Ask Dotto Tech #5 – Yahoo and Gmail Make Nice

Ask Dotto Tech #5 – Yahoo and Gmail Make Nice

Steve Dotto here. How the heck are you doing
this fine day? Me? I am doing spectacularly and I thank you for asking. This is Ask DottoTech,
the show where you ask questions and I answer them often accurately. Today, we are going
to be returning to Gmail. I’m going to show you a very useful technique to be able to
bring other email accounts into your Gmail so that you can answer all of your email from
a single interface. We’re actually going to integrate Yahoo Mail with Gmail. It’s
cool, it’s simple and it is useful. We’re going to be taking a look at Sunrise
Calendar a little bit, which is really one of my favourite calendar apps. But we’re
going to be showing how to integrate that and sync it with Evernote. We’ve got questions
on that. Plus, we’re going to be spending some time with password managers. I’ve shown
you a lot in my videos in the past how to use password managers to manage accounts,
to manage your online access to accounts, but password managers will do a lot more protecting
your personal information and keeping at your fingertips so beyond using them just for your
web accounts. That’s all coming up today on Ask DottoTech.
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So we’re going to start things off by looking at Gmail and we have a question from Agatha
Melvin who says “Thank you, Steve” she’s referring to a previous episode of DottoTech.
“Did I hear you correctly? You can also have your Yahoo accounts flow into your main
Gmail account?” Yes, Agatha, you heard me correctly. We were talking in a previous episode
about how convenient it is to collect all of your different email accounts and have
them and be able to manage them through Gmail. A lot of people don’t recognize that they
can have other, even competitive accounts, Hotmail, Microsoft Mail, Yahoo Mail accounts
and they can manage it, send and receive all from within Gmail. I thought I’d better
show you how to do that. So I’ve got my demo Gmail account open here
and I’m going to show you how to integrate a Yahoo account. Shall we do that? And like
most things that we do in Gmail, we’re going to start right underneath the Settings, the
little gear icon there. We’re going to go into Settings and in Settings you’re going
to find this tab here which is Accounts and Import. When we go into Accounts and Import,
the link that we want to click on is Add a POP3 mail account. Don’t worry about the
word, “POP3.” Just think about it as “Add a mail account.”
Now I’ve setup a demo Yahoo account just moments ago. So here it is right here. I’m
going to put in the email address for it right here, it’s [email protected] Now
you go Next Step. So you put in your email address and then you have to put in the password
for that email address. For the most part, Google is going to look for standard internet
convention as far as putting in the POP server and all of that sort of stuff and for most
webmail services, it’s going to work just fine with their presets. Once that is done,
we say Add Account and it says, “The account has been added. “
“I want to be able to send mail as.” So this is a key. What we’re setting up here
is making sure that not only can we receive mail but you could also send mail under that
particular email accounts’ address. That’s something you’re definitely going to want
to do so we go to the next step and it asks me to enter the name and information about
that account. We have to enter the email address now not for just receiving but for sending
and it will go through and it will check all of the credentials.
Okay, so the final step in the process is a verification email was sent. Now they actually
send this verification email to the address which you are going to be incorporating into
Gmail. So I’m going to go over now into my Yahoo email and we see already here is
a brand new email from Gmail itself. It says “Gmail confirmation – Send Mail” so it’s
asking if I want to do this. You can read your way through this but essentially what
you have to do is we have to click on this link here, which now verifies that I want
to be able to send and receive email from this account in my Gmail account.
So now what I want to do is I want to prove that we’ve done this properly. So I’m
just going to quickly compose an email. I know it’s going to come from the same email
address but I’m going to send an email to [email protected], I’ll just call
it a “Test” and we will send that. Now we should theoretically get that in both.
This Yahoo account here if we would go back in and check in the inbox here, it should
be arriving here because—there it is. There’s the Test, right? Let’s go back into our
Gmail account and there’s the Test there. So we can see it in our Gmail account.
Now if you don’t want to go through this process of being able—and it’s not important
for you to be able to send email from within Gmail, if you just want to be able to audit
and have all of the email come in then an option for you to do is to instead setup auto-forwarding
from whichever account you want. So you just go into the settings of whatever email account
you want to have sent to your Gmail account and you set it up to automatically forward
all email in. The only thing you lose is the ability to send email from that account in
the future from within your email account. You’d have to go back into that original
account in order to send email under that address. Does that all make sense? Agatha,
I have to thank you so much for the question. Next up we have a question from Mourad, who
says, “Hi Mr. Steve.” Well hello, Mr. Mourad. “I just got Todoist” oh he just
got Todoist, “and find it’s possible to sync tasks from Todoist into Sunrise” but
sometimes he creates a task in Sunrise and he wants it in Todoist and it’s not there.
At least, I think that’s what he’s saying. But I think that’s a great question because
our tools like our calendar apps, we really want to make sure that they integrate with
