Aurora Aksnes on local news at Palmesus Festival 2016.7.1

Aurora Aksnes on local news at Palmesus Festival 2016.7.1

The Palmesus festival is now well under way. 30,000 tickets have been sold and Aurora started the show. Several Norwegian and international acts will be on stage tonight and tomorrow One of the biggest Norwegian headliners is Aurora from Bergen who drew a large crowd on the beach in Kristiansand today. And reporter Hans Erik Weiby, you’re at the festival. Has today’s rather bad weather kept people from showing up? It doesn’t look like it but here the spirits are high and some 12,000 are here now. Even if the weather’s been unstable with a little rain there has also been some sun. Matoma’s on the stage right now. And I’ve been lucky enough to get hold of Aurora. You’re one of Norway’s biggest artists at the moment. You’ve just played here. How was it? It was really fun! I felt a bit peculiar since I had to get up very early to get here from Finland. But it was really nice to see all the people who’ve waited for me quite a long time. Some of them up to an hour. Which was very nice. You said you haven’t played in the rain before, but I believe it stopped raining just before you went on, or was it still raining? No, there was no rain during my concert, which is good for the audience. But I believe I’ve played in the rain before and I picture it as something quite nice and romantic….at least if it’s warm. But today it would’ve been a bit cold.


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