JN: Hello Everyone! JN: As you guys know, JN: I am the only guy from America on our team *yes johnny that’s wut makes it valid* JN: So, I’ve kind of figured out which member fits which city the best. NCT: Oooohhhh!!
JN: And I deci-AND I DECIDED JN: Which member is gonna represent JN: Each City! JN: Each City! JN: Each Member! JN: We’re going to figure out, if I was correct! JN: We’re gonna have some fun activities! HC: Ooohh~! JN: So, everybody when I call our name, JN: I’m going to ask you guys to come up, please.
NCT: Okayy That’s the whole idea. JN: As you guys can see, I am the representative MARK: Chicago! JN: Should I say “Chi-town”? JN: When you think Chicago, you think.. JN: Micheal Jordan JN: Kanye West JN: Oprah Winfrey JN: NCT Johnny *this crackhead smh* JN: YES! JN: One of those people you think of is coming to your city, JN: at the Rosemont Theatre, JN: on May 7th. JN: Can’t wait to see you guys, JN: And I know….that JN: Chicagoan audiences, are one of the best. JN: See you there.. *I AM……….disgusted* JN: Everyone, these are the white gloves JN: I’m going to ask the first person that comes up to help me, JN: afterwards to assist me with the rest of the people. JN :First representative! TY Track: NEW JERSEY JN: Self-made sash.. JN: Self-made sash! JN: New Jersey! JN: THANK YOU THANK you….. DRUMROLL JN: Jung. Jae. Hyun! JN: Over the right shoulder like this.. JH: NEW JERSEY! Scream! First of all, *sniffs johnnys neck* JH: It’s an honor to be the representative of NEW JERSEY MARK: Wow
JH: And… JH: New Jersey used to be a city were I used to go for a trip. *I lived in America for four years intensifies* So it’s very long time no see to New Jersey And I’m so excited to represent New Jersey Thank you! See you in USA JH: What’s up New Jersey and New Yorkers JH: We know you’re the best JH: The first city of our NEO CITY TOUR in USA is JH: New Jersey JH: We’re so excited to show our perfomance JH: And we can’t wait to see you soon. JH: Bye! 🙂 *cute crackhead* JN: Okay, next city… MARK: What’re you doing now? JN: *confused* Huh?
MARK: WTF are u doin JN: iM JuST dOiNG mY ThinG *laugh* JN: He’s my assistant JN: YoU gOtTa ReALY aSK mE Everything???? MARK: I’m sorry ah~ JH: Next person takes the mic from here JN: The next representative… JN: ATLANTA JN: Put your hands up if you wanna be the representative of Atlanta *clap your hands everyone* JN: No, No
*look at Yuta hes so excited* DY: Me? Really me? DY: Me? Oh really?
JN: Yeah, yeah, yeah
*this bunny is still confused* JN: When we went to Atlanta after Chile, (ft. taeyong being cute as hell) JN: I looked at you and you screamed Atlanta DY: bish wut NCT: *laugh* JN: We stopped by Atlanta before JN: at the airport JN: I saw you walking around DY: Did I walk around?
*omg this bunny lost his memories XD* JN: So at the airport JN: You screamed at me, “I am ATLANTA!” DY: Did I?
*he lost his memory XD* HC: Let’s just that…(2x)
*the sun saves the bunny* JH: Let’s start the ceremony MARK: WWWWWWWOOOOOOAAAAAAAHhhh NCT: daaaaadAAAAdaDaDAaaa DY: Wooh! JN: This lightstick is only for short lending DY: Even though it was just the airport, DY: I’ve been to Atlanta before So, I guess I can know more about Atlanta more than any other cities. YT: *laughs* DY: I’ll work hard (as the Atlanta representative) DY: NCTzen in Atlanta! Since I became the representative of Atlanta, I’ll show the best concert ever! Atlanta NCTzen! SCREAM!!!
