Australia fires: nation braces for ‘catastrophic’ bushfire week

Australia fires: nation braces for ‘catastrophic’ bushfire week

We know the weather forecast
for tomorrow is at catastrophic levels and based on that, plus the conditions
we’ve experienced in the last few days, I’ve accepted the advice
of Commissioner Fitzsimmons and declared a state of emergency
across New South Wales. – We’ve got to keep
reminding ourselves that catastrophic is off
the conventional scale. We are talking about indices
that go well beyond the old scale of 100. Homes that are specifically
designed and built to withstand bushfires are not done so
for catastrophic conditions. Catastrophic conditions are where
lives are lost, it’s where people die. The risk is absolutely real. – This is one o’clock in the morning
out at Bobin. Gotta two-storey house
fully involved. Poor buggers, lost everything. We are literally ringed by fire. Everywhere you look,
there’s just fire. Fire, fire bloody everywhere, fire. – We’ve also identified
and brought on our third large air tanker
over the weekend. It’s now up and operational
and available for deployment. So we’ll have three here
in New South Wales at the moment. – I also want to assure
the community that Commissioner Fitzsimmons
and all of our agencies have authority to undertake
and utilise any resource they need. I’ve said to them as the premier:
“You do what you need to do and we’ll sort out the details later.” Tomorrow is about protecting life. – This fire has been so intense. Never seen anything like it. – Under catastrophic conditions,
the safest thing you can do is not be in an at-risk area. [Under] catastrophic conditions,
the focus is principally and foremost on life safety. Life is at risk when it comes
to catastrophic conditions. – If you’re told to evacuate,
please do so. If you’re told to take certain
actions, please do so. And, for heaven’s sake,
stay away from bushland tomorrow.


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