Arrow 8×05 Promo “Prochnost” (HD) Season 8 Episode 5 Promo

Arrow 8×05 Promo “Prochnost” (HD) Season 8 Episode 5 Promo

– [William] The plans for a weapon that
destroyed Earth-2 are in Moscow. – [Oliver] At a fight club. – [Mia] Dad, let us help. – [William] You sure about this? – Not so fast, Oliver Queen. – [Oliver] Mia! (gunshot)


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  • That ending is suggesting a theory that The Monitor will actually turn into the Anti Monitor but I am not convinced that is true just yet. I still think the Monitor is making moves to dictate the path of the Anti-Matter because the Monitor doesn't have any loyalty to anything but the survival of the Multiverse regardless of what it looks like. So many of the false promises he makes is all in the intention of insuring the survival of the Multiverse. I hope Laurel comes to the realization she would be a fool to trust him. That being said the Monitor is a emotionless being so he is hard to read but in the end everyone will see that he played a game of chess with many pieces eliminated but still with the King standing meaning the Multiverse will be revised in the end and it will effect everyone differently

  • I’m trynna see Mia’s reaction of her meeting different versions of Oliver. Badass Oliver from season 1 that killed. Assassin Oliver from season 3. Season 5 Oliver I want her to hear the famous lines “ I wanted to, and I LIKED IT!!” And the arrow in Russia from the past

  • Lmao Mia is legitimately the worst character in the arrowverse ever. Worst acting, worst written character. Just worst everything really. Fr ruins my excitement for the following arrow episodes

  • Meanwhile In The Monitors Home….

    Monitor Pulls Up A Wheel With A Bunch Of Writing On It and Spins It

    Monitor: Alright What Bullshit Task Are We Gonna Make Up This Time Come On Lets See What We Got..

    Wheel Stops Spinning

    Monitor: How Interesting Laurel Will Have To Betray Oliver Oh How The Tea Will Be Spilt Today!

  • Mia really thinks that she can defeat Oliver because she was trained by Nyssa? Oliver has beaten nyssa every time they have fought

  • Me encantan estos capitulos!!! son muy intensos!!! me gusto como juntaron el futuro con el presente! jaja que buena idea!!! Viva Arrow!!! Viva Stephen Amell!!!

  • I really hope Mia and William stick around through till Crisis, I wanna see Barry and Kara get some screen time with them

  • Olivia K-A-Y 1998 says:

    I don’t know what is going on with this guy but if there is a slightest chance laurel could get her earth back I would do it no offence to Oliver but he didn’t lose an entire earth so none of them can get pissed if she says yes I want earth 2 back as well as long with her Adrian and this all depends on if he is or isn’t the real monitor

  • Looks like in the next episode Oliver is going to be having some bonding time with his kids and going on a dangerous mission is the perfect way for a family like Theirs to bond

  • JT Stuard Music says:

    I think the one thing people forget about Oliver's mission and view on the Monitor being the one who causes the end of the infinite earths is that WE know who the Anti-Monitor is, but no one outside Mar Novu and Lyla Michaels (maybe, we don't know if she's the same as the Lyla from the original story) know him. Oliver wants to use the anti-matter to take down a god. He believes Mar Novu is the god he must bring down to stop the crisis. So…Mar Novu might be playing it safe by being coy about the details regarding the Crisis. Let's see what Berlanti has in mind with Crisis.

  • The Rock can give you a 5 star azz whooping says:

    The monitor tells laurel for her to have her world back, she will have to betray Oliver Queen. Laurel ain’t gonna do it. How I know it ain’t gonna happen because they did this before and what happened, they end up making up. Laurel is gonna end up letting Earth-2 be erased from existence and laurel will stay on earth-1, call it her home and help make “The Canaries” with Dinah. Boy both canaries look like they want some of the rocks stroodle.

  • Omg episode 4 was great but omg I think at the end that’s the anti monitor holy fuckk earth 2 got erased and he’s the only one that can bring it back if laurel betrays Oliver ooo I know that’s the anti monitor he’s planning to kill a lot of shit he’s a liar I’m calling it the monitor is the anti monitor I’m speechless right now I hope I’m right and if anyone caught that it would be great I could be wrong or maybe the monitor is mad that Oliver betrayed him or something idk but I’m assuming the monitor we been seeing the whole time is the anti monitor ooo the anti monitor think he slick thinking no one knows his plans

  • It made me so mad that they will try everything to make Laurel go villain again and betray Oliver. I just hope they won't just let her do that because she tried so hard and did overcome so much to stay good but damn they really try her

  • Stolen Greatness says:

    I think Oliver is going to get some sort of powers given to him by the monitor. His intro “I have to become something else”.

  • im not sure if this season of arrow is great or terrible but i know one. its confusing as hell. i still am not sure whos bad whos good and whats the villain plan and its almost crossover time.

  • The monitor is really starting to become annoying. I honestly wish they'd just kill both him and the anti-monitor cause they're both a cosmic waste of space.

