Arrow’s Crisis Crossover Goes Big | SJU

Arrow’s Crisis Crossover Goes Big | SJU

welcome back to sju I'm Roxie Strom we have a ton of comic-con stuff I still left to go over plus all that TV stuff I wonder why you guys asked me here today television what alongside your watch do you even watch that voice that you hear right now is Joe star giving me all the crap and it's too early for that Joe I'm sorry you're right the comic-con stuff is like do you guys have this rule with Christmas where Christmas isn't over until like you've spent like your last gift card also with Christmas like if we're getting really technical here the 12 days of Christmas the first day of Christmas is Christmas Day technically Christmas is like a 12 day event so I stretched Christmas to May perfect and then it starts again in July so really June is the only month that there is not yeah that voice our reason over there who clearly knows our skies I'm a pipe in the house that's right I know all about my weird English traditions mostly because of Shakespeare I also have a bandaid on my forehead we'll just call that out right now since I burned my curling iron last weekend Nellie in the house yeah that's right and Eric Goldman too big TV guy as well I am also that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is very dominant in our shot it's like she's kind of blocked by staple I can't see the whole goal though is to rename him by the end of today's episode whenever you're thinking of something clever you guys in the chat as well just throw it out there I think buddy deserves a new name over here he's been working really hard your arms up for that long cannot be easy so you know we really got to give him he's so happy he just keeps that smile we don't know that it could be like a get out situation Marian sorry yeah tears streaming down it's just melting into the blue toughness of it all anyway not quite relevant you want me to keep going with that I'm not just thinking about somebody else like inhabiting the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man like they're just like so he's like a passenger in his own body get out style yes this is kill me I mean this is marshmallow variant comic this is so much deeper than I expected here we go trying to segue this into maybe the Stay Puft guy will be in the air over strikes but it's a Comic Con but there was ghostbusters WWE figures official man there was ghostbusters Transformers toy official crossover why not why not the question I ask myself every day why we did get a ton of actual information though about what is going to happen in this crisis crossover and just in general with the arrowverse next year by the way not sure if we're gonna be able to call it that after at that point I was kind of looking for a new name announcement but maybe they want to keep that legacy right again with the mouse for Disney it began with an arrow somehow Stephen Amell will still be like no I this city so at the comic-con panel like I said a ton of stuff was announced including Brandon Routh who will be coming back to play Superman we know him as the atom right now but once upon a time we did know him as Superman so people are really excited about that Tyler hoechlin will be who played Superman for a little bit we don't know exactly what his situation will be here we could have multiple different Superman's going on but we don't know during which parts of the crossover also Burt Ward who's the absolute best you guys know him as Robin in the 1960s Batman series he will be here for the crossover which is bringing in a completely different element that we haven't seen so that's pretty exciting by the way shout out to Kim Taylor Foster one of our very own who was at the arrow panel and she was the one who told us about Brandon a lot of stuff any other slack so we got and there behind the scene things from her oh no just some of this stuff just about like you know Brandon Roth coming out when he revealed his shirt underneath the Superman logo which was like an extra kind of cool aspect way way too cool are there any other people that you guys are hoping to see in this crisis crossover that we're not already expecting to see so maybe teri hatcher ordeal I mean that was gonna be my idea was teri hatcher I mean I I just love the way that you know that within the arrowverse or whatever we're gonna call it now that they are basically yeah fashion friends they're incorporating anybody that's ever been in a show that's like based on a DC property in some way or another yeah I'm still I still really need some Michael Rosenbaum coming back love to see Michael Rosenbaum that's a big thing is that bringing in any of the small vocations you know actually how many think they did a little nod last year they have some costumes during that worlds thing but to actually have any of those people Rosenbaum would be a big one obviously Welling yeah anyway even a Laura van avert coming as her Supergirl would be a cool thing and I think because now that they've opened it up to the fact that Brian Roth can be the atom but he can also be Superman because you're gonna deal with multiple earths Lynda Carter who's been on Supergirl in the different roles yeah she come back as well that would be awesome I would love Joe who you looking out for I think they've always done err I think the CW ver I'm trying to find new words not they're not working they've always done a really good job like playing with continuity like this hey the original flash is back yeah I think they've always had a lot of fun doing stuff like this I want him to push a little more I want Sabrina to show up technically technically it Constantine and say catty things because of constant times are we gonna get more like would Lucifer show up in this are we gonna go vertigo series is it possible that we go with DC Universe and we bring in anybody from Doom Patrol or Titans or Swamp things as rest in peace Swamp Thing this does feel like the time when they would do it it feels like if they were gonna have all those sugars or something yeah well the advantage DC's always had over Marvel is Marvel is like yeah we mess with alternate universes and stuff like this people love aged their Age of Apocalypse sure you know stuff like that but for the most part the 616 that's the universe and everything else is kind of just fun window dressing and you know fun vacations to take DC no matter how many times I feel like they've tried to quit it like they're married to the multiverse concept that's their their bread and butter like it's the relative that