Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet & PC

Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet & PC


47 thoughts on “Arthur C. Clarke Predicts the Internet & PC”

  • Golden Retriever says:

    He was only half right

    This technology is so advanced it fits in our pockets

    Hell this comment is being written as I walk out of a shopping center

  • Interesting that he still thought there would only be a console that "interacted with the friendly local computer". Even Arthur C. Clarke couldn't imagine or predict the miniturisation of the computer.

  • Europa H2O Alien says:

    Sadly, he couldn't predict most of society turning into palm zombies. Do yourself a favor, get rid of that idiotphone and invest in a home PC.

  • AA38 MEDINELI says:

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  • Realmasterorder says:

    Amazing footage Arthur Clark was amazing 100% Real Predictions from a Real Visionary a scientific thinker and an awesome writer

  • A bit mis-titled. He didn't PREDICT the Internet or PC's, because they ALREADY EXISTED! The Internet started in late 60's (1968-69). He was predicting the EVOLUTION of them.

  • SemperTempusFugit says:

    Nice predictions. 

    One thing he did not predict> ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!!!  (the smartphone kind)

  • InfiniteUniverse88 says:

    There was already internet at this point. There was also already a personal computer, the Xerox Alto, which came out in 1973. Arthur C. Clarke just put two and two together. He was probably aware of Moore's law as well. Much more remarkable was Richard Feynman's prediction (or challenge) in 1959, to pack a library worth of information at the microscopic scale.

  • Jason Armstrong says:

    He also predicted space shuttles, space stations, and tablets (at least that's what I got out of it after reading the book and watching the movie)

  • And like everything else The white businessman found a way to monetize and capitalize on this and become a pimp for Internet access, with Verizon and At&T.. One thing I have found to be true is that man and his greed will always be the downfall of his accomplishments

  • Torben Linnemann Nielsen says:

    Et interview med Arthur C. Clarke fra 1974 hvor han fortæller at i 2001 vil vi have PC og internettet. En facinerende mand.

  • System Administrator says:

    Everybody loves Arthur C Clarke, but this isn't nearly as impressive as you people all seem to think. By 1974, ARPANET had already been around for over four years. In this video, Arthur C Clarke is basically repeating/elaborating on common opinions held in academia. I don't think there's anything "new" in his predictions that any computer scientist at that time wouldn't have agreed with.

    If you're actually interested in people making interesting predictions, go read 'A Logic Named Joe'. That was written in 1946. Coincidentally, the Dimension X radio adaptation is set in 1974.

  • A bit ironic for a pedophile to be speculating on all the cool stuff you will be able to do on the internet. 

  • Did he predict Google Plus ruining YouTube comments forever? This has become Facebook. People aren't commenting on the video, but instead titling it for their personal followers. Stop it. Just fucking stop it….

  • Technology thoughts says:

    Wow, this was very emotional realizing the societal impact he predicted came true to a tee. It's like he really traveled to the future and returned to the past to try to explain in simple terms relative to the knowledge of this stuff people had in the early 70's. Technology truly is amazing. RIP Arthur C. Clarke!

  • There was already very rough form of data networking in the 1970s, but I guess not much people would think beyond a big room full of giant tape reading machine when thinking of the term "computer" back then, 

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