describe human interference with some sort of technology.

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