they couldn't get rid of if they wanted to and sometimes it seems like they do but then it always immediately comes back like I felt like the new 52 and stuff like that was specifically an attempt to just be like okay it's one Vanier they streamline so I think but I think it's a strength because especially for their shows where they don't need for lack of a better word a good way to put Doom Patrol in here all of a sudden or Swamp Thing because for DC they can be like a multiverse he's just here yes fine I'm curious on that point Joe do you guys care more about the cameos in this crisis crossover and that's what you're really looking for or do you care more about the story because would we rather see him loaded up with every person we ever wanted and just that's enough for us well I mentioned done when we were doing Trek talk the other day again trick talk yeah I I am not a giant Star Trek guy not saying that I don't like and it's just never been like my thing but if you put on Star Trek I will sit down and go Star Trek but just throwing just knowing that Jeri Ryan a character from a different show is on Picard to hang out with Picard and the other next-gen people that immediately makes me go because I'm I'm a SAP I'm easy mark I'm a crossover mark I am a crossover cook I'm a Cox over you can make this just a revolving door and I will probably go just like DC having their version of an on your left and like teri hatcher runs out of a portal I'm going to be buried I think it's best press their ongoing storylines on hold because that's when it gets really dicey I remember a couple years ago when arrows 100th episode was part of the crossover and they're trying to service both like oh there's a giant crossover but we also have to respect eras hundredth episode in the history of just arrow and it got a little weird sure I think especially because in what spaces people will watch this crossover who don't normally watch I fell behind on the show's last year but I watched Elseworlds what's the era one the 100th episode during the cross right during it was like because it was this big sort of thing that they had to kind of deal with but that's when we got Tommy back and yeah yeah like that all those like sweet future past kind of right okay it does sound this year based on where arrow left off and arrow is only doing ten episodes and that's it arrows gonna be very much fun alene towards this crossover where the other shows won't so I think that's probably for the best if all the other shows put their storylines on pause and that makes sense with arrow ending that arrow will be very tied into the story is arrow closing out in the cross they haven't said but if you look at previous seasons where it happened around eight or nine I'm guessing crossover and then one or two wrap-up episodes of arrow yeah what are you thinkin I I'm definitely I'm totally on board with everything that Erik's saying in terms of putting storylines on hold because as you say you are attracting viewers and this is specifically speaking what Joe was talking about I'm like I'm here for a crossover like I wanna I want to see you know Jeri Ryan hanging out with Sir Patrick Stewart because again you get excited about like oh these are people that I'm familiar with from this other thing that I like so I'm gonna show up and it's so cool that all these things I like her in one place so I totally agree that I think when you do these big crossovers if it were like it's it's totally the opposite opinion I have a film where I feel like film can get very fanservice II in terms of like especially if you're adapting something like say a video game and you're like okay we're doing Pokemon this was not the case but detective Pikachu I thought they did it really well but it's like we're just gonna put in every Pokemon you'd ever want to see and then it's just cameos and you don't know you're on that annihilation exactly it's just cameos and there's no story but in the case of these crossover episodes especially because you do have like a few episodes of television to do it yeah I'm here for like just give me everybody do we care about the people that are not as well-versed in DC but wanna tune in to this crossover who have literally no idea what's going on when some of these people make their way to the screen I mean so I'm a full-on Christmas and Easter fan holiday analogies here so that's what my parents always call the folks who only come to church twice yeah Christmas and Easter fan their Christmas and Easter folks people are Jesus celebrated Christmas it's a whole thing so I think you know it's all about execution you know there's a 20-minute streak of Avengers endgame that is such a good balance of if you're a very casual fan you love this and if you have analyzed every moment of every Marvel movie you will also love this you know the weird little moments of the waspey and like thanks cap and Paul Rudd looking at her like really and if your life you've really done your homework and you're really just ready to slow down on the MCU than you then you immediately go oh that's a callback to when they name in and the watch she was like cap and he was like wow we call him cap like boom I didn't realize I didn't realize that the first time I write in game I was just like that's a fun moment they looked at each other the big rod fight continued yeah I think you have you know the potential here you know if you execute it right to do what it's good it's gonna be maybe three episodes there usually to survive actually yeah you can do five episodes worth of like end game balance where it's like this is pure spectacle but if you've put in the time there are those moments that are really going to pay off for you yeah what about the people who asked you guys okay I'm a big flash fan but I don't watch any of the other shows should I watch crisis what is our advice to them because that's what it happens to be most often some people protein you say I watch either I'm starting Batwoman or watch flash i watch one of these do I have to or should I watch crisis I always think that if you have any interest in any of them the answer is yes a because you'll see the characters you already know you like and be it is and I'm sure they always like to think of it as always the chance to grab some new people ya know like if someone who really loves legends tomorrow it's like and I know that that's kind of the weird outlier one on the CW it's like hey maybe you'll watch this and be like oh those Legends characters really fun maybe I should watch more episodes about