other services. That’s one of the reasons that I like Sunrise Calendar so much. It has
wonderful integration with a variety of services. So let’s jump over and have a quick look
at it. Now Sunrise Calendar is my calendar of choice.
We’ve done demos on it. I’ll put a link to a nice demo that I did to a nice Sunrise
calendar right here. But it’s basically almost like we were just looking at it with
Gmail as far as it’s a unified calendar that kind of is an umbrella organization for
all of the other calendars in our lives. So when we install Sunrise Calendar and set it
up, and it’s free, you can then if you go under the gear settings, as is always the
case with our demos right now going into those Settings, if we go into Accounts, we get an
idea for exactly what Sunrise Calendar integrates with.
So we can bring in our Google Calendar, our Office 365 and our Outlook calendars. We can
bring in iCloud. We can also bring in things that aren’t necessarily pure calendars but
are event-based, things like Facebook birthdays and other things like that. These are all
of the different services that Sunrise Calendar integrates with. Isn’t that an amazing list?
And these are the ones, these are the tools that I use on a daily basis that I have integrated
with Sunrise calendar. We can see that I have Todoist, Evernote, Asana and as well as of
course my Google Calendar. So let me show you how that integration ends
up playing out when we add an event or we add a task in Todoist. Now Todoist isn’t
necessarily the best place for us to be putting in calendar events. It’s a task manager
but sometimes we want those tasks to appear on our calendar. So let me jump over to my
Todoist account and I’m just going to create a new task. I’m going to quickly add a task
and I’m going to call it, “Something important.” There we go, Something important. Now it doesn’t
have due date but I’m going to instead put it in for tomorrow. I’m going to put it
in as a task for tomorrow. I spelled “something” wrong so let me fix that because we can’t
have that going on a now sponsored version of Ask Dotto Tech. So I’m going to add that
task. Now I’ve added a task for tomorrow. I’ve
created a date for the task. Now it takes it a second for everything to sync through
but I’m just going to refresh Todoist to make sure that it’s refreshed and synced
and then I’m going to go over into Sunrise Calendar. Now we should see momentarily our
new task appearing in Sunrise Calendar. What’s happened now is Todoist will sync to the web
services and then here, it’s already come through. So it’s syncing all of its stuff
through the web services. The web services know that there’s a conduit to Sunrise Calendar
and so that task is now passed through the Sunrise Calendar so now it’s in our calendar.
If I click on it, we can see that it’s in Todoist. It tells us that it’s actually
something in Todoist. If click on View in Todoist, I’m brought into that task so a
really nice integration between multiple services. Now this works not just with Todoist but with
Evernote, a variety of other task to-do list and calendaring apps.
And finally we have a question from Anna, who says, “I downloaded both Dashlane and
LassPass to test them both before I pick one for my organization. I would like my PM to
be able to log in to not just websites for my team but also computer programs like software
we use for our help desk and our auditing wizard, etc.” So there she is finding that
neither of these services automatically help logging into things other than websites. And
yes, none of the password managers that I know will do those things, will log in to
other types of services other than web-based services.
Having said that, there is some capability that I wanted to share with you and show you
within LastPass, which I think you might find interesting. That is this: let me I open my
LastPass account. If we take a look at LastPass, we’ve got here the ability to obviously
save sites but they have an area called Secure Notes, which is well worth looking into. When
we click on Add a new secure note, what that does is it allows us to create secure information
in LastPass that is not just log-ins to different websites.
Look at the different things that they will automatically create or you can just make
kind of a blank file. You can save a bank account, a credit card information, your driver’s
license. If you want to save your driver’s license and have it available to you, it’s
right there. All of these different types of data, you can save in LastPass. Now I’m
going to create a link here to a demo that we did on using LastPass but it’s this password
manager that I use to protect all of my personal information.
Now the benefit of having this information in LastPass is if you have your smartphone
with you and you’re out and about and maybe you don’t have your wallet and your driver’s
license and somebody says, “What’s your driver’s license number” because you’re
doing something that you require it for, you can go into your LastPass account on your
smartphone and retrieve that information. You’ve got the information available for
you when you need it and where you need it so this is something that’s well worth adding
to the type of information that you’re adding to your password manager. Other password managers
will do this as well. It doesn’t do it exactly what Anna was looking for as far as helping
to log in to say vertical applications but you could store the password and log-in information
in a secure note that the manager could then go into the note and they could copy and paste
the information into the appropriate fields. It’s not quite as elegant but it still serves
the main purpose. And that I think brings us to an end. Remember, is brought to you by our new sponsor. Yes, indeed. I invite you to drop
by and visit our friends at BlockLess. Oh where are they? There they are, BlockLess.
That way you can view Netflix from around the world from the comfort of your own country.
Until next time, I am Steve Dotto. Have fun storming the castle.


