47 thoughts on “Armenian genocide: survivors recall events 100 years on”

  • Serxan Serxan says:

    Armenian genocide fake!!! I am nothing armenian for killed Khojaly people's
    I am nothing russian for killed Chechen people's!
    I am nothing Italian for killed Algerian people's!
    I am nothing terrorist for killed people's
    I am nothing Chinese for killed Uyghur people's
    I am Turkic!!!

  • Cengiz söğütlü says:

    Price of betrayal is DEATH. I see some humanitarian forms usa who kills thousands of Indians milions of Japanese. If you ask them they call it war. European guys get mad for crying lady did you imagine milions of Africans you killed? Yes genocide happens but not for no reaon.

  • arpi danielyan says:

    Its so sad that us Armenian STILL have to march ti be heard. TO BE ACCEPTED. The reason lots of people are uneducated about this topic, is because America is being paid not to teach it. And guess by who? The turkish government. This comment might get deleted by the fbi cause you werent supposed to know this. Enjoy while it lasts.

  • In 1971, during our war of Independence,We,the Bangladeshi people also went through this kind of genocide. In the hands of brutal Pakistani army. We do feel the pain and trauma of yours as we have lost over three millions lives and got raped of two hundred thousands women. We stand by you dear Armenia!

  • Ahmet Berkay ÖZTÜRK says:

    I don't have a problem with the Armenians and We Turks did not make genocide Armenians, Greeks, Albanians, Kurds, Bulgarians, Arabs, Bosnians … everyone lived the culture of the Ottoman Empire lived 622 years, even today, there are Armenians in Istanbul because of the genocide affliction that there is no such thing If you are looking for genocide in a probaganda see the Turks' exhumation from the Balkans since 1821 In 1990, Serbs said that the first state as the Serbian state against the Turks against Bosnia. In spite of all this, we Turks respect the nations within our empire 5 million Syrians, 2 million Afghan refugees today we have hunger in our country despite the economic crisis

  • Kamil Abdullazade says:

    All of them are lie . Don`t beliave them. Turkish are very kind people but Armenians do Khodjali genocide in Azerbaijan. Armenian are cruel and godless . Yasasin Turkiye Azerbaycan 🇦🇿❤🇹🇷

  • Straight Up Hater says:

    Crybabies! Stop crying and bitching you armenian p*nks! You have zero evidences and you don't want to open your historical archieves to proof there was a genocide on you. You tried to start a revolution and murdered dozens of Turks you idiots! You had great positions in the Ottoman Empire but you decided to backstab people who cared for you! The armenian genocide is a historical lie!

  • selim kahraman says:

    neden bunlar oldu diye kimse sormuyor ama ermeniler ilk başta osmanlı imparatorluğunda isyan cıkartıp binlerce insanı öldürdü bunun ardından ermeniler ve türkler savaştı arada kalan ermeniler ise başka yerlere götürüldü

  • Nariman Karimli says:

    Armenia also did genocide against Azerbaijan and killed a lot more Azeris with support of Russia. It is not a fully independent country yet, since has Russian troops in land and always served for russian imperialism.
    In this video you see old lady 105 year old. How she can remember anything about genocide(if the was any) since she was born after claimed date.

  • kyokushinfightfull mma says:


  • Till Turks don’t accept the truth we will never forgive them!! We will always consider them as our moral enemies and we will not accept them! 🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲🇦🇲 we are still here and we will stand strong!

  • Rohan Casukhela says:

    I knew of Armenia's past and figured that was why Tigran Hamasyan's music had so much weight. But this really gave it all a greater depth to me that I did not appreciate until now. Thank you for this.

  • Tayfun Dikilitas says:

    What about million turks u killed in 1915 by backstabbing is along with kurds ruusians other nationalities????

  • pandora'nın Hediyesi says:

    But more important that, we should forget those happenings anymore. We have to forget and forgive. Never again! Not war neither genocide! Peace, love and brotherhood.

  • pandora'nın Hediyesi says:

    Also Kurdish forces played important role before and during the genocide. Second Abdulhamid supported Kurds against the Armenians. In that time, my friends told me, their grandparents witnessed genocide.

  • 20th century was, from the begging until the end, a century of unprecedented savagery, mostly perpetrated my the most powerful countries. It was also a century of great hopes (for a better world) and great ideas.
    Unfortunately, if I think that, 21st century if we don't change something as soon as possible will be a century of even larger tragedies.
    Unfortunately this time, I don't see no great ideas or hopes, just immense stupidity and greed, which will most likely drive our species to its destruction.