yeah I think that I think that that is very much in a lot of a lot of ways the point of these crossover episodes bringing in the audience's of the shows of the people that again only watch flash only watch Supergirl whatever it is but then you do get exposure to those other characters and so you naturally are like I sort of want to see what this one's about me also Blue Man Group my first superhero comics were the the Gimli x-men relaunch and I obviously I knew about the Avengers I just didn't care about them yes you did but so my first real exposure to the comics Avengers was bloodlines was that what that it wasn't a it wasn't onslaught inferno no I don't think it wasn't and it was like magneto dealing with Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver oh yeah yeah but that to say there like them showing up in the x-men I was like who are all these people in matching brown bomber jackets let me know more so yeah I think there's an opportunity for people to you know watch something like this and they're like they're tuning in because they want to see Brandon Roth again or they wanted to see Burt Ward but then they're like this legends crew seems ridiculous like maybe I watch a minute of that speaking of people that we know absolutely nothing about that nobody was or pretty much nobody was familiar with before the show came out the Doom Patrol kids this is a group of people who if I pulled a lot of hundred people on the street and said do you know who robot man and trash girl Alaska I think we've got a lot of nose but it is one of the best shows that came out this year and I'm really excited to check this out because our very own Daniel Radford actually got to interview Diane Guerrero who is so ridiculously talented as Jane on the show so I definitely want to check this out and then we'll be right back talking about some other shows that are closing out similar to our saying goodbyes say goodbye is always parked alright thank you so much for joining us we're so happy to have you here talk about Doom Patrol I love the show first of all by the way it is one of my favorite shows is one of my favorite comics how do you prep for essentially playing multiple characters I learned that I had to be very specific with each character you know obviously what's the saying specificity will set you free and that was certainly on my mind the entire time I was shooting the show was just to be specific and just to figure out every character's a objective and the writing Jeremy and the writers did did such a great job writing this it was all on the page this is like it's not like it's coming out of thin air like there's material that has been there forever and I was able to access all of those things and so once I had a clear objective then I could add a physicality to that and that was really helpful for me were there any that were your favorite I love baby doll because I love going into my little girl and kind of nurturing that and I loved Karen because she just moved through space like she didn't you know care about anybody else but herself and that's always fun and then hammer head I just I loved I just loved expressing myself in that way and just getting to like yell and just release all of that all of that tension inside me and all of those feelings so I know that season two has recently been announced we're very excited about it yeah it does have a really distinct tone which is what I love because that's what sets it apart from so many of these other kind of shows were you surprised at how well received it's been because it is so different from everything else that's been out there I was really surprised at like how much people liked it cuz usually you know you'll get like a you get good reviews but like some people are it's a little harder for them to like really say I love this off the bat especially when you're when you're telling a story with such an old fan base well so would you want to you know there's obviously the other shows like Titans you had a Titans crossover would you be interested in doing work crossovers with the Titans or any of the CW DC shows absolutely I love all that where you see some of your favorite characters kind of cross over and meet some of your other favorite characters so yeah I would totally welcome that so we have found out now that not only is this going to be on DC it's also going to be expanded on to max for the season one's gonna be on max as well as season two so are you excited now to get on multiple platforms yes I want people to see this show have you had a favorite episode that you've shot so far I loved episode 2 because that was like the first time that we got to see crazy Jane sort of yeah transform and give us like a little bit of what goes on in her head and sort of see that struggle you said you started getting into some comic books yeah what have you been reading and what have you been getting into oh no honey I'm just gotten I'm only in the middle of the Grant Morrison I Doom Patrol no I'm keeping it straight Doom Patrol oil I got a lot of studying to do okay there's still and then I have to go back and read the originals so so again this is something I love love love love the show it's one of those things where I've I went and I got the DC app and everything else aside from obviously you're really excited about Doom Patrol and crazy Jane is an amazing character are there any other characters in the world of Doom Patrol that you find herself connecting to I share a lot of similarities with Rita's character with Elastigirl this woman trying to like stay afloat in this very harsh business and and she's battling decisions that she's she's made and so yeah I relate to her a lot and her just her poise and how she wants to present herself in the world but really the time that she's happiest as well she's devouring an entire chicken oh I feel like that's a great place for okay thank you so much for joining us you can find do it is on the DC app and it will be coming to HBO max awesome job Danielle so excited to see all of the other coverage that fandom screen junkies did for comic-con make sure you guys check everything out but also equally as important Ryan I hear that we have some incredible names for our Puff the Magic Dragon over here what do we have fan wise what are they shot now Puff Daddy we could go either way just so you guys know we usually do fan questions on fan Friday but because there was so much stuff that took place this week we wanted to make sure we got to all things that we thought you guys want us to talk about so that's what