*WoOoHoOoo* *OSAKA screams wooooooo* Let’s pretend DY: Hey, Atlanta! You know that Atlanta NCTzen are the best! DY: For the NEO CITY concert on April 26th in Atlanta>DY: Please anticipate a lot! DY: Atlanta is the best over other cities! DY: Atlanta! See you soon! DY: Bye bye! My hip posture is… *pls save that for jae* You can also lean on a person JN: Okay, next city JN: nzhsgdbfdbdg WARRRRM city NCT: WARM CITYYYYYYY JN: oH YeAh HAECHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!! *a wild YUTA appears* *he looks like he won daesang* JN: Oh, I’m sorry…
HC: …yeah(?) JN: Yes! JN: JUNGWOO~! *donghyuck cannot take this betrayal* *JW: am i right to take this throne?* HC: I’m not going to go!
*aww our baby sun :(* JN: I thought of the sun that made me stuck your name in my head. I’m sorry.
*oml istg this boy* JN: Jungwoo, here… *HC: okay i”ll give the throne to you* JW: Ah, everyone, hello! *I didn’t sign up for this mark come hug me*For Miami, I’m going to be ‘fighting’ JW:I’m going to make it fun JW:Please anticipate a lot! JW: Thank you! Make some noise! NCT: *unenthusiastic cheers* HC: WOoOOoOoOoOOoOoooOoo JW: SCREAM! WoOoOoOOoOoOoOoOoOoooOoO X2 JW: MIAMI FIGHTING! *take a breath first baby* *okay good :))) * HeY ,MiAmi JW: LISTEN CAREPULLY JW: DIS, CheCk iT oUT YO JW: Are you ReAdY? NCT: *way more laughs then there should be* JW: IM READY *drops mic*
OH sorry *Mic noises* On April 28th! Anticipate for that day! JW: PILEEEEEEEEEESUH JW: I’m very excited now JW: Everyone, please look forward for it. JW: Thank you! LiStEN cArePuLLy x2 PILEEEESUH x2 *HAHAHAHAHAHA Jungwoo can become a comedian seriously* NCT: Dallas JN: Next city is DALLAS It’s hot JH: Very hot
*like you ;)) * JN: HAECHAN!!!
*lol he’s not gonna fall for it again* HC: You’d better confirm it again. HC: You’d better, confirm it again.
*or else* JN: I double checked! UWU *pointing to the haters* *I am superior* HC: I’ll give a speech in English
*UWU instensifies* JN: Please, how are you feeling *in baby boy voice* if I was your boyfriend……id never let you go. I can take you places you ain’t never been before Baby take a chance or you’ll never ever know (what an inquisistive man) *some wise words* HC: Oh really?
*XD* JN: Pictures Please *johnny being a crackhead* HC: Which camera *in uwu* JN: All camera
HC: *bitch tf* ogayyyyyy *aww cutie taeyeongie* HC: Thank you *HUGS* HC: You’re too tall… too tall. *tayongie having the best laugh uwu* HC: HEY DALLAS are YOU ReaDY HC: I rylly eksited to see u gaizzssh
*I love his English uwuwuuwuw* HC: I rylly want to visit Margaret.. Hunt.. Hill..Bridge. *he looks like hes about to rap for his life* We will take a pollo der *photo* wai for me HC: pa KING JN: Okay everybody! JN: KAaaWwW HC: one more time one more time *in uwu* JN: Everybody KAAAAAAhW!
