Extinction Rebellion files reveal climate zealots are paid £400-a-week

Extinction Rebellion is paying activists up to £400 a week to lead the protests that have brought chaos to the streets of Britain, documents seen by The Mail on Sunday reveal Protesters have received payments totalling more than £70,000 in four months alone But the eco-protest group privately fears it could face a six-figure tax bill if the money, […]

How to Upgrade Command Radio Unit in Mercedes E Class W211 | Mercedes E500

hello everyone today I’m going to be showing you how to replace your old radio unit with the half screen the cassette player with the new command unit I have a video uploaded how to take apart everything for this you are going to be unscrewing two screws and then pulling the command unit out make sure you […]

NASA | Fermi Finds Radio Bursts from Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes

Thunder claps Thunder claps. Narrator: Lightning flickers somewhere in Earth’s atmosphere dozens of times every second. Most of these electrical flashes remain in the clouds, with only about a fifth of them reaching low enough to strike trees, buildings or the ground. Yet lightning bolts in the clouds deliver a unique and powerful punch of their own. They’re […]

Social Media In Relationships | We Need to Talk With Nev and Laura | ATTN:

– Are you seriously gonna do that in front of me right now? – What? – Why are you even liking pictures of other hot guys on Instagram? (playful music) (upbeat jazzy music) – Anybody in a relationship in 2017 knows how difficult it is to manage social media. – Beth says, “my boyfriend “liked an instagram photo […]

Asheville Food News ft. “In the Mix with The Urban Gastronome!”

Live from Asheville, North Carolina, this is Asheville Food News. With … Micah Eats Asheville and… Matty Loves Food. And now… The news. Welcome everyone to Asheville Food News for the week of April 15th. Hang with us for about 10 minutes as we bring you the best Asheville has to offer my name is Matty Yes sir, […]