Ask America: We want to tell your stories – BBC News

Ask America: We want to tell your stories – BBC News

The BBC wants to answer important
questions facing the US today and we need your help. Yes, you! So if you have a story idea, leave a comment below and we may be getting in touch sooner than you think with our new series called ‘Ask America’. But who are we? We are BBC News journalists filming stories all across the country like this one about the many
jobs a teacher in Oklahoma has to work to make ends meet. Yes, I knew what I was
getting into. Did I think I wasn’t going to receive a raise in 10 years? Absolutely not. Or this one in Stockton about a Stanford
grad who moved back to save his hometown. Sometimes I pinch myself like ‘yo, you’re the mayor.’ Especially comes like problem solving or like ‘why don’t why aren’t we doing this
or why don’t they do that?’ And it’s like ‘why aren’t you doing it? You’re the mayor.’ And we publish these videos in all if your favourite places and formats! The good news
is were interested in all kinds of topics like… immigration education healthcare and sports! But we’d love to hear from you if there’s something happening in your neck
of the woods that you think would be interesting to the BBC’s global audience We’ll be out and about in the coming
weeks to highlight your story ideas and answer your questions. So get in touch. Drop us a line here or via email Come on. Ask America. Hey it’s Hannah. I’m one of the video
journalists who may be coming to your city or town. If you’re interested in
watching the videos we mentioned about the teachers or the mayor go ahead and
click the link to my left. Thanks for watching.


100 thoughts on “Ask America: We want to tell your stories – BBC News”

  • Johnny Caruthers says:

    BBC website regarding the "suspected bombs" sent to Democrat members: "These attempted attacks come two days after a confirmed pipe bomb was discovered in a mailbox at the home of Mr Soros, who has been criticised by right-wing groups for supporting liberal causes."

    If the BBC wasn't fake news, the sentence would read "Mr Soros, who has been criticised by anyone who isn't a far-leftist for supporting globalist, Marxist causes."

    The media don't give a shit about our objections, as evidenced by their blatant ignoring of the comments on most of their leftist trash videos.

  • Come to richmond va and investigate the housing courts and landlords. Out here if u live in a apartment with asbestos or any other unsafe conditions, they go by the rules and safety regulations of the year the building was constructed and do not update them to modern-day safety regulations. If you have a lease contract and you pay rent late one time the first month you lived there, the landlord can have you evicted months later even at the end of your lease for that one time and put a new tenant in there and still charge you for the remaining time of your lease even if you havent done anything wrong. The courts are corrupt and side with the establishments and landlords. When i had court with an old landlord for something over 6yrs ago i was in an empty courtroom with no microphone or stenographer, the lawyer asked the judge if they can hurry it up because she had other cases in another court room, the judge said ok and when it came time for me to speak he did not let me read my grounds of Defense and just gave it to the plaintiff. I tried to get the transcripts afterwards and file a complaint they refused to give me the papers to file a complaint told me they do not keep any records of civil court cases, not allowing me to see my transcripts and when I left I was followed by police all the way to my apartment. A friend of mine went to court for a traffic violation ticket, and when the judge saw there was an error on the ticket and no classification of the violation he told the police officer to fix it right there and Court still charging my friend with a traffic violation. And thats just the tip of the iceberg

  • Okay like a few others, I am unsubscribing. I have been subbed for years, not just this newer account but my old one too, back to before you had only 100k subscribers but I cannot stomach this channel any longer… It is insufferable.

    It is not because of this video, it is because of the ideology this channel and the BBC in general represent and I am tired of seeing their biased nonsense in my sub feed. It is supposed to be a NEWS channel, from an impartial company but any illusion of that has been gone for a while now.

    I'm also tired of the arguments, I try to be open-minded, I try to talk to people who have chosen a perceived side in politics and it goes nowhere,,, every time and so I'm done. I know no one gives a damn but this comment isn't for you, it is for me, giving the big middle finger to these awful people at the BBC and those in the comments who have a lovely time sniffing their own farts and [email protected]*ging. The Left is not better than the Right or vice versa and when it comes to having opinions in politics, like ar$eh0les, everyone has one.

    If we continue down this road of otherising each other, it is not going to end well. There is no rational discussion any longer, yes there used to be at one point but seem like an ice age ago now.

    So, I'm out. So long.

    REPOST/EDIT: Oh, and the double standards in comments is annoying. I see people swearing like troopers all the time but because they have the "Correct opinions," They are never censored, yet I am. It sickens me.

  • The differences between Special Education in the state of South Carolina verses New York State, moving from one state to another when you have children with special needs, getting new health insurance in a different state, with it being mandatory and crazy expensive. Plus, new residents moving to SC have to pay a 250.00 infastructure maintenance fee to the DMV, plus a vechile tax before you can register your car and pay for that fee too, lol.

  • Johnny Caruthers says:


    BBC website regarding the "suspected bombs" sent to Democrat members: "These attempted attacks come two days after a confirmed pipe bomb was discovered in a mailbox at the home of Mr Soros, who has been criticised by right-wing groups for supporting liberal causes."

