Ariana Television Eftari Special Report – Saiad / گزارش افطاری تلویزیون آریانا از صیاد – بخش دوم

Ariana Television Eftari Special Report – Saiad / گزارش افطاری تلویزیون آریانا از صیاد – بخش دوم

And we are reaching the fish dish service area But here I see something interesting the fishing net Let’s ask about the prices, And either people come to purchase fish or not hello Are you fine? What is your name? Mujtaba You are selling the fishing net do customers come to you in these days Yes it is good And do you also go fishing sometimes, No Why? he goes Why not you I work in a car workshop And do people come to buy the fishing items or not they get Less people come And did you catch these fishes from the river yes Let me ask from the fisherman himself How are you bro? Fine Who do you go for fishing with? My brother and all of us do it And how many fishes will you be able to catch a day It depends, sometimes more and sometimes less Up to a Charak And you will win the money of a net even with catching one charak Yes and do you work alone here? Yes No one else is with you my another brother is also with me And do you also sell fishes here, yes But nothing is seen around We have living fishes, And you will be catching the fishes from the river yes And do you sell them in pieces or weigh them We sell it in Kilogram How much is a kilo A kilo by 400 And it is so expensive that is two kilos Thank you But it won’t be two kilos it will hardly be half a kilo no, that is more than that And we will meet someone who fries fishes The fish stores in sayad You have listened about the Sayad fishes, And we go out there and will also eat some fish All of us together Dear viewers, We planned to go to the fish service stores but before that Let me talk to this boy Hello How are you? What is your name? Zubair Do you sell Bolani Yes Where did you take it from ? From home How much is a piece ten Afs Do people come to buy it Yes How many are them 15 And will it end up to the evening Do you have chutney with it as well No It is home made Bolani Yes And do you live in the neighborhood Yes What does your father do He does also sell Bolani And how about your elder brother Do you have? No And good luck to such a boy who work and finds money thanks i will buy some bolanis from you let’s go to the fish frying centers, let’s go the river Next to the Sayad bridge And people mostly select that area for picnic And to do the Eftar and each fish How a nice water it is it would be rain water And fish is also available We will see how they prepare fish for us Hello Hello Are you fine thanks Your name? My name is Jawid Nabizada And what do you do here Our office is here and I come here to enjoy my time People come from other provinces here, And we live in Kabul but spend our time here And are you getting any preparation for the eftari or what I have ordered something and as well I have office nearby and also i have a snooker club And a film making production as well And what was your name please? Jawid Nabizada He lives here, And in this Eftari we are the guests over Jawid Let’s see how will he treat us And what do you plan to prepare for us Anything we could afford, we will prepare for you we are at service I know you are a courageous man We will have other stories and jawid will also join us And a person is performing ablution there And here is the nice nature of Sayad people come to the river here, And for eating fish People come here from different areas of Kabul and other provinces And one of them is Nazir who accompanying us Nazir also coming from Kabul come here nazir Hello Hello Nazir is one of our colleagues welcome And why did you come here We decided with friends to have a picnic And came here And you came for sighseeing did you come alone or how No, friends are also coming We are five persons, And we are also four guys We are also Nabizada’s guest And Nabizada is going to prepare a tasty food for us And you can also join our team As you wish We will meet I want to go to the place where they prepare fish And see how many fishes they prepare here And i am getting hungry and thirsty We will test the foods here and enjoy our time as well Some people are coming for picnic And the sound of their pressure cooker is heard let me talk to them Hello Hello My name is Allah Mohammad What are you cooking Qabeli You have cooked? no someone else And you are waiting for it to cook Yes Are you coming from far distance or live in the surrounding No we came from Kote Sangi We were getting tired And you came from Kote Sangi And we are also coming from that area How many guys are you? five And what else did you prepare except this dish We are taking some Baghlawa Some cake Some yogurt With some Dogh And we at service And our meat dish is also getting prepared Where is your cook? He is out for the prayer He is cooking the meat and the Qabeli And you cooked it at home No we cooked it here, And we are covering the sides to prevent wind And other guys are also there, Hello and how are you? Hello Are you fine? thanks You are getting cold, aren’t you Yes It is fast month and side of the river is cold I thought you have swam No, I can’t swim I do but in the noon time And you know how to swim? Yes perfectly But I can’t enter the water But I can swim in deep waters And you might have been swam in your young age Yes, we were used to swim in the river Which river, Kabul? Yes, Paghman river They told the Kabul river was very clean with clear water in the past And do you remember that time Yes, you are right 50 years ago, in Kote Sangi the river was so clear but now the water is so dirty And you would have a big hand in cooking Yes, I am a perfect chef A kind of food is called Zartaraq Piawa We talked about it with the brothers before They are my cousins I told them that in the first night of Ramadan we ate that food It was so hot dish and people used to have it Thank you haji sahib And enjoy your Eftar We will talk to your friends Wow, how a nice beverage it looks The bucket contains nice Dogh Badrang They maybe taking it from Kabul And you are the elder brother of him, aren;t you Yes And who did the cooking One of our friends is called Agha Sahib and he is now going to pray He did the cooking And he will return soon What do you do kote Sangi I am a free worker And do you also know how to cook I do but not very well And you may sometimes cook some snacks Or maybe only eggs No, I can cook more than egg Which food do you cook better Strew and Shorwa I know how to cook Thank you so much Wish you a nice time Sit with us for the Eftar thanks We will get happy if you stay Thanks We were talking to the guys, they were coming from Kote Sangi And they are coming with dish and everything And we will show you some other things what they are bringing The chef received, he cooks the best dishes He is a chef who has cooked anything you think And with the best quality His friends said them all to me Hello Hello Your name Sayed Momen And you cooked today We cooked together You know some magic or what, they praise your food a lot My profession is cooking And if you were joining the Golden Chef at Ariana TV You would win the title Maybe I can cook Afghani dishes well Uzbek palaw Yeah, Uzbek, Zamarod, Qabeli You named so many heavy dishes and prepared meat dish yes that is a meat dish And at the side of meat, you prepared these items yes they took them from the market And do you sometimes sing songs during your cooking No, in that time I don’t find time I can only find time to work with the knife and ladle I cook for big event and cook large dishes And in that case how can we find time to sing songs But sometimes when you cook at home When you cook for few persons, No, there are so many people at home too May your prayer and fasting is accepted by God And enjoy your time And enjoy your dishes too We are getting hungry and thirsty And we will move to another place as well And after that we will do the Eftar Let’s meet some other guys too And we are reaching the Eftar time And I am getting hungry and thirsty Hello Hello Are you fine Your name? Wahid And I think you cook fishes yes Do you cook these fishes Yes How is the crowd due the lock down, the markets are down But still it is not bad And during the day, no one come No Only few customers, And who are you cooking these for They are for you thank you so much Where did you fetch them From the river They are Shermahi They are bony Yes, but they are so tiny and smooth And how much will this weight one and half a kilo And how is the prices It costs four hundred to five hundred But after the Ramadan it will cost higher Because this type of fish is rare To be honest I like the fish so much They say fish is hot in nature And if you are hot, you well be safe from getting corona And those who says it is hot, it will be good for corona And we are your guest today Let’s see how do you prepare it


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