As the Coronavirus Approaches, Mexico Looks the Other Way | The Dispatch

As the Coronavirus Approaches, Mexico Looks the Other Way | The Dispatch

Milan, New York,
New Delhi, Madrid — just a few of the
many global cities that are shut down to prevent
the coronavirus pandemic. And then, there’s Mexico City. Here, off the bustling
Paseo de la Reforma, there’s an unsettling
sense of normalcy. Flight attendants,
newly arrived from the United States,
walk around carefree. “I think on the one hand,
it’s refreshing for us because we’re coming
from a place that’s taking extreme precautions. We are on a petri dish
most of the time, so I might already be exposed —
more likely on the plane than probably here.” Mexico has documented
four deaths from Covid-19. One man died after attending
a large music concert. Doctors say the
virus is already spreading in the community. “We don’t have
tests, so we are having low numbers of
patients that are infected.” Dr. Francisco Moreno
oversees nine Covid patients at Mexico City’s ABC Hospital. He’s self-isolating, so I
interviewed him remotely. “Do you think Mexico
could be as bad as Italy?” But Mexico’s president,
Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has continued to say there
is no cause for alarm, and resists the measures
other countries have taken to slow the virus’s spread. This was his message
in early March. López Obrador,
also known as AMLO, has continued to hold
political rallies around Mexico, shaking
hands and hugging admirers. Other government officials may
encourage social distancing, but he asks people to go
out and spend their pesos. But according to a recent
O.E.C.D. report, Mexico has fewer nurses and
fewer intensive care beds per capita than Italy,
South Korea and the U.S. A count of ventilators
in state facilities revealed only about
2,050 machines in the entire country. International leaders
have criticized López Obrador’s response to
the crisis as irresponsible. The president of
El Salvador even begged Mexico, via Twitter,
to take more drastic measures so as not to become the next
epicenter of the pandemic.


100 thoughts on “As the Coronavirus Approaches, Mexico Looks the Other Way | The Dispatch”

  • Brent McDonald says:

    Hi, I'm the correspondent in this story. Thanks for watching. If you have a comment or question for me about this video report or about Mexico's preparedness for the coronavirus, which continues to change daily, feel free to write it here. I'll do my best to answer. … Hola, soy Brent, el corresponsal en este video reportaje. Gracias por mirarlo y por prestar atención a la grave situación en México ante la pandemia de coronavirus. Si tienes algún comentario o duda sobre el video, escríbelo acá y yo te responderé. Los acciones del gobierno van a cambia diariamente.

  • This was posted on the 24th of March but was focused on the way amlo handled it publicly. What about the other municipalities that have closed down schools for two weeks prior to this report. Just how the US has majors handling this different with help from the government, so is Mexico. Also major cities had already started to build testing centers and make shift hospitals prior to this report. Sad that you didn't report on that. I get ventilators and health equipment are in short supply per capita but so is everywhere else. Yeah social distancing should be imposed so Mexico doesn't end up like Spain, but a total shut down isn't always best for the economy. Look at Taiwan, and south Korea who imposed social distancing but not a total shot down.

  • i think the world can afford to lose atleast a billion people.It will be like a short break for planet earrh but i am sure corono virus is gonna disappoint me.

  • They dont know how many infected because they dont have tests, they will know when they show up to hospitals sick. Then they can start counting. Mexican government and chinese governments dont care about their people so i dont believe they will take care of their people's well. Chinese faked their numbers but we all know they dont care about their people so i doubt they had any urgency to take care of their people that fast.

  • Shailen Mistry says:

    This man has already killed 1000s of people. When it comes, he won't regret what he's said. You can tell by his attitude. He'll blame it on something else. I'm surprised he runs that country. I will pray for all of you. It's starting to destroy us here in UK. If you're Mexican and reading this, what I'm about to give you is gold. You need to buy food/ supplies that will last you at least 6 months and then try a find a place where you can isolate yourself. As extreme as this sounds, you'll look back on this comment and wished you acted.

  • Country A: Everything is fine
    Country A (10 days later): oh no wtf happends

    Country B: Everything is fine
    Country B (10 days later): oh no wtf happends

    Country C: Everything is fine
    Country C (10 days later): oh no wtf happends

    This is like neverending stupidy.

  • Nightchair Records says:

    Let’s be honest We all clicked on this for that gorgeous girl and she got even hotter when we heard her hot voice. What a great video

  • 805 Coast Life says:

    Brent McDonald Brent McDonald Viva ?? carnal. We Mexicans stay neutral on stuff like this. Mexico governments are neutral, not part of the NEW WORLD ORDER. They say to the people“ Dejen que ellos ay se hagan bolas, nosotros no los metemos en esos pedos.” Hahahah ?