  • 4:05 is called " Samandag " the sea and the Kel Mountain called Samandagı
    and the pıcture ıs taken from lıttle village called Kapısuyu.Armenian lived around Samandagı on the hills and mountains.They have created lots of agrıculture fıelds.You can go and visit Batıyayaz and Kapısuyu villages to see the aramenıans traces.The armenian village called Vakıflı has a even church there.after armenıan was gone Turkmens are placed ın the armenıan villages.Batıayaz one of them full of turkmens.

  • Maurice Gibney says:

    And Today Turkey make threats that they will wipe Israel out. Erdogon has a name which suits him. Right in the centre of it. Dog!

    He needs to be plucked up from the root.

  • I'm a Turkish but the Turkish people never teach the Armenian Genocide to us. They always says "It's not a genocide. We just sent them here." I'm a student in middle school but I know what is right. If you say "U killed my grandparents." Actually someone says "You're a terrorist. I wanna be a Canada citizen cause of this type of bad people. The Turkish people are externalizing Kurdish people in there. That's really bad, I'm sorry:/

  • untold history says:

    Contrary to the Armenian allegations, in fact, there is no consensus among the historians and legal experts to qualify the events of 1915 as “genocide”.
    The following quotation from Arnold Toynbee, British historian and co-author of the Blue Book, which is claimed to "leave no doubt about what was taking place", clearly shows the extent of Armenian false propaganda and how they come up with fabricated evidence:

    "…Yet at the very time when the agreement (Sykes-Picot Agreement) was being made, I was being employed by His Majesty’s Government in a ‘Blue Book’, which was duly published and distributed as war propaganda. The French Government made use of the Armenians in a different way. They promised to erect an autonomous Armenian state, under their aegis, in the Cilician part of their Anatolian Zone and the promise brought them several thousand Armenian volunteers, most of whom were enrolled in the Legion d’Orient and served for the rest of the War” (Toynbee, Arnold J., The Western Question in Greece and Turkey, Howard Fertig, Inc. Edition, New York, 1970).

    After the World War I, the Armenian allegations were investigated between 1919-1922 as part of a legal process against the Ottoman Officials. 144 high ranking officials were accused of “massacres” and deported for trial by Britain to the island of Malta. The information which led to the trial was mainly given by the local Armenians and the Armenian Patriarchate. While the deportees were interned on Malta, The British occupation forces in Istanbul, with absolute power and authority, looked everywhere to find evidence in order to incriminate the deportees. At the conclusion of the investigation, no evidence was found that could corroborate the Armenian claims.

    There is a legitimate historical controversy concerning the interpretation of the events in question and most of the scholars who have propounded a contra genocide viewpoint are of the highest calibre and repute, including Bernard Lewis, Stanford Shaw, David Fromkin, Justin McCarthy, Guenther Lewy, Norman Stone, Kamuran Gürün, Michael Gunter, Gilles Veinstein, Andrew Mango, Roderic Davidson, J.C. Hurwitz, William Batkay, Edward J. Erickson and Steven Katz.

    This is by no means an exhaustive list. A good number of well-respected scholars recognize the deportation decision in 1915, taken under World War I conditions, as a security measure to stop the Armenians from co-operating with the foreign forces invading Anatolia.

    On the legal aspect, the elements of the genocide crime are strictly defined and codified by the UN Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Genocide, adopted by the General Assembly on 9 December 1948. However, Armenians, claiming that "the evidence is so overwhelming", so far have failed to submit even one credible evidence of genocide.

    Turkey proposed to Armenia the establishment of a Joint History Commission, which will be composed of historians and experts from both sides and third parties in order to study the events of 1915 in their historical context and share the findings with the international public. The fact that this proposal is yet to receive a positive answer from the Armenian authorities, when considered together with their rejection to open all the relevant archives to the historians, gives a clear idea about their confidence in what they claim. On the contrary, Turkey has no reason to be afraid of its past and is ready to accept whatever the findings of this proposed commission will be.

  • The thing is I am Armenian and I live in Florida and no one knows about this genocide the only thing Armenia is known here is for kardashians and not everyone knows that they are Armenian

  • Chemtrailfan says:

    Turks are savages. They always were, they are today and they will never change. May God punish them, Amen.

  • Brutal Truth says:

    What your leaving out is the Armenians that where raped starved and murdered where all Christians and the Turks or young Turks as they called themselves where Jews….that's the reason this part of history is never talked about or taught in any western school.

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