we are covering so we're gonna move forward and talk about we're gonna try and start spreading some of that stuff throughout the week in general too because you guys ask a lot of good questions and sometimes they're more fun to do than like if the most miniscule of news drops right right pretending to be interested I'd much rather like answer your weird like discuss these directors and stuff like that especially on Fridays if we don't discuss whatever's happening by Friday then we're waiting till Monday so that's a long time to push and we want to make sure that we're getting you guys all of our very very important thoughts on these really important so here we go we actually have some shows that are closing out which is always tough including agents of shield supernatural the good place all of them had closing out panels at Comic Con if you're a big fan of any of those shows it's probably a little bittersweet for you Eric I know that you were up both the supernatural and the good place goodbye panels how was that they were both emotional but in different ways I mean good places only is for season right and so people have a lot of love for the show and if you watch a show it's really funny but it's also about trying to be a better person so I think there's a lot of things that really click in with people so it's a very like emotional vibe like and we're saying goodbye and that clearly the cast has a lot of affection Ted Danson got very emotional it's like so but it was great panel they did a very good job of not saying anything about the plot of the final season I realized there so ok is probably my favorite comedy on TVs right now lighting high tide with shits Creek yeah and and the good it's so clever like every season I go what are they gonna do this time yeah I mean going into this season we have a little bit more of a idea of what it's gonna be but man it's so good it's but I have to say that I respect the heck out of Michael Shaara for being a show are basically going you know what this is how much story like I can tell this story in four seasons I don't want to get myself into a situation where in you know they keep extending the show and then suddenly we get canceled and you have to wrap things up in a way that isn't how I wanted so I you know mad mad respect to that it's interesting sort of watching the the light the lifecycle of the show because I feel like people caught on late but I just you Roxy you know because I feel like people aren't ready to say goodbye to the show especially because you know a yes it's naturally it's organically ending on its own terms and like as cool as that is you also want to be like and I feel like a lot of people didn't come on until maybe after the first or second season yeah their friends were like if you fell off after the first two episodes yeah watch the entire first season so yeah I think there's like a cool bittersweet vibe for this show cuz people are discovering it so late it's not like breaking bad where people jumped on late but there was still plenty of yeah I agree but I do think that there is a difference and Eric I'm wondering if there was a difference in the room between the good place which is a show that I absolutely adore but was on for four seasons and supernatural which was topping off its 52nd season literally grew up with that like it changed the course of their life they were a different person when they started watching them when they're yeah so I'm guessing that the vibes were probably different furniture was too super no pun intended intense it was in Hall H so you know season 15 will be the final one they also have 52 but it wasn't a joke that there are probably people the room fans who were not alive when the show began you know which is credibly trippy they began the panel with a montage of all 14 seasons so far in order it was hikone and we show clips – it went three songs they played three songs in its entirety to get through all those clips we're standing with carry on my wayward son and I haven't watched it rational about three years I used to watch it all the time I just fell off but watching all those clubs especially the early seasons I was really into music oh yeah yeah this is great and if court and me go I need to catch up there for the final season and it was very emotional again because the fan base of that show 15 years there's entire conventions that are just dedicated to Supernatural I mean that that fandom is very very dedicated yeah yeah yeah there's people in the room because Riverdale was right after and of course there's some crossover the core base but it's not gonna all be crossover so I'm sure there was some Riverdale fans there who are experiencing the supernatural fandom Amelie whoa you know this is this is really intense I mean these people are way to the show and you know that both the guys got very teary and emotional and of course they would it's like 15 years of their life they're like best friends and at one point they were roommates and all the fans but then they like you know both got married and had kids and it's like basically they were talking I think they were asked to like sum up what this means Oh Mike how do i sum up what this means when it's been like mm-hmm so much of our lives you know they grew up on the show yeah Jackie is so young they were seven clips in the first season you're like damn like he's like a kid I mean Jensen Ackles went from his 20s to his 40s making supernatural crazy I feel guilty about this as a massive TV fan I feel like it's wrong to say I've never seen an episode of this show because it's such a daunting pitch two seasons two good places for 13 episodes upon supernatural it's several hundred daunting to try to catch up on an agents of shield which is what sevens it's six is airing now it'll end with 707 so but I mean 15 what how do you have to dedicate a couple years of your life to maybe I'll do it at some point another show that we've already mentioned that's closing out though is arrow and I want to read this interesting thing that's Stephen Amell said I'm slightly confused on this which would take longer to get over Game of Thrones finale or arrows and this is a direct quote arrow has a happy ending and then I think he paused at this point and then said I'm not the right person to answer this question because I loved the final season of Game of Thrones if you all hate our finale I'll know we've done a great job Emma please analyze this for me what is he trying to say or is this exactly what he banged that psychoanalyzed Stephen Amell right now I