NCT: KAhWWWWWWWWW What are you talking about? The Representative of Phoenix! Please come out Nakamoto Yuta *does a whole flip like an idiot then looks all hot after* yes hes my bias – editor *caaaw* (also in uwu) JN: You wanna fly JN: You have fire…..Phoenix! YT: This is one of my favorite cities YT: I used to live about 1 year and 8 months in the sky YT: The ocean is so beautiful YT: I’ve wanted to visit the city again. If there’s any chance YT: De.. Dese rt? YT: *bout to fight* YT: FirST oF aLl , the landscape is really nice, YT: and the people are nice YT: So ive wanted to visit the city again
NCT: *dying* YT: Im so happy I can have a concert in this city *HE IS SO HOT*
hope you guys enjoy our stage! HE WINKED HES NOT EVEN TRYING AND IM HAVING HOT FLASHES HES SO LOUUUUUD *giggles to mess with my feelings* *smiles so bright the sun and the moon combined lost there job* YT: WASUUUUUUUUP, im lil bit nervous, YT: because this is my fist time in phoenix YT: But I am berry happy to be the represteu of phoenix YT: So hope you guys enjoy our stage YT: You can do it! *do what* We can do it! YT: Can I do it?
*MOM I LOVE HIM* YT: ARE YOU READYYYYYY *kpop aint that deep but if anyone hurts Nakamoto Yuta im cutting off their limbs* YT: PLease strch out before you make this pose
*im in love with this man* JN: Houston is the next city JN: when you think NASA…….. JN: you think space JN: When you think space…… JN: you think…like….ALIENS *crackhead motions* when you THINKALIENYOUTHINKTAEIL OHHHHHH TL: skur skurrrt
*acts like alien* HC: Taelien???? JN: Please tell the audience how you are feeling *grabs Taeil* tell how u r feeling…..and…please
TL: *confused in Korean* TL: Hi Houston!
*tee hee hi (im from Houston yes I went to go see them)* Houston! Lets have some fun times TL: Me and my members will show a cool stage! JN and JH: *laughs for 0 reason* Bye Houston. *but ur coming not going* *ASASDFGHJKJHGF why does johnny do that* TL: HOUSTON WUSSUAAAHHHH TL: im coming to your citee TL: so pleeze wait for me! *honey ive been waiting for two years* TL: NCTzen in Houston on may 5th, TL: Please look forward to it! *cute* JH: Next place
JH: okeii JH: This place has the headquarters of A**le and G**gle ASDFKASJDBGD taeyong sounds like hes moaning JN: when you think apple…….you think I pad *not this shit again* JN: you think taeyong *exits dramatically* wut *Yuta looks more excited than taeyongie*
poor baby looks tired MK: -you think of taeyong when you think of apple?????? JN: I jushgjhvjb- TY Track: *looks at johnny like hes being rude* JN: YOU RLLY GONNA ASK ME THAT TY Track: san joseeeeei JW: Simon Says????
*Mark, Jungwoo, Yuta, and Taeyong taking my uwus for 5 seconds* TY Track: I am very honored to be San Jose’s representative TY Track: Im very excited, Thank you TY Track: It is an honor to represent to san Jose *UWU* TY Track: See you soon. WHY TF DOES JOHNNY KEEP DOING THAT taeyong is cute PERIODT Thank You! why is mark laughing tho? TY Track: You know that it is special when we have two concerts only in san Jose! Let’s make may 9th and 10th our days! JA ARE YOU READY TO MEET US TY Track: im REOLI ready to see you gaizz *I was about to complain about his existence being rude to my well being but now im soft* JH: otatata JN: okei????? JN: LA, I believe that we have been to LA the most amount of time as NCT127 has been in America. And I wanna give this honor to. HC: Johnny don’t cry. *I–* *Mark Leeangeles ? Johnny wut?* MK: LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
*I cant with him sometimes* MK: Oh i heard that LA will be the last stop for our U.S. tour MK: *oh shit nvm* WELL I heard that uh….LA….is like..imeanlike..were going to Canada after LA so uh MK: In all means its very special for me to represent LA *channie yawns^ *NCT: laughs at a yawn* MK: ANYWAYS anyways MK: Im not going to make this long but um thank you guys. Los Angeles, love this city MK: I love this place, I love ALL of Los Angeles, so see you guys there. I didn’t even understand that as Korean so yeah *realizes* cutie I hate these men istg agfhggsdfg ELLAIIIIIIIIIIIIII MK: MAY 12th! is the day we visit you guys MK: Its our last stop for the U.S. tour. I am very excited! MK: Its always a pleasure to go to the City of Angels MK: I hope you guys are excited as much as we are. MK: You guys are the best! See you guys there! *aasdfghgfdsk he looks so awkward* JN: Well the USA tour representatives end here, but JN: But does that mean the end of the North American tour JN: ion THiNk sO DY:imma beat his ass later JN: Where do we move to?
