Ariel Winter on Spending Half of Her Life on ‘Modern Family’

Ariel Winter on Spending Half of Her Life on ‘Modern Family’

What’s up? Thank you for being here. Oh, I’m very happy to be here. So, thank you. Absolutely. How are you feeling? I’m feeling good. Fantastic. I’m feeling good. It’s nice to see
all of you guys. That’s amazing. Now, you know we love when
everybody from Modern Family comes by, even though
Julie Bowen has come by. Julie and I have a– Julie would love to come
by way more and see you. Julie loves you. Yeah, we’ve got a
special relationship. She’s got a lot of
love in her heart. Yeah, yeah. She does. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah, she’s ready. Yeah, see, went ahead and threw
that bear hug on me one time. Yeah. You know, I’ve actually
guest-starred on Modern Family. And I’ve got to say this. It’s just like the
energy that you all have over there– the entire
cast is just so cool, so dope. I mean, it’s in its 11th season,
and this is the final season. How are you handling that? It’s sad, obviously. It’s not something that we want. You know, we love each
other, and we love our show. And obviously, we’d
love to make many more, but it’s been 11 years. And I think, you
know, everybody’s ready to do new things. But it’s obviously going to be
really sad that we won’t get to see each other every week. Of course. And you know, we love everybody. We love the cast. We love the crew. We have the best. And it’s been like
half of my life, so. Yeah, I was about to say, how
old were you when you started? 11. I’ll be 22 when
we end the show– Wow. –the beginning of next year. Wow. Honestly, like, it’s
so amazing to have a job like this with people that
you’ve worked with for 11 years that you love. Like, the amount of grateful
that we all are is ridiculous. I mean, oh, look. Look at this picture. Look at y’all. That is unbelievable. It’s special! Yeah, man. Yeah. That’s awesome. Yeah! Now, you have new cast
members this season, right? Yeah, we do. We have new young cast members. We have babies! You have babies, OK. We have lots of babies now. So we had three sets of
babies the other day, and I love babies. Love them. I have so many nieces. And I was in this scene with the
babies, and I was so excited. I was like, finally. And I’m wheeling
them in the stroller. And of course, the one day
all three sets of babies didn’t want me. Ooh. It was so sad! Yeah, I know. We had to give them back. I had to push the
stroller with dolls, which is not quite as cute. As cute. Kind of creepy. But yeah, we have so
many babies this season, which is super cool. It’s really nice. That sounds so much fun. And you know,
Halloween is coming up. And I know, the Halloween
episode, you always go really big for the
Halloween episode. Do you have any favorite
costumes from there? I got put in a cage
the first season. I spent the entire Halloween
episode in that cage. Uh-huh. Yep! That one there, OK. Yeah, yeah. I was, honestly, kind of upset
because everybody else was not in a cage and
having a great time. Right. I was just, you know, in the
cage with a book the whole day. But I don’t know, I also imagine
your workload for that week was kind of easy, right? It was like no stage
blocking for you. Oh, it was super easy! But I’m in that cage being
like, oh, something was funny. What was it? Can anybody come by? Like, I’m kind of hungry. Is anybody getting a snack? Now, let me switch
gears for a second. I saw you have dogs. Yep, I have four. You have four dogs. I have four dogs. Big dogs or small dogs? I have two big dogs,
one medium-size dog, and one small dog. Yes! Oh, wow. There they are, my babies. Yeah. What about, like, sleeping? Do they all sleep
in the bed with you? Three out of four
sleep on my bed. Three out of four? Yeah, I had to fight one of my
dogs last night for the covers. And it’s sad because she, like,
made herself dead weight just to not give me the covers. She was like, no, I’m
not moving, though. I was like, come on,
just, like, a little bit. Yeah, exactly. Like, just move over
just a little bit. Half my body was
out of the covers. I was really cold. She was not moving. It’s so funny how
they know that, right? Like, dogs are so
smart where they’re like, no, you’re a human. You can move, actually. They’re like, pretend
you’re so tired. She won’t move you. That’s awesome. It’s true. Well, Modern Family airs on
Wednesdays at 9:00 PM on ABC. We’ll be right back.


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