    If the BBC wasn't fake news, the sentence would read "Mr Soros, who has been criticised by anyone who isn't a far-leftist for supporting globalist, Marxist causes."

    But that's the media for you……

  • Lazy Existentialist says:

    How about you do a story on civil asset forfeiture where the police can take your stuff without charging the owners with a crime? Like if you transport large amounts of money with you to buy a car or something they can say it’s drug money and just take it.


  • We look forward to your new program and will follow you on YouTube. Respect is a topic that viewers might find interesting. Both my spouse & I are 65 and watched how Martin Luther King & so many others changed the face of our nation. I watched my grandfather (a prominent surgeon) finally be allowed to use the "Whites Only" bathroom & drinking fountain. I walked with many others against Vietnam War and watched as hem – line's rose in late 60's, etc. However, the thing that concerns many in my age group is Respect and how we treat others. We fear for our nation and not a day goes by that we don't see people hurting one another! We both fought to treat others as we want to be treated. . .raised our children & Grands to be gentle and respectful of others, but we see too much of the exact opposite. How will WE be treated when we can no longer care for ourselves? I have even thought of creating a YouTube Channel to educate others to care. . .before it is too late! We must begin to care for each other!

  • Remember when the BBC was a British, tax funded service that informed us without bias? Me neither, but get more David Attenborough and stop wasting time in America. They’ve got enough “news stations” already doing what you’re going to achieve in this series.

  • I have a great idea, Instead of puffy SJW and Feminist or Virtue signaling LGBTQ garbage , You could try being a News Network and start focusing on Journalism and News.
    just an Idea.

  • Taiwan❤️America. HongKong❤️England. East Turkistan❤️Turkey. Tibet❤️India. …….No country want be friends with China

  • Taiwan❤️America. HongKong❤️England. East Turkistan❤️Turkey. Tibet❤️India. …….No country want be friends with China

  • The only story I really care about right now is the one where I've already won the lottery and I'm trying to sort out where in Europe I actually want to move to. I'm on disability and I was supposed to be eligible for the Obama right-off for student loans. I filed the appropriate paperwork, my Dr. filled-out the appropriate paperwork. Suddenly a year later there's a federal offset on my disability…Yes, they can "garnish" Social Security Disability. I can barely stay in my apt. and struggle to feed myself. I play piano and shortly after the offset I started obsessively practicing 3 or 4 hours a day. I'd love to say that I'm 51 and having some kind of spiritual breakthrough, or blame it on Chiron Return, a powerful astrological transit that happens right around 48 to 52. The truth is that I'm scared and if I can play the piano somewhere and make money, I can eat, afford toilet paper and not become homeless. I know that I'm not the only person going through this. I've considered taking in a roommate, but I've also had friends take in a roomie and lose their apt. to them because they look better on paper. I've been in my apt. for 13 years.

  • Please report on the plight of community cats/feral cats OR the pet overpopulation and euthanasia rates in the US. Spay/neuter services can help with both of these situations but often are not affordable.

  • Please stop pouring my tax dollars down welfare hole of Israel. 9 11, Afghanistan, Iraq and now Iran. No more blood and money for the lies of Jews.
    US Congress should not authorize air strikes on the Caravan.

  • Spanish catholic countries are so bad they run away for a better life. mcg-truth blogspot com Boise Idaho
    Protestant, British common Law, Freedom From Religious control.
    Who organized the Caravan; Catholics.
    Philippines; Catholic Bishop Investigator said,
    “we have too many Catholics, judges lawyers, accusers, accused..” are all Catholics.
    Sexual misconduct in the Philippines' Catholic Church: Sins of the Father | 101 East

  • crazynamedperson says:

    Mental Health care is a good thing to cover. Maybe interpretations of the media and why. And why many Americans seem so closed minded.

  • I would like for you to do a piece on young voters and the push to get younger people to vote. I go to UC davis and there are people walking around all day encouraging us to vote.

  • TaylorAnd Graphite says:

    Do a story about fake service dogs and someone who is disabled with a service dog. Show the struggle of having a service dog!

  • Dharma Initiative says:

    You need to cover the migrant issue at the border states with mexico. Interview with the migrant caravan why they want to go to the promise land of America and how do they plan to cross over.

  • hillbilly beer dranker says:

    Do we even get BBC in the US on cable TV or satellite? I don't know, because I get free TV and 30 channels with an over the air antennae and I don't pay for cable or satellite. This is a question that needs to be studied further with a research grant from the government. LOL

  • What should we cover ? THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH something you fail at time and time again because you're no longer journalists you're activists who have NO interest in the British people 🖕🏻😁🖕🏿

  • We are now reaching saturation point with the amount of tedious irrelevant American News being shown by the BBC.This has little to do with the demand from the UK audience but everything to do with the army of BBC Journalists now based in the USA and the ease with which we can latch on to the huge US Media coverage.If only the forthcoming break up of the United Kingom received such coverage….