  • Alexandru Stoicescu says:

    WOW…Sad to see such limited president leading a nation to disaster. How can this man have a vision for his country's future if he's not even able to see what's happening just over the borders of his country.

  • Ah, Latinos, bebita pepita corona estamos muchos buenos por les machos machachos. Les Dios des los muertes fuertes. Aiaiai.

  • Pánico Satánico Arte Visual says:

    Well, I do not know what everybody mean about contagion and quarantine, PEOPLE ARRIVED DIRECTLY FROM WUHAN TO MEXICO CITY BECAUSE IT IS A FACTORY FOR MEXICAN COMPANIES! THIS SHOULD BE ITALY RIGHT NOW, IS NOT, you don't have that information?

  • Pánico Satánico Arte Visual says:

    The real response in Mexico's policy and strategy was: OBLIGATE, YES OBLIGATE
     Trump to establish a policy of cooperation (one day he talks about making medical equipment for Americans, the day after the G20 he talks about how part of them will be shared for the rest of the world) and that the discourse and strategy of the United Nations is what WHAT MEXICO ESTABLISHED IN THE G20. Like it or not, you're welcome.

  • Mexico is doing well because the Mexican government had prepared and was talking about the virus back in January . they prepared well.

  • Perry Williams says:

    So there’s a hot bed of Covid-19 contagion incubating unabated across the border, great, now I have to fret about this too!

  • It feels like all the governments want to lower the population. Mexico is gonna get it the hardest if they don't care.

  • Cathy Beltran says:

    I would like to say that in Mexico if you have no health coverage you have to pay before you are helped out by doctor. For example if you are pregnant and are in hospital your spouse can not be with you at delivery room with you unless you pay extra pesos. How are our families in Mexico going to afford Medical Care when they only get paid about 80- 100 dollars a week? Being in ICU is expensive. I can't believe other measures to keep all of Mexicans safe is not being implemented. I live in the United States and I fear for everyone's well being. I understand we have to have faith in god but we also have to informed about the risks of Covid-19 and take them VERY SERIOUSLY. May god help the doctors and nurses who are on the frontlines. May he also guide the doctors to find a medicine that will help us all. To all who have lost a loved one may god comfort you and your family. God bless you all.

  • Mary J Flanagan says:

    You did a fantastic job on this story! Their President is as silly as Trump with his lack of action. And like everyone else, they're going to be begging for help. In April, Mexico is going to explode with cases. I feel very bad and was actually sick about how in the late winter, I was trying to convince my students that we were safe from the virus that was all the way in China. COVID-19 is literally sweeping across the world with the winds!

  • just like UK and France they look the other way until its too late then its panic buying and food riots. i rather be around americans who panic and prepare early than idiots that panic when its too late to change things

  • World: why would you (Mexico) do something to fight Corona virus ??
    Mexico: you're idiots !! Why would I have to fight my cousin ??

  • Christian Revelator says:

    She should not be allowed back to the US until the crisis is over. With her irresponsibility she is going to bring deaths to other. Silly woman.

  • Christian Revelator says:

    We could use Mexico as a laboratory because there strategy is different, perhaps they are right ? But if the crisis becomes worse, then Mexico should be left alone to handle their own problems. This is their choice.

  • stupid news maker, yes, dont look around, you, yes, its you, you have no logic on your stupid slide news about con-19

  • Best time then to ship all the illegals that are in America infected back home. Let their own country deal with them.

  • This is how Mexico should stay, it's better to take your chances than be a prisoner in your own home and starve to death when the supply chain breaks down.

  • Dear god… they are f'd.

    Silver lining i guess if Covid-19 assassinates your Presidente. Y'know… for irony's sake.

  • It Looks Bad, But Don't Forget Mexico's Culture or Mentality abaut Death.
    They Live they're Lives knowing that Death is inevitable one way or the other…..
    Today or in a few Years.
    Nobody can Hide from it.
    And it's Hard for me or any other Culture to Embrace Death the way they Do.

  • This falls right into the hands of Trump to build a wall and when he speaks on that soon and he will because he loves controversy he will be signing his resignation

  • Arthur Johnston says:

    We should shut down the borders and shoot anyone who try’s to cross. These people are a world problem and will be our downfall.

  • Check Nicaragua. The government is encouraging public gatherings, schools are open and the president is nowhere to be found.

  • 10 years ago the Swine Flu spread from Mexico to the rest of the world. 2009 to 2020 is time enough to learn something about epidemics lol

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