feel as though what he's trying to say with this quote is that he hopes that things don't work out exactly the way that all of the fans expected them to because you don't want predictable endings and also maybe if everybody hates it they'll start a fan petition are you do the ending of arrow well I don't know I forgot to put this down we were doing that he's been one of the producers of super national said an interesting thing that was kind of on the similar thing what he said because again they were very secretive about the final season but when he did see something about what we're planning for the final season we'll make 30 percent of you very happy well and he's like and again I think they see what happens with Game of Thrones or Sopranos had a really polarizing ending now that's so hard to nail that ending especially in a serialized show and I'm sure oh geez and so I think we put out quotes like that because it's like they don't know they're making a big swing they hope people are into it but they know that everyone won't be you know so I think that's why they make you know that's art they say these things because they're like we hope but we don't know Joe did you interpret any of this quote as arrow might die and that's why people are gonna be upset even though we've seen him in the future but the future can always change because the multiverse and timelines and flash and you know budgets all that yeah I take more umbrage with it with the idea of people hating a finale because it was shocking or unexpected or something like that it's like know if if you do it well people are gonna be annoyed yeah into it it's not about the content it's about the execution correct so I don't know I think making the debate around why people like shows being like oh well you just didn't like what happened it's like no they just didn't execute well so I'm really hoping that what you're saying is that you're gonna execute the end of your show well I mean I guess this just kind of speaks to a problem that I think is happening in sort of modern buzz and criticism which is that for the most part it feels like things get more media attention when they are disliked as opposed to when they are pretty universally liked it's also what is universally liked any more of them socks off so I think super Mel I think on one hand here he's saying hey I really like the Game of Thrones finale so maybe if you're hating arrows finale we still doing something it I personally thought really cool yeah but also demon Lindelof was at the TCA press tour this week I when I was there a couple days ago for Watchmen and he had an interesting quote and he's obviously a person has a lot to say about this sort of pleasing or not pleasing your fans II said it's very difficult very hard line to ride when you were making one of these shows to both have your fans say I need to see this happen this is what needs to happen for this to feel satisfying but also to hear you got to surprise me and it's like those two things are very hard to reconcile yeah it's like this is what I will need to feel satisfied fan but also throw me for a loop and what's the right way well this is coming from damon lindelof yeah by the way the leftovers one of the most satisfying my favorite shows ever though the first sorry it's not the first time Amell has like some kind of doofy sometimes I just gloss over what he says let's talk oh my god I wish he stopped doing the Salmon Ladder like Dark Knight Rises when the dude goes in to see the bad guy it's just like some kid raises a broom – this guy is he dies Oliver dies and he gets to go to heaven but it's a Salmon Ladder to heaven is too good for any of these shows for arrow supernatural good place agents of shield any of the shows that are closing out if you guys are not satisfied with the finale how much weight will that hold on the entire series does that ruin a show for you or does it just taint it slightly I'm gonna sneeze I'm pretty firmly in the taint it slightly camp overall the my message that I preached is just because a thing a piece of fiction that you like is reimagined in a different way or ends differently than you would have liked it to end it doesn't take away the fact that all the stuff before that existed and you liked it so keep liking that yeah we talked about the scheme of Thrones and I just sausage I saw some on Twitter say they wasted 10 years of my life we didn't like Game of Thrones finale but actually was more into las finale than other people I I never understand that you just wasted X years of my life if you were getting a lot of entertainment and if you were really invested I understand being disappointed by the ending but if you were into the show you were to the show and they were certainly giving you something that was at one point very entertaining to you so yes you hope they stick the landing but yeah if you were if you were to do a show for that many years I can't feel like it has to look I mean it's supernatural you're super macho for 15 years it's like they didn't do the finale those 15 years were wasted I just can't see saying that Joe I mean it ain't like every episode of arrow has been prestige television they've had their Hallows there I don't know it shows like this I like them for different reasons than I like my like top-shelf shows right you know sometimes you drink an expensive whiskey because you want to drink an expensive whiskey and sometimes just won't get drunk and you drunk first yeah sometimes there's a hangover that you'd rather not have but it got you drunk you know so I think more there's there's the aspect of like do they land with like a nice goodbye to a Mel and these characters and more almost like the meta idea that like any of this exists because they came in and really worked their asses off you know made this happen I'm almost more interested in that than I am any story line wrap ups and stuff like that because you know you get to the point where you're like wait he's running for mayor now I don't care like but I still like the show I know many people like elements making it and so cool I'm written for that so I'm more interested in in sticking the landing on like almost the meta goodbye yeah Buffy's one of my favorite shows ever and I was not into the final seasons but the final episode it's like you know it's not one of my favorite finales ever but there are some really great moments where they have make sure to have these characters like oh those four characters shared a moment and they should and those sort of things and it's like yeah it's like it