  • Agent Faye Lau is back says:

    can't watch week after week after…………. pause week. let it end then I will. I truly hate the suspense. I can't take it.

  • Lian Yu✔
    Moira, Tommy and Chase✔
    Hong Kong✔
    Thea and Talia/League of shadows✔
    Mia and William✔

  • Did Mia get shot? Or did Oliver come between….I need to stop watching the promos it just tortures me until the actual episode comes out.

  • i'm glad the future kids are sticking around in present day i was worried the monitor would send them back at the end of the episode or something. i'm really interested to see how all this monitor stuff across the shows comes together. i have a feeling monitor is lying to laurel in order to get something to happen. like maybe this will make laurel and oliver trust each other more or something because she'll choose not to betray him? who knows.

  • Mia Smoak is cringe as fuck and her actress isn't very good.

    "I was trained by Nyssa al Ghul" who couldn't beat Malcolm, whom Oliver rofl stomped in season 4 LOL

    "You're a bad dad who left and just wanted to be a hero!" Literally helps save the entire multiverse you annoying twat.

  • I feel like Mia will get shot but Oliver will try and protect her as much as he can only because he’s been shot and killed and hurt every other way so it will be a way of me experience hurt in another way xx

  • Does anyone think were seeing both the moderator and the anti moderator already. Because lord knows there's been contradicting actions and feels like it 2 different dudes. Also super excited to see old arrow team and new arrow team teamup

  • Courtney Cherise says:

    I really love the what their doing this season seeing the future interact with the past is just amazing!! Mia fighting alongside Oliver and working with William!! Diggle working with connor love these team ups!!

  • Why does an omnipotent being need petty humans for shitty tasks? Why does he need Laurel to betrey Queen when he's been doing everything he asks for? Holy shit this season is written by morons.

  • WTF?! Mia better not be dead from that gun shot. Can't keep messing with us, CW writers. You already took Nora. Also, stop messing with my man, Oliver. You've already taken most of his family, close friends, kidneys, even his own life allegedly. Damn!

  • I love how each episode of season 8 corresponds with each season of arrow. Eps 1 was season 1 squeezed into 40 minutes and tons similar elements. Eps 2 took place in hong kong like season 2 flashbacks. Eps 3 took place in nanda parbat like season 3's feud with ra's al ghul. Eps 4 is about family like Diggle and his bro in season 4.

    Not to mention, each episode had the intro of the season number. I don't know how to word that correctly, but what i mean is Episode 1 had arrow season 1 intro logo/theme. Episode 2 had season 2's. Episode 3 had the arabic league of assassins arrow intro. etc. Enjoying season 8 so far

  • Given how we are heading into the Russian underworld again, I hope we get to see Anatoly Knyazev one last time before the series ends, I always liked him, plus I would love for him to meet Mia and get his comment on her

  • Flash to arrow “what!? You’ve met your future kids tooo? What!? They turned out to be like you tooo? What!? They didn’t get to meet you toooo?” (Except William… but still)

  • So… having the kids turn up from the year 2040 seems like confirmation that the crisis will be averted… well rest easy guys.. lets just get some shwarma and kick back for the next 6 weeks cause we got this!

  • Somebody You Know says:

    Whenever I see Mia on screen it just makes it clearer to me to beat your kids ?
    also the monitor imo is one of the worst villains of the arrow verse. He’s a god yet his plans seem to have crumbled already??lol idk if the writers are trying to set something up but yeah he seems nothing like a god lol

  • Notice how these episodes have been decent want to know why. No useless felicity relationship to drag the show down. Loved her in the first and second season. Hated everything else past that.

  • tariq khandwalla says:

    So Barry isn’t taking them back to the future? I was expecting Oliver to call Barry and take them back so the timeline doesn’t start going crazy.

  • Only three more semi-normal episodes to the crossover and then two "wrap up" episodes to end the series and potential launch of the Canaries. We are closing in on the end.

  • After this episode I feel like Oliver won’t die. It felt like it was sending a message if Oliver dies than Star City goes to crap but if Oliver stays alive than he truly has saved his city. And honestly want a Dark Knight Returns ending where Oliver “dies” but really his creating Star City’s future and his kids future.

  • Olivia K-A-Y 1998 says:

    Mikayla Eckel Cifrese she will probably be desperate like Layla was and I wouldn’t blame laurel one bit cause I think the monitor actually destroyed that earth to make a point to Oliver so it makes sense that he is the only one who can bring it back unless it isn’t the real monitor all I know is we finally got a good story for laurel and the Adrian on her earth just to have it ripped away from her I would love to see him back if they do get the earth back I could see him and her together over time but no one can seriously get pissed with her he probably offered her that chance because of lyla

  • Mia: I've been trained by Nyssa Al Ghul. So don't get in my way.
    *Oliver tries to keep a straight face

    Oliver: Oh you mean you've been trained by your Ex-Step Mom?

    Mia: *surprised Pikachu face

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