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  • Michelle Di Liberto says:

    I used Evernote quite a bit until I sat & read all the permissions. Upon doing that, I now use Google Keep for most of my Personal information. However, I still have my Evernote active. If I want to integrate the calendar with Ever note, what program do I go to change the settings, or can you let me know what to check in order to do this? It (at one time) showed the programs both syncing, but I never set anything.

  • Craig Williams says:

    Another great video @dottotech, quick note for LastPass @Anna Kerkhoff .  LastPass for Applications (requires premium account) allows you to automatically fill and login to Windows desktop GUI applications.

  • Hi +dottotech and all,
    Just wanted to add that KeePass ( has the ability to login to windows applications and fill corresponding passwords (using a shortcut key, usually Alt+Ctrl+A). I currently use it for WinRAR protected files, OneNote protected sections, and you can use it on any other application.

  • Hi Steve,
    Thanks for all of the great videos! Regarding adding an email address to send and receive from Gmail, will this work with an IMAP account as well and not only POP3?

  • Blockless is a great service I'm using it myself and yes it's legal BUT(!!!) region switching is against the Netflix TOS so use it with care or your account might be cancelled. Just sayin….

  • Regarding password manager, you should try KeePass (+ Dropbox for synchronization). It's free, open source and is able to store any kind of data securely (including non-websites logins and passwords)

  • Hi Steve i am an avid follower of your videos and they are a great insight into the latest applications. thank you for your effort and time.
    I have 2 questions related to EVERNOTE :
    1.i am an entrepreneur and use Evernote alot, is there a way you can back up all the notes and notebbooks in evernote coz its really scary the way i am saving important content it it.
    2. i have a premium subscription to evernote where i get unlimited uploads but what happens to the tons of uplaods if i dont renew my subscription.
    Please do reply , will look forward
    thank you

  • I got this error: ¬†¬†

    Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password.
    POP access is limited to Yahoo Mail Plus subscribers. Please contact Yahoo Mail's Support Team for more information.

    so it doesn't appear to work with my "free" account

  • Hey Steve O'. ¬†You should have mentioned that in the Last Pass Secure notes it also lets you store images. ¬†Example- If you add a secure note for a credit card from you iphone, ipad, etc then you can take a picture of the front and back of credit card from within the last pass app. ¬†This is very handy. ¬†I recently lost a visa card (ends up it was in my truck) . ¬†If I hadn't made the secure note with the pic, I wouldn't have had the phone number of visa which I retrieved from the image I had in my secure note.

  • First of all, big fan of your videos. ¬†I watch them all. ¬†Hope I don't send you too many comments.¬†
    I'm loving (and learning) my new imac.  Just discovered the widget page that for me comes up when I press the little button on my Logitech Performance MX mouse.  I also saw it pop up on your mac on your latest Ask Dotto.  Problem is you closed the screen so fast I didn't see what widgets you have on your mac.  How about an Ask Dotto of useful widgets to make life easier while using a mac???

  • I dig that you don't just mention the sponsor, but you give details about them and you seem genuinely excited about their product. I liked your promo for Blockless so much that I'm now thinking about moving to Canada just so I can use their service!

  • Hi Steve, love your videos, thank you !¬†
    I have a question related to checking messages of a non-Gmail account in Gmail. I have been using this option for years tbh, but there's one thing that really bothers me.  it is the frequency of gmail reaching to check new messages.
    Just this morning I had the following under settings->accounts and imports ->Check email from other accounts (using POP3):
    Last checked: 37 minutes ago.View history ¬†Checking mail…

    How can I make it check every 5 minutes or so ? or does it depends on the email service of the other provider ?
    million thanks !

  • Steve, lastpass does indeed have the ability to fill in login/passwords in Windows applications. ¬†You need the "Lastpass for Applications" app which can be found on the download page on their website. See

  • Hello Steve, I am loving the new ask dotto tech series.

    In regards to +Anna Krekhoff question, she could always have a look at keepass2.  This is an off line password manager, but you can store the database in the cloud in something like Dropbox.  Keepass2 will allow you to use it to log into anything application be that web based or off line.  By default it Alt+Tabs pasts the username tabs to the next field and pasts the password.  Though this behavioured can be changed, to do some quite powerful things.  It also support plug-in so you can extend the functionality.

    The keepass2 database format and app are open source so you can find apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and probably others too.

    Hope this helps.

  • You lost me at "Your mail account has been added" because I get the message " Server denied POP3 access for the given username and password." And I've been getting that message for 6 hours now after constant research to try to get past it. I've tried many things but I'm still stuck. I'm trying to migrate my old gmail address to a new gmail address, so slightly different than what you are doing. But I see there are a lot of people out there with this same problem. I'd love to see a video from you on this specific issue. So disturbing that we can't get better support from Google.

  • Great that you've got a sponsor. I've been working on that myself for the last few months and I have had some success. I get the sense that companies are beginning to accept the idea of sponsoring YouTube videos and frankly, you deserve it. Keep up the great work.

  • If I only want NEW incoming Yahoo emails forwarded to Gmail how do I do that? I do not want the entire emails from yahoo and folders to forward to gmail. Can I specify where I want it to go? example only to the inbox-not to all mail?

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