didn't you know I still think the last season is kind of a weak season but I think that's nice I think those are you're talking about Joey like I'm just one thing it's like remember where you came from have those nice nods you smelt like a well-executed finale it doesn't need to be great you just wanted to touch on those little points yeah yeah I'm curious if you guys think this is gonna be well executed hulu has made a few different announcements thank you so much about what I was gonna say way with which wouldn't have been as good but now I'm gonna do it anyway cuz you called me out is don't you feel like Hulu is the sound that this would make that also works in a very Roxie way yeah that's how who got its name anyway the TCA press tour you said and this morning was revealed that dizzy plus will be available as an add-on for Hulu subscribers which is a really interesting thing there's also a ton of other information that we'll get to after but I just want to start with that because we had speculated that this might be the case that Disney was gonna have all of these different things that you were able to assign one as well right yeah and and also what they're gonna do with effects effects now there are whole all the things that they now will own do we like that Disney Plus will be a who add-on possibility arms race baby and what will that even look like price-wise or even screen why assume it's gonna be like you know on Amazon Prime you can add on like Showtime yeah Cinemax yeah exactly I feel like it's gonna be kind of like and they're the same price it's really just about yeah audience and putting it in front of you yeah yeah it's not any cheaper than you know independently getting a subscription to any of those streaming services but no I would have assumed this is going to be cheaper I think that you can bundle with Disney it's going to save you if you have more Disney apps it will be less expensive because otherwise we're talking about it in the office a little bit on that note and you know does Disney have the resources to just pull an Amazon and be like we're gonna put the diaper place out of business you know by selling diapers for cheaper and now we're the only place you can buy diapers like do they have the the resources to just be like yeah it's seven dollars until Warner's is like you know what tap we're done and then they can raise it a few bucks or whatever once there the last last busy question is seven so that's why right now I assume it will it will be seven even if you get it through Hulu but who knows maybe they'll make it a little bit cheaper the only thing that was a little surprising was just that but not that surprised me was yeah because it seems like Disney is obviously using Hulu for stuff that they don't feel comfortable putting the Disney name on right you're not gonna see Handmaid's Tale on Disney right right but even like in all the Fox stuff they bought like the die hard movies and alien movies like that's for Hulu Plus so it is interesting that they go key can you can still tie them together just but I think it's like if you're a parent and you've got Hulu and your kids want to watch any plus and you do – it's right there you know it's just make it very easy for everyone this is more clear to me at least than whatever HBO Max is doing right now which is very clear yo and cinema are you gonna put on all right I don't know about that am i you previously mentioned Hamid's tail that was announced that it was renewed for season four does anybody else here on the table watching that show animates – yes yeah it this season has me flipped out like I can't I've decided roster you no longer allowed to watch that night it's it's hard hearing so it's a great great series but it's heavy it's really really attempt at I was like I it's hard to see my wife sorry I've been meaning to watch it but I have to watch it oh yeah the book by Margaret Atwood like changed my life when I read it maybe sophomore year of high school and it's just the series is such a good adaptation and expansion on it and it more than does it justice I really it's beautifully done and I'm really happy to see that we are renewed for season four because the current storyline that we're trying to do I'll just say for non spoilers with the with the kids yeah is something that we are not able to wrap up in a couple yeah so definitely great that they are renewing for season four we also announced that the Orval is moving from Fox to Hulu for season three which is kind of a wild thing that is happening now that's a corporate thing yeah and the Orval is now owned by Disney and you have to think about the Orval is a 20th Century Fox TV show so that means Disney owns it Fox the network not owned by Disney it's so confusing right and so this make when the Orval got renewed I was like oh I'm a little surprised because it's ratings weren't great and Fox does it doesn't have any ownership the network doesn't have any ownership so now it made sense like Hulu being Disney it's like oh but we own this show so what do you guys think over this will do for their numbers Joe do you think that the Orval will find new fans on Hulu or their fans will diminish I mean I think that's the goal of streaming right yeah um that's the play for stuff that you know has some momentum and has some love to it and I've been told by a lot of people you should watch the Orval because apparently it is not a silly wacky Seth MacFarlane parody of Star Trek really not so nice like him doing next gen surprisingly here yeah I do I don't have any hard numbers to back me up sitting in the damn chair I'm not Dan but I do feel like there's more of a chance of for people to be like oh it's on Hulu or Netflix or whatever yeah as opposed to I will seek it out every day at 7:00 after The Voice sir you know whatever like so I do think it's a strong move I do think you know it adds to the library because I feel like for at least for a lot of people that is a show where they're like oh I've been meaning to watch that get out let's do it yep yeah okay we also heard that Marvel Runaways season three is actually going to premiere December 13th this is a show that I was obsessed with season 1 season 2 got woof-woof my buddy hostile I don't know okay well that's good I'm still invested in the show and the characters so I'll be watching this December releases armed times era runs for mayor yeah well for me because as a good little Jew girl I've got nothing to do during that time they love it cuz you're at home and you're just gonna I'm literally just watching