  • Yes. You can find the Saudi Embassy killing "one person", you can find huge caves, you can find refugees (only a few thousand people) to the United States. You just can't find "100W" Uighur is being held, you just can't find hundreds of thousands of Rohingya being persecuted!!!!Do you know how much 1 million is? You know that thousands of people or tens of thousands of people in the world can't hide. Do you believe in 100W? Are you still living in the primitive society?All the media in the West are talking endlessly that China has 100W. Can't find any evidence and facts? The total number of Uighurs in Xinjiang is 1000W, and 100W means that families and relatives can be seen everywhere. Are these media idiots or teasing audiences that are idiots?

  • Journalists: 4 female – 1 male, that's 80% female. Feminism's (and therefore also the BBC's) definition of "gender equality" is being achieved!
    Want to stop this?

  • The US people are free unlike the people in the UK.There is a democratic deficit in the UK.A unelected head of state and over 800 unelected members in the lords with a few bishops.All unanswerable in the ballot as they are ruling over use by appointment or birth.Thats not democratic and This has resulted in human rights crimes taking place in the UK.The monarchy is exempt from the human rights act the US president isn't exempt from the US constitution.Lets have reform let's stop this toxic disease of unelected rulers.

  • The BBC used to have reliable, fairly truthful unbiased reporting. Now, I’ve seen it manipulate the truth, report with political bias and interview with agenda.

  • Stop immigration, cause ppl save by eating 2 meals and come here in invest . Due to exchange rates thy can buy a plot of land for twice the price there by increasing the land cost . So called NRIs do this and ppl who work here need to match up to same price to get there dreams. In short destroying both countries economy.

  • Never read such a load of BS on a comments section. BBC is not a TAX you pay for it’s use. They provide advert free TV and Radio broadcasting. It’s good that it is able to look outside of it one borders. World service, our correspondent. It’s a good idea that they are able to ask people about what topics and issues that affect them and then able to explore them.

  • There's a lady called Elizabeth McLellan who collects medical equipment for hospitals in developing countries, her company is partners for world health. Do a story on her

  • How about ask the question "are you scared to live in the United States of America?" my answer-3 years ago I would say no…17 years ago, I still would have said no…but today, I am terrified. Yes, we have so many freedoms that so many countries don't have but it is scary sitting back and watching your country revert back to 1942.

  • I would love to see someone delve into the current conditions everyone is facing during this caravan coming from the south to the US.

  • Tracy A Owens of Little Rock Arkansas. As inmate in prison trained dogs as part of a dog training program, now has returned to the prison as a free woman to train the inmates to train dogs. Look up Arkansas Paws in Prison on Facebook, and Tracy on Facebook.

  • Our problem in America is the UK took down the borders of their Sovereign countries to allow the Muslims in like the rest of the elites and BBC promotes pedophiles on media and running media

  • American wants to know why Jimmy Savile was protected by the BBC even after he had multiple counts of child rape and murder

  • Why not talk about overpriced housing and health insurance? Or how military veterans cannot get jobs they are qualified for? How about Americans not understanding how money and debt work? What about citizens united and if its a good idea for money to be involved in politics? What about the fact Congressmen collect there salary for life, even if they only serve one term? You don’t need Americans to give you ideas, there is already enough for you to find.

  • Cover the LONG TERM EFFECTS of the institutional and systematic oppression of minorities in america like when the FHA make Detroit build a wall so that the wealthy people could quality for hundreds of millions of dollars in federal grants to make there areas better to maintain growth and prosperity for generations to come and how the disadvantaged and underprivileged are still being affected today

  • How about gerrymandering and if our government actually represents the "people"

    58 percent of americans support abotion in most cases but still the right gets chipped away and 7 states now have only 1 clinic despite the popular opinion

    Another example is net neutrality

  • Grahame Ménage says:

    Dear Aunty Beeb- here’s my contribution, for what it’s worth: ‪‬

  • Gabriel Gilliam says:

    If I wanted to know about American viewpoints I'd watch American news, not the BBC hosting American news though a British filter

  • Go undercover into Jo Daviess County, Illinois, and ask them about how they feel about the Illinois State Government, and its impact on the people in the county. I suggest that you ask ordinary residents of various communities like Warren, Stockton, Galena, and Lena, respectively. It would give your reporters a deep understanding of rural Illinois, which are overlooked by most news agencies. This would reveal some interesting things about the ideals and beliefs of rural people, at least in Illinois.

  • BBC's "Ask America"…is just negative anti-American propaganda. Even someone like me, who did NOT vote for Trump..can see that. At a time when the crime rate is at a 40+ year low, racial/gender equality is the best it's ever been in America and unemployment is at an all-time low… "Ask America" try's to find fault and look for issues that divide. Let's have Tommy Robinson do an "Ask United Kingdom" project, now that would be fun!

  • let's sparkle says:

    Hello America.. I'm from 🇮🇳INDIA … we should unsubscribe BBC News.. And report them..They only show bad things about other country than Britain… It's fake channel..

  • Doli Yolanda says:

    Why don`t you ask the communist leader in China, is genocide their new hobby? how many Uyghur they need to kill until their blood lust satisfied? when will they stop spreading their corrupted mind set?

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