MK: CaNAdAaAaAAA JN:Toronto, okei JN: TORONTO!!!! JN: Jung, Jaehyun JH: *pretends to be surprised* DY: skskskskskksgshshgsgsh NCT: wOAh rEoLi JH: TORONTO SCREEEEEEEEM JH: *sounding drunk* ive been to Toronto! When I was probably 8 years old
MK: wOw JH: *still sounding drunk* and I remember the view of Niagara Falls JH: *sounding normal* Im so excited…to go back again, JH: *sounding drunk again* Cant wait to see you guys! JH: See you in Toronto! Thank you ! VISUAL KING im done. JH: WHATS UP TORONTO! JH: I know the landscapes amaaaziiiiiing nd the- our Toronto NCTzens are amazing. JH: Cant wait to see you guys on May 17th. See you soon in Toronto JN: NEXT CITY………..THE LAST one for todayyyyy *idk why Jae is ls laughing but he has one of those stfu before I slap you laughs but im not complaining cuz its so cute* JN: Vancouver, Vancouver JN: MARK LEE! why did Yuta get up im-asdsfshjsf JN: wait, AND THE REPRESENTATIVE IS, mark lee Marks tired of this shit *this is the hottest thank you ive ever heard* MK: Vancouver STAND UP!!!!! DY and TL: fhbvclnbfknvfjnv MK: Vancouver. MK: idk if it wasn’t for this tour I wouldn’t have visited Vancouver ever in like who knows how long MK but uh…… MK: Thank you guys for this opportunity MK: To go back to where I used to live, and its really really nice MK: to go back, and im very excited, so uh, MK: So uh….I’ll express this excitement toyou guys- the disrespect this boy has istg markhyuk fans are thriving we- we get there. Hope you guys are excited and um… Thank you so much NK: for the uh *sgdafg* for the patience and for the uh for your uh for your support MK : and for everything you guys um MK: I’ll show you guys everything im feeling right now when we get there MK: I’ll see you guys there. MK: VANCOUVER STAND UP sometimes I question why hes one of my biases Mark has had enough also ow my ears ut wuz that sound MK: Vancouver x3 MK: you already know wut it is MK: May 19th we are going to Vancouver, I’ll be there, you guys are gonna be there its going to be a very special moment for all of us MK: Especially for me too so im very very happy to share this experience with you guys MK: And I’ll see you guys there, lets make a lot of great memories together. See you guys there. *he took all my uwus* JN: And that ends our representative– *mark barely step on the back of Johnny’s foot* JN: AHH JN: *fall to floor dramatically* JN: *fake limping* were gonna…….Yeah were gonna actually try to do stuff JN: *still false limping* so please look forward to the things that are gonna come up thank you. *why is he like this* DY:ATLNTA!!! TL: HOUSTON!!! JH: New Jersey and Toronto!!!! *Babyboy looks so excited*
JN: CHICAGOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! TY Track: *giggles in the cutest way possible* SAN JOSEIIIIIIIII!!! YT: *flapping his way into my heart*
PHOENIXXXX!!!!! *woo* MK: Los Angeles!!…VANCOUVERRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!! JW: MIAMEE SCREEEEEM HC: *in uwu* Dallas babyyy NCT: YOU AND NEO CITYYYYYYYYYYY! *true crackhead culture* FOLLOW ME ON Insta @nctipsy_imnida



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