whatever anything that's put out in December I watch it I think this is a funny thing to bring up but I always remember that making a murder dropped right before Christmas and became this big sensation and I think that everyone realized Oh everyone's at home with nothing to do and we can really get a lot of buzz and a lot of viewers if you're just sitting on your TV for several days of their family and trying to block them out but I feel like not that many shows have caught on to that yeah I know a few but not a lot yet release in December if you are anywhere from not great to pretty decent because then we'll definitely watch you and Marshall Olli will be on rainy season to a show that I'm not Ryan watch very funny that's Ryan endorsement any thoughts on on what you want to see from him then if it's a show that he wanted to play himself I mean the fact that he was announced as blade this week he's gonna do this show I think pretty cool pretty amazing based on all this news that came out about Hulu how do we feel they're stacking up to other streaming services right now do we feel like they are doing enough to be considered at the level that Netflix is or are we still looking at Netflix as the numero uno I don't know I feel like who lose identity is a little different like Hulu is the streaming embodiment of I don't know what do you want to watch like Hulu for me is less about prestige TV except for watching food war which is a great show watching food more so much but it's definitely like who is like the streaming embodiment of visiting your parents and then just realizing you've just watched three hours of like America's Got Talent on Christmas Eve with your family yeah who started out as like this okay so Netflix is where I go to like binge older TV series to watch movies things like that and Hulu is where you went to watch last night's episode of yeah exactly and that and that was what Hulu started as I do I think that Hulu's original programming is on the level of something like a Netflix no III don't and I but I am with you Joe that like I don't know that it necessarily needs to be because it does kind of feel like it's that catch-all Hulu has different anime titles streaming on because you brought up food Wars that Netflix does so like oh I feel like all of these streaming services serve a different purpose yeah and for me I'm not going to Hulu for original programming Netflix and I'd say their biggest competitor right now is Amazon Prime yeah which is why though I think Hulu being bundled with Disney Plus is a good yeah yeah I could be like mom dad let me watch my Marvel shows and you still get Gordon Ramsay you know all 15 of his shows okay I think we're gonna start to see Hulu change a lot though because this is you know this is now the full Disney era of Hulu and we're only just starting to see these little changes like the orville and these things happening but I think going forward we're gonna start to see a lot of different like I think they even said like basically FX is probably gonna start to develop like original series for Hulu you're gonna sees like a lot of interesting partnerships I think and I think like two years from now who's gonna be very different especially once Disney Plus is up and running and we kind of have be like that's that world for Disney and who lose the edge here Disney name on we can't call it Disney but is any other dog doesn't have to drive I now literally cannot hear anything else except for him through this month thank you guys so much for watching if you have thoughts about any of these things make sure you're writing them in the comments because we're really curious what you guys have to say about this especially whatever this guy's name is gonna be we'll have an official announcement next week about that so it will be a big deal here on the show also we have a cram it for the Fast franchise coming out tomorrow morning on screen junkies Joe is it any good I've just been eavesdropping when they do updates and it seems to me long's never really watched all of them or all of them together and watching his reactions to doing so has been some of my favorite just like office life that I've experienced in years working here so I think it's gonna be good as a big fan of that franchise I did run in when they were discussing Tokyo drifts placed in the franchise I've been watching the movies I think I have some thoughts in Tokyo dress I can't wait to watch that again cram it yes the fast franchise come out tomorrow morning on screen junkies and of course like joe said earlier where me taking fan questions from you yesterday's community post but we're gonna be doing them throughout the week more and implementing that so make sure you guys are writing your fan questions cuz we love talking about it and now because we haven't talked about DC enough today you guys know my DC girl so i got to get my DC in danielle did a interview with cast of pennyworth which i'm really excited about because this show i don't even understand it it is looking so good and came out of left field and i all different thoughts on it but it's gonna be on epics Danielle talk to the cast so let's check that out bye guys and hello I am here with the cast of pennyworth I have got Jack Van in who plays pennyworth himself Ben Aldridge who was Thomas Wayne and Paloma Faith who plays a bet Sykes I'm really excited to have you all on thank you thank you yes thank you so first off I've got to ask because everyone has been asking this it sounds like Danny cannon confirmed this at comic-con but we just want to make double sure is this a prequel to Gotham are you playing a younger version of Gotham's outfit no no no okay this is what everyone's been wondering and it's and some people have said yes and some people have said no so this is something that is completely different all yours ladies stand in line because everyone's been wondering that all weekend and we just weren't sure about that so that's fantastic so this is obviously it's not you know 60s by very action-heavy a lot of punches thrown did any of you have you done any prior training for this or was it just learning all the choreography when you get there oh I've killed many people and many people I don't throw any punches Thomas is a little afraid what not afraid but he's not a man of violence he's afraid right it's cool that way it's cool but he's not mad about it so he obviously gets out for two days that bidding for him sorry I didn't get training Alfred Pennyworth Thomas Wayne I have a job for you when I eventually got the role