Hello !! Welcome to Avignon ! Here we go ! 37 seconds to give
you the basic infos! 37 sec. of basic infos Go ! Avignon is located
one hour North from Marseille and Montpellier this is the
Prefecture of the Vaucluse. It is located between
2 other Departments : on the other edge
of the Rhone : the Department
of the Gard, on the other side
of the Durance : the Bouches-Du-Rhones
Department. The city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site It has 100 000 inhabitants, 15 000 live in the intramural city. Avignon is especially
well known for its Theater festival which is the biggest in France and of course for the Avignon Bridge it is well known because it is used for many things
but it’s bridge function Because of that, people danse on it. Here we go !
37 seconds ! Bam ! You’ve had
37 seconds of infos ! During the 14th and the 15th century I’m kidding, that is a thing you can
say during a party. The thing to say during a party During the 14th and the 15th century Popes used to live in Avignon. And they lived in this huge building. A little bit like my … They already had
a good life at that time. There was a Pope in Avignon and an other one
in the Vatican, in Rome. What ? There were two
representatives of God at the same time on earth ? In fact, there were 3 because an other one
used to live at the same time in Pisa, in Italia. This change my
vision of the world ! I cannot bear it ! To fix the situation, the Church
decided to change History. The Popes that
lived in Avignon who were Popes just like
the ones in the Vatican were causing trouble regarding
the history of christianity It isn’t very serious to have several Popes at the same time. So, the Vatican decided that the Pope from Avignon were not real Popes but ANTIPOPES!! Thanks to that trick, if we reread History there were one only
right Pope at the same time, the one in the Vatican. The other ones were just ANTIPOPES!! That was the thing
to say during a party. The Dom’s Garden a Dog a Door Milk Shop is the
tea lounge in Avignon. The tea lounge It is owned by two brothers : Thibault et Maxime They took their inspiration from the coffe-shop in New-York and added some french touch to it I want to present it
to you not because of the Ok, I couldn’t wait to eat this one. that are bakeries and beverages that were made by Gods ! Not because Thibault and
Maxime are handsome. Not because they
only use local products and everything
is home made Not because they won the prize of the most beautiful
commercial facade given by the Heritage Services of the City of Avignon in 2012, but for something they wrote in their Facebook page that makes me think that we share the same values. Why would we go
to the other side of the planet to get something that is better and close to us ? What else ? It’s true, it’s a fucking nice facade. It was the tea lounge I am in a rabbit That’s weird ! Ouh ! That’s weird ! I think i found for you the most original
boutique in Avignon. That small and
original boutique Its name is CQFD for Ethical, Crazy, French Creations “”sex joke i can’t translate 🙂 “” “”but you would give
me an LOL for sure”” Inside, you will only find products “made in France” made with natural, recycled or recyclable
raw materials. There are some
great gift ideas like a marble game
about soccer I like playing marbles a fresco with foxes I like foxes french underwears I like … Wait … Often, we say that the relocations of businesses hurt the economy here, they do
everything to change it. Come and take a look! That was this small and
original boutique It’s time for me to share a secret place in Avignon. It’s a secret It is located
near the Chapelle des penitents noirs
de la misericorde. And you must go trough
an ancient weird door to have access to it. I’m talking about
the outside wall of the abandoned
prison Ste-Anne. What happened
is that one of the entrances of the
prison was condemned. In the old breezeblocks, people started
to make art. Today, the wall is
full of art pieces and it’s really
nice to see. Well, let’s go
take a look. a tissue Send me pictures
of your work and try to find
which one is mine. It’s was secret The Dom’s Stone (From far away) Runaway-Seagulls Come back ! Crap… I want to introduce you to
the Bouillon de Culture It is a cafe-restaurant
that was built in a 19th century chapel. Proof It is located on the outskirts
of the city center near the University. It is the quietest and the cheapest cafe I have found in Avignon. And on top of that,
they have free WiFi. Proof If you want to have a rest
between to lectures or just slip away
from the festival for me, it is the best place. And foremost,
it’s cheap, and they have
free WiFi and this is a
19th century chapel And I just learned that Picasso used to live here ! In every city there is a place that sucks. the place that sucks the “happy street” Wow ! I feel so
happy here ! It was the place that sucks I wonder if this section had any interest And at last, for our beloved drivers, a usefull tip for
your car in Avignon The useful tip… pff I recommend you to park Parking des Italiens in the North-East of the city. You should
find a place, the parking is huge! There is a free shuttle that takes you downtown every 5-10 minutes and that brings you
back to your car It’s useful ! And if you come
with your car during the festival I hope that,
like me, you know how to park, with a Magic trick. This was the first video of Your French Reporter I hope you enjoyed it! To see other videos
about France you can go to or follow me on twitter Feel free to leave a comment and
share this video it’s very important for me! See you very soon for a new reportage that will maybe
take place in YOUR CITY.


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