Arlington Media 2019 Promotional Video

Arlington Media 2019 Promotional Video

Firing party, fire
three volleys… [gun fire] [Bugler playing taps]
♪ Taps ♪ Post [gun fire] Aim… Fire [gun fire] [Bugler playing taps]
♪ Taps ♪ Mame, ladies and gentlemen Across the Potomac River
near the WWII memorial is a monument to
another American hero And please hear these words It says and I quote “In life he honored the flag… … but in death … the flag shall honor him” Today this flag Serves as a symbol
of our great nation To honor the life and the legacy of your father and your
family member and your friend a true American patriot. [Norm Weaver plays]
♪ Amazing Grace ♪


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