I had about two or three weeks until we started filming so I decided through my own vanity mainly that I needed to go to the gym so I hired myself a personal trainer I went to the gym and but because I was trying to do too much in two weeks I ended up in hospital yeah do you not know that I started up a security firm my apologies one of the things I loved about this is this is really the the soundtrack is obviously create such a great picture there's all of these I'm assuming very expensive songs that they thought for the soundtrack were you able to get into any of that does the music help you kind of get into the period of the piece I've had quite a few scenes where they played the music in the room because it's so important to the atmosphere so two main scenes of mine they have the music blaring out and that's it's quite unusual in the film confusion when the filming process because usually they would add it later hmm you're a dancer aya I lost dance in me obviously you're stepping into visible love enfranchise how do you keep it fresh for yourself how do you stop yourself from doing anything that's come before I haven't seen anything that's come I think also we can avoid it although we're very honored to be joining that kind of Canon of work because it's three days yeah I don't even know if you could call it a spin off who's not already spun off of anything that kind of started something in a way so like and the material was really original so I think we're all just responding to what's on the page I recently discovered the criminal conspiracy everyone was so excited every script we got even the hair makeup everyone was just like and it wasn't just to sort of fulfill their job well it was because we were all fully invested in the narrative and the characters and stuff and it didn't it didn't feel like it was it mattered that evening yeah there are easter eggs and other like little flash forwards and recognisable moments visually I think Bruno's very cleverly plotted in the reflect because I feel like maybe it's it's slightly easier for you because we're used to a dead text and you very much be alive a departure right there but for you when it comes to playing someone like Alfred wood there are so many different iterations how do you approach him to really make Alfie in this case your own well Bruno script was the first thing and he he'd fleshed out a quite bit of him in his younger years already so that was my Bible really but also if there were any it'd be Michael Caine because he was the one who said I'll play a butler as long as he's xsa yes so he gave us that background so and I wanted to sort of give a nod to him through through the voice I suppose and through through a bit of the physicality as well if you have to use French words for something I don't like it now but you're playing a completely new character it hasn't been introduced yet created solely for the show how do you you know again there are so many people who are so aware of the franchise but you get to create something new within that franchise how do you go about doing something like that and making sure that what you're doing stands out because it she definitely does well I think lots of it was from the writing Bruno obviously many powerful women in his youth that have influenced the character what my observation was of villain s is in in the past was the for a modern age I think it's really important that a female villain has more layers to her than the male fear of her sexuality and obviously bet the sexiest person on screen I mean that goes without saying [Laughter] anyone but I fit I feel like what was really important for me and what was really important for Bruno when we had discussions was that she is a female character yet that's kind of irrelevant she's a human being first and foremost and she has the same attributes as all human beings which I'll that she longs for human connection she feels occasionally misunderstood she's fighting for acknowledgement in a sort of world which particularly in the sixties would kind of undermine especially female characters this is the most mature I think of any of the Batman TV or any of the Batman movies we get to this is as I put it when talking to my courses okay oh this is a we can't say the f-word because we get in trouble with YouTube so we we supplant it with the word frolic how's it go there's a lot of frolics how do you respond to doing something that is again just something that is so mature especially considering that it is there you guys drop a lot of f-bombs compared to what's kind of come before well there's the technicality that with with cable yeah so we can get away with it but also I think it's more the fact that this world this this 60s London which is a DC 60s London 13 degrees wither and and sexier or frolics lends itself to that I think but it was a lot of fun for sure yeah I think it makes it more and more dangerous and exciting as well that was kind of like there's no watershed on it we don't have the state to any kind of politeness rules and more authentic as well you know you


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  • This was such a good panel! Roxy is a great host <3

    I can definitely empathize with Roxy with the Supernatural thing, I started watching the show back when there where only 8 seasons, but it did take me a few months to catch up. You can always just watch the first 5 seasons though 😛

    Also, I'm not watching Supernatural expecting prestige tv or anything, like Joe said, it's more about them "landing a nice goodbye for the characters" than anything else.

  • onequartercanadian says:

    I love how showrunners have basically publicly embraced that it's virtually impossible to have a positively received ending by fans for a serialized show. Especially ones that have very large active and vocal fanbases.
    They've learned it's better in the long run to undersell it then oversell it. The common logic would be to oversell it but they've learned by seeing others shows end that it doesn't matter how it ends, lots of people will still hate it.
    30:04 EXACTLY JOE!!!! Couldn't have said it better myself. That was my main problem with the last season of GOT.

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    Nothing I've seen since ( though The Office was close) has been better than the series finale of Six Feet Under. The rest of the show alternated with alarming frequency between "AMAZEBALLS!" and "Meh," but that final episode was, in a word, perfect.

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