‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Answer Your Burning Questions | MTV News

‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Cast Answer Your Burning Questions | MTV News

– If Jesus Christ was from Boston, he would look like Chris Evans. – Right. That’s right. – Facial hair. Very controversial.
Bearded or un-bearded. – The first one’s a
little too Top Gun for me. It’s a bit like ‘Hey,
it’s Lighter. You sick?’ – I’m not a man to be judgemental
about beards, right now. – I like the older more
valid, experienced guy with the beard. – [Josh] There’s life lived there. – Yeah, that reminds me of
Steve Baldwin or something. The first one. I feel like he’s doing
a thing with his lips. – With the beard, come here, mate. Looking great. – Fans went wild over that beard. – Yeah that’s a great beard. – Who’s had the best hair
transformation or evolution, in the course of the
franchise, would you say? – Jarvis, didn’t have
any-didn’t even have a body. So I think Paul Bettany might have had a- he still doesn’t have hair though does he? Does Vision have hair? – Black Widow always has
a different hair color in every movie. – Is it true? – Yeah, she’s a great colorist. – Um, probably Scarlett. She’s
gone through more than one. Not releasing her new hairstyle
was as important to Marvel. It was easier to get the script. – Downey’s just gets better
and better and better. You know it’s great. – Just more- – But also Hemsworth. I
think, from the long wig to the short thing in Ragnarok. He’s pretty, you know, he’s
pretty hipster cool now. Yeah, he cut it in Brooklyn. – Which MCU character’s name
would make the worst baby name? – Don Cheadle. – Gamora. – It is an odd choice for a
child’s name Obadiah Stane. Bad. – What’s the squirrel’s name again? – Rocket Raccoon. – That would be a weird name. – Drax. That’s a bit off calling
a small tiny adorable thing to be called Drax. – Better vacation spot:
Wakanda or Asguard? – Oh, man. Wakanda. Please, the waterfalls? – Wakanda. – I think Wakanda, yeah. I
mean the Wakanda-Wakanda. The set Wakanda? – [Both] No. – [All] Wakanda. – You been to the beach in Wakanda? They get wild. – We don’t know the name
of the next Avengers movie, the untitled Avengers four,
what should it be called? – Uh, yeah. (laughter) – That was it? – It should be called “NEXT”. – Avengers: This Is What Happened Next. – The Long Goodbye. – So Avengers and then you have Thanos and then you have a quote and then you have Thanos
saying ‘I ain’t ever left’. – And then you have in
parenthesis an action, which is ‘mic drop’.


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